Friday, June 30, 2006

Inspecting the Pouch

Nope! Nothing for MEEEEEEEEE!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien, CPI
(Chief Pouch Inspector)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

PS: I HATE Cats!

They are absolutely so RUDE! Yuck. Ptooey. Blegh!

I tell YOUUUU, I'm just sitting by the window enjoying the end of the day, watching the sunlight disappear, when this cat comes by. A brown/grey/white (Mom says it's a tabby) thing just strutting on by the window with his tail waving in the air like a Yankees pennant at a ball game. I bark. It glances at me briefly, sticks it's nose in the air, and doesn't miss a step.

Next thing, a white and caramel colored ALSO VERY RUDE cat starts to walk by the window following this tabby thing. Only this one STOPS and just stares at me. Like,'ve never seen a Yorkie before? Well, woo hoo, and get used to it. I LIVE here and you are most NOT welcome in my yard. It turns it's back on me and keeps on going.

Then...and you'd think that would be the end of it, wouldn't you? But comes Mr. Midnight, black as coal, and just as RUDE and arrogant as the others. Only good thing about this one is that IT STOPPED...LOOKED right AT me..and actually turned around and ran back where it came from.

I mean, what are we? A short cut, maybe? A freeway for vagrant felines? Do we look like a giant litter box? Ohhhhhh...if Mom would just let me out. Just for a minute, I'd show those nasty cats a thing or two. I bet you I'd remind them of my Aunt Rose and run them right off our property. And they'd NEVER come back.

But Mom says they're bigger 'n me and she won't let me guard our yard. Not a bit. Says she doesn't want anything to happen to me. I tell you, I CAN take care of myself, and my mom, too!! I can be a guard dog just as good as...ok, well Turbo or any of the Husky crowd, or a Collie or.....! Well, I would.


Mary-Margaret "CAT-astrophe" O'Brien

My fur mom is "Tootoo"

My mom found my "birth certificate". My dad is "Dandy Agustus Bush". He must be pretty important because they called him "Sire". MaDam (get it? "Ma Dam"??) (sigh...oh well) is "Sissy's Tootoo by T and J", and not Molly. Dad was blue and gold. Mom was Blue and Tan. Oh gosh, I don't know WHO I look like now. I'm silver, black, grey, copper, tan. You name it. AND I also have a copper patch in the middle of my head that's starting to grow out from where my hair broke off from one of those bows. The only person I know that has a rusty spot in the middle of their head like that is my cousin, Mo, the cat.

My "Grandma Jean" said that probably the groomer just twisted my leg a bit and it'll get better in time. She said that soft tissue damage takes longer to heal than even a bone fracture. Also...she sort of blew it for me when she told Mom that us Yorkies tend to be a bit dramatic, and if we get attention by doing something, we'll keep it up whether we need to or not. I was NOT planning on letting that little piece of information out. Darn.

So I'm not getting a trip to Dr. V's this morning, and I won't get to play on the computer with Nicole, and I won't be getting a lot of attention and cuddles like I'm so used to getting at my doctor's office. And Mom says, for once, she'll get to the office "on time".

Later, guys! I have to get ready for work. No more bows for me though. Not unless they're the clip on kind.



Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Grandma Jean in Missouri

(sigh) My mom...sometimes I don't know what to DO with her. I'm curled up in my office bed, having my afternoon nap, and all of a sudden I hear mom saying something about being so tickled to find my extended family. My fur mom's "mom", Jean from Elkland, Missouri, was chatting up a storm with my mom, who is equally chatty. So you KNOW my ears were burning.

My "Grandma Jean" said that she would send my mom pictures of my fur parents who she referred to as "Gus" and "Molly". And she also said I have some new little brothers back in Missouri. That probably wasn't a good idea to tell Mom that, because now she has this scary gleam in her eye. I keep trying to say "Mom...Missouri is a LONG way from Temecula. REALLY IT IS!!!!".

I heard a human term for a situation like this. Seems to fit, so I'll sign off with it.

"Oy vey!!"

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

PS: Da-feet of the Chinese!

Ahhh. Today I had a gourmet day when it came to toes and feet. You KNOW how I love to taste shoes, lick toes, kiss feet. A client came in with his international buyer wife who had just arrived from Beijing after a 15 hour flight. She hadn't gone home yet and I immediately noticed something special about her. I disappeared under Mom's desk.

Mom was being very business like with her client, but couldn't help glancing over periodically at his exhausted wife who kept bursting out in giggles. Finally his wife explained that I was kissing her heels and it tickled ever so much. Actually, I was tasting....truly an epicurian delight, I tell YOUUU. I was so disappointed when she left.

The only thing about Chinese feet, I have to tell you, is that you're hungry an hour later.

Later, Gator!


For meeeeeee???? Gosh!

I was just doing my thing with the pouch. You know, say "Hi" to John, the pouch man. Hop up and down a couple of times. I honestly didn't think anyone even remembered little old me. But after Mom fished some envelopes out of good ol' E-050, she said, "Oh look, Mary-Margaret! Something for YOUUUUU!". OHMYGOODNESS.

I hopped right inside until you couldn't even see my tail. I found MY package and, even though no could see MEEEE, they could hear me. Scratching away at that envelope. Oh, it smelled SO good. Finally, Mom said "Here. Let me HELP you!". The words of an angel, and I let her open it up.

My very own I-dont-have-to-share box of Milkbone five flavors doggie biscuits. Am I lucky or what??? Thank you, Auntie Leslie E-041. I just love that we're on the same bag run, don't you? One of these days, I'll send you a little something. NOOOO.....not that!!! Something nice. You'll see!

Tomorrow, I'm going to see Dr. V first thing in the morning. Mom's going to drop me off so they can "observe" me. That's a good word...kinda rolls off your tongue: ob - SERVE!! observe..observe...! Which really means I just hang out and they watch me to see how I am with my leg. NO, the owner of the groomer did NOT call my mother today. Mom says sometimes words NOT said are louder than those that are.

I'll keep you posted.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, June 26, 2006

A first for me - the GROCERY STORE

It was too hot to leave me in the car. I would have been poached in a matter of minutes. So Mom got out my new front carrier and it was sooooo cool. We walked right in, got a basket and did our shopping. People would glance over at us and only a few kids would say "Oh, LOOK AT THE REAL PUPPY!". I also got compliments on my "neon puppy" front carrier and my hat.

I was really still, just sitting there in my carrier with my hat on. One lady at the check stand was pretty startled when I winked at her. She sucked in her breath, and then told Mom that she thought, at first, I was a purse. (rolling eyes) THEN, she said she thought I was a stuffed doggie until I winked at her. I was that still, I tell you. I just love to surprise folks.

Then I made a bunch of new friends. Mom confirmed that I could go inside a grocery store if I were an assistance dog. Mom told her I was a therapy dog because I helped lower her blood pressure and to relax. So the people in the store said that was fine. So I want to know - Is there someplace I get an "Therapy Dog ID" card or something? Like....could this be a real profession for me? Maybe even have business cards made up? This is like SOOO much fun.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

PS - Grocery stores are way cool. Now I know where my chicken comes from. :o)

Sincerely yours,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Official Emotional Therapy Assistant

The Princess of Process

A long time ago, way before I was even born, my Aunt Vicki dubbed my mom the "Princess of Process". Then, for her birthday or Christmas or something, Sonia bought her this "Princess" sign (in a fine leopard animal print, I might add!). Her credenza was getting a bit crowded so she moved it to the etagiere in the reception room. For the first time EVERRRRR I actually got to see it face to face. Nifty, huh?

Oh yeah...and see my hat? It's better than the bow, but I think it makes my head look flat. What do you think?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Eureka! You have it!

Another picture of my Auntie Vicki, only this time (are you sitting down?) it's with her mouth closed.

And they said it couldn't be done.

(hee hee)


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Neon Puppy Carrier

When one isn't supposed to walk a lot, one must find alternate methods of travel. My mom, the creative thinker, got me a front carrier with a matching visor. I arrived at Puppy School today in style, I must say! She's still getting used to putting it on me but I find it pretty comfy, actually.

She got both the hat and the carrier at Yorkie Treasures , just in case you're interested. They have so many fabrics to choose from. I was going to do red, white and blue "stars & stripes", but ended up with the "Neon Puppy" print. And the hat is SOOO comfortable, letting my ears poke through which is really nice.

I finally got a decent picture of Sam, the other golden retriever. He had a bad day today. Somehow, he scraped his little paw pad and had to see Dr. Hill. His mom left carrying all 16 1/2 pounds of puppy, and he's got to go on antibiotics for the next seven days.

I've been thinking about maybe that I'm too old for Puppy School. I love all my students, REALLY I do. But there's so much else to do now that I'm a tweenager. Maybe if I just stop by every so often to make sure the little ones are doing ok would be enough? I know I'll miss seeing my friends all the time. But I'll be in for regular check ups. It'll be ok for me, and somehow I'll get Mom through the transition. She does tend to get really involved in supporting her kids' activities, including mine. After all, I am like her baby! :•)

PS - My most FAVORITE song is "Squeaky Deaky". See "I'm on crutches..." below for the link to order it.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Goodbye, Dakota

  Posted by Picasa Mom can be such a dodo bird with her camera. Here I was having a heart-to-heart with Dakota, an elderly Rottweiler, and Mom started snapping pictures of us. Well, she didn't know that Dakota was there to go visit the "Rainbow Bridge". When Dakota and her Dad went into the little room, I thought Mom was going to cry. She felt so stupid, but Miss Letty and the other techs told her not to feel bad. They know she means well. Anyway, at least I got to say some comforting things to Dakota, and I told her not to worry. My Aunt Rose would be there to show her around. This is me giving Dakota some loving to take with her on her journey.

Hugs to all my friends -

Love, Mary Margaret

The morning after...

  See? Not a hair out of place. OK..maybe one, but that BOW is in really good. I've done everything, including dancing on my head and it won't budge. Maybe I can get help from some of my friends at Puppy School today. Even if I do NOTHING else, I want that bow OUT OUT OUT.

MM Posted by Picasa

Gimpy but beautiful....

  ...or so they tell me. It's hard to feel really good about the way you look when your leg is bugging you. And those tranquilizers Dr. V gave me put things into a whole new perspective. Why, I ask you, would ANYONE want to take drugs. Makes me feel really dreamy, like stuff isn't real. I even let Mom pick me up without trying to make a game of it.

We'll see how I do at Puppy School today. Maybe we'll just go retrieve my CD and go back home. But if Sandy is there....well, you KNOW I'll want to visit for a bit. He is everly SOOOO handsome and hunky. I wonder if he'll even remember me? You think maybe?


Mary-Margaret O'Brien Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 23, 2006

I'm on crutches...

...or I would be if they made them in my size. Now I know why God gave us four feet. I'm only using three at the moment. Dunno what I did, but I'm scooting along on all threes now. Doctor said my kneecaps are wiggly. And that's bad? And my groomer, Nicole, thought I seemed to be rather tender when she tried to brush me. (I'll show you pictures of my new hair-do tomorrow, ok?) But no one can find anything exactly, and I'm not really in pain. Dr. V was poking fun at me by saying she thought I made it up just to go see her. Curses...foiled again. AND I weigh SIX POINT SEVEN pounds, but Dr V said I am not going to turn into a St. Bernard. She promised! She says I won't grow much more, but Mom says that she's heard THAT before. :o)

I left my new CD, "Songs to make Dogs Happy", with Miss Letty for sharing tomorrow. I told her we'd pick it up when we saw her at Puppy School. It came in the mail today and I just love it. When "Squeaky Deaky" started playing, I danced all over and barked right along with it. My good friend, Mia, got hers today, too. Already she's hooked on those songs. They ARE catchy, you know, and they deal with things really important to pups. Like squeakies, dinner, friends, playing, dinner, sleep, dinner....!

Catch you later...


Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm a Little Scrapper if I have to be

Here's me, happy as a clam, just minding my own business and playing on the "playground". Three new kids to show around today - Toby (see below), Cash, and Sasha the lab/boxer/? mix. Sasha and Baxter played together a lot today. I like it when my students get along well.

And here's me after Pepper kept trying to grab me around the waist and ...well, you know....and I finally just HAD it. I'd already had a bad day (Mom left me for two whole hours while she had her hair cut and I was fit to be tied. Didn't stop crying the whole time), and then this thing with Pepper. So, remembering wise old master's words to Little Grasshopper, I showed him a thing about martial arts. In a lady-like way, of course. There's Bailie the Beagle and Java the Sheltie cheering me on. Java said something about "Million Dollar Baby" but I have no idea what he was talking about. I think he had some biscuits riding on the outcome, though.

Anyway, then after that, Reese the Cairn Terrier, got on my nerves. She's the one who chomped my tail a couple of weeks ago and would NOT let go. So I flipped her, and when she bit me I handled it very well, I think. I pushed her back against the cement and held her down with my two front paws, and really told her off. I swear, I didn't even try to bite her although the temptation was there. I just yelled at her, and then Miss Almandine picked ME up and said "Mary-Margaret!!". she thought it was my fault.

After that, I went over to my mom, which I never do, and asked her to pick me up and just let me sit in her lap until class was over. My feelings were really hurt. Me? Be mean to someone? I mean, absolutely never ever in a million years. I guess they figured it out later, though. Reese got into it with Cash, the Old English Bulldog (real name is Cash Folsom Fulton, isn't that cool?) and she could have been hurt. Well, that's not MY problem. She'll learn from someone else, not from me.

I don't do well with hurt feelings, but "tomorrow is another day".

Big day tomorrow. I get to go to Country Kennels to get my hair cut. Oh, I forgot to mention that Mom's is really short now. She was going for a particular look and I think maybe it didn't come out the way she'd hoped. Sonia giggled and said that Mom and I have matching haircuts now. I think I'll keep mine long, just to be different.

G'night all.

Love, Mary-Margaret

My Boyfriend Sandy and his little Brother

  Posted by Picasa Remember Sandy? He was my very FIRST boyfriend. We even both attended our first Puppy School class together last November 26th. Then, you know, we decided to play the field, but we are still good friends. Sort of. Even though I haven't seen him for everly so long. (sigh)

So look who shows up at Puppy Class today? Toby, Sandy's new little brother. He's just a baby and looks just like Sandy did when he was a little kid. Doesn't he? Anyway, Toby and Sandy's Sister-In-Law-To-Be said that Sue, Sandy's mother, was bringing the kids to School on Saturday. I just can't WAIT to see him. Sandy's SIL2B said Sandy weighs SIX pounds. I wonder if he'll still want to dance with me like he used to?

I'll keep you posted.


Grown-ups Make Me Crazy

OK. You probably know that "Hide 'n' Seek" is my favorite game. I patiently waited for my Aunt Vicki to show up with her friend, Simone. I went OUT in the back yard and raced around so they could see how fast I was. Always, after I do my racing, Mom goes into the house and fixes my dinner. Tonight, she goes in the house and gets..(gasp)..the CAMERA. I absolutely put my foot down, and refused to go back outdoors. See? I'm hiding behind the leather chair.
So here's my Aunt Vicki coming to "get" me. I'm doing my part in this game or, at least, I think I am. I'm hiding. Well? Good gosh, look at her. You'd hide, too, if it was suppertime and you were hungry and HUMANS kept wanting to play. Finally, I gave up and went upstairs and even mom couldn't get me down again. I think I won the game. though. Mom fixed my dinner, called "good bye" to me, and the she left with Vicki and Simone. I had a peaceful dinner without being expected to entertain anyone, and when Mom came back alone, things were as they should be.

Aunt Vicki told Mom she thought I was mad at her. That's silly. I love my Aunt Vicki. She's the one that sent me that pink sweatband for when I play tennis? Except it turned out to be a collar? Which was fine, because I'm lousy at tennis anyway. And she sent me that silver collar that was really a bracelet for Mom? If she's reading this, I have something to say: Come back and I promise I'll play hide and seek all you want. Really, I will. Just as long as it's not at suppertime.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Awesome Yorkie Prayers WORK!!

Just got this from Tanner's angel. She said I could paste her email here and share with EVERYBODY!

Tanner is out of surgery!! I just spoke with Dr. Huett, she said Tanner came through like a champ. As it turns out, Tanner had a single, external shunt .Because the shunt was located in an obscure location, it required more than the usual time to repair. (Jessie & I were getting pretty nervous!) The ameroid constrictor is now in place. Dr. Huett said Tanner's liver looks healthy, just a little small, and she has taken several liver samples for biopsy. Because she was able to see Tanner's shunt, the portogram was unnecessary!

Jessie and I were very much impressed with Dr. Huett. She spoke to us for about 45 minutes prior to surgery. Her explanation of a LS vs acquired shunts, the symptoms, the differences between liver disease and LS, about MVD, HE and every complication, outcome and the risks involved in this procedure was both understandable and calming.

Thank you all for your incredible support. You are a band of came through with prayers and dollars for this lovely little Yorkie in his time of need...Keep the prayers coming, the next 2 days are critical. Tanner will remain inpatient at OVRS for at least that amount of time. Either Jessie or I will post an update tonight.

Today is a good rescue day (:


Connie Kramer
Director Petrealtorz
Michigan Yorkshire Terrier Rescue
Michigan Maltese Rescue

Isn't that just the most WONDERFUL NEWS? Let's keep our paws together for the next few days so that Tanner will have good news on the tests, too.

Yorkies RULE! Yeee-haw!!

Love and (bowing head) Thank you!!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

What kind of Hair-Cut?

Just checkin' in. Nothing big happened today. Unless you count toe and shoe licking. I got a lot of that in. (hee hee hee) Drives folks nutsy. One guy even said I was "distracting". Well? That's the point, isn't it?

Mom's back to her Lean Cuisine stuff. I'm back to "Go eat your KIBBLES, Mary-Margaret!". I've kinda made a game out of it, though, so it's more fun. First, I flip my kibble dish so all the little chunks go flying. Then, I leisurely sidle up to a kibble when it's not looking and gobble it up. Then, I amble on to the next one. I can entertain myself for a couple of hours like this.

Trying to figure out if I should get my hair cut short for summer OR let it grow long, like those beee-yoo-ti-full show dogs. Oh, heck, I'm not the show type, but I wouldn't mind looking like I am. I still have my puppy fur. Mostly on my rumpus (as you saw the other day), but I'm told it will grow out silky if I don't cut it. Couldn't hurt to see, I guess.

OK...that's it. Another ho-hum day.

Have a good night, and God bless.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

About Opy and Tanner

The Dachsies (Roxie, Sammy & Andy) reminded me that I hadn't told you all yet. OPY IS COMING HOME!!! Her mom wrote on her blog this morning and said that Opy was pretty sore but her doctor got ALL the tumor out. They'll know more later. I'll keep you posted.

YIPPEEEEE! To: The Yorkie Prayer Circle and all of my other friends who wished Opy well. We DID it! Yaaaayyy....!

Now it's time to put our paws together for Tanner, the Yorkie. I mean, I ask you - would a human give up their birth child if it needed medical care? I THINK NOT!! Well, they forget that adopted furbabies need their love and understanding just as much IF NOT MORE than a human hairless kid. Hmmmph.

If you are interested in helping Tanner, please click on Tanner's name above and you will learn all about him and this awful condition that so many Yorkies are born with.

My mom and me already sent a donation. I gave up my new summer bikini in a trendy orange/pink Hawaiian print to do that, because Tanner needs the money more than I need a bikini.



Monday, June 19, 2006

Post-Party Depression

Don't worry. It's not something Tom Cruise would be interested in. The only drug I take is Sentinel tabs and that's just once a month. OK. There you have it. No, it's like this. All the hype, the adrenilin, the excitement. Then THE FINAL WIN...and then....well, that's the thing. Competition is so addictive. I want MORE MORE MORE. (sigh)

Hard to get back on track again. I swear, I can't even sit in traffic without complaining. I must be doing it a lot, because Mom keeps growling at me, saying "What am I supposed to do, Mary-Margaret!! The cars aren't MOVING!". Well, If I had MY way, they'd all scootch over to the side of the road and let us THROUGH.

I might have pushed a bit too much today. I shredded Mom's paper napkin from lunch, and did something I absolutely NEVER do. I actually begged. Me. Begging. I know, I's so unlike me, but she had a Gobbleberry sandwich on Squaw bread. For those of you outside the "kewl" circle, that's sliced turkey breast with cranberry on squaw bread, with lettuce. It smelled divine, but I am not allowed to infringe on my mother's lunch hour. (mimicking) "Go eat your kibbles, Mary-Margaret!!". (ugh!) Honestly, if you had to choose between kibbles and a Gobbleberry, what would you do?

So we went four wheeling again in those back hills. And I complained. We went to the bank and I complained. We went to the office - I complained. I tell you, I'm starting to annoy myself even. I just need to wind down.

Well, perhaps tomorrow we'll get back to normal. If not, maybe my trip to my day spa on Friday will help relax me. Mom and I have both decided to get our hair cut short for summer. Mom want's all one length all over on her and on me. Easier to take care of and, if we hate it, it will grow out again. I think we both decided on bangs again, too. I'm tired of not being able to see. It's hard for people to tell which end is which these days.

Mom had a good point. She suggested that maybe I was worried about my friend, Opy. She said sometimes when we have something on our minds we tend to "act" out. Maybe that's what it is. It's after 9:00PM here, so it's probably Tuesday in Sydney. I hope and pray that Opy is ok. I want so much to hear good news from Greg and Brooke. I hope they tell us soon, good news or not good news. Friends are to give you support and just love and accept you without having to talk about it. I'm sending telepathic hugs to their family right now. I hope they can feel them

G'night all.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bubble Butt? Meeeeee?

OK, that DOES it. When my mom calls me "Bubble Butt", I'm definitely getting a haircut. You know you just don't realize how you REALLY look until you see a photo of yourself? Egads! I look like I'm wearing a tutu and I'm not even a ballerina. I figure it's the quickest way to reduce the size of my buttsky. Get a darned haircut. That is NOT all me. That is my FUR! REALLY, it is. YOW!!


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nine Months Old - Portrait of a Puppy

Mom says I have an "angelic" look about me in these pictures. She doesn't know how she managed, but this is how they came out. I kinda like them. Makes me look almost ethereal? Oh, whats the word. Sort of wispy like a gossamer spirit. Like I'm a "ghost dog" ("Twilight Zone" music in background).

This one is one of my favorites. Mom's not so good with a camera so when something comes out nicely without her meaning to do it, she puzzles over it trying to figure out how to do it again.
And here's me relaxing on my leather recliner in my most favorite spot in the house. Don't I look comfy? Sometimes....I think there's GOT to be a way of hiding that camera. Nothing like a flash going off in your face to wake you up with a case of temporary blindness. Grrrrrrrr!

I'm off to my real bed now. G'night everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

My Students for Today were....

Tripper, a Chocolate lab. He made a grand entrance by getting somewhat stuck in the gate. He yelped and cowered for a bit, but it didn't take him long to come out of his shell. I helped, of course. That's my job.
Riley started out really about Tripper's size, but look at him now. Woo hoo!
See how big Miss Mia has gotten? And she's STILL growing.
Oh, and here's Dolly and Riley taking a water break. Everyone was SOOO well behaved today I thought I had a picture of Sandy, the baby golden lab, but I guess not. Darn. He's so cute. Looks just like Riley but isn't much bigger than Tripper. There was another new kid there - Maggie Moo - but she spent most of the time on her mom's lap. She's a Schnauzi-poo? I think that's what her mom said. Tiniest little thing ever. Mom said I was at least that small when I was her age. I weighed 2.1 pounds...she's about that now.

Miss Letty was there and that was a surprise. I thought she was going to be gone a month. She wanted new carpet and new floors in the Oregon house. Setting one's roof on fire is one way to get that, I guess. But ohmygawsh! She could have been killed. When fire alarms go off, there's usually a good reason? But she kept ignoring it until she noticed the paint blistering on the ceiling. AAAAACK. The good news is nobody got hurt. But she's still missing a roof and has been for three months. Mom and I really like Miss Letty and think of her as a friend, too. I know Mom was pretty upset when she thought of anything happening to Miss Letty, Dr. Hill and their "kids". I'm so happy she's back and ok.

See you in a bit...

Love, Mary-Margaret

" at Last!"

Going outside without a leash on is really a big thing to me. I've only been allowed to do it since last Thursday when Dr. V said she didn't think there was a hawk or owl that could pick me up, now that I weigh SIX POINT SIX pounds. I know that trust is really important in a relationship and I don't want to blow it. I like having "responsibility".

Mom and I go downstairs so she can "make coffee". She doesn't really MAKE it but she grinds up some beans and puts a filter in the coffee maker, pours water, and pushes a button. So if you want to say that's making coffee....oh, but I digress. (I do that sometimes).

So she opens the slider and I look at her as if "Hello? You forgot the leash?", but then she says "OK, Mary-Margaret! You can go out!". I don't believe it. But I step outside carefully, and glance at Mom while I rev my engines, and then - "WHOOOOOSH!". I'm all over the place. She watches me race with my shadow for a bit, zigging and zagging all over the back yard. After a few minutes she opens the slider and says to me, "OK, I'm going in now!". Well, like I said, I don't want this good thing to end, so I stop my whoooooshing and trot right in with her. I like making good decisions on my own and not always being TOLD what to do.

That seems to make her really happy. She laughs and tell me that I'm a really REALLY good dog. Of course, that makes me happy, too. I get some of her breakfast like maybe a dollop of cream cheese, and then I have a nap on her lap while she gives me belly rubs. Being good and not breaking a trust has it's rewards, you know.

I'll try to get her to take some more pictures of me whooshing, but if you scroll down to around May 14th, you'll see one that my Uncle Jason took of me. He's the only person that's ever been able to catch me in mid-flight. I'm THAT fast. :o)

Love and Thanks to everybody for being my friend -

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Blog Award Winner and
Trustworthy Puppy

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Won! I Won! I Won! OHMYGAWSH!

Hi. It's meeeeeee. Mary-Margaret O'Brien. OHMYGAWSH. The blog people said they were having trouble with my email address and that my "award" kept bouncing. I don't know what could be wrong, but then I'm not that computer literate. I rely on my mom even to type my blog. Of course, I dictate it to I CAN take the credit for authoring it. She's a good secretary, though.

My heart is just fluttering with excitement. Thank you all so very much for voting for me. I hope I won't disappoint you all. Turbo is quite a gentleman, and has not only conceded graciously, but even invited me to come to his place to shred some cardboard. This is in addition to taking a dip in his pool. I totally think he deserves the Blog of the Month spot right next to my Awesome Blog Award spot. Don't you?

(I love my award...I just LOVE it! My first EVERRRRR! Yayyyyyy! It's gorgeous!)

Mom says she'll order me one of those pouch thingies with a matching visor just like Abbey Mia has. I think I like the red, white and blue the best. Any suggestions?

Wow. I guess I'll have to stop shredding now that my nerves are stable again. Oh ...and did I tell you? Mom let me race around the backyard withOUT a leash on. Woo hoo!

It's a red letter day. Yayyy!


Love, Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Thursday, June 15, 2006

My Responsibilities as a Mentor

This is one of my new students. His name is "Fidel" and he's a 4-month old chihuahua. Today he stayed pretty close to his "blankie" until almost the end, and then he ventured out for a while. Next time he'll do better, I'm sure.
Here's me breaking up another squabble. This time between Dolly the Oripei, and Reese, the little Cairn terrier. She's so funny. She hoards the toys and stockpiles them just behind the little tree. She's got a mouth on her that could get her into trouble. I'm having a stern talk with her and she is listening to what I have to say.
Here's Dolly the Oripei and Baxter the Brittany Spaniel. They play pretty nicely together. Sometimes Dolly can get a little rough, but usually I can settle her down. Today, though, Miss Almandine had to give her a time out. You could tell Dolly saw that coming. She just laid down and let Miss Almandine hold her. She doesn't even struggle anymore and she lets the kids come and sniff her or kiss her. She knows how to get through a time out better than most of the pups.

OK...that's it for now. G'night everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

The Best Part of the Doctor Visit

When it's all over, Dr. V and me cuddle and give each other kisses good-bye. You know, she's not just my doctor....she's my friend, too. I have to be one of the luckiest pups ever to have her to make sure I'm healthy and happy. Isn't she just the most beautiful lady?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Me 'n Dr. Verreault (6.6 pounds)

I just LOVE going to the doctor. Here's Megan, me and Dr. Verreault. I usually call her Dr. "V". She always takes the time to ask me how I've been, and to cuddle me and give me kisses before she gets down to business.
Yup. My heart is working just fine. She listens very carefully to make sure it's doing it's job.
And here, Dr. V is checking out my ears. Mom thought maybe I had some ear wax or something because I kept scratching. But my ears are just fine. I was just foolin' around (hee hee).

And then, when Dr. V decided I was really just fine and that I weigh SIX POINT SIX POUNDS, and I can play outside without being stuck on a leash now, she gave me nose drops. They tickle a bit, but they're to keep me from getting kennel cough from my friends at school. Not that they have it, but just to be safe.

Did I tell you that she's getting married pretty soon? Oh my goodness, she has the most beautiful ring that her boyfriend gave her when they went on a cruise. OH OH OH...and don't let me forget to tell you. Amy got married, too. She's now a MRS. They got married on a houseboat at Lake Powell and it was so beautiful outside. Clear blue skies and not a soul around except for the wedding party. My invitation got lost in the mail, but Amy showed me the pictures as I was going out to Puppy School.

See you in a minute...


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Determination is my middle name...

...well, sort of. I have this thing about laundry. I like to sniff it, drag it around, decorate the house with it. Of course, Mom doesn't appreciate that and she puts it inside her closet. As I think I've mentioned before, that does NOT stop me. I can get her closet door open. I sit in front of it and give it the old "one-two", over and over again until it opens just a teensy crack. Then I put a fingernail in the crack and pull just ever so gently, and voila! An open closet!!

This is me with my professional face on!

Lots of clients this afternoon. Sonia takes off Wednesday afternoons, which are usually fairly quiet. Today, we had calls and people all day long. Mom was trying to work in her office, but when I'd hear someone coming, I'd jump up and greet them. She says actually I was a big help today. I bought her a few minutes to finish up what she was working on before she had to come out and talk to them. I'm SOOO important. OK...I'd like to think I was needed. Does that sound better?

And here's me taking a "squeaky hedgehog" break. Hey! Some people drink coffee. I squeak rubber hedgehogs. OKAYYYY??

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - I'm trying not to think about the competition. Trying....trying.....!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Thank you THANK YOU

I do everly so appreciate everyone who has taken their special time to vote for my blog. Voting goes on until about 3:00PM PDT on Friday and then a winner will be announced. I'm so excited and a little nervous. I mean, this is a BIG thing to someone of my size and with my limited life experience. OHhhhhhhhh....when I get nervous, I raid wastebaskets. No one was safe from me today. I got tattled on so many times but really, I was happy with shredding a PayDay protein bar wrapper until it was snatched right out of my paws. Phone messages, computer tracks, you name it and I swiped it. Ahhhhhh, shredding. It's such a stress reliever.

I just keep thinking about my really great life, and how lucky I am to have so many experiences that most dogs only dream about. Some day, I just know I'll even go on an airplane with my mom. That's one of the reasons she was so insistant on my learning to get used to piddle pads. My sweet Aunt Rose Anne once held it for 14 hours and I don't think I'd want to do that. But she was flying from Los Angeles to Minneapolis and just didn't want to do anything "rude". So she waited until we got into some rural town with a Burger King in minus 8 degree weather. Brrrrr. I get the shakes just thinking about it. Yup. Piddle Pads for THIS puppy.

Anyway...just thought I'd check in and tell you I've been busy campaigning. It's exhausting, I tell YOUUU! Really, it is. But I've waged a clean campaign, and have the utmost respect for my worthy opponent. One of my Yorkie girlfriends in Alaska even said she thought maybe "Turbo" was hitting on me, but I doubt it. I'm kinda NOT his type? I mean, for one thing....six versus what....80 pounds? I don't THEEEENK so. Maybe his "wooo oooo oooo hoooo" meant something complimentary?

Thanks again for all your support. Another big day tomorrow. Places to go, people to see, papers to serve. I have it all. :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, June 12, 2006

My paw-di-cure!!

Mom took me to Miss Kathleen's place again - "Bellissimo" - where she gets her nails done every four weeks. I used to talk a lot when I was a baby, but now that I'm a MUCH more mature pup, I just make myself comfy on Mom's chest while she gets her pedicure. The best part is when Miss Kathleen puts the lotion on Mom's feet and legs? Well, she puts lotion on my hands, feet AND tummy. LOL. It tickles, but I smell nice, and it feels oh-so-goooooood.

Oh...and speaking about smells? Mom was ready to drop me into the foot bath, I think. Well, darn. I couldn't help it. REALLY, I couldn't. I tried everly so hard to, but it was either "release" or "explode". Unfortunately, when I'm relaxing on Mom's chest, my tail end is right under her nose. I'm really sorry. I'll say it again. I AM SORRY! OK?? There. Now let that be the END of it (pardon the pun).

Then I had a short walk with Miss Kathleen. I had the greatest time hopping through the grass. What I want to know is this: What is a foxtail? And why did I have so many of these stickers in my fur? Mom and Miss Kathleen spent the next 20 minutes pulling them off me. Like, what's the big deal? I read the blog of my pal Bogart today and I guess he had one get into his paw and it got all infected and he had stitches and stuff. It was just GRASS to me. I didn't know it was booby-trapped.

Last thing. Mom got so embarrassed on the way home. Again...I take responsibility. It's just that I don't LIKE it when she stops for red lights. So I'm telling her, rather loudly, to please GO! And she's pointing to the signal and saying, "Mary-Margaret. It's RED! We can't go on a RED light! See? Red! Red!". And then she looked over and saw that the lady in the car next to us was really cracking up. So the lady rolled down her window and Mom tried to explain, and the lady kept laughing harder. The lights turned green about then and Mom made the left-hand turn all scrunched down in the seat like maybe no one would recognize her. Sheesh!!

OK. Well, that is pretty much how my day went. I was able to sneak a lemon Luna bar from Mom's purse but Sonia tattled on me, as usual, and grabbed it away from me just about the time I made a hole in the wrapper. There's always tomorrow, though.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I got the Bloooooooooos....

....I got the Sunday-Workin' day Bloo-hoo-hoo-hoooos! Yeah, Mom's at work again and I tell YOU. This is one heck of a way to spend the weekend. The only good thing is that we get to come in later tomorrow so I can sleep in. Oh yes. And we got to babysit "Little Foot", the next door attorney's chihuahua, while the storage closet got cleaned. "Little Foot" is the most shy dog I have ever met in my life. But I'm working on getting him out of that. I even got him to play for a bit, and we shared biscuits and Charlee Bears.

This is my Grandma's favorite picture of me. She says my hair is SO neat and my eyes are as bright as a new penny. I just love my Grandma everly so much. My GrandPapa, too. They live a long way away or I'd see them a lot more.

So far my blog is ahead in the voting. I don't know just how long the voting goes on for, though. Anything could happen. You know what makes me the happiest? Is that my Yorkie friends have voted for me. Like, I just never thought about what a statement all of us little Yorkies can make if we band together. But I guess that's what Democracy is all about. We are DOERS. But it IS Sunday. Maybe the Husky guys are just sittin' around watching Animal Planet or something. We shouldn't take anything for granted.

Puppy School yesterday. Dolly, my Yorkie friend was back with her summer haircut. Between the two of us, we managed to wear out Mia, the German Shepherd. (hee hee). There were two new little kids there, too. "Reese" (as in Witherspoon), a Cairn terrier and "Sam", a Golden Lab. Reese is only 3 months old and Sam is 8 1/2 weeks. I am very serious in my job as Teacher's Aide and about the only time I put my paw down was when Reese chomped down on my tail and wouldn't let go. I tell YOU, she held on like a vise. Took me a while to shake her loose. Sam and Reese eventually took off and did some rasslin', while Dolly and me did a lot of racing. Just so you all don't get confused, there is Dolly the Yorkie and Dolly the Oripei. They're both good friends of mine. So far, I am the ONLY...ta daaaa...MARY-MARGARET!!

Love to everyone...


Saturday, June 10, 2006

(ahem) I have been nominated.....

....or rather my blog has been, for the "Awesome Dog Award" at "Dogs With Blogs". My good friend Opy from Sydney Australia sent me an email. With her permission, I will post it here for you (just in case you want to vote for me):

This is my friend Opy who nominated me!!


First of all, you need to register for the dogswithblogs boards - here is
the link -

Click on 'Register' up in the top right corner - under the banner. Don't worry, none of this information comes through to mum and dad. You will then be emailed a password to use with your username.

Once you have this, login (top right, under register) - go to the "Awesome
Blog Award" and then click on "Poll - and the winner is". Click on "Post Reply".

When you click on this - the poll should come up with voting buttons next to it, which you can click on to vote for your awesome blog :-)

You can also leave a reply saying how great your blog is and that Yorkies are much better than Huskies :-)

If by some chance - the voting buttons don't work (they shoud do, as mum and dad voted) just write in your reply that you want a vote for your blog :-)

Hope this helps - if not - let me know and I'll get dad to have a look at it - he is smarter than mum - well, he likes to think he is anyway :-)

I will be going on the "Vote 1 for Mary-Margaret" campaign trail shortly - I am just planning my strategy :-)

(end of Opy's email)

So, dearest friends, relatives, Romans and countrymen (and others, with or without ears): My worthy opponent is beautiful, well spoken, long in the tail and rather big compared to little me. But I'm all heart, you know. Really I am. And I would be SOOO very appreciative if you would trouble yourselves to cast just one little old vote for MEEEEE.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Untippable does NOT mean Unbreakable

Dear Auntie Leslie - Thank you SOOO much for thinking of me. I always get so excited whenever the pouch man comes. I hop inside before anyone can even open the courier bag, and I dig all over. I scratch the canvas SOOO hard that Mom says she thinks I'm trying to dig to China. But I have to look, don't I? I mean there MIGHT be something for me.
Oh goody! There IS something for me. And even a personal (ahem, Mom..I said "personal"?) note. (sigh) Here comes that camera again, but now you all can read for yourself.
Thank you for the thought. I mean, it IS the thought that counts, right? I guess one COULD consider this to be "untippable". I know one thing for sure. It won't hold enough water to make much of a mess, now, would it? hate to tell you, Auntie Leslie, but it's pretty much like the ones that Mom bought. I can even pick those up with my mouth and carry them around where ever I want. It sure tweaks her chain to know that I am.... SOOOPERDOG!! I can tip and carry anything. NOTHING CAN STOP ME!!! (hee hee hee)

Seriously thankfully yours,


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mom 'n me went 4-wheeling... the back country today. It's so much fun if you don't mind a lot of dust. It makes me sneeze but I tell YOU, it's just beautiful in "them thar hills". First, we served an eviction notice to some people way on top of a mountain. They were pretty nice folks, and even said "Thank you!", and "Did you have any trouble finding us?". (, actually, but that was part of the fun, I thought!). Then we served another paper on someone we knew. We just called him up when we were at his gate and he gave us his gate code to come on in. Him and mom talked about their kids and stuff. They go waaaay back almost 20 years. Mom's known him since before he got married and had 4 kids. He's a nice guy, just a contractor, and getting sued is something that happens to contractors all the time. No big deal. Mom would of stayed longer but she just had enough time to get me to puppy school.

PUPPY SCHOOL - Yee haw! Bentley was there and boy, did he get trimmed. Woo hoo!! Pepper, Java and Dolly came and so the five of us had a really good time, just hanging out and visiting. Java is getting his "little surgery" tomorrow so I guess I won't see him for a couple of weeks. I'll miss him. Bentley probably won't get his until maybe July. I forgot to ask about Pepper. Dolly and me sorta spent some good girl time together. Then, later on, we "rassled" with the boys.

I think Puppy School is so much more fun when the classes are smaller like they've been the past few times. We get some really good one-to-one time that way, and everybody gets along so much better. Bentley is still a little fire ball, but I don't have much trouble with him. He knows when I've had enough, you know?

Dolly sees Lynne and Lois from "Cool Dog", just like I did. It's nice to hear about Miss Lynne and Miss Lois and how they're doing. I learned ever so much from them. One thing I want to tell Miss Lynne is that it's really ok for a pup to be both piddle pad and grass trained. This way, I don't have to bother Mom if she's busy or asleep in the middle of the night, or if it's raining out. I just know to go into the bathroom to take care of my business. I'm very good about it. At work, I go out a few times a day, but if it gets busy I also have a PP in the work room and it comes in handy. There! That's all I have to say about that. Some times one isn't better than the other when you can have both!

OK. Time to turn in again. We have a big day tomorrow. Fridays sure sneak up on us fast, don't they?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two hairclips on one day....

...I tell you, that's a record for me. Purple plastic hairclips can be now crossed of my list. Only maybe eight more to go out of the sixteen on the card. (heh heh heh) I know it drives Mom crazy. Now you see them? "poof" Now you don't. Ahhh mee, what lengths I go to in order to entertain myself.

Poor Sonia. I was playing with her computer cables and made her monitor go black. Was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud, but still she figured it was me and started pushing and wiggling the cords until she got the computer working again. She's still messing with her printer. I don't remember pulling the grey cable, but I'm getting blamed for it so I might as well take a nibble or two tomorrow, just for fun.

That's about it. A pretty normal day. I got a fair amount of napping done this afternoon, and Mom even left about 5:00PM for a change. Whaddya know!

G'night all.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The End of the World....

...did NOT happen today. It was a rather nice day, actually. I got so many belly rubs I lost count. If it wasn't one of our guys, it was the UPS man, the Fedex man, people walking up and down the hall, ladies coming and going to the beauty salon downstairs. I was absolutely in heaven, I tell YOUUUU. I get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Bentley from Puppy School sent me an email and said thanks for the referral I gave him to Dr. Kris in Kona, Hawaii. He said he had been a little sick so he hadn't been to Puppy Class for a while. It was nice to hear from him. I will always consider Bentley a friend, you know.

Oh, and Mom got our garage door fixed. Really the nicest young man came out and not only fixed the door, but the I-drive (whatever that means), and figured out that we needed batteries in our outside code box. I also had a bit of fun with him, too. I kept dashing out the door and giving him heart failure. We Yorkies like to play "chase". I mean what can I say? It's just a thing we do.

Sonia got a shipment of office supplies and it had this stuff they call popcorn in the box. I tell's NOT really popcorn, and it just sticks to your fur whether you want it to or not. I was running around with this big old piece stuck to my chin and didn't even know it, but Mom and Sonia thought I looked pretty funny. I wanted SOOO bad to get into Sonia's wastebasket and play with the popcorn but darn darn darn. She tied the liner with a knot and wouldn't let me have it.

OK...that's all, folks.

G'night and God bless...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday, June 05, 2006

Watch out, Mom!!

I WILL get you for that, Mom. Really, I will! No matter how I look, there she is with that darned camera. Fortunately, I have a couple of human friends on my side. (hee hee hee)

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Thank you, Pat, for helping me with this one. I love your caption. Mom has gone too far this time. This means WAR!