Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doo Wop?

Dear Diary - Today I've been working really hard on my napping skills. I've practiced my technique in a lot of places. Like 1) On the bed; 2) on the back of Mom's comfy chair; 3) on the stairway; 4) on the landing; 5) by the window (which is the most difficult due to constant distractions); 6) on Mom's desk, and 7) on the couch. I have to admit that I'm getting the whole process down rather well. A few more practice runs and I'll be able to nap on a professional level.

This is me on June 9, 2007, when I just starting fine-tuning my "craft".

I've come a long way, baby!!

Mom and I watched the movie "Marley & Me" this morning. I tell YOUUUUU! If I did HALF the stuff that dog did, I'd be in deep DOO. Yup. Fortunately, I know the difference between "testing the waters" as opposed to "pushing the envelope". The ending made Mom cry, though.

Speaking of "doo", Mom was doing her usual playing around on the computer and she found a rather catchy song that was recorded by some girls she went to high school with who were a half-year ahead of her. I wonder what would happen if Britney, Christina and Lady GaGa tried making music like that today. You want to see what the Class of '61 was like? Hmmmmmmm??

Mom graduated in Winter '62. She says that even though those were the "good old days", she'd never want to go back, and that every day of her life now is the best day ever. It's hard to find your way when you don't even know who you are yet (is how she explains it). I guess that would be scary. It's so much less complicated when you're a pup.

Here's the link to "Sparkle and Shine" if you want to listen. It charted at #6 the same week that Del Shannon's "Runaway" hit #1 (April 21-28, 1961). I think people call this "Doo Wop", but don't ask me why. All I know about is "doo=wop", like "have accident in house = get wopped"! Just kidding. I never get "wopped". I just have guilt trips laid on me! A "Wopping" would be over quicker.

Hi, Grandpapa!!

Love ya,

Your GrandPuppy....


Thursday, May 28, 2009

But I don't WANNA go home!

I TOLD her and TOLD her. I do NOT want to go home. I'm having a really fun day meeting and greeting people. We had a bunch of folks come in for a notary while Mom was at Starbuck's getting coffee because the Edison company had to work on the power in our neighborhood and instead of starting at 8:30AM when they were supposed to, they shut the power off at 5:00AM while we were still sleeping and a "certain somebody" hadn't had any coffee yet, but I digress. She was gone for maybe a half hour and I have to admit that I did a very good job of entertaining them, with Shannon's help, of course.

So her day was pretty "sucky". Mine was pretty good, actually. Here's me in my car seat and Mom's telling me to "Get OUT of there, Mary-Margaret!!", and I'm saying " way, Jose!". I dig my fingerettes into the netting and it's making her mad because she can't lift me out. (heheheheheheheh!!)

Eventually, I give in. But not until she mentions that I'm having turkey for supper. Yup. That'll do it every time.


Mary-Margaret "The Stinker" O'Brien

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mary-Margaret, the Explorer

Absolutely I do NOT like a leash. There are way too many exciting things to explore...sniff....roll in....! I went with Mom to serve a paper today and the people we needed to talk to were all busy. The receptionist was on a "conference call". We wait. After about 10-15 minutes, I get a bit heavy (so I'm told), so I get put on a chair and told to "stay". Oh, that goes over real well, you know?

I'm good for maybe 5 minutes of this and then, when no one is looking, I hop off my chair and go through the open door. I hear people. That means possible "belly rubs" or treats. Oops! I'm busted before I get half-way down the hall. Mom comes through the door after me and just as I'm getting to know "Bob", she gets all flustered and apologizes for my lack of manners.

"Excuse me?", I say. "But YOU are the one interrupting here!" Bob introduces himself to her and she back to him. "Hello? Hello?", I ask. "Do you not see a puppy who needs some personal attention?", but I get scooped up instead and Mom goes back down the hall glaring at ME! Like I did something wrong? I have found all kinds of yummy things to eat in break rooms and kitchens, you know.

Pretty soon, another lady comes out and she and Mom and the receptionist start yakking about how they think they know each other. Turns out they played in a Bunko group about fifteen years ago and have an old friend in common (blah blah blah). Mom tells the lady she's got some legal docs for their company, the lady goes and gets a man who isn't thrilled about being served, and the ladies still keep yakking. I'm getting fed up with this and would REALLY like to go find "Bob" again. He was everly so nice to me and I'm sure we would have become great friends. I am being literally held against my will.

Time to say "Good Bye", though. And everybody (except me) leaves on a happy note. I overheard Mom talking to my Grandpapa tonight, and I think I'm going to be back on a short leash for the next week or so. So NOT fair!! It doesn't even reach to the crawl space under our office building where the squirrels hide. That leaves only the lizards to socialize with. Unbelievably not fair.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cats do NOT lip-read!

The nerve! I tell YOUUUUUUU! Here I am, standing at MY window, warning off all cats and other possible intruders, when my MOTHER sneaks up on me and whacks my rear. "EEEYIPE!!" (I said) and glared at her. She glares back and says "WHEN I SAY 'STOP', I MEAN 'STOP'!".
"Oh? You mean the FIRST TIME??", I mutter quietly, not wanting to get into an argument. She still believes SHE is the alpha dog around here.

Unbelievable. And then she says I've got way to much "attitude" lately. Who? Me? (I ask) OK...maybe I do take longer to do what she says than I used to. Maybe I do think "You're not the boss of me!" in my head, but I don't SAY it. Maybe she can hear me think? Probably, knowing her!

Anyway....Fooey Pooey, Louie! So I just look out my little window and say absolutely NOTHING! Nope. Well, maybe a really quiet little "wurf" now and then when I can't see her, but that's it. How am I supposed to scare any cats or other things away now? Cats do NOT lip-read!

Silently yours,



Monday, May 18, 2009

In Somnia

Where ever Somnia is, we're in it. We are pretty wired. Watched the finale of "Dancing with the Stars". I like Shawn Johnson. She and I have a lot in common. We're both short and square. She's amazing and I hope she wins.

Then there's Melissa Rycroft. She's really amazing, too. I bet if that Jason Mesnick knew how good she could dance and what a kewl person she is, he would have kept her. HAH! His loss. She's got a great future ahead.

And then there's that Gilles Marini. Oh Dog..he's truly incredible. I hope he wins, too. Wouldn't it be great if there was a three-way tie?

And yes, FYI, I DO watch that show. Purina is one of their sponsors, and anything with "doggies" is all right by me.

I fooled around with the elevator some more today. I have to get my nose just a tad past the place where the door closes and, like magic, it opens again. Today I waited until the door was almost closed before I stuck my nose out. Mom about had a heart attack. Me? Oh, I was totally stoked. I thought I'd get all kinds of praise for my magical powers but I just got yelled at. Like " STOP that! We HAVE to GET to WORK!". Fooey (I said). No fun for me.

Oh yeah. Shannon picked me up today and said, rather rudely, to me, "You STINK!!". I am not all that bad, I don't think. I have my appointment with my stylist on Friday. She'll just have to tough it out. I might get a bath tomorrow, though. Mom actually agreed with her. Well, darn. I sort of like my new-found scent. Apparently my boyfriends do, too. Zeus, the weimaraner, was really giving me the eye earlier. There's stuff in the planters downstairs that are everly so much fun to roll in. I don't know what it is but, to a small pup who likes to make an impression, I'm only too happy to roll in it.

Mom should spend more time in Somnia. She takes pretty good dictation with her eyes half shut. Don't you think so?

Love and good night...


PS - Do you think I should get a tattoo? Shannon has some really nifty ones. Very artistic. I was thinking maybe something small...feminine...on my belly down by my hip? Something discrete? Suggestions welcomed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

FLIP - Female Legal Investigative Professionals

I'm the one in the pink the close up? Yup. That's me. And the rest of my team. The show first aired last August on the WE Channel, and has been repeated several times. In case you missed it, here's a clip:

Starring me, Mary-Margaret O'Brien, and Vicki Siedow, Michele Dawn (my mom), Tina Elkins, Anne LaJeunesse and Lori Wilkins. Produced by Donna Kanter.

(Mom says I have a "cameo" role and that is everly more better than being a star. Sure sure sure...if she says so. Hmmmph!)

Hope you enjoy it.



Saturday, May 09, 2009

Naked, with fur!

The trouble with fur is that I stick to things, or things stick to me. Like spider webs, which I don't mind but it sure makes my mom run for the paper towels. (hee hee) And twigs, grass and other stuff. I can't go ANYWHERE without Mom doing the "CSI" thing on me. She doesn't even ASK where I've been any more. She just knows.

It's really nice out tonight. Not too cool...not too warm. Nifty little breezes blowing all kinds of spiffy smells my way. A very good place to sit is on the hill, right in the middle of the gazanias. Too bad there's other stuff in the gazanias, like burrs. Little round things about the size of a pill covered with velcro.

When I came in the house tonight for the last time, I hopped up on Mom's lap thinking that might be a very comfy place to be. "YOW!!", she says, and she starts feeling my legs, arms, feet, tail, and ...well, absolutly everywhere. She doesn't even try to be polite. She just starts untangling these burrs from me.

"YOW!!" (I say), and "OW OW OW OW!, and this goes on for a while. She separates, pulls, plucks and drops them into a dish. One after the other. Tomorrow she'll count them if I really want her to, but I don't.

I don't ever want to meet up with another burr as long as I live. I think I'll steer clear of the hill until after burr season, which seems to coincide with dandelion season. Puffs of soft white cotton are a disguise for weapons of mass discomfort.



PS to Grandpapa: I had half the left-over steak mixed with duck kibble, and Mom had the other half with potatoes and brussels sprouts. And I had my Sentinel pill two days late, but what the heck. Better late than never, huh?

Friday, May 08, 2009

Elevators - Schmelevators

Every morning on my way the the office from the parking lot, I take my time and read my "P-mail". I have lots of messages from friends and strangers. It just takes a while to sniff it all in, and then to issue my replies. I answer all of my fans by giving them a whiff of my Parfum de EmEm to remember me by.

My mom gets a little impatient. OK! A LOT impatient. (NOTE: I was trying to be nice).
"Come ON, Mary-Margaret! We don't have all day!".
I roll my eyes and move to the next bush.
"NOW! TODAYYYYYYY!!", she adds, with emphasis. I get the drift. "Uh huh...Uh huh!!" (I think) And I move to the next plant.

"ELL-E-VAY-TORRRR!". OK OK...I hear her, and I know this is really serious. I wind up my correspondence and move into the little hallway. I wait while the Elevator does it's stuff and opens the door. I can't wait to get inside.
"Me me..ME FIRST!" (I say) and as soon as I'm settled, I just take all the smells in. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This is what life is all about. God knew what he was doing when he made Elevators.

There's something of particular interest.....right....THERE! Yup! Right where the door closes.
"Hang on!", (I say). "Let me check this intriguing odor out for a second".
I poke my nose where the door is closing and Mom shrieks like I'm going to be made into MUSH. The door quickly opens and I'm very surprised, but also very happy that I'm not squished. This gives me time to check things out.

After sniffing a bit, I step back and the door starts to close and I catch wind of the aroma again. I start to sniff and, before Mom can say another word, the door opens again. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. I like this feeling of power!! Yessssssssssssss! Nose out - door opens. Nose in - door closes. I am SUPER DOG!!! This is fun. Who needs buttons, huh?

Nose out...nose in. Door opens...door closes. AMAZING!!! I can't wait until Monday to do this all over again. I AM DOG...HEAR ME BARK!! Woo hooo!! Mom just rolls her eyes and leans up against the wall until I am finished with my illustration of Canine Supremacy!

She sighs something like "IN FOR RED CENTS OR" under her breath. "OR" what? (I wonder). I have no idea what she's talking about, but I'm sure it's her way of praising me for my new-found ability. I wonder what else I can do?

Happy Weekend!


Mary-Margaret "SUPER DOG" O'Brien