Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yummy Treats from Denise Down the Hall

WOW!! Imagine my surprise when Denise, the lady from Allstate down the hall, came in and asked for MEEEE! Woo hoo. And she was bearing GIFTS!! Four huge bags of yummies to chew on and make my breath sweet. I wonder if maybe she was telling me something??? Hmmmmm!

Busy day today. I have four of those chewy things going, and one of our attorney clients was nice enough to get one out from behind the bookcase for me where I'd dropped it. We pretty much have nice clients like that.

I love my job.

Puppy kisses....


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bye Bye, Birdies!

I was trying to help clean the bird cage yesterday. Mom said "Gettoutta there, Mary-Margaret!", and she folded the trash bag over so I couldn't go sniffing. Well, you KNOW how I enjoy rooting through bird droppings? I kind of tore a little hole in the garbage bag to get at them. Mmmmmm....the aroma! Heavenly, I tell youuuuu.

Next thing I know, Mom's talking to the pet store, practically BEGGING them to take the Bird Family. She has stepped on her last sunflower seed, and vacuumed her last corn kernal. The air conditioning went out the other day. It got really hot where the birds are, and it stunk SOOOOO bad, and the seeds even sprouted under the birds' water dish, and Mom said "That's IT!". No more!

After she hung up from Matco, Roberto (who was installing our new cable and internet service) asked her if HE could have the birds, if his wife said it was ok. Mom said "Congratulations! You're a father!", and he laughed. I guess his wife said "OK", because he came back last night and took the whole Bird family, 2 cages, a box of seed, some spray stuff for Scooby's plucking habit, and some toys. (That's Roberto and me talking about installation techniques, if you want to know!).

Baby Kal has NEVER been anywhere but our house. He hatched here on the floor of his cage. Lou (the momma) has always been grumpy and mean. As they were leaving, they all clung to the side of their cage closest to me and Mom, like they were saying "Hey.....whoa.....where are we going?". We asked Roberto to please keep them together as a family and he promised. Mom started cleaning up right away, every so often hopping on one foot going "OW OW OW" from birdseed, but things are pretty different now. All the furniture is rearranged, too.

I'm officially an only child! It's sort of sad, and I miss them more than a little bit. Mom acts like she never even had a bird family.

That's it for now. Blogging has sort of dropped on our list of priorities for a while, but we'll try to keep you posted.


Mary-Margaret "The Drama Queen" O'Brien

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Checking in!

Hey, guys. It's meeeeeee, Mary-Margaret. Mom's whizzin' around doin' this 'n that and doesn't have much time to help me blog. At least not for the past couple of days.

Let's see. I had my teeth brushed yesterday. She's getting pretty sneaky and sticks her thumb in my mouth crossways, clamps her hand around my nose (except for the air holes), and lifts up my lips to get to the molars. Still, she says I have some tartar on my back teeth so will have to have them pro-fesh-un-ally cleaned. Yuck.

I got a bath yesterday. No fleas. Good news for that, but I still get a rash on my tummy sometimes. Probably from laying in the grass outside. I might be allergic. No other way to explain my little pink bumps.

Um.....oh yeah. We went to Mrs. Shaima's office. I know my way there pretty much. Once I get off the elevator I put my nose to the ground and follow her scent. It works out well until I get to the janitor's cart. He's got lots of smelly stuff on it so I get a little off track. But once I hang a left at the end of the hall, I know right where to go.

Sorry no pictures for now. Mostly I wrote so my Grandma will see that I'm ok and not worry about me. She is a really good Grandma and frets if she doesn't hear from me. Blogging is the best way to keep people who love you well informed. Secondary only to the "National Enquirer", but I'm not famous enough for that yet. Besides, I don't need rehab so I'm probably not newsworthy anyhow.



Sunday, August 19, 2007

Blah....Rats and Mice!

OK...it's Sunday again. We sorta slept in, watched some junk on TV on the National Geographic channel (I particularly like stuff with DOGS in it), and went over the Margie's to take some pictures of....er....well, I'll let YOU see it for yourself.

She's trying very hard to get moved from the first floor to the second because of TWO species of....RAT. The first is called a "peeping Tom" and the second is called a "rat" and it lives behind her washer and dryer. Like how many times does someone have to complain to the manager to get this taken care of? HMMMMMMM?????

Well, we'll go help and give her photographic ammunition in her war. (double click to enlarge)

So then I get home from my pest control job, and what do I find? Hmmmmmm??? See it? HAH...well, that's because I chased it right out of the yard. It was standing on the other side of the fence until it saw my mom, then it ran right down that slope. See where it goes?

Then we went to get the mail and I got to say "Hello" to lots of folks out for a Sunday drive. They all seem so surprise and happy to see me. I guess not too many of us Yorks and Yorkettes have the kind of car seats that put us at eye level with the other drivers. I love it. (hehehehhehe)

Love, Mary-Margaret "Rat Hunter" O'Brien

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sometimes I have lots of energy....

...and sometimes I don't. Today was a "don't" kind of day. Here's the thing! I sorta sensed Mom was pretty focused on her work. Today was Sonia's last official day, but not her last last day. She wants to semi-retire so she's sort of going "on call". That means when Mom needs help, she can call her. If she can help, she will.

Still...I could tell Mom was a little sad because Sonia is also good company to have around. Mom and her talk, and meeeeee...I do, too. Not that they understand me, but I try. So one thing Sonia wanted to do but never has time is take a long leisurely bath in her gigantic bathtub. I haven't seen it but Mom told me. We got her a bunch of stuff to make it a really spa luxurious type bath AND a yellow rubber ducky. Have to have a rubber ducky if you're having a real bath, you know. I made some friends in the bath store, and even gave a man a really big kiss on his nose. His wife kinda scowled at me when he told her. Hellooo?? I'm a dog? Not to worry?

Debbie-from-across-the-hall and Mary-Ann-from-down-the-hall both came to visit me today. We played a bit. Debbie was having a low energy day, too. Must be the weather. It's really horribly hot until the wind comes up the pass in the afternoon.

I feel like things are changing and can't put my paw on it. Mom seems unusually calm and with direction. We're awfully busy at work, but it's a good busy. So I stay out of the way and in my bed, unless I get bored. Like today....ho hum lotsa old toys. Wanted something new, so I riffled through Mom's purse (which she thoughtfully left on the floor for me). I found a yellow pen and played "keep-a-way" for a while until I got yelled at to "STOP!!", so I did. Then I got her lip gloss and fooled around with that. Not fair that I have black lips and you can't see gloss.


Oh well.

PS - I didn't even get riled up over that stupid cat in my front yard when I got home. I just stared at it, quietly, willing it to go away and it DID! Wahoooey!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thank you, God!

Mom got this from another Yorkie Mom and I wanted to share it with YOUUUUUU! (ahem)


I asked for strength that I might rear her perfectly;
I was given weakness that I might feed her more treats.
I asked for good health that I might rest easy;
I was given a special needs dog that I might know nurturing.
I asked for an obedient dog that I might feel proud;
I was given stubbornness that I might feel humble.
I asked for compliance that I might feel masterful;
I was given a clown that I might laugh.
I asked for a companion that I might not feel lonely;
I was given a best friend that I would feel loved.
I got nothing that I asked for,
But everything that I needed.

I got a Yorkie.

PS - I'm only "special needs" 'cause I need lots of cuddles and kisses. Just wanted to make that clear.

PPS - I got another love note from Dirk. MEN!! He says he's "still itchy" and "didn't want to freak out" my mom. Like ....she's pretty tough. Doesn't freak easily. But he's GOT to start taking coconut oil.

Love and licks, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I saw Miss Lynne!!!

My teacher....(on the right)! The one who gave me my dipoloma back in February 2006! From "Cool Dogs". We went and visited her for the first time in waaaaay over a year. At first I didn't recognize her right off. I mean, a year is a long time. But after a bit it was like "ohhhh yeah!" and wow. I couldn't get enough of her. I was sniffing all over the place, and then I hopped in her lap to lick and cuddle. And then about 5:30 or so I hopped down to tell Mom it was time to go home.

Doesn't matter where we are. At 5:30PM SHARP, I want to go HOME! So we kissed and snuggled good-bye. And she's starting up a real advanced class for us pups, sort of like grad school, where we can learn even MORE stuff. She says as soon as her classrooms get built up she's inviting us to an "open house". What fun! Another PAR-TAYYY!

PS - See how little I was back then? Hmmmmm? I'm all grown up now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, August 13, 2007

Busy busy!

Just checking in to say "hello". Mom is in a tizzy. Says she feels like Alice in Wonderland, with people appearing and disappearing from her life. She's telling me to make like the "White Rabbit" and say "Hello...Good-bye" because "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!" (huh?? Whatchoo talkin' about, Mama?)

Good gosh, so many people came to see us today. I was very helpful to a lot of clients, you know...hopping in their laps and giving them puppy kisses. Everyone seems to be either stressed, sad, or in a rush. I like to remind them of what's important in life. Belly rubs and kisses. Yup! That's all a body really needs.
Don'tcha think? Hmmmm?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I went to a PARTY!

Me!! Mary-Margaret O'Brien got invited to a birthday party. Oh, it was such fun. First off, it's the first time in my life (not counting the puppy mill) that I'd been with so many of my kind. There were EIGHT of us. The birthday girls - Sukoshi, Jen and Jolie. Then there were Chloe, Jasmine (Jazzy), Jinxy, and Itzi. All of us girls except for Itzi. I tell youuuuu....he was in a sniffer's heaven. His mom says his name is short for Kassanova. Er....okay?

Here's some pictures. Sorry about the angle of the shots, but it seems I'm not the only one to turn my hind side to a camera. Makes our moms sooooooo flustered. Really!!
This is me and Itzi, just getting acquainted. Itzi is a Biewers Yorkshire (you say it like "Beavers") and they're really rare. And, I might add from a feminine perspective, extraordinarily handsome. Er....but....(ahem)...not as handsome as my boyfriend, Dirk.

This is Jennelle and Jinxy. Jennelle is getting married in December. Jinxy is a "Shorkie" which means half Shih Tzu and half Yorkie. She spent a lot of time in my mom's lap. I knew Mom was teasing me when she said she was going to take Jinxy home to be my little sister. Actually, I wouldn't mind, but I think Jennelle would.

Next is Itzi again. He's a show dog even. Like a big star and he was everly so nice to me. Not uppity at all.

This is Jinxy in Sukoshi's chair. Sukoshi (pronounced Skoshie) has a chair just like her mom and dad. They can all sit and watch TV together. And Sukoshi has her own room, and a gazillion dresses, and toys and everything is in a "Hello Kitty" theme. She even has a glow in the dark "Hello Kitty" clock. Oh yes...and in the living room, she also has an iron bed with a mattress in case she gets tired.

Here's Jazzie checking out Jinxy in Sukoshi's lounge chair, and that's Sukoshi in the pink dress. She was one of the birthday girls. She was born on August 28th, 2006, so she's going to be a year old.

Sukoshi again

Jazzie, Sukoshi and me just having some girl talk. Sukoshi was telling me about the cake and ice cream were were going to have.

Sukoshi, Itzi, Me and Jolie getting some really neat treats from Corinne. Don't know what they are but "Chattie's Mom" makes them. I gotta get my mom to the get recipe. Really, I do!

Jolie, Jen and Sukoshi all waiting to dive into their birthday cake. They all have exactly the same birthday and they will all be ONE year old. I remember my party and how much fuss was made over me. I paid a lot of attention to them and waited very patiently while their moms took pictures and stuff. Me, Jazzie, Chloe and Jinxy knew that we'd get to share in the cake and ice cream (actually "Frosty Paws"). I tell YOUUUU....the one who ate the most ice cream was Jinxy. She sure knows how to have fun at a birthday party.

Here's me with some cake all by myself. Jolie shared hers with me, then I had some Frosty Paws, too.

And here's little Sukoshi having some of her Frosty Paws and cake.

About 5:30 I told my mom that I thought it was time to leave. Some of the other moms seems surprised that I can talk. Well? Doesn't everyone? Anyway, so my mom got up and got her stuff together and, as we started out the door, I got a Goodie Bag. Oh wow...it had a ball, a green squeaky elephant and a white squeaky...um....cow, I think. I was planning on playing with them all the way home from La Habra, but I conked out as soon as I hit my car seat.

It was a long day, but loads of fun. I can't WAIT to see my friends again.

Mary-Margaret "Let's Par-TAAYYY" O'Brien

Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh, Wow....what a day!

I have pictures. Lots of pictures. I told you my "boyfriend" was coming by this afternoon. I had my hair and nails done in the morning, along with a Swedish massage. There was a really nice Schnauzer named "Pepper" at Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa, and I tell YOUUUU! He was very attentive. I told him I have a boyfriend. He just didn't listen. He practically blocked the door when I tried to leave. Then he cornered me and ...well, to be honest, I came unglued. I remembered my old Puppy School tricks. I lowered my shoulders and head, and bared my teeth and snapped at him. "You're beautiful when you're angry!" doesn't cut it with me. I just about took his nose off before Mom scooped me up and we waved good-bye. My lilac colored hair ribbon was a bit askew, but otherwise I was fine.

Then I got to work and Dirk (Sir Winston Dirk III) came by. He's not a Border Collie, his mom said. He's a. .....German. ....um.... Munsterlander. I'll tell you later. Anyway, I decided he's even more of a gentleman than George Clooney. He reminds me of that old movie star, Cary Grant. Really good with the ladies, totally polite and thoughtful, and rather reserved.

My mom and Dirk's mom went crazy with the cameras. I got to where I could see them coming a mile away. I've timed it so that just a split-second before the flash goes off I turn my head. Mom gets SOOOOO flustered. Still, even so, she caught Dirk giving me a kiss. How embarrassing.

I'm going to a birthday party tomorrow for three of my friends who will be a year old on August 28th. Jolie and Jen are sisters, and Sukoshi is another friend, so we'll be celebrating them together. There's a pool where the party is so I might get to go swimming. Oh gosh...I hope they don't mind if I don't wear a bathing suit. You know, it wasn't a high priority on my fashion list for the summer, since I skinny dip in my baby pool at home. Oh what the heck...it's just us girls probably .. maybe..? It should be fun, don't you think?? Hmmmmmm???

I'll post the rest of the pictures later. Too tired to do them tonight. OK?

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS (giggle)(blush) Dirk's been posting in my chat box. I..er... um.... gosh! What should I say? I've never had a boyfriend before. Does he sound serious? I don't know how to handle this. I'm only 23 months old.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I have a DATE tomorrow!!

Dirk, my sort of boyfriend, is coming by the office to see MEEEE tomorrow. He even wrote in the chat box on my blog for the WHOLE WORLD to see. He said he missed me and ....ohhhhh....he even called me his "beauty". He sure knows how to talk to a girl. Dirk, in case you didn't know, is a border collie and...oh gosh...he reminds me of a canine George Clooney.

And to think I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday. Wow. I'm feeling everly so much better.



Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Open Apology to Mary-Ann and Hormones

The other day I "erroneously" (Mom had to spell that for me) said that Mary-Ann-From-Down-The-Hall said I was fat. It wasn't her. It was Jami's dad, Fidel. So I apologize to Mary-Ann for thinking she'd ever say something like that about me.

Maybe I'm just sensitive today but ...well...I suppose I'm hormonal because I'm almost 14 in people years, so that makes me a teenager. Here's the thing: My grandma called Mom at work today to tell her how beautiful she thought Lucie was, and she was very impressed that Lucie is bi-lingual. That was really nice, I thought. But gosh, she just went on and on. Loved her top knot and ....and.....said that Lucie had beautiful hair ....and...(sniff...sniff...) it didn't fall down in her face li..li...li....like mine. (sob)

(sniffle) I was agreeing with her all the way until she mentioned my hair. Like it does NOT fall in my face if I see my stylist every four weeks, you know? And I felt like a little wallflower mud duck by the time she finished.

Mom tells me not to take it personally...that my Grandma meant well, but gosh. I can't help it if I like to chase cats, and play ball and rough it up with the big guys. I can't be in a dress for five minutes without falling into a puddle. I'm MEEEE, Mary-Margaret O'Brien, and that's just how I am. I just want to be accepted for MEEEE!! And I'm not a "silky"...I'm more like a "woolie", I think. I'm overweight, have "nappy" hair, snore like a lumberjack, limp a little sometimes because of bad knees....hmmmmmmm....anything else I should clue you all in on?

Mom says she loves me all the way up to heaven, around the moon twice and back again, even if I did get all wet in the sprinklers tonight, and track mud in the house. That's a lot of love, I think. It makes me feel a little better, anyway. And thing is, I know my Grandma really loves me a lot in her heart. Maybe she doesn't know just how sensitive I am about my hair-do. I try not to dwell on it. It's better to focus on my strong points.

Ahhh....tomorrow is another day.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Invitation ....declined!

Of all the nerve. I got asked by another bloggy if I wanted to be included on their site and I didn't even answer. Like...who needs more spam, right? So I just got emailed by Buster that my blog was ON their site, and so is EVERYBODY from Dogs With Blogs. How RUDE!!! So I asked my mom to write them a nice note and politely decline their invitation. She also asked them to remove the link to my blog.


Now I'll probably start getting spammed with credit card offers, free stuff and Lordy knows what else. And I'm not even TWO yet. (That's on 9/19/07, by the way!!)

So...that's my day. So far, anyway. That, and I got lots of walks. I just LOVE Candace everly so much. She likes to get fresh air as much as I do. She's amazed at how many people say "Hello, Mary-Margaret!". I do have lots of friends.

I am very grateful to be who I am.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, LUCIE!!!

My very good friend, Lucie, from Venezuela is ONE year old today. Isn't she pretty? She gets to fly all over the WORLD!!! She has a very busy social life, and gets yogurt sometimes, and Palmolive spa baths, just like me. She's also bi-lingual and she writes her blog in English AND Spanish.

Happy Birthday, Lucie!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I am NOT getting fat!

Raspberries to Mary-Ann-From-Down-the-Hall for saying I'm getting fat. I am NOT. I'm getting curvaceous. Voluptuous. I'm still the same old me inside. I've always been built a little on the square side. OK...so my little pink tummy is a bit closer to the floor than I'd like. Such is life. I need more exercise, I guess. Like I have a choice? Hmmmmmmm?

We watched a movie this afternoon....actually, a couple of movies. "The Bridge to Terabithia" (so so....plot was weak, I thought, but the dog was kind of cute) and "Where the Heart Is" about a girl who has a baby in Wal-Mart.

Mom made popcorn and melted some butter to go over it. My favorite, if you want to know. I LOVE buttered popcorn. Mom has some, then I get a piece. Sometimes she forgets when it's my turn and I have to paw really hard on the arm of the leather chair to remind her. She just laughs and says "Oh, excuuuuuse me, Mary-Margaret!", and then I get another piece.

Oh yeah....we worked some today too. Got some closing done and some mailing done. Weekends are a good time to catch up, I'm told. It's quiet and we get a lot done in a couple of hours.

Tomorrow is Sunday. Day of rest, maybe??? I hope so.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Chelsea isn't a baby anymore!

My very good friend, Chelsea (formerly known as "Baby Chelsea"), just had HER babies. What is this, huh? All my friends are having kids and I still don't even have a steady BOYFRIEND. Oh sure....Dirk and I have a thing, but it's not...like...you know. Not serious.
Speaking of Dirk, he left me another "love note" on the bottom of the door to our office. THIS time, I snatched from Mom's hands and, as soon as I sniffed that it was from Dirk, I shredded it. I am SOOOOO sick of having my love life splashed all over the internet. Really!! So this time, you don't get to see what he wrote. Suffice to say he signed it "Love, Dirk".
And here we are, on a late Friday afternoon, and guess who is oblivious to the time? Well, it's NOT me. I am all ready to go home and she actually gets the hint. We're outta there at 4:55PM. We left so fast that Mom and the pouch man collided in the doorway. He was coming in and we were going out. I had just enough time to say "Hello...Good-bye!" and I yanked Mom out the door. For gosh sakes, it's FRIDAY!!!

Hope you all have a good weekend.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, August 03, 2007

Me and Candace

Oooops...!! You caught me giving Candace a kiss. I've just loved her for so long. She's my best friend Star's sister. She's going to work with us part time while she finishes school.
OK OK. Mom said that while kissing was nice, she wanted a picture of the two of us. You know how I feel about paparazzi, but I got tricked on this one. Mom's pretty sneaky, if you ask me.

I think we'll make a great team. She started yesterday and Jennifer (who is going back to college in Alabama) sort of showed her around. I am SOOO excited about working with her.

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dirk! (sigh)

Another love note was posted for me on Tuesday. He's sticking them to my door maybe 4-5" from the floor so I am the first one to see them. Mom unstuck it and said "Mary-Margaret? I think THIS is for you!".

I sniffed the note and when I found it was from DIRK, I grabbed it and took it to my private workspace. Mom helped me stick it to the wall. See? It's PINK this time.
Oh, the excitement of a new love. I do so try to keep my life in balance, but it's hard not to think of him all the time, even when I should be working.

Isn't a new love just grand?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Maggie Rose had FOUR babies!!

My good friend, Maggie Rose, had her babies. Whooopeeee! I'm an "Auntie". OK, maybe just in spirit only, but what the heck. I LOVE babies.

Oh, aren't they cute? So tiny and shiny.

Mom says that when I was a baby I had the softest little feet in the whole wide world. Silly Mom used to like to kiss my baby feet. How embarrassing! (blush) She doesn't do that any more but that's because she says she doesn't know what I've been tromping on these days what with all my adventures and safaris. Sheesh!

What a HAPPY HAPPY day this is. Congratulations to Maggie Rose and her family.

Love, Mary-Margaret