Thursday, November 30, 2006

Checking in

All day long..."Good girl, Mary-Margaret!". I must be getting the drill down pretty well. I'm finally getting Mom trained to when I absolutely HAVE to go out. I met some other dog people today. There is this whole other realm in a parallel universe in which dogs wield the power and humans succomb. As they should.

Debbie from across the hall went to a funeral service today and came back really upset. She goes to a lot of funerals and Mom suggested she become more selective about which ones to attend. She's so sweet. She really care about people and wants to say good bye in a way where they will have the warmth and love to take with them on their forever journey.

Death is always sad even if you expect it. I figure I have about 12-13 more years if all goes well. I tell YOUUU....I firmly believe that the quality of life far outweighs the quantity. If I had my choice, I'd rather be surrounded with people I love, have my warm half of the queen size bed, and be fed turkey or chicken every day. We watched a shelter dog tv show this morning. It was pretty interesting. Lots of sadness but then that was offset by so much happiness and love, so it all worked out.

Just checking in, Dear Diary. Nothing important happened today. Just the usual. I have to concentrate on not barking so much when strange people come into our office. Not to everyone, but to some people and I don't know what it is about them but they bring out the worst in me.

Ah well....such is life.

G'night all.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Blood hound within!

Lately my sniffer has been working overtime. I swear I was a blood hound in another life. Anyway...a long time ago at puppy school I made friends with a black French bulldog named Ozzie. Today, when me and Mom went over the the building manager's office, I KNOW I smelled Ozzie. I started sniffing away and then hunting all over for him. Finally Linda told Mom that she'd been baby-sitting my friend, Ozzie, this morning. Whew. For a while there I thought I was losing it.

Mom's sniffer has been working overtime, too, thanks to me and my little problem. Finally, as she was turning a darker shade of green, Terry offered to take me out. I did two piddles and a (ahem) "poodie". I don't do that for just anyone, you know. But I was very proud of myself for holding it for so long, and Terry even told me she was proud of me, too. Mom was just glad that she could concentrate on her work again without worrying about me leaving little tokens of my esteem someplace in the office. Not that I would...but she worries anyway.

I can tell if humans are sick, too. There's something about their scent that makes me take notice. I'm not too sure if I'm supposed to do something or not so I sort of do my dancing about 3 feet or so away from them, and I don't like them to touch me, even for belly rubs. Can you believe it? Humans get different smells when they're sick, or upset, or sad. Us pups can smell it and we react. That's one of the reasons I'm a therapy dog. If Mom get stressed I come over and she rubs my ears or my neck. Mmmmm. It does feel good, and it helps to relax her, too. Kind of a "win-win" situation, I think.

It's past my bed time. Sorry I could write sooner, Dear Diary. I work really long hours and sometimes it's a little hard to find the time. But here I am. :o)

G'night everyone...

From MEEEEE - Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Somewhere.....Out there.....

Sometimes I think I'm destined for something really special. Like maybe becoming a Calendar Dog? Or a model?
But then I realize that fame means compromise, and maybe even trade-offs. I can't imagine ever leaving Mom or moving to Hollywood or anything. Besides, I don't care much for people telling me what THEY think I should be doing. I do like writing. Maybe I'll be a writer some day. Maybe.....some day, some where......

Thoughtfully yours,


PS - No, I was NOT selected to appear in the Dogs With Blogs 2007 Calendar. Mom says that I might think of that omission to mean that another pup DID get the opportunity to be in it. And I wouldn't want to take that away from them, would I? Ahhhhh...being noble and unselfish doesn't come all that easily to me, but I'm trying.

Monday, November 27, 2006

How do I love my Mondays?? Let me count the ways.

It's gloomy and raining outside. Blegh! Mom hopped out of bed early because she had a meeting to go to. I went outside long enough to get soaking wet and then decided it was time to go back to bed. When Mom was ready to go she noticed I wasn't just standing there, waiting, like I had nothing better to do. She came looking for me with her cell phone camera.

Not only is the folded over part of the comforter good to snooze in, but it's a pretty good place to hide. Oh least I got to stay warm and cozy while she drove to Pala for her meeting.

Love to everyone...


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Whew...End of a long Week

I think we finally recovered from our turkey. Me and Mom went out working today. I even saw where Miss Lynne moved to. I could tell from the mailbox that said "Cool Dogs" on it. And I recognized her car. Mom said it wouldn't be polite to drop in but we did stop in her driveway to check our map book.

We got a lot done today. Mom visited lots of people and everybody was really nice, too. Probably all that Tryptophan from the turkey they ate.

Speaking of turkey, remember how I said Mom wasn't happy with hers? So get this! My mom goes to the butcher and says she wants another turkey. He gave her a funny look, probably because she already told him about the Thanksgiving one not turning out so well. She said, "Time to get back on that horse!".

I think I'm in for a lot of turkey, at least until she gets it just right. She threw out all of the old one and cooked another one tonight. It was better, but still not like she remembers. Something's missing, she says. So we have enough for a few days and then she'll probably get another one. I insisted on having chicken tonight. I told her I was really hungry and couldn't wait. Who knows what I'll get tomorrow?

I'll keep you posted.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Follow the Leader

  Posted by Picasa This is like our most FAVORITE thing to do. We cover absolutely every little piece of our yard. Sometimes I follow Uncle Rudy and sometimes he follows me. We have everly SOOO much fun.

I can't wait to see my Uncle Rudy again. Oh, and the kids and Auntie C and Jason too, of course. They are my FAMILY!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Napping after Dinner

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Waiting for Supper

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Leftovers...and MORE Leftovers

Ohhhh...I think I'm going to POP. So tonight I helped Mom clean out the fridge. Turkey, dressing...more turkey. Egads. I couldn't even eat all my dinner. Guess what I had? Guess? (fooled ya....I had MORE turkey).

Mom's going to start dieting so she decided to finish off the pies. Can't diet properly if there's pie in the house, she says. She's very proud of my sister, Colleen (I call her Auntie C) because she's become such a good cook. And my other sister, Melissa, is a good cook. My mom isn't so good anymore because she doesn't PRACTICE. She leaves it up to Mrs. Callendar and Ms. Stouffer these days. She thought her turkey was too dry. She used to make really good turkeys, she says. Maybe it's time to pass The Golden Spoon on to her daughters. Time for her to kick back and let someone take care of HER for a change.

Er.....don't look at MEEEE! I can't even open the refrigerator without help.

You wonder what me and my Uncle Rudy did? Hmmmmmm? First off, we explored. All over. The slope, the trails...absolutely EVERYTHING. Then I worked on teaching him how to use a doggie door. It took me TWO WHOLE DAYS but this morning he finally used it for the very first time. Mostly we played "follow the leader", and a couple of times I tried to get him to chase me. He acts all crotchety at first but then he mellows out. Especially he mellowed after I showed him my FORT. Even Mom didn't know it was there until she got all worried about my Uncle Rudy because she couldn't find him and he wouldn't come when she called. But then she found our fort under a daisy bush on the slope. We cleared out all the leaves under the umbrella of flowers and we can hide really good there. Except it's not a secret anymore. (sigh)

I think the cats are gone. We didn't see ONE cat the whole two days. Maybe they got adopted, I hope. They were pretty nice to me actually.

It's our Anniversary tomorrow. Me and Moms. I wonder if we're going to do anything special?? We've already agreed not to exchange gifts. Spending quality time together is soooo much more important than spending money, don't you think??

Hugs and licks to all my friends...


PS - Did I mention that my Auntie C and Uncle Jason found out that Jack the Cat is a girl?

Thanksgiving - The Day After

Uncle Rudy just left. The kids left. Auntie C and Jason left. The house is quiet. Too quiet. (sigh)

It's depressing. I'm going to go take a nap. I really miss everybody a whole lot.
(deeeeeeep sigh)



Thursday, November 23, 2006


So THIS is what it's all about? Turkey, stuffing, apple pie? Jello salads? Mashed potatoes? Oh my! I had been doing so well on my diet. Down to 7.2 pounds. After tonight, I don't know. Even Mom said "Oooof!" when she tried to pick me up. And looking down, I swear I can't see my toes any more.

Me and my Uncle Rudy were having so much fun playing in my back yard. We didn't even hang out with the humans until they called us in for OUR dinner. We both had chopped white meat, dark meat, something called "giblets" without the "gizzards", mixed with some kibble and some warm water. Oh I tell YOUUUUU. It was YUM from the first sniff. Neither one of us could eat the whole thing and we both left just a tiny bit of kibble and turkey at the bottom of our dishes.

Then we both sorta took a nap. Must be that stuff they talk about in the turkey meat...the Tryptophan or....?

Ahhhh...I'm ready for a good night's snooze.

Hope you all had as good a day as I did.



Hey! Where'd WEDNESDAY Go??

Ye gads! Mom says today is THANKSGIVING DAY, which means it's Thursday. Yeah...? I seem to have totally lost WEDNESDAY someplace. Wow. That day just slid right on by and I didn't even notice.

Let's see - first Mom did some deep down dusting in the family room including all those little knick-knacks on the fireplace mantle. Then she washed the slider window and steam cleaned the tracks. Ahem? Like I said the other day? It's about time she started listening to me. Oh well, and Margie happen to notice they needed cleaning too. That's one thing about having best friends. They tell you like it is whether you want to hear it or not.

So then Margie came over and helped Mom clean. Wow. I don't ever think I've seen our back patio so spruced up. Margie even decided that those two ferns Mom had on the tables were actually dead and just had a bit of green left on the leaves. So she plunked them in the trash. Mom's going to go check them out tomorrow and see if they can be saved. (rolling eyes) In case you didn't know, my mom saves EVERYTHING.

It's about 7:30 in the morning right now and already we've been bustling about. I'm pretty excited about seeing my family, which includes my Uncle Rudy, of course. And turkey...woo hooo....this is my FIRST Thanksgiving with Mom. She adopted me the day AFTER Thanksgiving last year, remember? Oh I can't wait. Really! She's putting on the Macy's parade for me while she makes stuffing.

Gotta go....I think it's starting.



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Tuesday, Snooze-day

Yup. That's what I did. Sonia even noticed that I don't bother going to my bed anymore. I just drop wherever and I'm happy. Like I'm so comfy at my office. It's like a second home to me. I've been working most of my life, you know. :o)

Someone has been leaving me messages on the wall in the hallway. Someone just a little taller than me. Someone who isn't totally potty trained, if you ask me. And probably a boy. Now let's see. Who could that be. Hmmmmmm. (I don't want to mention any names here, but the other dogs on my floor are either gigantic or female, so that pretty much narrows it down. I think his mother needs to have a heart to heart with him. I don't care if he is handsome and the color of a freshly roasted chicken, it's just plain rude.

Mom mentioned something about MEEEEE sending out Christmas Cards. That should be interesting. I don't write all that well, in cursive I mean. But Mom says she has a rubber stamp of my paw print and maybe I could do that?

Thanksgiving only TWO days away. Mom says if I like chicken (and you know I do) then I'm REALLY going to like turkey. Me and Mom have an anniversary coming up. Our ONE YEAR anniversary on Saturday November 25th. She's asking me if I want anything special to celebrate. I wouldn't mind going out for a steak but restaurants around here are SOOOOO picky about who they let sit at their tables. Baily's is dog friendly but I'm not crazy about pasta. Maybe In-N-Out? We'll figure it out.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, ok?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, Monday.....

Wow. Mom was in a cleaning frenzy this morning. Oh...I tell YOUUU, the glorious aroma of bird droppings wafted throughout the house as she cleaned the Bird Family's cage. I tried desperately to hop into the bag but no such luck. That woman has eyes in the back of her head. "You get outta there, Mary-Margaret!". Darn.

Then she does the sheets. That looks like fun, I think. So I hop onto the bed and play around for a bit. "You get offa there, Mary-Margaret!". Uh oh...she's not into playing, I guess. I hop off into the pile of sheets she has ready for the wash. Not quite the same as the really clean ones, but I take what I can get.

Fine, I said. I'll go in the back yard and catch some rays. Didn't get much color but when you're covered in hair that's to be expected. I sniffed around the slope for a bit and then came in and inspected the slider tracks. I think she needs to steam clean them again. But that's just MY opinion. Looked gunky to me.

I've been everly so good. I don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe it's because Christmas is only a month away. I know that Santa is making a list and checking it twice, whatever that means. Last year I got some cool stuff, so maybe this year if I follow the rules, I might get some more stuff again. I'm easy. Just a shirt, a squeaky, a ball and some rawhide chewies and I'm good to go.

Mom's cooking Thanksgiving, but it's kind of pot luck. Colleen's bringing the family traditional jello with cherries, pies, and Jason's world class mashed potatoes. Mom's doing the other stuff. Uncle Rudy's coming, and Cailin and Clancy, too. We should have a pretty good time.

Oh...!! (hee hee) I've been saying "hello" to strangers at stop lights on a regular basis. If they don't see me at first, I make a point of getting their attention and then talking to them until they smile and laugh. Well? That's my job...spreading a little happiness. So far, I'm pretty good at it. I really got to a tough guy Marine tonight. He tried really hard not to smile so I just kept up my routine until he burst out laughing. I'm batting a thousand to date. I mean, what's the point of living if you can't bring a little sunshine into someone's life, right?

Try it sometime. When you see someone just give them a really big grin and see what happens. If you ask me, too many folks just lower their eyes and ignore other folks. But that's kind of sad. Us pups have it all figured out. I mean, have you ever seen a pup that didn't want to go sniff another one? Same thing with smiles and people. Give it a shot and you'll be glad you did. Brightens up your whole day.

G'night and God bless...


Sunday, November 19, 2006

My Grandparents on Mom's side

  Posted by Picasa Here's my Grandpa George. Sometimes I call him Grand Papa. He likes that. My mom took this picture at the RAND event yesterday. Isn't he handsome? Today is his birthday. He's eighty-six. Let's dog years...that would be 602. No? Oh...I have to divide. I cheat. I use Mom's calculator. OK...then it would be 12.29 years for a dog, which is about how old my Uncle Sneakers got to be. He and Uncle Sneakers have the same color of hair on their head, too. Grandpa looks pretty good for a twelve and a half year old, don'tcha think?? Posted by Picasa

This is my Grandma. She just has the most smoothest skin ever. My Mom says it's because she's been using Jafra cosmetics and creams for over 30 years. Even when she was in rehab my mom told her she had the prettiest legs she'd ever seen. I don't think my Grandma believed her, but then a bunch of other people told her that too. My mom sure hopes her skin looks like that when she's almost eighty-five years old.

This is my Grandpa. He takes really good care of my Grandma and he makes chicken soup out of a chicken like they did in the old days. My mom had a cup of broth and she said it was absolutely the best she ever had. Yum! My Grandpa is a very smart person. He invented something...oh...let me get this right was a......One Step Conversion of Atomic Energy into Electricity. It's called the The Fission Electric Cell Project. That was a long time ago like maybe 50 years ago. He also wrote a book (oh? not a book but it's just really big?) about how the universe was made. It's called something like "A Photon and Non-Photon Universe". I don't understand most of that except there are a lot of stars out there at night and they came from wherever my Grandpa says they did. "Big Bang" is just a theory, but my Grandpa knows where the universe REALLY came from.

OK...well, it's Sunday and just about time for "Desperate Housewives" to come on. Remember me in the old days? When I used to put on my "Desperate Housedogs" shirt to watch it? Too bad it doesn't fit me anymore.

Well, g'night all.



Saturday, November 18, 2006

About My Grandparents

Mom and Grandpa George went to a Rand Alumni event today. She says the speakers were two very special Nobel prize winners in 1990 for Economics, William Sharpe and Harry Markowitz. She says it was pretty interesting, and she learned a lot about how the Rand Corporation worked. It's 60 years old this year, and mom was 4 years old when Grandpa went to work for them.

Mom left at 8:30 in the morning and got home after 7:00 tonight. And I was very VERY good. All by myself. maybe my Aunt Margie dropped by a few times to take me out and play with me. I admit it. But still....aren't you everly so proud of me that I was pretty much on my own for almost ELEVEN hours? Hmmmmmmm???

Mom says my Grandma is looking pretty good. She's getting around by herself with the help of a walker. You remember? She broke one hip, went home and broke the other one? Well, anyway it's a very painful thing to happen and she's getting better and that's what counts. Mom says I can go visit her when I'm a little older and not so energetic.

My Grandpa Gene died today at 5:00AM in the morning. I never got to meet him but I know my Mom really loved him a lot. He was her father-in-law for twenty years so she got to know him pretty well. He and Mom talked on the phone just a couple of weeks ago. I'm really sad for his family. I know they will miss him. He had the same birthday as Cailin and Clancy. He was born on 9/26/1912 and died today, 11/18/2006. God please bless Grandpa Gene and look after him for us?



Friday, November 17, 2006

Agility Trials?

Mom thought she asked this before but now that she's a year older, she says she's got CRS (Can't Remember Stuff, but she uses another word instead of Stuff, but I'm NOT going to say it). So I'm going to ask again for her, ok? Is anyone reading this blog involved with Racing and Agility Trials? Competitions?

Arrrgghhh....I'm so very happy just living a dog's life, but my mom....(sigh). She's always wanting "to support me in my interests". So because I like to run like the wind and hop on and off stuff, she thinks maybe I'd like to compete. Imagine!

OK...well, I asked. Now I'm going to go curl up someplace and dream of In-N-Out burgers.


Uncle Nick Update

Yorkie Prayer Circle - you are awesome. Uncle Nick says his platelet count (whatever that is) is back up and it's all because of US! Wow....Yorkie Power!! Woo hoo! Maybe he won't need a bone marrow transplant after all.

Keep those prayers going! Good job, guys!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am sleeping

I couldn't keep up the facade any longer and I'm curled up on Mom's desk with a dish towel for a pillow. I'm not even snoring yet. That's how tired I am. The good stuff was we had to run a special down on Hwy 79, and Mom forgot to bring her lunch. So we went through In 'n Out. I always get my own burger, neat - no bun, no nothing. Yum.

I spent some time on the desk in the reception area. That was after I carried my paper plate from the burger patty into the outer office thinking that they might get the hint and offer me seconds. But I shredded it. Mom was pretty surprised, but Sonia said she figured I was having so much fun why ruin it. Besides, she'll clean it up.

Me and Mom left about 4:45 and raced home to watch Ugly Betty. Mom really likes that show. She says it's so well written with all kinds of intricate sub-plots. Even better than a soap opera. She also likes "The Bachelor". I can take it or leave it. Some handsome dude who claims blood connections back to Pope Something the Umpteenth is going to choose between two really pretty blond girls. We've decided that Jennifer is the best of the two. She just seems more real. I don't know if I trust someone whose business is "publicity". Seems to be too much focus on the "virgin until her wedding day" thing, too. Seems a ploy to me. Oh well, we get to watch cat fights next episode. Mom says don't get too excited. Not KITTY fights - CAT fights. Totally different. Oh joy!!

OK..that's it for now. Mom is determined to get a house in Pennsylvania. Which means I go too. I like it there. Lots of trees and squirrels. I wouldn't mind. So anyway, she's focusing on this one place at the moment. Selling "as is" so have to think about it a while.

There. That's what we've been up to. How about you? I want to hear from all of you. If there are typos, it's because Mom keeps dozing off in the middle of a sentence.


G'night everybody.

Love, MMOB

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Dear Diary...

Here's me and Fidel, Jami's dad, having a private moment at work.

Just checking in. It's really late and I'm half asleep. Mom is brain-dead. Today was her birthday, you know? WOO HOO...!! Big "SIXTY-TWO". She says "Whew, it's about time! I worked hard to earn the title of "Little Old Lady"!" She says she gets into movies for half-price, gets Senior citizen discounts, and can order off the kiddie menu (except the restaurants call it a senior menu).

Her family and her friends sent her cards and gifts and called her up or emailed her, and she got sung to (sang to?) and stuff. She says she'd NEVER ever want to go back even if she could unless she was absolutely guaranteed that there was a permanent cure for gravity and cellulite. She says there isn't anything she'd want that's any different from what she has now. And that she's finally found "peace, tranquility, and contentment". Big words to me, but what do I know. I'm happy when I find a cat to chase.

News flash: About yesterday when I wasn't feeling so good, I just want to say that today was really awesome. I feel fine, ate well, tummy processed food according to plan and (etc etc). I got belly rubs and cuddles all day long. Aunt Margie brought us a pizza and an ice cream cake. I got some pizza, but the ice cream cake sort of melted because it got put into the fridge instead of the freezer. Still, Mom had a slice which was more like a splat into a dish, and said you gotta have cake on your birthday. Even if you have to scoop it up with a spoon.

OK..that's it. I'm off to bed. Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Me and My BIG Mouth!

That will teach me. Never say I'm bored or Mom will start looking for something for me to do. Now she's looking into "working" Yorkies. She's finding out that we can track and rescue. I mean, like what? Haul in an airplane courtesy sized bottle of bourbon?? This is scary. She's even looking at tracking harnesses. Knowing her, next thing I'll be taking lessons. I'm SORRY! I wasn't BORED! Really.

We went to the bank today and the guy in line ahead of us was sick. So Debbie, the manager, says to Mom: "Be careful about touching the counter. He was sick". And she's using some hand disinfectant and gives Mom some, too. I was standing nicely on the counter top and Mom looks at me and next thing you know I'm getting my paws disinfected. I wrinkled up my nose and sneezed. Twice.

We get to the office and I threw up. Not much, but obviously something wasn't going down well. I hacked and coughed for a bit and then settled down into a comfy client chair where I spent most of the day snoozing. Some ditzy lady came into the office this afternoon and took a look at me and left, saying "I'm allergic to dogs. It's not worth it to apply for a job here". Well, good deal. I wouldn't want to work with her, either. I think she had dandruff.

Then me and Mom took a walk. I said "hello" to a few people, sniffed a few plants. Then these"mature" ladies came toward me. You know how much I like meeting people but something was off here. I started to bark at them, and I backed up. One lady reached out to touch me and I hid behind Mom's legs. After a bit of this, with Mom saying "Oh gosh, she's NEVER like this", one lady said that "Dogs know when someone is sick". Turns out she's got some sort of thing where her blood veins get infected and swollen and she's in a lot of pain. Maybe it's the medicine she's taking that I sense. Whatever. I just know I was NOT comfortable with them. Not one bit.

I slept some more this afternoon. Like it was kind of a lazy day. Only Mom gets all worried and calls the doctor. Huh? I get to see Dr. V? And Nicole? And Jennifer? And ...oh gosh...I just love everyone there. I start hopping around and I'm just so excited I can't STAND myself. Temperature - 102.3 - normal! Weight - 7.2 oz - down a few and normal. Tummy fine. Eyes fine. No fleas. Nothing. So I get my belly rubbed for a bit by Dr V and sent home.

One thing sort of bothered me? This little baby puppy, maybe 12 weeks, came in practically unconscious. His family said "Don't know WHAT's wrong. He was like that when we got home". But the tech comes back and says he doesn't think the little guy will make it. He's got internal bleeding, and his gums are really pale. That doesn't sound good. So...made me think that maybe somebody kicked him for having an accident. Mom thought so too. The family didn't seem all that concerned and Mom thought they were more worried about money than the baby's health. When we left Mom asked about the possibility of puppy abuse and the nurse sort of nodded. She said they see a fair amount of that. What I want to know is HOW CAN ANYONE ADOPT A PUPPY AND NOT LOVE THEM AND TAKE CARE OF THEM???? Even people babies take a while to get the drill down about where to poop. My gosh, there should be a Puppy Patrol or something. This is NOT right.

I am SO glad my mom and I got together. Oh gosh, what if I had gone home with someone else? Gives me shivers to think about it.

Dear Lord...please help that puppy get better? Please? And please watch out for good adoptive homes with families who will love their fur babies and not abuse them, ever.



My boring life!

Mom is complaining that I don't want to write all the much anymore. Well, let me tell you. Some days are just plain old boring. Let's see now. Yesterday I went out, sniffed around, decided no cats had come by and went back in.

Then we went to the bank and I said "hello" to everyone there. Oh...well, one thing I like to do when we get to a signal? I like to look at the people in the car next to me. Then I start saying "hello" over and over until they look at me. They always smile and wave at me. Yesterday, one of the ladies even pulled out her cell phone camera and took a picture of me. See, I don't bark or anything. But I start talking, like...."aroo...aroo...wurf?", which is like saying "Hello" and "Have a nice day!". That's fun to do. we get to work and I check out the planters. The gardeners took out one of my most favorite this big round thing with long skinny leaves and all the boy dogs would leave me messages on it. It's gone now, and there are tiny posies there instead. Oh big whoopeee. No boy dog worth his stuff would even bother with them.

Mom went to Miss Cathleen's place to get her nails done. This is like sooooo routine for me now. I check out all the rooms and closets and then I find a nice splotch of sunlight to nap in. When Miss Cathleen got out the lotion bottle I ran over to remind her that I get my paws and tummy done, too. She remembered, and picked me up and rubbed the nice smelling stuff in. Then I went back to my sunbath.

Hmmmm....oh yeah. Back at the office. I took all my toys out of my bed and distributed them neatly throughout the office? And.....oh, I used my piddle pad for serious business that sent Mom and Terry squeezing their noses shut. Took a bit to get that particular scent out of the office, too. Well, they could have taken me out and I got ignored, so what else was I supposed to do? Hmmmm?

That was it. Pretty much. See? BOOOOOR-EEEEENG!!!


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday, November 13, 2006 #15 Simon and Hallie pointed out earlier, the 15th episode is now complete. This is TV especially made for us Yorkies. I get a kick out of it. Us Yorks have such a great sense of humor. Check it out at There are FIFTEEN episodes and I just LOVE every one of them. Mom holds me in her lap and we watch together. I tell YOUUUUU. Bert and Ernie have NOTHING on "the Brother" and "the Sister". They are TRUE TV STARS. Do you think maybe we could nominate them for an award? Wow...just think. Two yorkies on the red carpet with Joan Rivers. That would be too cool.



PS - Thanks, S&H. Mom signed us up for the emails, too. Next time we can call each other up and maybe even watch it together? Oh, that would be everly so much fun. MMOB

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Not that I'm complaining but.... know how some people (ahem? I said PEOPLE) do not take their pup seriously? Like, I know when I'm being patronized. "Oh yes...big kitty, Mary-Margaret", and "Good girl, Mary-Margaret", and "Oh, is Timmy in the well again?". And those certain people just say stuff to hear themselves talk and THEY ARE NOT LISTENING!!

For example, this morning I went out a few times on my morning sniff-a-thon. Sure...I was looking for cats but I haven't seen them for a while. I get to go for a few minutes at a time before Mom calls me back in. Then, I sit on the back of her chair where I can see most of the back yard. Woo hoo....I see something really interesting and I want to go out right then and there, but she's watching some stupid movie and just says "Uh huh...OK, Mary-Margaret!", and she doesn't move. So I hop up and down and try to take her hand in my mouth. Maybe if I DRAG her to the door she'll get the idea. Nope. She just laughs and "beeps" me on the end of my nose with her finger, and keeps on watching.

Fine, I say. So I hop up onto the couch and grab the remote. Darn thing has too many buttons, unlike the lamp on her desk that I can now turn on and off. Finally, in frustration, I chomp really hard on it and try to run off with it. "You get back here, Mary-Margaret! Give me that!", and she takes it away from me. Now I'm REALLY getting frustrated.

Finally, like all of a sudden it clicks with her. "Oh? You want to go out?", she says. Well, no duh! So she opens the glass slider and I go shooting through my little doggie door. By the time I get to the other side of the yard, whatever it is I wanted to see is gone. GRRRRRRR! It just makes me SOOOOOO mad.

I really like just standing there up against the wall and looking at the street below. I get to see joggers, and people walking dogs, and fire engines with sirens, and kids riding bikes. There's all kinds of really neat things to see when you're on a hill above a street. Except every time I'm out and Mom hears the tires squeal rubber, she thinks maybe I hopped the fence and she comes running. So I have to go in, whether I want to or not. People and PARENTS, especially moms, are SO uptight about squealy tires. I'm NOT going anywhere. I just want to see what's happening in my back yard.

Rant over. Thanks for listening.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Star flew out the window

Yup. That's what she did yesterday when her mom got off the freeway to come to work. Except me and my mom didn't work because it was a holiday. Star's mom said that Star was SOOOO excited about the thought of seeing me that she just jumped right out of the car window. Lucky thing it was at a signal. So Star's mom, Debi, just got out of the car (while all the other cars waited) and told her to GET BACK IN THERE. And then she almost told Star that she couldn't play with me but figured that a reminder swat for doing that was enough punishment. Not that Star couldn't take it, but Debi couldn't. She just loves Star everly so much and would absolutely DIE if anything ever happened to her.

On a high note, me and Mom made up for yesterday and did a bunch of serves that no one else wanted. We went back into the hills of DeLuz, then into Aguanga, Warner Springs, Oak Grove, and Sage. You know, I must bring my mom good luck, because she got every single one of her jobs done. She says it's amazing that she got so lucky. I think it's just good timing on her part, and it helps when people see a little Yorkshire Terrier smiling at them from their carseat. Sorta takes the edge off the unexpected surprise, I think.

One guy forgot that Mom served him a couple of years ago. It took him a long time to come out of his house. First he admitted who he was, then he said "Oh, he's not home!". Mom said " said the same thing when I served you two years ago. I'll just tape the papers to your intercom here and you come get them when you're ready!". Then we left. Lucky thing Mom keeps good notes.

Oh, and I sorta made a friend. He's a really HUGE German Shepherd and he lives on a ranch way back a dirt road. He and I visited through the car window while Mom and his mother talked over an electric fence. Mom ended up pushing the papers under the fence so she wouldn't get shocked, but the lady was really nice about being served.

Did I mention that I really LOVE my job??

Have a really good Sunday. We get to go out serving again, only this time back in the wine country hills.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, November 10, 2006

My Uncle Nick

Mom's brother, Nicholas, has something called CLL (Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia) and will need a bone marrow transplant. Probably. Anyway, he reads my blog and Mom sort of hinted that since us Yorkies have such a good record with our prayer circle that maybe we might include him, please?

He lives in San Simeon, CA in case you want to direct your prayer energy someplace exactly.

Thanks, everyone. I'm going to post on my blog, too. This is a tough one, but if anyone can do it, it'll be us God, of course.

Yayyy for Yorkie Power!!

Paws Up....Paws together.....Heads bowed!


My Favorite Thing in the Mooooorning

Even when it's a bit nippy outside, I have to say that there is NOTHING like sitting in front of a block wall with the sun shining down upon you. I just sit there, close my eyes, and feeeeeeeeeel the rays. MMMM-yeaaaah! Mom says my great Aunt Susie and my Aunt Rose used to do the exact same thing. Must be a girl-thing? Don't know, but it's one of those simple pleasures that leaves me smiling all day.

Have a good week end.



Thursday, November 09, 2006

Star and MEEEEEE

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Me and my BGF Star

We rassle all in good fun. And then we dance.
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Absolutely NOTHING is better than spending the afternoon on a play date with my most best girl friend, Star. Gosh, I had the BEST day ever.


PS Doin' the "Hokey Pokey". You put your left paw in, then your left paw out, then your left paw in and you shake it all about.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Spa Day and MORE!

People were asking me if I fell into a puddle or something. My hair was all sort of rumpled looking. But it gets that way just before I visit my personal stylist, Miss Marilyn. Here's me waiting to go out a couple of days before I got all spiffed up.

And here's me with Miss Marilyn. Whew! I got my hair and nails done today. Oh, I just love going to Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa. She calls it something else....don't know what, I can't read her card, but she's always got cuddles for me and nice kids to play with.

Today, there were her three Maltese pups. Mom forgot their names and I couldn't write them down, so we're kinda stuck here. Maybe like Chelsea and Charlie and...oh, fooey! Well, then there was Bello (my most handsome boyfriend), and Tucker and Charger. Charger has one BLUE eye. How neat is that? He looks like maybe a Siberian Husky but he's only 13 weeks old and already he's twice as big as me

Terry started at the office today and she is everly so thoughtful. She even took me outside for a walk. I met up with Bob (the biscuit man) and he said "Oh, hello. Is that Mary-Margaret?". I think Terry was very impressed that I have lots of friends. Well, I do, you know. And I don't mind introducing her to all of them.

Debi came by with my good friend, Star, and we had a play-date. Star knows when she's coming to visit me and starts scratching at the car door to get out and come visit me way before Debi even parks. We tussle and play, then we hang out for a bit. Mom gave us both those yummy chicken chewies from my Aunt Vicki, and we both munched on those for a while. I let Star take hers home, too. She said "thank you" but it sounded a bit different. Kind of like "wuuurf". I knew what she meant.

OK...we have pictures again. Mom will try to load them on later when we get home. I'm still at the office and really getting very ready to leave. Come ON, MOM!!! Please???

Catch you later, Dear Diary.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking care of bills and Potty Party!

I have been exceptionally good. I know that because my mom TOLD me so. Not perfect, mind you. But GOOD! She and Sonia were all over me this afternoon. Well? I mean, what would YOU do? The pouch man came and Mom fished out what SHE thought were all of the envelopes. Except I know better. I always check INSIDE the pouch. A bit later, she looked under the desk and saw some of my shredding artwork. "Huh? Where'd that come from, Mary-Margaret?", she wants to know. It's Foothill's statement, she finds out, after piecing it back together. She looks at me. "So I'm supposed to call Rick and tell him 'the dog ate your statement'!", she asks? Hey...whatever works for you, go for it. Next time she'll do a better job of removing envelopes from the courier bag.

Then she tells Sonia she'll be back in a minute and grabs the restroom keys. I'm right there with her. She looks at me and says "I suppose you want to go, too?". Well, yeah! So she grabs a clean piddle pad and off we go. She barely gets the thing unfurled and spread on the bathroom floor when I squat. Aaaaaahhhhhh, I say. She says "More?", but I am too busy being proud of myself at the moment. I know I did a really good thing.

She folds up the used, damp piddle pad and stuffs it behind the step stool in the work room back in our office. We get about 3-4 piddles per pad (they're really absorbant) and why waste it? Anyway, she gets all busy so later I take care of things on my own. As she passes the work room just before we go home she looks in and starts to laugh. She calls Sonia over and they both pat me and tell me what a good girl I am. All I did was pull my piddle pad out from behind the stool without anybody's help, spread it on the floor in the work room, and "take care of business" on it. Carpet is absolutely dry.

Sheesh! Mom just doesn't give me the credit I deserve sometimes. OK...I admit I had it upside down so I made a puddle instead of it soaking in, but isn't it the thought that counts? Hmmmmmmmmm??? I hope they don't expect me to unfold all my own piddle pads from now on.

Maybe it's time for "pull ups" for me. Because (singing) "I'm a BIG girl now!".



Missing photographs?

If you're wondering how come you're not getting pictures of me and my adventures, it's because my MOTHERRRRRRRR keeps forgetting to charge the camera battery and the cell phone, so we can't do pictures. I am reminding her again this morning. OK...done. She's getting up......moving toward the camera bag....removing the battery charger.....hunting for the camera....uh.....uh......AHAAAAH!!

You should have some later tonight.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, November 06, 2006

Me and Mom's Bag Man

The "Bag Man", John, came by today and dropped off the pouch. Of course, I looked to see if there was anything for me and there wasn't. Darn. So I got this idea. Maybe I'll just go with the Bag Man tonight and he can bring me back home tomorrow? Maybe? Hmmmph. I got about half-way down the hall when he stopped and started to let me inside the pick up bag and Mom came rushing out. "You get OUTTA there, Mary-Margaret!". She's absolutely no fun at all.

Earlier I got a box from the UPS lady. Now that WAS for me. Mom ordered me an Outward Hound sling carrier. It's pretty neat. She says it's easier to put me into than my front carrier and...well, between you and me? I get more wiggle room in this sling thing.

We have a new person starting on Wednesday. Her name is Terry and she's going to work three days a week. Mom and Sonia think everybody in the office should work part time and spend the rest of the time either taking trips or doing stuff with their family. Terry thinks so, too. So it works out fine for everyone. Sonia told Mom to start taking Fridays off and that would give her a three-day weekend. Sonia gets Mondays and Wednesdays off, and Terry gets Tuesdays and Thursdays off. Works fine for me, too.

I've got way too much energy, Mom says. I'm all over the place and even having races with my babies. I always win so there's not much of a challenge there. I need to get out more. Maybe Puppy School once in a while. I know those new kids need someone to mentor them. That would be MEEEEEE! I'm good at that.

OK...time for bed.

G'night all.

MM <--- that's my nickname

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Maggie Rose is a Blogger, too!

I just can't believe it. All my friends are getting their own blogs, too. Isn't this wonderful? Go see Maggie Rose. We can keep track of what we're all doing all the time now. I'm SOOOOOO excited and happy. Good job, Maggie Rose and Boomer. Pretty soon, it'll be like having our very own club.

Yorkies rock!

Love Mary-Margaret

My pal, Boomer!

My very good friend, Boomer, from Fairbanks, Alaska has started HIS own blog, too. I just finished reading it and he has a really interesting life. It's a big Yorkie world out there, and we each have a story to tell. Boomer was a rescue. The more I hear about rescue dogs, the more I know I'm really REALLY lucky to have been adopted like I was.

Today, I watched some TV, and I tried to be like Lassie and grab my mom's hand to take her outside. The main problem is that there are about 2 feet between my tail and the floor if I have her hand in my mouth. So either I am kicking air OR I'm in her lap with a mouth full of hand. I am NOT big enough to be a Lassie dog and I don't think I'm going to try any more. So I attempted to communicate with her verbally.

Yes, I know I'm using big words. She says I should expand my vocabulary. Only when I talk, it mostly sounds like "errr-ruuurrrr" and "wurff?". Still, I did get her to get up and go to the door. AND, after a bit of "communicating", she actually picked up my leash and took me out. I go on the leash after dark in case there are any owls flying about.

I don't think she likes it much when I hop off the back of the chair anymore. Today I got caught around my middle, and then by the hairs on my rumpus. She held fast to me for a bit before she let me go, all the time saying "No, Mary-Margaret! You STOP that!". I was more gentle the next few times and she didn't complain too much. I think it's more HOW I hop off, and I should not extend my toe nails out so far. Otherwise it hurts her. You learn something new every day.

That's about it for a lazy Sunday. Hope you all had a good weekend. I'm looking forward to checking Boomer's blog out every day now. His mom is doing a really good job of teaching Boomer to type.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Paws Up! Paws Together!!

OK, gang. We've been called upon once again to work our magical prayer circle for "Beth", mother of Dashi. My mom's friend, Vicki, says that us Yorkies pray better than any group she knows. Dashi - will you keep us posted on how your mom is doing?

Paws up...paws together....and pray!



Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturdaaaaaay! Wheee!

I got Mom up about 7:00AM this morning. Got right to the chin-licking part. Didn't want to mess around. I had some serious "out" to do. She made coffee and we decided to watch a Bill Murray movie. Can't remember the name of it, but there was a cat in it and a dog or two.

Now, I mention the cat because I have this knee-jerk reaction to cats, no matter WHERE they are. The absolute second I see a cat on the TV I take a flying leap from the back of the soft comfy leather chair, bounce once off the seat and then stop in front of TV set. Mom knows to move over a bit to the right so I don't land in her lap. In case Mom missed the cat, I immediately draw her attention to it. I "arf" at the TV, then race back to Mom, jump on her leg, then back to the TV. She finally says "Oh, good job, Mary-Margaret", so then I hop back up onto my favorite spot and we keep watching.

Dogs I can either point out or not. They're no big deal. But cats? Man....that's where I take charge and absolutely make sure Mom sees them. "Yes, that's a kitty!", she says. "Good job!", she says. So I know I'm doing my part.

I'm not sure what we're doing today. Maybe serving some papers. There's one that we keep going on that is waaaaaaaaaay far back in the hills. So far we haven't found our target, but we know there are a whole bunch of really big dogs that live there. I have to wait in the car on that one.

See ya later...


Friday, November 03, 2006

Full of Vinegar!!

That's what Mom said. Boy, I had energy today. All over the place. I also found out that not everybody enjoys my attention, if you get my drift? We had a client that I met when I was going down the hallway. He sort of made a funny face and backed up. HAH! (I thought!). Boy I sure scared him. I don't get that reaction from a lot of people so I rather enjoyed the moment.

When I came back from my little walk, he was still there. Far be it from me to pass up such an opportunity for bonding with a perfect stranger. So I started hopping up and down to get his attention. He turned a bit green, but I did get my ears rubbed a little. When I suggested the belly, though, he spoke (in broken English, I found out) "Enough!". OK...I can take a hint. So I backed up about four feet and lay down, chin on paws, just ogling him. I don't think I blinked once, but he sure squirmed. (hee hee) And to top it off I had another one of my lethal gas attacks. Even Mom and Sonia swooned a bit, but that client didn't say a word. And I just kept staring.

Mom said "Mary-Margaret, That's NOT nice!", but I held my ground. I kept it up until he left. Then I hopped up into his chair and pretended to be a client. When that got me no where, I hopped up onto the desk and just stretched out as if I really belonged there. One of these days I'll get my own desk, probably. I mean, they'll just HAVE to, won't they?

Tonight I ran about in the yard but came in when Mom asked me to. Then I got kind of crazy and just wanted to play "Catch me if you can". I won a few times, Mom won a few times. Then I guess I must have scratched Mom pretty hard, because she said "STOP!", and when I didn't I got swatted. HAH, again, didn't hurt anything but my feelings. So now I'm back on the desk in my home office with my head on my pink towel, pouting everly so slightly and peeking at Mom out of one eye.

I'm not REALLY in trouble but sometimes I just need a reminder. That's all. Everything is just fine. Honest!


Mary-Margaret "The Pill" O'Brien

Feeling much better, thank you!

Just popping in to say I'm feeling everly so much better. I slept soundly all night, didn't barf once, and woke up about 7:00AM. Mom was still sleeping so I hopped onto her back and started dancing. She laughed and said, "Oh, that feels good, Mary-Margaret". And she didn't move. So I figured out to stop the dancing and go lick her chin. That did it and we got up. I went outside on my morning sniffathon, and she made coffee. Must have had a 24-hour bug or something. But I'm fine now. I thought you'd want to know.



Thursday, November 02, 2006

Feelin' a bit punk today!

Dear Diary: This whole day just started out all wrong. I woke up before Mom did and threw up on her comforter. She just cuddled me and carried me to the bathroom in her sleep where she grabbed a towel and cleaned up after me. Then she went back to bed and snuggled me. This made me feel even worse, you know. The comforter was her really expensive silk (maybe or something that feels like it) one that she took TWO whole years to put on her bed because of her fear of dog barf.

Anyway. Getting past that, we get ready to go to the office. We stop by the bank on our way in and Marilyn, one of my favorite tellers, says to Mom: "What's the matter with Mary-Margaret? She doesn't look like she feels well today!". Mom says "Huh? You can tell"? and she says yes, she can and I just don't seem very perky today. So I laid my head down on Mom's shoulder and snuggled in. I guess I don't have to perform for the bank people today, which is good.

So then we get to work. I walk in and Sonia says "What's the matter with Mary-Margaret? Did she have too much Halloween candy?". Well, the truth is, I didn't get any. I just sniffed KitKat wrappers in the trash, so NOOOOO, I don't think THAT's the problem, but then no one asked me.

I slept most of the day, going out a couple of times and sniffing. But they're trimming the bushes and groundcover back, so it wasn't as much fun as usual. About the only time I really got excited was when Mom says "You want to go home, Mary-Margaret?". And then I raced down the hall and bumped right into Hector, the engineer who is Zeus's dad. Then Mom's phone rang and she ran back, and I sort hung around Hector a bit. Then he picked me up and took me back to Mom and said goodbye to me.

When I got home, I went outside to see if the cats were around but they weren't. Then Mom cut up my chicken and I walked right by it. Sort of like I wasn't even hungry. So then, I snuggled with Mom for a bit and then went and ate all my dinner and snuggled back some more. She told me if I didn't feel any better tomorrow I could go see Dr. V. I'm pretty tired anyway, so maybe a good night's sleep will do me some good. I'm using the pink dish towel for a pillow and am starting to doze off.

Catch you later.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Home Office

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In case you all wondered where I did my work at home, here it is. Sometimes I help Mom on the computer. Except usually she goes "OH NOOO, Mary-Margaret! Darn it!", and has to re-boot or something like that. Well, if you ask me, any computer guy worth his salt wouldn't have put the "esc" key where a pup could lie on it.

Today Mom felt sorry for the left over KitKat bars so she polished off a few. She told me they were the mini ones so the calories didn't count as much as the big ones. I'm not allowed to have chocolate, as you all know, so I raided the trash cans and inhaled the scent off the wrappers. Sonia had vacuumed this morning. I don't think she'll appreciate my handiwork. I'll have to be really nice to her tomorrow.

Margie took me for a couple of walks today. She likes to have a cigarette and I'm good company for her. Besides, smoke rises and I don't have to smell it. Mom is allergic to it and always snorts when we come back in. Sometimes she makes strangling noises. But Margie is a good sport. Even when Mom threatens to spray Febreeze on her. They goof around like that, you know. I stay neutral. It's safer.

OK...well, g'night all. Time for bed.