Monday, April 23, 2012

God bless Mr. Shaima!

My very good friend, Michael L. Shaima, Attorney at Law, passed on over to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He'd been pretty sick and every time we thought he was getting better he'd get sicker again. For the past couple of weeks he'd just been resting, and yesterday morning at 11:30AM he went to be with God.

He was a nice man and gave me tummy rubs. When I'd get off the elevator on the third floor of his building I new right where to go. I would run ahead of Mom and scratch at his door until she'd open it for me. Sometimes there would be some goodies in their "kitchen" and I'd get a treat. I'd always run into his inner office to say "hello" and give him loving if he was in a good mood. Otherwise, I just dash in and wink at him and run right back out again. We had a special relationship.

Mr. Shaima's wife, Mary, worked with him and took really good care of him, both at the office and at home. She was holding him as he passed on, and she's taking care of winding up his business and personal affairs. She's a warm, strong and loving person. Together they made a really good team.

Dear God, please look after my friend, Michael Shaima, and help him get settled in his forever home. I will come visit him in a few years so we can get back to our licks and cuddles. Until then, Lord, please also watch over Mary and their son, Tim, who is going away to college.

I will really miss him a whole lot.....and so will my mom.

Blessings, and love...


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Horking on a Kibble

"Hork hork hork aaaaack!" Blegh! Kibble down the wrong way. Had to hack it back up again. "HORK HORK HORK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" I hate that feeling.

Apparently my "associate" hates it, too. Next thing I hear is "We're going to the doctor!". What the heck? It's just a kibble. And a little allergy, maybe. Big deal. But I find out my everly of my everly most....favorite doctors will be seeing me. It's Dr. Amy. My gosh, I've known her ever since I was a baby and she was a vet tech. Amazing what a few years will change.

Anyway, I am just fine. See? Just like I said....I was hacking up a stray kibble and maybe a little stuff from my allergy. We are told to get some "baby Benedryl". That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

OH MY STARS!! Mom is SUCH a nincompoop. Dr. Amy said 10 cc's but she did NOT say all at once. You know what happens when you give a pup 10 cc's of pink cherry syrup all at once? Hmmmmm??? Well, let me tell you that the kitchen counter, the walls, Mom and ME were covered in that stuff. I thought I was drowning. And then guess what goes down the wrong way? Yup!! Pink cherry syrup and I am coughing and spraying all over the place for the next hour. And my beautiful hair-do is now sticking straight out from my poor little body like a punker. I'm told I will get a bath in the morning.

Next time, I will eat my kibbles more slowly.



PS - Isn't my Dr. Amy one of the prettiest veterinarians you ever saw? Mom says she looks like Princess Catherine, sort of. All I know is that she is really nice, gentle and gives me kisses. I forgive her for prescribing the Benedryl already.

Getting my Taxes Done

Here's me and my accountant, Doug MacRae. I just love him to pieces. I'm almost six and one half years old and I have never had to pay taxes yet. See how good he is? And he keeps a "cookie table" in his office. My personal favorites are the short breads. Mmmm-mmmm!!

Mostly he doesn't take appointments for the first two weeks in April. Mom was a little behind in setting things up. Then Marie (she does our payroll) asked if I was coming with Mom. Well....YEAH!! Of course I am, I said really loudly so Marie would hear. "Ok...we can get you in at 11:00 on Monday!", she said. When Doug saw me he said "Hello, Mary-Margaret!! How are you today?". Then Doug saw Mom and said "What are you doing here? I don't have appointments for these two weeks!". Mom explained that Marie said we could come if I came, too. "Oh!", he said. "Well, that's ok then!".

See how things are? Mom would be totally lost without me, I think. I have job security for as long as I want.



Go for the Gophers!!

Dear Diary & Grandpa (for March 19, 2012) -

First thing this morning, I got all cleaned up and ready for work. Then I raced downstairs and out my personal door to say "Hello!" to my new neighbors, the Gopher family.

"Hallooooooooooooooo??? Anybody home???"

I think I heard someone say "Come in, Mary-Margaret!" Their door is a bit small, dontcha think? Maybe I can help out a bit here. Just a little wider......??

Uh oh! I'm in trouble here. The doorway isn't getting any wider and my friends aren't coming out. And worse ever......Mom's calling me inside so we can leave for the office.

I get picked up and held way far from Mom, who is wrinkling up her nose and saying "EEEEYEEEEW!!!! And "Yuck!". This is SOOOO not fair. bow is soggy, my face is covered in dirt crumbles and my feet are wet and muddy. I am SORRY! I tried to stay clean. Really, I did. But a pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do!! I have a life, you know.

Compromise - I get a shower with the spray faucet, dried with a dish towel and my bow gets trashed.

Some people take all the fun out of my morning!!


Love, Mary-Margaret