Saturday, September 27, 2008

Belated Birthday with C & C

This is how I feel about my FAMBLY, especially my Uncle Rudy, Cailin, Clancy, Uncle Jason and Auntie C. Also, Moe and Jack(lyn), but they ARE cats and ...well, you know how that goes.

Mom took a really nifty picture of me, Colleen and Cailin and, if Auntie C says it's ok, she'll post it on here. It's so beautiful of them and I'm very proud and want to share my fambly, but I have to have their ok, you know?

Wahooey! They said "OK". That's my second most favorite word next to "Suppertime". Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!

Here's what I like best after a visit, no matter who it's with: GOING HOME! There's a time to say "Hello" and a time to say "Good Bye". Knowing that makes the time in the middle everly so much more fun.

And this is for my Aunt Allie, because she was Rudy's (fka Sunshine afka Frank)foster mom in Las Vegas before he was adopted by my fambly into his forever home. I just love-love-love him so.

Everly yours for always,


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mary-Margaret, Mentor at Large

Today, me and Mom went on a job. We serve papers to people, you know? Well, sometimes we make friends with the people we serve and extend a little courtesy, like telling them we have something and when would be a good time to come by. That's polite, dont'cha think?

Today, we did that and we were told to watch out for the yappy little Yorkie that works in their office. "Oh, Yorkie?", said Mom. "Then for sure I'll bring Mary-Margaret", she said. I'm very good at mentoring young pups and teaching them manners. I mean, look what I did for my very good friend, Jami.

So we get there and here's Bailey, a really nice (but noisy) almost one-year old Yorkette. Wow...she has energy, for sure. I can't exactly tell you what I do, but I will say that at one point, I just stood still in the middle of the room and watched her run circles around me. First clockwise...then counter-clockwise...then back again. I was laughing inside, but I kept my cool. Pretty soon, she wore herself out and we got into mutual sniffing and pouncing. That was fun.

My mom gave her mom a business card and wrote our home phone number on it so me and Bailey could spend more time together. Maybe I could be like a "Miss Manners" in the doggie world. My Aunt Vicki was thinking that her Sparky (poodle-terrier mix) could use some time with a mentor. I'll bet there are a lot of pups that want to do the right thing but just don't know how. You think I could get paid maybe? If I did, I'd probably just donate to the Yorkshire Terrier rescue fund, or to Dink's Memorial Fund (see previous blog entries).

So much to do, so little time. I'm a girl on an adventure with life. I expect the unexpected.

Oh kitty was waiting for us to get home last night about 8:00PM. Sitting right in front of the garage. When we drove up and opened the door, Kitty walked around the side of the house. We played a bit after that. And tonight, there was another a Siamese seal point....waiting for me, too. Kitties are just like us Yorksters inside. They just want to be loved, and accepted. I know these things.

Mom says my Kitty either had a very big meal or she's expecting a family. She is getting a bit round. I wonder where she'll go? And what will happen to her babies? It's hard to tell with feral cats. I wonder if we'll still be friends?

I'll keep you posted.



Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Columns, Collections and Celebrity!

First off, the "Yorkie Times" has one of my editorials featured in this month's issue. Click on the link to see. I'm also going to be a regular columnist in the "Ask Mary-Margaret" section where pups and owners can bring their problems to MEEE and I'll solve them. Maybe not the way they'd like, but's what I'd recommend.

I'm collecting post cards from all over the world. Already I have TWO. Yup. TWO POSTCARDS addressed to "Mary-Margaret O'Brien" for just me to read. They're from my very good friends, Abbey Mia and Harper, in New York. I bet I'm one of the only pups in the whole wide world to have my very own post card collection.

Lastly, a client came into my office this afternoon and I did my usual "Hello, I'm Mary-Margaret. How may I help you?". Once he got used to working with me, he kind of mellowed out and then asked if he could take my picture. THEN, he had Mom take a picture of me and HIM. I don't know what he's going to do with it, but heck. It's one of the things a "celebupuppy" has to do for their fans. What can I say, huh?

Also this afternoon my very best closest girlfriend, Jami Ramsey, came in with her dad, Fidel. Me and Jami got to go on a job waaaaaaay back in the hills where it's a little scary. Mom talked English to the Mexican workers, and when one guy did the "No habla" thing, Jami's dad started talking in Spanish. Woo hoo! They were so surprised, but we got some information and that's what really counts.

Jami is a Chihuahua so she probably speaks Spanish, too, except there weren't any dogs available to talk to this time around. Last week those guys had a Bichon Frise and a hairy Pit Bull. I couldn't understand a word they said, either.

Here's Jami getting ready to take herself for a walk. She's so smart. She grabs her own leash and heads to the door. That's her way of telling her dad that she's ready to go. I think I'll ask for a leash like Jami. She gets to do a lot more exploring with that thing than I do.

Have a nice evening...



Sunday, September 21, 2008

And now.....may I introduce....

............HOUDINI DOG! (This was on our AOL "Hello" site)

Personally, I think he's more like "EINSTEIN" dog. I keep telling you guys....we're NOT stupid. Even Mom tells her friends I'm a "peeple in a dog suit". (heheheh)

Oh yes. My Kitty Friend came by today to wish me a belated "Happy Birthday". Kitty was sitting in the back yard in my favorite corner when I went out this morning. Kitty hopped over the fence, took a short cut through the yard next door, and came back to visit with me on the side of our house.

Kitty sits on the fence and I sit in the gravel and we yak a bit. Then Mom has to come out a ruin the whole scene. Kitty doesn't mind visiting with me, but always runs away when Mom comes. She's GOT to stop scaring my friends.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Birthday Party Fun Fun Fun

This is MY Birthday Cake. I am THREE YEARS OLD today, September 19, 2008. At 12:00 noon, we started the party. Mom was in the middle of helping a client and told her "Oops...cake break!", and our client joined in the fun. We had sort of an "open house" for the rest of the afternoon and people came by whenever they wanted to. I detect a flat note in there somewhere? Nawww.....probably just my imagination.

I think if the ladies would quit yakking, they'd see that I would like a refill on my cake plate. Hmmmmmmm??

These are some of my "pressies", so far, anyway! Some people said they have mailed me things....I DO EVERLY LOVE SURPRISES, you know! One man came in to see my mom this morning and as he was leaving he "tipped" MEEEEEEEEE $20.00. He told my mom to buy me anything I want. ANYTHING! (Note: Nobody has ever tipped me before. I like this concept. Very much!)

Did you notice that my theme for the party was "Dora the Explorer"? One of my favorite videos is "Boots and the Ball". And I am very serious about putting MY stuff on MY plate. Yup. Whatever goes on THAT Dora Explorer plate is MINE!!

I think my very good friend, Zooey the Cat, talked to my Grandpapa last Sunday and mentioned that it was my birthday. They both went in on my card together. That Zooey. Always pretending to be so aloof. Silly cat!

Here's what's left of my cake after my party. Mom called Jami's dad, Fidel, and asked him to PULEEEEZE come in and take the cake home with him, for his family to finish up. I'm not really allowed to have much cake. My Aunt Debbie made sure Mom scraped the frosting off it before I got to eat it. Probably a good idea. I just got the cake and bavarian creme filling part. That still was enough to give me what Mom calls a "sugar high". Would you believe that I didn't nap a whole lot this afternoon?

And the "ladies" at my party said that was the best cake ever. Mom gets them at Albertson's Market on Rancho California Road. She asks for white cake with Bavarian cream filling and whipped cream frosting. I asked for the pink and yellow favorite.

I can't WAIT until next year. Maybe I'll try lavender flowers? I had yellow cake last year. Wasn't nearly as good as this year, trust me. YUMMMMM!!!

Oh yes. And probably the best part of the whole day? Was when my Grandpapa called me specially to wish me "Happy Birthday", and play that song on his harmonica for me. Mom was really bummed that she didn't take a video, because for the first time all day long, I sat still and really REALLY listened to my Grandpapa. He's a pretty nifty harmonica player, you know? He's had LOTS of practice. Really, he has.



Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My FIRST Birthday Card for 2008!

This is way kewl. We went to get the mail and I'm being carried like a football in Mom's left arm. It's Wednesday - yayy (not!) - junk mail day. But whaddyaknow? Hmmmmm?

Addressed to "Mary-Margaret O'Brien". Lucky me the post lady knows who I am, I tell you. We get upstairs and finally I get plopped on the floor and handed MY card. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE opening cards and boxes and things.

Woo hoo! This card smells just like my friends, Abbey Mia and Harper and their mom, Elaine, from NEW YAWK! I am overjoyed. I can't contain myself. As I'm totally digesting their thoughtful sentiment, Mom snatches the back half of the card from THAT'S fair? I ask you? But I'm glad she did. Now I can share it with all of you.

Thank you everly so much, Aunt Elaine and Harper and Abbey Mia. Ohhhh, I had the best time opening your card, and it was even better when I got to sniff you guys again. I can't wait until we meet in December. I hope, anyway. I'm told that's the plan. Until then...

Your friend always,


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Whoa....about my Birthday Presents?

People keep asking me what I want for my birthday. Gosh, I don't know. I have absolutely everything I could ever want or need. Except for duck jerky (my friend Gina at the bank ran out of it ...temporarily....I hope!). No....can only think of one thing that would really make me happy.

If anyone really wants to give me a present, and it's not required because you can have some cake if you come by my office on Friday anyway, but if you REALLY want to make me smile, please send a donation to Dink's Memorial Fund at the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc. in Tennessee. Read about Dink and how his fund got started. Already I've gotten Mom to send them some help several times when someone won't let her pay them (like my Aunt Connie who made me the absolutely most luscious and comfortable silk bed).

The kids who are helped by Dink's Fund wouldn't get the medical care they need if it weren't for the people at YTNR and Dink.

Thank you for thinking of me.


Mary-Margaret "The Birthday Girl" O'Brien

Friday, September 12, 2008

How to Develop a Lasting Friendship!

First off, somebody has to extend a gesture of friendship to the other person.

"Meowy-Mawgawet? Can you come out an play?"

Then, you say "Hello! Hello! Hello!" You absolutely must respect the other person's space. Take things slowly. Develop a mutual trust.

Maybe tomorrow, we will shake paws. Then (maybe?)play chase. We'll see what develops. I think humans would be well advised to follow my example, don't you?

Love and schlurpies....


PS: Please PLEASE VOTE FOR US. Pick Tennessee, and then "Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc.". You can vote once a day until October 1st. Us little guys really REALLY need your help. Please?

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hello Kitty!

Hello? Hello? Anyone there?

Ahhhh....THERE you are. Sorry I'm late but I had chores.

Hey? Where'd you go? Didn't you want to play? Hello? Hello?

Hello, Kitty?


Maybe tomorrow?

Your friend,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I have a NEW friend!!

Every night when me and Mom get home from work, we open the slider and I go check for cats in the back yard. I race around the perimeter and peek over the back fence. Nope. No cats. Haven't been any for a long time, either. (sigh)

Yesterday, I figured I'd just do the same thing, and get the same, old disappointed feeling.....except......I didn't. Mom looks at the spot I usually sit by the front window and notices I'm not there. Then she sees a little grey and white kitty sitting in front of the window, waiting for MEEEEE. OH BOY!! Woo Hooo!

"Mary-Margaret! There's a kitty here to see you!", she says. And I run over and sure enough, there it is...right there...right in front of MY window.

"Hello, Kitty!", I say. And the kitty just looks back at me. It's not a baby, but more like a teen-ager? It had some scrapes on it's nose so maybe either accident prone or a fighter? I'm talking away to the kitty and Mom opens the front door. Oops. The kitty runs away.

I've got to have a serious heart-to-heart with her about scaring my friends. Maybe tonight? But I think she's got it figured out. After all, I'm almost THREE YEARS OLD. My birthday is on the 19th of this month. That's TWO WEEKS FROM YESTERDAY, in case you want to know. I'm NOT A BABY ANY MORE. I don't need her to mess up my relationships. Nope. I work hard all day and snuggle with her all night. I should have time for myself, I think, to spend with my friends. Dontcha think?

Independently yours,


Friday, September 05, 2008

Love Letters from Hashimoto


Oh my sweet Hashi...You'll never know how much I look forward to our next visit. The "love fairy" was probably working the Republican convention this week, so we couldn't meet up as planned. Next time, my darling. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say.

Yours forever....


Monday, September 01, 2008

A Republican Yorkie's Thoughts

Here's my take on the candidates, since you asked.

Barack Obama says he's black but he's really just half and half. Still, whatever works, right?

Joe Biden is a "bulldog". Tough guy. Just what we need. Another fighter?

John McCain is old - they say he's the oldest candidate ever..and he's pretty experienced. So he wouldn't name a Vice President he wouldn't trust our country to, would he?

Sarah Palin is smart, recently experienced, pro-life, has teenagers (My mom says that if she can survive teenagers, she's got what it takes to run the WORLD!), has a baby she CHOSE to have, a husband who is a Union member and a fisherman, and pretty much has the same stuff in her life that most average people experience and can relate to. Like PTA and hockey and dirty diapers know.

Oh yeah, and her daughter Bristol is only 17 and is going to have a baby and isn't married...yet. Like.....that is SOOOO interesting. Barack Obama's mother was only 17 once and was going to have a baby and wasn't married. And look where HE ended up? Hmmmm???

Think about it. And who among you hasn't said to themselves at least once: "Boy, if a woman and mother were President, there wouldn't be so much fighting and our lives would be everly so much better!!" (or something like that, anyway!) Here's your chance to prove yourselves right. McCain and Palin get my endorsement. If McCain can't run our country later on down the road, Palin sure can.

Since I can't vote, that's the best I can do. ENDORSE!! YAYYYY!