Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's a BIRD...It's a Plane...It's ....!

Mom's looking out the back door and goes "Uh oh!!". Naturally, I get up to go see what's stressing her out now. I see a pile of something black that looks like a dead crow. "Kewl!", I say. "Let me OUT!!". She just stares at whatever and doesn't move. "LET ME OUT..OUT...OUT!!", I say.

"OK...but you stay away from that dead bird!", she warns me. "Yeah, sure! Whatever!", and I immediately race lickety-split across the back yard to "the bird". I'm like totally cracking up now that I'm standing by the object of her distress and she's hollering "NO NO NO!!". I'm just enjoying the moment. I reach out and touch "the bird" with my paw and it flops over. "Arrrggghhhhh!", she says and goes inside to get her shoes. Personally, I thought it looked less like a dead crow after I flipped it but some people need convincing.

She grabs the cell phone camera and notices that the battery is dead, so she plugs it in to charge it. She looks outside and I'm not by "the body" anymore. This is way too much fun to clue her in right now, so I saunter over to the fence and twiddle around over there and then I amble into the house, soggy feet and all.

About a half-hour later she checks her cell phone and it's got a 50% charge, so she goes out to inspect the "body". I might add that it's raining and the back yard is like a swamp in some places, but still she goes out. She seems to want to document this event for posterity.

I'm standing in the kitchen watching all this and trying really hard not to laugh out loud. Mom takes her picture and wades back into the house, glaring at me the whole time. "Funny, Mary-Margaret!", she says. "REAL FUNNY!". Well, I think so but then some people don't share my sense of humor.

Amazing what shape a twig with a few wet moldy dead leaves can take in some people's imagination.

I find my entertainment wherever I can.

Happy New Year, everyone!!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Mary-Margaret's Mail

Dear Grandpa - Mom says you can mail me stuff at her office:

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
c/o Rancho Attorney Service
28465 Old Town Front Street
Suite 318
Temecula, Ca 92590

PS - you can send Mom's stuff there too!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas, one and all

Dear Grandpa - I went to Miss Marilyn's yesterday. Charlie the poodle was there. He barked and howled when he saw me. Silly poodle. I think he has a crush on me. Unrequited though. I think of him as a friend. No more than that. I have my career to concentrate on. I'm just not ready to settle down yet.

We went to Miss Cathleen's place on Thursday. Mom got her toes done. I got my monthly special walk around Old Town. It's so pretty in the winter. There's lights everywhere and the ice skating rink is set up. Everybody is so happy. I met a really nice young man and stopped dead in my tracks. I started talking to him and he was very impressed. We conversed for a while and then Miss Cathleen said we had to go back before Mom thought we were kidnapped or something.

Today is Saturday and we're just hanging around the house. Mom's still coughing so I guess she still needs to rest up from that awful flu she had. I am taking good care of her.



Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas Issue - The Yorkie Times

It's out and it's great. Cheerful holiday reading. Check out The Yorkie Times

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Coming Home!!

Dear Grandpa. We're at the airport in Sioux Falls now waiting for our plane to arrive from Chicago. Then we'll be on our way home.

I had the everly best time with my "family" and my cousins, Sophie and Jazmin. This morning it was only nineteen degrees outside and I just wanted to sleep in. Mom took this picture of me skootching under the covers for a quick nap after she already made the bed.

She's pretty sneaky with a camera that way. It's ok, though. I love her anyway.

Your ever-loving Grand Doggie....


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mom's Mailing Address

Dear Grandpa - Mom said you wanted me to send you her mailing address. Put her name on the envelope and then c/o Rancho Attorney Service, 28465 Old Town Front Street #318, Temecula, CA 92590. Hope that helps.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the West Coast branch of our family and give them all big, schlurpy licks for me. Especially Zooey, my very good friend, Uncle Michael's kitty. I really miss him.

Love and kisses,

Your ever-loving Grand Dog...


Friday, November 02, 2012

Putting words into escrow!!

(Los Angeles Mayor the Honorable Richard Riordan and ME!! I love him but you know how I feel aout "Pawlitics" by the look on my face!)

There have been a lot of books authored by dogs lately. Dogs are very good at delegating clerical tasks to humans with opposable thumbs. If we HAD thumbs, though, we'd probably do our own typing. Most of these books are about our contributions to the human race and how much better it is because of us pups.

Dogs are more than dumb animals. We have souls and we know that we're put on this earth for a purpose. Not all humans recognize that fact but I seriously believe that those who do are better because of it. Take my mom, for example. My Aunt Rose was called to the Rainbow Bridge on November 18, 2005. My mom was grieving terribly for her; her heart was so sad and she was becoming physically ill. On November 24th she dreamed about adopting another pup and, in the dream, she was told that it wouldn't be a pup she expected or even wanted but that love comes in unexpected packages. She had absolutely no intention of getting another dog. It was just way too painful to have to say good-by. Nevertheless, she woke up knowing that Rose had given her permission to love again.

All morning long she had a craving for puppy kisses. She still didn't know that she was, according to divine plan, about to become a mother again. She just knew that she'd probably feel a little better if she could smell some puppy breath and maybe get a few baby licks. She decided to stop by the local pet store for a few minutes. I spotted her the moment she walked in. "Stay cool!" I said to myself, knowing there was a God-inspired universal plan in place. Sure enough, after getting licked by every pup in the place, she and I were left alone sitting side by side, having a conversation. I used telepathy. She spoke English. After recovering from the shock of my human-applied price tag, we went home together and became permanent roommates.

Mom's mother, my Grandma, was from the old school of child rearing. It was difficult for the two of them to have a conversation with each other without my mom feeling like no matter what she said or did, my Grandma would be critical. Even if my mom said she agreed with what my Grandma said (to keep peace), my Grandma would reverse her position and my mom would find herself in the proverbial corner once again. Enter Mary-Margaret O'Brien, Canine Counselor and future (in the next life) United Nations Ambassador.

Mom knew I was extremely brilliant and sensitive and needed desperately to express myself in my own words so she let me have my own blog when I was only 3 months old. There's almost 1400 pages in it so far.

My Grandma would read it every day and when she and my mom would get on the phone they talked about ME and MY life instead of other things. If I didn't post for a few days my Grandma would call my mom and demand to know if I was all right and what I was doing. It didn't take me long to figure out that my Grandma and my mom were talking to each other through me but without the arguing and stress. I was like a "Conversational Escrow Canine", and from December 2005 until November 27, 2007, their relationship was on an even keel. I'm so glad I could help them have the last two years of their lives together in peace and love, without any of the negativity they had experienced for so many years prior.

My Grandma went to the Rainbow Bridge on that last night. I was invited to her viewing and then to the formal service. The pastor even mentioned me as her beloved Grand-Dog, Mary-Margaret O'Brien, when he was listing her surviving family. I comforted my mom and my Grandpa and realized that my job had only just begun. There was so much more God expected from me and I was not going to let him down.

This is getting way too long so maybe next month I can fill you all in on the other ways I've made a big difference in the world, if you really want to hear about it. Let me know. I can always talk about squirrels or gophers instead.

Love and kisses.....and blessings!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien, Lt. Chaplain

North American Division
International Yorkie Brigade

PS: For this month's YORKIE TIMES , click here!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


This is my friend Lulu from North Fork, CA. She lives with Mary, one of my mom's friends from back in 9th grade. They hadn't seen or talked to each other for over fifty years and as soon as they re-connected it was like no time had passed at all.

Mary is actually a Yorkie person and has been all her life. Her last Yorkie, Abbie, went to the Rainbow Bridge and then another lady friend of Mary's went to live in a special home so she got to adopt HER pup Lulu, an 8-pound Shih Tzu.

I just can't wait to go visit Mary and LuLu. Old friends are just like family, I think.


My Friend, Candy

I was going to go out before supper and take care of some business. But when I stuck my head out my personal doggie door someone said "Hello? I think I'm lost. Do you know where I live?". I'm not good at directions so I called for my mom.

"Arf. Arf. Arf. ARFFFFF!", I said. Over and over. At first I got ignored. Then she said "Oh, HUSH, Mary-Margaret!". Um...Mom? There's something amiss back here. You really need to come. So I kept barking.

"Ugh", she said, probably remembering that rat from a while back that needed last rites. "What have you found now?". I pointed to our back yard. Mom sucked in a bunch of air and said OHMYGOODNESS. Then she went outside in her nightgown and the stranger came right over to her. She was wearing a pink collar and trailing a dark pink leash. I told her that Mom was kewl and not to be afraid. "How on earth did YOU get in here?", Mom asked.

Mom felt around her neck and found some tags. One of them said "Candy" on it and it had a couple of phone numbers. Mom picked Candy up and carried her into the house. She was pretty bony under all that fur. She looked an awful lot like me only lighter in color, with a long tail, and...well, not to be rude or anything, but she really could use a professional groomer. She had dread-locks and long nails and lots of stuff stuck in her hair.

I let Candy sit on Mom's lap to get the stickers and twigs pulled out of her fur. Then we took her into the kitchen and gave her a bowl of Pinnacle duck and potato dry kibble and some water. Boy, was she hungry. I had my dinner at the same time.

We called the phone numbers on Candy's tag and left a message. A few minutes later someone called back and said they didn't even know she was gone. Then Candy's mom came and picked her up. I think Candy probably got out, walked up the sidewalk on the really busy street and then came up the slope to my yard. We can't figure out how else she would have gotten in there by herself.

Candy is a very smart girl to come to my house for dinner. We had some visiting time and then we kissed each other good bye. I think I have a new friend, now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Handsome Hashi

My man Hashi. He still makes my heart skip a beat. Isn't he the handsomest ever?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, October 08, 2012

Can you see me NOW??

My favorite game is "Hide and Seek". Usually I win. Today I would have won except for one teensy little thing.

Can you see me NOW??


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

YTNR Annual Meeting - Rochester, NY

(Me, Linda and Karen discussing serious business at the board meeting!)

Read all about it at The Yorkie Times .

There are articles, video and (ahem!) MY column toward the end of the newsletter.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jet Lag

Dear Grandpa - I'm home and I had Mom reset my watch (no thumbs, you know!). Technically I guess I would be taking my afternoon nap about now but since I'm back home on PDT now I'm taking my afternoon nap this morning instead. Yesterday I had breakfast in Rochester, lunch in New York at JFK Airport, dinner somewhere over Missouri or Kansas (they all look alike when you're 7 miles high), and a late night snack at Jack in the Box somewhere in Mira Mesa. It wears me out just trying to figure out when and where I'll be eating. On the other, "other paw" I mean.....JFK has a Puppy Potty Park which is like an international potpourri of eau de chien. I spent a good while sniffing bark chips in a very lovely little white picket fenced enclosure just outside of Jet Blue's check in area. JFK is truly an international destination. I made sure that future visitors would know "Mary-Margaret was here!" before I left. Glad to be back. We love you, Grandpa!! Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Grandpa - re Carmax

Carmax will buy your car and if you accept their offer you can leave with a check the same day. Click on this link to read more about it:


We know people that have sold their car to Carmax and they are both very happy with the way it worked out. They said the offers were more than fair.

There is a CARMAX near you by the airport. Whatever you get for your car will go a long way toward paying for a cab to take you to the places you want to go.

This is me waiting for my hamburger at In-N-Out, my most favorite place to have lunch. Do I have the best mom in the whole world or what? Hmmmmm???


Mary-Margaret, your loyal Grand Puppy

Monday, August 06, 2012

My Private Place

I'm feeling a little better than yesterday. Appetite is fine, plumbing working well, and "garbage disposal" cleared out. I'm just hanging out, resting. I made a "fort" under the hassock. Was enjoying the peace until Mom found me. Didn't take her long, either. She looked over at the edge and saw my NOSE sticking out. (Note to self - next time tuck nose all the way underneath!)

Still limping a bit. We'll see how it goes. Doesn't hurt any more, though. Just a little annoying is all.



Wednesday, August 01, 2012

August 2012 - Yorkie Times

Dear Grandpa and to whom else it may concern....!

Here's the August 2012 issue of THE YORKIE TIMES newsletter.

The did an interview with MOM and my column is in there, too. Enjoy!!

Love and kisses...


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mom's Big Interview!

Mom got interviewed for a local Temecula website. She's pretty pleased that someone even asked her about her business. I'm pretty pleased that they used a picture of ME to put in the interview. Boy, what a team, huh??

You can go here Rancho Attorney Service interview with Michele Dawn if you feel like reading it. Honestly, it's not too boring and you can always look at the picture of MEEEEE!

(just kidding)

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Receptionist & Chief of
Public Relations for

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Diary - July 21, 2012

Dear Diary:

Woke up early and bugged Mom to get outta bed and let me out.

Checked backyard for rabbits, cats and other friends or intruders. Nobody there. Sniffed a worm that sorta looked dead in a puddle on the patio and got yelled at.

Came back in and took up my post at the front window, barking "Hello" at humans and pups as they walked by.

Mom fell asleep in her comfy leather chair. She snores. I fell asleep on the couch. We both woke up what we thought was a couple of hours later and thought it was afternoon. It wasn't. It was only 10:12AM. Watched more HGTV.

We called my doctor to see if they could get me in for my booster shots. They could. We made appointment for 4:45PM

Mom got off her butt and got dressed and we went to the office. No mail but there was some stuff to do. About 3:15PM we wrapped it up and went to the Von's market. I said "Hello!" to all my friends. While we were in the check-out line waiting for Crystal to finish up the person ahead of us, a man came up beside me and said "Excuse me? Excuse me?". Mom thought he wanted to get to the candy rack but he said he wanted to take my picture. Mom said "Smile" and I guess I sort of grimaced. My bow was a bit askew and my hair rumpled but I gave him my best "photo op" look over my shoulder and he was happy.

After we went home and unloaded the groceries we got back into the car and drove over to Pet Medical Center. Zeus, the fat cat that belongs to Dr. Bach, was all sprawled out in one of the waiting room chairs. I don't think I ever saw a cat sprawled so absolutely everywhere all over the place but Zeus managed it so that he looked like a chair cushion with paws and a tail.

I got called into my exam room and asked them to please raise the blinds. I like to look out the window to see who's there. The girls came in and weighed me. I am doing pretty good, lost almost a whole pound. I'm down to 9 pounds, 15 ounces. Core Wellness adult formula kibble is good stuff and tasty, too. They took some blood from my jugular vein, gave me a shot for something, and went up my tush for a bit of left know....checking for heart worms, which I won't have because I take my Sentinel every month. Then we went home.

My shoulder was a little sore so I decided to kick back under a tree in my backyard for a bit. Very relaxing. Little breeze...great smells. What more could a pup want?

Mom had a turkey and avocado sandwich for supper; I had my kibble and chicken.

So much for a day in the life of Mary-Margaret O'Brien, Yorkshire Extraordinaire.

Love to you all......

Monday, July 02, 2012

Friends are FOREVER!!

Feral cats - gone. Gophers - gone. Rat - gone!

It was getting a little boring in my back yard for a while there. But now I have BUNNY RABBITS with fluffy little white cotton tails. Sometimes they come over to my house to munch on the clover that's growing in my back lawn. They hop through the wrought iron fence along the back border and even kick back a bit, just enjoying their moment.

Nobody has stayed long enough for me to get to know them on a first-name basis yet. Just about the same time I hop through my personal door to introduce myself, they hop through the fence and disappear.

I race over to the fence and stand on my tippy-toes trying to see where they went. I'm pretty sure they live on the slope between my yard and the road. I sure hope they don't try to cross the street without looking both ways. My good friend Pooka who lives next door says they come visit him, too. If these bunny rabbits are anything like Magnolia Blossom or the Woolies, I'll have hundreds of friends in no time at all. Isn't that great!!??

I wonder if they'll let me mentor them like I did the kids at Puppy School? I could work on socializing and showing them good manners and maybe even work on their language skills. Doglish is pretty basic. I'll try to get them to sit still long enough for a snapshot so I can share with you. They hop pretty fast, though.

OHHHH...and my very good friend MaryAnn who used to work down the hall came to visit me yesterday. I haven't seen her for a couple of years but the minute she opened the door to my office I ran right over to her, with my whole rear end wagging a mile a minute. She knows exactly what I like. Friends really are forever!


Forever in my heart and soul - You're my friend, you make me whole!!

(Original poem by MEEE...Mary-Margaret O'Brien)

Love always...


(NOTE: Thankfully someone was thoughtful enough to make my picture PG rather than XXX rated. I really need to talk to Mom about those candid shots of me when I'm not looking.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lt. Chaplain Mary-Margaret O'Brien - SIR!!

On Tuesday, me and Mom had a serve to make on a soldier at Camp Pendleton in the morning. Mom stopped at the guard shack to show her ID. She really didn't need to. I am "military" (The Yorkie Brigade) and am recognized by other soldiers in many places. As Mom was trying to find her ID card in the bottom of her purse, the Naval policeman looked in our car window and said "Is THAT Mary-Margaret?".

Mom was absolutely stunned. She said "OH My God! HOW DO YOU KNOW MARY-MARGARET?", and she mumbled something like "My dog has more acquaintances than I do." I was enjoying the moment so I kept my trap shut, but actually there was a relatively simple explanation. I'll tell you in a second, but...(hee hee hee)....I just sat there with a big grin on my face!! Oh...and gave Kyle (that's his name) a whole lot of kisses. I think all the other policemen were a little jealous.

Then we went to Base Legal and the officer in charge says "Hello, Mary-Margaret!". He remembered ME from our last serve. My mom may retire sooner than she planned and just let ME handle things. I may let her drive, though. I'm sure I'd pass the test but for some STOOPID reason the humans at the DMV won't even let me try!.

(NOTE: Explanation - the Navy policeman was the son-in-law of my Auntie Lynda who calls me "PooPoo LahLah" and who baby-sat me while Colleen and Mom were in Germany! Still..that was what...over 4 years ago??)

I love my life!!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain
Yorkie Brigade

My VERY Good Friend, Keri!!

This is one of my most favorite BFF's - Keri Stewart - who worked in the office with my Mom for several years while she was going to college and getting her teaching credential. Woo hoo! She's going to be working with us again part time for the summer. I am SOOOOO excited. And she came by to take us both out to lunch. "Steak!"...Yup. We are getting STEAK!!!

Uh bad. Apparently that invitation didn't include poor little ME. Nope. I am everly so disappointed. My heart is absolutely broken in two. I think my face says it all. Keri is trying to console me but it's not working. Humans can be SO cruel.

However, my day turned out ok. Mom only ate HALF her steak and brought the rest back for me. Oh yum. My most favorite supper of all time - chunks of medium rare sirloin and kibble. Am I a lucky pup or what??



Thursday, June 14, 2012

International Association of Canines - Temecula Local 92591

We were standing in the check-out line at Von’s the other day. Crystal, the checker, was telling us that she was going to retire in about seven years and move to Hawaii and that me and Mom could go visit her. Mom lifted an eyebrow and said something like “Really? Mary-Margaret, too?”. Then they started talking about how pups have to be quarantined before they can go to the Islands, which is SO unfair (in my opinion, anyway!).

The lady in line ahead of us turned around and said “Is THAT Mary-Margaret?”. Now you have to understand I don’t have much of a life away from Mom except my regular trips to the Puppy Day Spa otherwise known as Prime Cuts, otherwise known as “Miss Marilyn’s”. Mom just about swallowed her tongue (but recovered nicely) and said “How do you know Mary-Margaret?” The lady introduced herself as Carol and said “From Marilyn’s! I’m Lexi and Gordy’s mom! Marilyn talks about Mary-Margaret all the time!” and the mystery was solved. Lexi and Gordy are a couple of Shih Tzus I hang out with.

Earlier in the day we went to Bank of America and I said “Hi!” to all my friends. Our teller was Maggie May’s mom, Tracy. Maggie May and I both had a play date at Marilyn’s the last time I was there. So Tracy was telling Mom all about it. The other teller, Lisa, won't be at Bank of America much longer since she's getting her certificate as an x-ray technician, but her pup, Einstein or “Einy”, goes to Miss Marilyn’s, too, so I keep in touch.

The man in line behind us at the bank who works for DCH Dodge in town started petting me. He told me he had a pup just like me at home named Eddie. When he goes home Eddie takes him for a long walk. Eddie sounds like a really nice guy and I can’t wait to meet him. I wonder if he takes Eddie to work with him? I should drop him one of Marilyn’s cards so he can join our play group.

Madison is Miss Marilyn’s Yorkette. She has GME but she’s sort of in remission. I’ve known her for a really long time and we are absolutely BEST friends. If you don’t know what GME is you could “Google” it. It’s hereditary, incurable and usually fatal. Madison is very brave and an example to us all about how to deal with life's curve balls.

Carol said her friend, Patrice, takes her kids to Miss Marilyn’s, too. She couldn’t remember the pups’ names but I do. It’s Lizzie and Darcy. We’ve been buddies for ages but our moms didn’t meet until June 17, 2010 when I introduced them. I have a whole lot of friends in this town thanks to Miss Marilyn. (Note: Keeping a diary is essential to remembering dates.)

Good grooming isn’t just to be beautiful. It’s a Social, Educational and Pawlitical opportunity!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Yorkie Times - June 2012

My most favorite newsletter is The Yorkie Times

Notice that I am a regular columnist and have been for well over a year now? Hmmmmmmmm??


Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, June 04, 2012


I’m the Head of Public Relations and the Receptionist at my job. I’ve been working since I was 9 weeks old. When people come to my office to ask us to do a job it’s my responsibility to greet them, say “Come in, please?”, and introduce myself: “Hello! My name is Mary-Margaret! How may I help you?”.

After I show them where to sit, I go get my mom…er…I mean…My BOSS! (Yeah….well, she’s only my boss at the office but not at home…don’t tell her I said that, though!) She comes out and sits across from our clients and they start telling her what the problem is. If they get a bit upset or start to cry, that’s my signal to give them some loving.

I start out by sort of rubbing up against their leg and they reach down and pet me. If they’re really distressed I might even hop into their lap and flip over on my back. There’s something about a warm pink puppy tummy that gets most folks calmed down pretty well, not to mention I get a belly rub out of it.

By the time they’re done talking to my mom and we get the job all set up, they get ready to leave. That’s my cue to nuzzle up to them and, if they let me, I give them a big wet kiss on the chin. Otherwise, I hop down and walk over to the door. I “arf” good-bye softly a couple of times and do that pirouette thing I learned from Jilli Dog at the last Convention in Nashville.

We have another satisfied customer and another productive day. It’s good to feel needed and useful and appreciated, no matter if you’re a pup or a people. Personally, I think the world would be a better place if more pups worked with their humans. Our office building now has several workers of the canine persuasion. Even our building owner brings her French bulldog, Ozzie, to work with her. (Note: Ozzie was one of the kids I mentored in Puppy School and he’s turned out rather nicely, I must say!)

The Los Angeles Times did an article about Dogs at Work. Maybe this is catching on??

Dogs at Work

Love and schlurps… Mary-Margaret O’Brien

PS - This is also my article in this month's Yorkie Times newsletter. I'll post the link as soon as I have it.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Lake Wynonah, PA - May 5, 2012

This is where we come to decompress. Tonight we had the mother of all thunderstorms. Woo hoo. It was a biggie. I jumped into Mom's arms and spent the early part of the evening on the kitchen table. I felt safe up there next to Mom's purse and the salt and pepper shakers. Our power went on and off and it sounded a lot like being on a movie lot where they take the sheets of tin and rattle them to make thunder. Sometimes it would crack really loud like a gunshot right next to our ears. I'm not afraid, though. Nope. Not me. A little thunder never hurt anyone.

Earlier today I got a shower in the big people's tub. Next time, I'm told, I will get a bath in the sink. Well, I can't help it if my nails are a little scratchy on someone's sensitive stomach, can I?

We're coming home tomorrow.
Isn't it just absolutely everly so beautiful?? Love, Mary-Margaret

"End of Vacation" Blues

Why is it that the last day of vacation seems like you just got there? So much to do...this is NOT fair. We fly home tomorrow. Arf-arf-double hockey sticks and phooey!!


PS: (growl) and now I have to have a BATH!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

So weird - no critters!!

Don't know where they all went. I got here and said "Hello! I'm baaaa-aaack!" and not one chipmunk, squirrel, groundhog, fox, mouse or bear came by to see me. Not one. Matt says there are a lot of deer this year, but I haven't seen any yet. Mostly it's been sleep...get up...go "owt" up from going "owt"...move to living from the move....go back to the kitchen....take morning nap. Pretty silly when a pup has to rest up from sleeping, huh? That's how it is on vacation. Love ya... Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

East vs West

West Coast - regular gas (when we left) was down to $4.29 a gallon. East Coast - regular is between $3.71 and $3.75. West Coast - 12 oz of Philadelphia whipped cream cheese was $4.99 a carton. East coast - 12 oz is $3.65. Something's wrong with this picture, dontcha think?? Love and kisses... Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Good Moen...Good Moen!!

Mom had to take a bath in our kitchen sink yesterday AND wash her hair there, too. We had NO hot water in either bath/shower. Nope! Icy cold. Finally, she gave up fiddling with the faucets and called "Manny the Plumber" who is really Quality Plumbing Solutions, LLC out of Leesport, PA. This happened once before when we were renting out our house to the Weegars and they highly recommended them.
What it was is something called a cartridge that has a flapper so when someone flushes a toilet or turns on another faucet somewhere the person in the shower doesn't get all scalded and red-looking. When the plumber said the word "Moen", Mom knew who to call. They have a life-time guarantee on all their parts. Good thing, too. That little cartridge costs $67.25. Not cheap but totally necessary. Moen is sending us the parts and they'll be here by Thursday.

Manny's brother George the Plumber fixed one of the tub/showers on the guest side of the house, and he'll come back on Friday and fix the one in our bathroom. He only had one cartridge with him and he was having problems getting the faucet off ours.

We sure love our house in the woods. It's so peaceful but it sure is expensive fixing all this stuff. If it's not one thing it's another. Still....gas here is average $3.85 a gallon, and we even saw one place that was having a sale at only $3.79 a gallon. And our cream cheese (8 oz) was $2.65, maybe a dollar or more less than it is in California.

Oh...and I found my rawhide chewy. YUM! Been playing with that for a couple of days now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Mom says I'm making her crazy just because I try to get comfortable at night and I keep digging at the sheets hoping to make the most everly perfect nest to settle into. Sheesh. Last night about 4:00AM...I guess that would make it this morning?....I even got yelled at. "You STOP that, Mary-Margaret!".....uh....sure, Mom. Whatever. And you don't fluff your pillow and squiggle down under the covers to get comfy? Hmmmmm? PPS - Ouch! Just got an estimate of our final bill. In my next life I want to be a plumber.

Monday, April 23, 2012

God bless Mr. Shaima!

My very good friend, Michael L. Shaima, Attorney at Law, passed on over to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He'd been pretty sick and every time we thought he was getting better he'd get sicker again. For the past couple of weeks he'd just been resting, and yesterday morning at 11:30AM he went to be with God.

He was a nice man and gave me tummy rubs. When I'd get off the elevator on the third floor of his building I new right where to go. I would run ahead of Mom and scratch at his door until she'd open it for me. Sometimes there would be some goodies in their "kitchen" and I'd get a treat. I'd always run into his inner office to say "hello" and give him loving if he was in a good mood. Otherwise, I just dash in and wink at him and run right back out again. We had a special relationship.

Mr. Shaima's wife, Mary, worked with him and took really good care of him, both at the office and at home. She was holding him as he passed on, and she's taking care of winding up his business and personal affairs. She's a warm, strong and loving person. Together they made a really good team.

Dear God, please look after my friend, Michael Shaima, and help him get settled in his forever home. I will come visit him in a few years so we can get back to our licks and cuddles. Until then, Lord, please also watch over Mary and their son, Tim, who is going away to college.

I will really miss him a whole lot.....and so will my mom.

Blessings, and love...


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Horking on a Kibble

"Hork hork hork aaaaack!" Blegh! Kibble down the wrong way. Had to hack it back up again. "HORK HORK HORK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!" I hate that feeling.

Apparently my "associate" hates it, too. Next thing I hear is "We're going to the doctor!". What the heck? It's just a kibble. And a little allergy, maybe. Big deal. But I find out my everly of my everly most....favorite doctors will be seeing me. It's Dr. Amy. My gosh, I've known her ever since I was a baby and she was a vet tech. Amazing what a few years will change.

Anyway, I am just fine. See? Just like I said....I was hacking up a stray kibble and maybe a little stuff from my allergy. We are told to get some "baby Benedryl". That doesn't sound too bad, does it?

OH MY STARS!! Mom is SUCH a nincompoop. Dr. Amy said 10 cc's but she did NOT say all at once. You know what happens when you give a pup 10 cc's of pink cherry syrup all at once? Hmmmmm??? Well, let me tell you that the kitchen counter, the walls, Mom and ME were covered in that stuff. I thought I was drowning. And then guess what goes down the wrong way? Yup!! Pink cherry syrup and I am coughing and spraying all over the place for the next hour. And my beautiful hair-do is now sticking straight out from my poor little body like a punker. I'm told I will get a bath in the morning.

Next time, I will eat my kibbles more slowly.



PS - Isn't my Dr. Amy one of the prettiest veterinarians you ever saw? Mom says she looks like Princess Catherine, sort of. All I know is that she is really nice, gentle and gives me kisses. I forgive her for prescribing the Benedryl already.

Getting my Taxes Done

Here's me and my accountant, Doug MacRae. I just love him to pieces. I'm almost six and one half years old and I have never had to pay taxes yet. See how good he is? And he keeps a "cookie table" in his office. My personal favorites are the short breads. Mmmm-mmmm!!

Mostly he doesn't take appointments for the first two weeks in April. Mom was a little behind in setting things up. Then Marie (she does our payroll) asked if I was coming with Mom. Well....YEAH!! Of course I am, I said really loudly so Marie would hear. "Ok...we can get you in at 11:00 on Monday!", she said. When Doug saw me he said "Hello, Mary-Margaret!! How are you today?". Then Doug saw Mom and said "What are you doing here? I don't have appointments for these two weeks!". Mom explained that Marie said we could come if I came, too. "Oh!", he said. "Well, that's ok then!".

See how things are? Mom would be totally lost without me, I think. I have job security for as long as I want.



Go for the Gophers!!

Dear Diary & Grandpa (for March 19, 2012) -

First thing this morning, I got all cleaned up and ready for work. Then I raced downstairs and out my personal door to say "Hello!" to my new neighbors, the Gopher family.

"Hallooooooooooooooo??? Anybody home???"

I think I heard someone say "Come in, Mary-Margaret!" Their door is a bit small, dontcha think? Maybe I can help out a bit here. Just a little wider......??

Uh oh! I'm in trouble here. The doorway isn't getting any wider and my friends aren't coming out. And worse ever......Mom's calling me inside so we can leave for the office.

I get picked up and held way far from Mom, who is wrinkling up her nose and saying "EEEEYEEEEW!!!! And "Yuck!". This is SOOOO not fair. bow is soggy, my face is covered in dirt crumbles and my feet are wet and muddy. I am SORRY! I tried to stay clean. Really, I did. But a pup's gotta do what a pup's gotta do!! I have a life, you know.

Compromise - I get a shower with the spray faucet, dried with a dish towel and my bow gets trashed.

Some people take all the fun out of my morning!!


Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, March 10, 2012


As Shimon Peres said on March 4, 2012 when he was worried about being invaded by Iranian gophers: "Peace is always our first option. But if we are forced to fight, trust me - We SHALL prevail."


Mary-Margaret "The Gophernator" O'Brien
Always Alert - Ever Vigilant

Friday, March 09, 2012

Dear Grandpa...

Mom talked to Melissa yesterday. She'd really like to talk to you. She sent you a letter a while back and asked you some questions. She wants to know what you remember about growing up...about your childhood and your memories. You are the last of a generation and our family history is very important to her and to her boys.

Thanks to Mila we have a lot of information but Melissa would like to know about YOU.

Please write her back.

ALSO - about your phone - Verizon says that they will be more than happy to bill you for your own account, but you PERSONALLY have to go into a Verizon store OR call them. They have to get a whole bunch of really personal information from you before they'll give you an account. Mom says you are much better off getting a pre-paid cell phone like we said before. She even emailed both Mike and Greg and asked them if they could please help out. Maybe they could even add you to their family plan, but that's just one idea. If you get a pre-paid phone it will be a whole lot cheaper than if you go on a contract.

Love and kisses...

Mary-Margaret, your ever lovin' Grand Doggy

Sunday, March 04, 2012

About Grandpa's Cell Phone & Gophers

Dear Grandpa - Mom posted this picture for you. I had my hair done on Friday and then I worked all afternoon. By 5:00PM I was really ready to go home and relax. It's been a very busy week at the office.

Also we're letting you know that our contract for your cell phone is up next week and we think you'd be better off buying a pre-paid phone . Mike or Greg can help you with that since they live right by you instead of 100 or more miles away. According to our carrier you haven't used it at all other than accidentally (like maybe when you sat on it) in the past 4 years.

If you want to check into a prepaid phone try CVS Pharmacy . It's only $19.99 which is less than we've been paying every month for you. I think you'll be a lot happier and Lord knows the money we'll save on this end can buy a lot of kibble AND treats AND maybe even some new clothes for me every month.

We hope you understand and that you know we love you VERY VERY much.

PS - There's a new family that's moved into MY yard. Sort of brown furry things. They have made a couple of little mounds of dirt on MY hill. There's a hole in the ground and I have taken up sentry duty. I sit there and stare ...and stare....all afternoon. So far they haven't come out to meet me. HOW RUDE, I ask? They are trespassing in MY yard and they don't even introduce themselves? Mom says their name is "GOPHER", and she says she's going to call the the Schwartzenegger movie...."TERMINATOR"!!!

She doesn't want them hurt, though. Just MOVED!! Like Matthew did to our groundhogs back East. Loaded them up and drove them 30 miles south to Berneville and turned them loose. Yup. That's what I want done with my gophers. Except maybe turn them loose on the reservation south of Temecula instead where they can live a nice comfy life in the wilderness.

Your devoted Grand Doggie....


Monday, February 13, 2012

Lunch with AthenaMaria Dugmore

AthenaMaria is my very BEST FEMALE FRIEND FOREVER. That's BFFF if you're texting, but I don't have a cell phone or thumbs so I don't have to abbreviate. We went out to lunch with our moms to South Coast Winery on Saturday.

That's AthenaMaria on the left with the blue wrap in her hair. Her mom puts wraps on to keep her from getting all tangled up. When she takes the wraps out and brushes AthenaMaria's hair it's really pretty and long and curly at first. I wish I had long hair (sometimes, except for when I'm chasing cats or digging in the garden) so I could have Princess-curls, too. It's just not to be, though. That's not how God made me. I am sturdy like a brick with legs (my mom says), and I'm patient and friendly and kind and I love everyone. I just don't have long, flowing tresses is all.

Like the song Katie Cruel says (tweaked a bit): "Oh that I was who I would be, Then I would be who I am not, Here I am where I must be, Go where I would, I can not!"

Or, as Popeye says "I YAM WHAT I YAM WHAT I YAM!".

Love and kisses.....


Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Uncle Rudy

My most beloved "Uncle Rudy" left for the Rainbow Bridge on January 11, 2012. He was more than seven years old, and probably more than eleven. Colleen and her family adopted him in 2004, from a family that had adopted him a few years earlier. His first Christian name was "Frank". Then he was re-christened "Sunshine" when Allie and her family in Las Vegas adopted him. When Allie's family moved to Hawaii they opted not to have him go through quarantine and he became my mom's beloved Grand-Dog, renamed "Rudy".

He was a brave little fellow and faced life with the spirit of a fighter. When he was younger he was attacked by big dogs and lost one eye in the battle. Another time, Rudy was on a walk just minding his own business when a German Shepherd chomped down on his thigh, necessitating a visit to the doctor for a deep puncture wound.

As Rudy aged, the sight in his remaining eye faded. He had his house mapped perfectly in his mind, though. He would go to the patio door and wait to be let out; he navigated the frequent changes of furniture positions in his living room with ease, almost as if he were equipped with the equivalent of sonar.

When he became older and lost some teeth and it became difficult for him to chew, his best buddy "Jack the Cat" would actually chew up his kibble and then place it in Rudy's mouth just like the momma birds do with their hatchlings. His family said their good-byes to him over the past couple of days as it became obvious that his quality of life had diminished greatly and he was in pain.

He took his last trip to his favorite doctor yesterday morning where everyone there loved on him until it was time for him to leave.

God bless "Uncle Rudy"! And thank you, Rudy, for the years of love and pleasure you gave to us all.

We will always love and remember you.