Saturday, December 31, 2005

My Puppy Class

Puppy School is the best fun ever. Samantha is the pretty Maltese and her mother is Linda. Sandy is the cute little guy in the red sweater, and Bailey is the hunk in the striped sweater. He seems to really like me. In the background you can see Kitty, a Queensland Heeler.

I have lots of friends, both big and little. My favorite time of the week is when I go to Puppy School. Posted by Picasa

Knock it off, Bailey!

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Me and My Best Friend, Samantha

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Mary-Margaret's Worst Day of Her Life

Wednesday - December 14, 2005 - A Very Bad Day

I was having so much fun in the elevator. Mom had both arms full and I was on the business end of a long leash. There's not a lot to do in an elevator, you know. I mean, all I can see are ankles so I decided to play a game. Around one of Mom's ankles, and then the other. Back and forth. The elevator door opens, and I start to dart out. But I'm stuck, now, and the door starts to close. Mom tries to grab the door and I try to jump back at the same time. OW OW OW OW....that REALLY HURTS. Mom stepped on my toe and I think I'm gonna die right there. It's got to be pulverized into smithereens. "OW OW OWWWWW", I cry, and I think it's never going to stop hurting.

The good news is that I got to visit the doctor, whom I absolutely love, and there are no broken bones or fractures. The bad news is that I have to wear a "soft cast" for a week or so and I can't get it wet. That is a challenge all by itself. All of the doctors and technicians even signed my little cast for me. Everybody had so much fun playing and cuddling with me, I had no "cage time" at all.

The other bad news is no Puppy Class until I get the cast off. At least I got to see Sandy before I went home. He wasn't too happy, either. His mom and dad were going to Tahoe and leaving him at the Doctor's office. We kissed each other and said maybe next week?

The vet technicians swore that I'd pottied before we left. I tried to tell Mom. I really did. I squeaked and squealed and danced all around. That should have been her first clue. But by the time we reached our client's office and Mom lifted me out of my car seat, my “blankie” was soaked and so was my cast. If that weren't embarrassing enough, our client didn't want to hold me because he was afraid I'd wet on him. Really!! I mean, if things weren't bad enough, and he had to go and actually SAY that.

But, I got to go back to the doctors for a new cast and a new signing by all of my friends. This time, they put a tiny baggie over my foot to keep it dry "just in case".

Tomorrow has got to be a better day, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

Beautiful Me! (or so I'm told)

That's Jackie and Jennifer whom I just love to pieces. They work with Miss Patty at Country Kennels in Murrieta to make me gorgeous. I feel like a pampered princess. I think my Mom loves me a whole lot. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Outfit

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Mary-Margaret and the Beauty Shoppe

December 30, 2005 - Friday

Up early, do our morning duties, exercise a bit and have breakfast. Hurry, hurry! We are going to Miss Patty’s today. She’s my hairdresser that I‘m going to meet for the first time. I am really excited about this. I DO love something new. Into my car seat and off we go. It’s overcast and chilly outside, but I hardly notice. At last the car stops. We are HERE! Yayyyy.

I see lots of buildings, a million miles of grass, some fencing to keep me safe, and other puppies playing. This is “Clip ‘n Snip” where Mom used to take my Uncle Sneakers and Great-Aunt Susie. I’m told that Susie was pretty famous here as “Susie, the Singing Chihuahua”. As soon as Mom would drop her and Sneakers off, she’d sing opera the whole time until Mom picked her up again. I’ll bet my Great-Aunt Susie was a hoot. Anyway, there’s another sign that says it’s also called “Country Kennels”. If I need a baby sitter, I can come here, too!

I meet Patty and absolutely love her. I have my own room here. OK…it might seem like a cage to some folks, but to me, it’s a room with a view that I really like. I get to see all the people and puppies coming and going. I say “Hello” and “How are you?” to absolutely everyone.

Mom starts to leave. Uh oh. I wasn’t ready for that. No way am I going to kiss HER good bye. She’s not supposed to leave me. Not ever unless I say so. I’ll turn my face away and maybe she’ll stay? Nope. That didn’t work. She’s gone and here I am all by myself, but soon I forget and start to enjoy the attention.

I now have TWO bows on my collar. Miss Patty called Mom and asked if I should have a “top knot” or bangs. I guess Mom said bangs, because I don’t have anything on the top of my head, thank goodness. I take a nap because I am absolutely totally tuckered out. The next thing I hear is “Mary-Margaret?”. Oh yaaaaaay!!!! It’s Mom! She’s finally come to get me. I’m ready to go home.

Here’s a picture of me looking absolutely beautiful (I’m told) with Jackie and Jennifer, two of the helpers at Miss Patty’s Country Kennels. Can you tell it‘s very VERY hard for me to hold still?:

Mary-Margaret Makes New Friends

December 29, 2005 - Thursday

We go to work today. I am sooooooooooooo good. I am really good. I even “arf” to go O-U-T! That’s how good I am. I didn't even shred any paper although it was pretty tempting. Finally, Mom says it’s time for Puppy Class. My ears perk up. Can it be so? Then she says “You’ll see your friends Sandy, aaaaand Samantha…..aaaaand Bailey ……and….”. And then I’m just so happy I can’t wait to get out of the door. All the way to class I am hopping up and down in my carseat, trying to make the car go faster. “Are we there yet?”, I ask?

Mom parks and I practically leap into her arms. We say hello to the vet helpers and technicians and to Dr. Kahler, but all I really want to do is go PLAY PLAY PLAY. First thing I see is someone who looks just like me only a bit smaller, and with bigger ears. It’s “Dizzle”, a little boy Yorkie with a “Rock Star Stud” t-shirt on. He’s so silly, but he becomes my friend. He’s the only one there that’s littler than me, so I have a bit of fun terrorizing him. “Grrrrrrr”, I say, and he runs under the chair. Ooops? He thinks about it a bit and then rushes back at me with a “GRRRRR”. He’s sure got a big yap for such a little guy. He’s a lot of fun, though.

Samantha has the “sneezies” so she’s not at class. Sandy has the sniffles so he’s not at class. Bailey hasn’t been there the last two times and I kind of miss him. Phantom came late and was in a rotten mood. Her leg is better but she had a tooth pulled and some blood work done (whatever that’s supposed to mean), and she was cranky. Sammy, a Norwegian Elkhound and Teddy, an Australian Shepherd, were new students. They’re just babies, but already they‘re a lot bigger than I am. The best thing to do, I learned, is to flip on your back and dazzle them with your tummy. That works well. I was the oldest one there next to Godiva, who is ten months old now. Wow, can she play fetch. I could learn a few things from her.

(Yaaaawwwwwn) I guess it’s time for bed now. I can’t believe how tired I get after playing so hard. I was pretty ornery when I got home and got in trouble a few times. I just can't get that “out” thing right yet. Half the time I remember, and half the time I forget. Mom got a bit mad at me and yelled “The world is NOT your toilet. Go OUT!!!”. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

After Christmas - Busy Busy Busy

December 28, 2005 - Wednesday

I went to the doctor’s again. I do SOOOO love going to the doctor. I met a really big white bulldog named “Brutus”, and two Basset Hounds named “LaVerne” and “Shirley”. We became very good friends. I just wish I was a little bigger sometimes. I always have to roll over on my back to show them that I’m friendly and that they have to be nice to me.

Then we get called into the examining room. So many new smells. I have to see who else was here before me and I sniff all over until the doctor comes in. I especially like Melanie Verreault. I call her “Doctor V”. I couldn’t wait to get weighed. As soon as Nicole opened the door to the tech room, I raced out as fast as my four little baby legs could carry me. Whooooooooooosh! Hee heeeeee! They all yelled “Noooooooooo, Mary-Margaret!” and ran after me. I just love to play “tag”.

I knew they were going to weigh me so I ran right over to the scale. Hey! How was I to know there was this really big crotchety old guy already standing on it? He went “grrr” to me and I ran for cover. I guess it’s a good idea to look first before jumping on the scales, huh? After old Grumpy got off, Nicole took me over and guess what? I weigh 3.1 pounds now. I’ll be really big in no time at all.

Then back in the examination room. I have a rash on my tummy and Mom was worried about it. Doctor V gave me some stuff to take but said not to worry and that puppies get into a lot of things. Sometimes I get something jabbed between my shoulders, but it only hurts for a minute. Then Doctor V picks me up and snuggles me, and covers me with kisses. She knows how to make everything all better. I just love her so!

After doctors, we went to look for t-shirts for me. Mom found a really cute pink and white ruffled dress but it cost $31.50. Mom said that was too much to pay. I saw some spots on it, too. I don’t want to wear somebody else’s dress either. I’ll wait until we find some better things to wear. Mom says if that dress were in a children’s store it would cost 1/3 of what Pacific Pets wants. While Mom was looking, the shop lady said to put me in the pen. It’s filled with newspaper strips and is so much fun to jump around in, and then I burrow through it like a mole, and then I pop up with shreds of paper all over my head. Lots of people came by to play with me. I almost got sold at least three times, but Mom was watching out for me and wouldn’t let them take me. I think I helped some other kids get adopted, though.

Oh, but I also got to look for a new brother or sister. There are some babies that look just like me only smaller. I really like being Mom’s only baby, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to even think about bringing another baby home. I think I talked her out of it for the time being. I’ll be extra good today so she’ll see how nice it is with just the two of us.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I get to go to Puppy Class again. I am so excited about seeing all my friends.

Friday, December 30, 2005

More Christmas with Cailin & Clancy

After shower and blow dry (which I’m not real crazy about), Mom dressed me in a red velvet dress and put a red bow in my hair. I mean, come on. A bow? Me? I wore it for a few minutes to make her happy. I even let her take my picture, but that was IT. Flopping all over my head, it felt like a big bug had landed on me. Mom took it off and said I didn’t have to put it back on again until we got to Colleen and Jason’s. Then I had to be pretty for my Uncle Rudy.

The car slowed down a bit so I stuck my head up from my nap. Wow. That Jason sure is a good looking guy and really nice too. He tells me how cute I am and I know this is the kind of guy I want to stick with. I’ll bet he scratches tummies and gives treats. I can tell.

I get out of the car and meet Colleen. She’s really nice too, but she’s carrying this guy in her arms that mom calls “Uncle Rudy”. What a grump! I just wanted to meet him, get acquainted and all, and he growls and nips at me. I’m not scared of him, though. I think he has a soft heart and he’s just trying to act tough because it’s his house.

We go into the house and I meet Cailin and Clancy. They are really nice, too. They give cuddles and they pet me and tell me I’m cute and stuff. I really like all the attention. Best of all, there are things there I really need to explore. I sniff everything and oh-my-goodness, there is a TREE in the middle of their living room. All kinds of shiny things on it. I can’t wait to check that out. I go upstairs and snoop around a bit, then go into Cailin’s room. She’s pretty cool and lets me look at everything that I want to.

The whole house smells so good. Something nice is in the oven. I found a silver plastic disco ball on the tree just about where I could pick it off. I can have it, Auntie Colleen says, because it’s all plastic and nothing will hurt me. I play soccer until the people persons sit down for dinner. I’m not sure about this Santa guy and this day called Christmas, yet, but I think I’m gonna like it. Uncle Rudy likes me, I know it, but he’s still acting like he doesn’t just to show off. But after I followed him upstairs a few times, he showed me how to get back down. I practiced with him for a while and now I can do it all by my self. Boy, was Mom surprised. So much for “time out’s” on the “kissing place” at home.

We opened presents. I knew the whole time which one mine was but no one would let me open it until after dinner. Finally. A blue squeaky star. I love it. I carried it all over and Rudy even tried to play with it. I probably would have let
him but Jason and Colleen said he’d “kill the squeaky” and didn’t think it was a good idea. Rudy pretended not to see me when I munched on his kibbles. Good Gosh!! I was so hungry and no one was giving me anything to eat. Kept saying something about how ham and chocolate weren’t good for me. How would they know unless I tried it, but no such luck.

We played and played some more. Upstairs and downstairs. Run into the kitchen and burrow under the tree skirt to see what’s in the middle. Play with some more ornaments, and then play with the cat’s Christmas present. I had so much fun. There was even Styrofoam packing to chew up. What more could a puppy ask for?

When it was time to go home, I kissed everybody goodbye. Mom put me in my car seat and I think I fell asleep even before I sat down. Christmas is a very long day. I’m probably pretty lucky it only comes once a year, or so I’m told. I can’t wait until the next one, though.

Oh…one thing else I learned? It is NOT cool to drink the water from the Christmas tree stand. Blegh! Posted by Picasa

Christmas 2005

Part II
(as told by Mary-Margaret)

December 25, 2005

(Mary-Margaret has asked to tell this day in her own words)

Something very special is happening. Last night, Mom said to go to sleep because Santa was coming. I don’t know who that is but he must be pretty big time stuff. When we ran what Mom calls “errands”, we saw lights everywhere and even deer and trees and a sleigh made out of lights. It was beautiful.

This morning, I woke up before the sun did. Mom was still out cold but I didn’t want her to miss anything. I licked her face but she turned over. I grabbed her hair in my teeth and pulled and she just mumbled “no…ugh…no, Mary-Margaret” and pushed her face in the pillow. I don’t give up easily as she well knows. I burrowed under the covers like a gopher and started licking the back of her knees, but she curled up. So I did the only thing left to do: I started biting her toes.

She laughed. I got lucky there. I guess I could have been kicked in the ribs or something, but she laughed and said “OK, come on, little girl. Let’s go see what Santa brought you”.

We went downstairs and there were pretty packages all over the table in the “no no” room (Mom calls it the living room unless she‘s talking to me). There was a net stocking full of things I like. A ball, a tug-o-war rope, a squeaky chew toy, and a can of something. I’m not sure about the can but I like every thing else, including the cardboard from the top of the stocking.

Then, she called me over and we unwrapped a present from my “Sissy” that I haven’t met yet, but I’m sure she’s nice. She sent me two dresses. I really like them. I wanted to wear the green one with the yellow things first so Mom put it on me and I kept it on all morning until it was time to shower. Darn. Those little yellow things don’t stick on too tight. First bite and it comes right off. Mom said it was ok. She’d sew the “flower” back on. Posted by Picasa

What a great idea!

I'm so excited. I have my own blog page. I can't wait to start writing my diary here. It's so much easier than getting on Mom's computer. She's always saying "No...get off the keyboard, Mary-Margaret". Now I can write in my diary at work when there's no one else on the extra computer.

I had my first haircut today. As soon as I figure out how to post a picture of the new beautiful me, I'll do it. I just LOVE getting groomed.