Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I've got that fresh, minty smile!

I had my dental done today. Dr. V pronounced me in EXCELLENT health, tooth-wise. None were removed; none were loose. No cavities and I don't need braces. And they are all polished to a high gloss. See?

Mom picked me up about 1:30PM and we took the rest of the day off doing errands, like getting the tires rotated, a smog-check (?) and the oil changed. There's an absolutely bee-yoo-ti-full lawn in front of the place and I made sure I left my scent. Good thing, too. A black lab came by after I left and I watched him through the window. I could tell he was VERY impressed with me. He even came back for a second whiff. Woo hoo!

Grinningly yours,


Monday, March 23, 2009

No such thing as "Crunchy" Cream Cheese

My very first "dental" is tomorrow. I go see my Dr. V and she'll get all the plaque off my teeth so I can keep my sparkly smile. I have to take Clavamox for a couple of days before I go in just in case I have any bad germs in my otherwise squeaky clean little body. Dr. V says that Clavamox will knock the little buggers right out, so no bacteria will get into my blood and cause a serious infection. Then after the cleaning, I take it a few more days.

I'm not particularly big on pills which is a well known fact in my house. Mom tries to disguise them with yummy bits of this and that. Most recently, she tried cream cheese. Silly woman! There is NO SUCH THING as crunchy cream cheese. I sucked the cream cheese right off the pill and then "spitooeyed" it out, figuring she'd never notice. HAH! Boy, was I wrong.

"Hello...what's this?", she says as she plucks the pill, now sticky, from my right foot. Uh oh! She sits me on the tile counter top, pries open my schnozz and puts the sticky pill on the back of my tongue. Then she clamps my jaws shut and starts rubbing my throat until I swallow. Eeeyewww and blegh!! I have been officially PILLED!!

One of Mom's lady friends suggested crunchy peanut butter. That way I won't know until it's too late if that is a peanut or a pill, and by then it'll all be stuck to the roof of my mouth, and I'm going to get my pill whether I want it or not. I'm not a major peanut butter fan, but it's got to taste better than Clavamox. Why can't the pharmaceutical companies make peanut butter or chicken or cheese tasting pills, for goodness sake? Hmmmmmm????? I think I shall write them with my suggestions.


Mary-Margaret "The Pill" O'Brien

Saturday, March 21, 2009

B H Chi Review & Long Term Kona Rentals

(Kona info at the bottom after the "PS")

After a few minutes of "no valid disc" notices flashing on the DVD player, Mom unplugged the cables and counted to ten. Then she plugged them back in again and the DVD player actually worked. Woo hoo. At long last!! The movie I've been waiting for finally started.

I actually stayed awake for the first half hour, too. Mom seemed to like it. The only thing that she really said, though, was that MY snoring was louder than the movie. Grumbled something about the audio was drowned out. Well, hello? Get a movie that actually makes sense? Silly woman. I go for the plot. At least "Firehouse Dog" kept one on the edge of their seat. Even "Winn-Dixie" provided a few surprises. But "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" was everly too predictable. Us pups deserve a bit more credit. We're not stupid.

Oh, sure. Given the material they had to work with, Chloe, Popi and Delgado gave pretty good performances. I can't say much for the Rat or the Iguana, though. Stereotypical casting for both of them. If either species has a union or national association, I think they should complain and receive a public apology for their portrayal as con artists and thieves. Hmmmm....thinking about it even more, I think the all of Dogdom deserves an apology, too, for being made to look either like a group of South Central LA gang members or a bunch of air headed, blinged-up frou frous.

Bottom line: If you want "more for your snore", go rent it when it goes on sale. Disney "doze" it again.

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Mary-Margaret "The Critic" O'Brien

PS: My Aunt Allie who lives in Kona with my very good friends, Franklin and Lola, is in REAL ESTATE. As opposed to UNREAL Estate, I guess. She just made up her very own website about "Rentals in Kona", appropriately called "Rentals in Kona". She rents houses in Kona (on the "Big Island") and condos in Kona. If you want to rent something on the Kona side of the Big Island, call my Auntie Allie at 808-329-7000. Her broker is "C J Kimberly" and they can help you with short term and long term residential rentals in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

"ziplining on Big Island" "zip-lining on Big Island" "swimming with turtles" "rental homes in Kona"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pupples have feelings, too!

(sigh) Granted, I haven't been to my day spa lately. I'm going tomorrow, and was really looking forward to the bubble bath, massage, pawdicure....you know. The whole shebang. I was just minding my business at the office and my personal assistant, Shannon, says to me, "You STINK!". Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me? (I said) I might be somewhat aromatic, and perhaps even a bit fragrant, but stink? Moi? I think not.

She took me for a walk and I made sure I kept at least 6 feet away, the length of my leash, to keep from offending her nose. Mom can't smell me, but then she's used to me. Even Mary-Ann from down the hall said I looked pretty cute today, and didn't even mention the word "Stink".

I am deeply offended. But I'll smell pretty nice tomorrow after my personal stylist, Miss Marilyn, is through with me. Maybe I just won't let Shannon sniff me right away. I say, let her suffer. Stink, indeed! Hmmmmph. You know what Thumper said, don't you? "If you can't say sumthin' nice, don't say anythin' at all!". Good advice from a very wise rabbit.

With fragrant regards,

Yours truly,

Mary-Margaret "Flower" O'Brien

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post Card Collection Explosion

Dear Diary - You know I collect post cards. My friends, Abbey Mia and Harper, or their mom, Elaine, always send me a post card when they go on vacation. They write me a note and sign it, and then they mail the picture post card to me at my office. I keep all my post cards on the bookcase so everyone can see. All of my post cards have personal notes, and stamps and postmarks on them.

Yesterday, I got an envelope from my Aunt Shelly and my very good friend, P'Nut Daniel. It had a really nice card inside with a personal note(which I tasted a corner of), and a whole bunch of picture postcards from Washington State. Wow. I couldn't even count them all. They're all really nice pictures but they're not signed, or stamped, or....well, it's not like I don't appreciate that they thought of me because I do. But post cards for my collection are more about the message from the heart. Like when you go on vacation and you're having so much fun you forget mostly everything, except your very good friends back home, and then you write them a personal note and mail the card. And then everyone, even all the postal carriers, can see where your friends are and that they are thinking of you and that they miss you.

So here is what I got from my Aunt Shelly and P'Nut:

Thank you for thinking of me, but next time please send me just one card with your thoughts on it and a stamp and a postmark. That way I can put it into my collection.

I just love you guys!

Mary-Margaret "Gone Postal" O'Brien

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

Today we're only working a half day. Old Town Temecula is hosting a "Rod Run". That means that people from all over the country will be bringing their spiffed-up old cars to show off and maybe even sell. We have to be out of our parking lot by 1:30PM or else. So we're going to take work home and hang out there.

I know my GrandPapa reads my diary every day. I just want him to know that I really miss him and love him and wish that we could come and see him. Really I do. We look forward to talking to him every day but I miss his hugs, and I miss keeping him company, and I miss him fixing my chicken for dinner. It always tastes better when GrandPapa fixes it. Mom can't drive so far in one day, or at all at night anymore. Maybe when she gets her new glasses it will be easier? Oh, I DO hope so.

Hugs and schlurpees to you, GrandPapa.

Until we meet again....



Monday, March 09, 2009


Here's my VERY good friend, Jami Ramsey. This is her first day out after having FOUR pups in my Uncle Fidel's bed. She's not quite gotten her figure back as you can tell from her maternity dress. It's really huge, but....wow.....you should see what's UNDER it. I'm sure glad I don't have to worry about losing MY figure like that.

A few trips up and down those stairs should get her back into shape again, dontcha think?



Sunday, March 08, 2009

Getting a "tan"!!

What a gorgeous, most beautiful day. Yup. I went out in my personal sandbox and stretched out. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

The paparazzi are hiding in the wings. They slowly sneak up on me and "BLAM"..... Here I am.

So much for privacy.


Friday, March 06, 2009

"Beverly Hills Chihuahua"

Every time the commercial comes on TV I get all excited and dance in front of the screen. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE movies about pups. I've never gotten to go to a real live movie theater but that's ok. I can watch videos when they come out.

I've been very good and haven't asked for very much at all lately. Maybe a bite of cookie (without the chocolate chip) or a taste of cake (with no frosting), but that's it. I'm very mindful of the current economy, and I do my part to help out. Being good really pays off.

Yesterday, we were at the market. At Von's, actually, where I'm very good friends with the Deli people, and I get samples of turkey or chicken or ham....oh! Sorry. I am digressing again. So many thoughts in my head, so little time to spit them out.

Back to the market. We're in the check-out line and WHOA! There is "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", just like I see it on TV, right there on a shelf, in the stand. The very LAST one on display. I tell my mom "Oh, LOOK!!", (without asking, of course!) and next thing you know, it's right there next to me in the kiddie seat of our cart. Right in front of my nose!! OHMYGAWSH! I think we're having a family day on Saturday, and we will watch my most favorite movie ever. I'll give you a complete review after I've seen it.

Oh, my heart be still. I am SOOOOO excited. Yup!

Later, dahlinks....

Mary-Margaret "Gone Hollywood" O'Brien

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

What's more better than ONE MM?

TWO MMs is what. This is me and my very good friend, Mimi. She first met me when we were both babies. I guess you could say we're lifelong friends. Her mom was visiting the attorney across the hall and we both saw each other through our open doors.

She got on all fours and so did I. We both hunkered down and v-e-e-e-r-r-r-y stealthily (I think that's a word) we started stalking each other. And then, when we got really close, we both started laughing and hugging and tickling each other. We probably spent a whole hour in human time playing and visiting and just laying back breathing at each other.

That's one thing about being with a really good friend. You can be together and not even have to talk at all and you are still together, you know? I like that feeling. Sort of like we have one heart.

When it was time to go home we both got pretty sad. I walked across the hall to give Mimi a kiss good-bye. Then her mom wanted one, too. Well, of COURSE, I will kiss Mimi's mom. I just love that whole family. It was hard to leave, but it was harder to keep track of my mom. She kept forgetting stuff and if I turned my back she'd disappear back into the office. Now you see her...now you don't. Over and over. So I gave Mimi a really nice kiss, and she gave me a hug and I walked Mom down to the car.

She forgot to put my leash on me but I didn't give her too much grief. I did sit down behind a bush just to rattle her. She said "You COME RIGHT NOW!" rather loudly, which embarrassed me, so I got up and very slowly walked over to her. She scooped me up and we got in the car to drive home. Like where am I going to go, hummmm?? There's a space under the building that squirrels go into, but I think I'm too big. If she keeps this up, we'll find out for sure. I'll bet that would be pretty interesting, don't you?

Oh...PS. Mom's getting new glasses again. She was supposed to have blended bifocals and she only got reading glasses. The problem with that is she can only see 16-18" from her face but not farther or closer. So she won't wear them at all and says she can see better without them anyway. She saw the Optician again and they're fixing things for her. People sure mess up a lot, huh? Tsk tsk. Such a shame.

Only 13 more days to St. Paddy's day. I'm hoping for corned beef, or at least some kind of brisket. I just LOVE roast beef.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

My Fitness Training Pays Off!!

I tell YOUUUUU!! It's always something with the "help" these days. It's been like a WEEK since I wrote you, Dear Diary. Not MY fault, though. Good help is hard to find.

What's new, you ask? Oh....well, at work we're pretty busy. Serving lots of papers, like Small Claims and evictions in Temecula and Murrieta. That's what we do mostly. And we find people. Yesterday we found the contents of a lady's safe deposit box. And later this week we're going to try to help her find a couple of missing bank accounts. That's what we do. Find people or their "stuff" and serve papers.

Oh yes. And yesterday when we went into our bank Jessica (our teller) looks at us and says "You're losing weight!".
Mom smiled and said "Me? You mean me?".
"No! I meant Mary-Margaret!", she says. And then she tells Mom that I'm getting my waistline back. Mom gets all funky and pouts, because ...well, she's been getting a little more....er....padded. But me? Oh, ever since I got my new assistant, Shannon, who's really into physical fitness, I get a work out every day.

We're on the third floor of our building and usually I take the elevator. But Shannon says I should take the stairs and burn those calories. Going up and down from the third floor to the parking lot and back is really firming me up. I'm everly so lucky to have someone like Shannon as a trainer. Yup. Now I suppose I should get some spandex shorts and a tank top and really LOOK the part. I think I have a tank top............hmmmmmmm!!!!

Mom says that if Shannon starts teaching Yoga again, that she'll take her class. I wonder if I can go, too??