Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's a BIRD...It's a Plane...It's ....!

Mom's looking out the back door and goes "Uh oh!!". Naturally, I get up to go see what's stressing her out now. I see a pile of something black that looks like a dead crow. "Kewl!", I say. "Let me OUT!!". She just stares at whatever and doesn't move. "LET ME OUT..OUT...OUT!!", I say.

"OK...but you stay away from that dead bird!", she warns me. "Yeah, sure! Whatever!", and I immediately race lickety-split across the back yard to "the bird". I'm like totally cracking up now that I'm standing by the object of her distress and she's hollering "NO NO NO!!". I'm just enjoying the moment. I reach out and touch "the bird" with my paw and it flops over. "Arrrggghhhhh!", she says and goes inside to get her shoes. Personally, I thought it looked less like a dead crow after I flipped it but some people need convincing.

She grabs the cell phone camera and notices that the battery is dead, so she plugs it in to charge it. She looks outside and I'm not by "the body" anymore. This is way too much fun to clue her in right now, so I saunter over to the fence and twiddle around over there and then I amble into the house, soggy feet and all.

About a half-hour later she checks her cell phone and it's got a 50% charge, so she goes out to inspect the "body". I might add that it's raining and the back yard is like a swamp in some places, but still she goes out. She seems to want to document this event for posterity.

I'm standing in the kitchen watching all this and trying really hard not to laugh out loud. Mom takes her picture and wades back into the house, glaring at me the whole time. "Funny, Mary-Margaret!", she says. "REAL FUNNY!". Well, I think so but then some people don't share my sense of humor.

Amazing what shape a twig with a few wet moldy dead leaves can take in some people's imagination.

I find my entertainment wherever I can.

Happy New Year, everyone!!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Mary-Margaret's Mail

Dear Grandpa - Mom says you can mail me stuff at her office:

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
c/o Rancho Attorney Service
28465 Old Town Front Street
Suite 318
Temecula, Ca 92590

PS - you can send Mom's stuff there too!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Merry Christmas, one and all

Dear Grandpa - I went to Miss Marilyn's yesterday. Charlie the poodle was there. He barked and howled when he saw me. Silly poodle. I think he has a crush on me. Unrequited though. I think of him as a friend. No more than that. I have my career to concentrate on. I'm just not ready to settle down yet.

We went to Miss Cathleen's place on Thursday. Mom got her toes done. I got my monthly special walk around Old Town. It's so pretty in the winter. There's lights everywhere and the ice skating rink is set up. Everybody is so happy. I met a really nice young man and stopped dead in my tracks. I started talking to him and he was very impressed. We conversed for a while and then Miss Cathleen said we had to go back before Mom thought we were kidnapped or something.

Today is Saturday and we're just hanging around the house. Mom's still coughing so I guess she still needs to rest up from that awful flu she had. I am taking good care of her.



Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Christmas Issue - The Yorkie Times

It's out and it's great. Cheerful holiday reading. Check out The Yorkie Times

Merry Christmas, Everyone!