Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mrs. Graff stopped by....

...and I have to tell YOUUU! I just love her. She talks to me, and holds me and cuddles me. She's the type of person that really should have a Yorkshire Terrier. But she has really big pups at home, and they're way to big to play rock-a-bye puppy with. (sigh)

Mom tried to take a picture of me and Mrs. Graff, but I wiggled as usual. Honest? It's like my motor is in high rev mode. I just cannot absolutely sit still for even a second unless I'm sleeping. It's either "on" or "off" with me.

I'll post the picture here but already Mom has asked her to come by and have another one taken. Well, that...and to bring some copies of some papers by, but to me the picture is the most important thing.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

It musta been sumthin I ate!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, my poor tummy. Fidel calls it the "Bubblies"; Mom calls it the "Trots". A lady on one of moms lists calls it the "Scoots". Whateverrrrrr. It was awful. Mom was pretty green on Saturday and that's when it started for me, too. We talked about it and think maybe it was that chicken we had Friday night. (urp)

I've managed to make it to my piddle pad most of the time with only a teensy miss here and there, so Mom doesn't have a lot of mopping up to do. She took me to see Dr. V today. Oh, I just love Dr. V SOOO much, and I got to see a couple of Miss Letty's finches. They're all grown up and on their own, but when Miss Letty whistles for them they fly right up to her. They think she's their mom, you know.

My temperature was normal and I forgot to act sick. But Dr V is doing a couple of little tests just in case. She gave me some doggie stuff like Pepto-Bismol and told Mom to give it to me twice a day until it's gone. I thought I was better tonight, but after dinner I had the "Bubblies" again, so it's a good thing we got checked. I got to see Dolly, my Yorkie friend, and Luke, that new kid from Puppy School. They were both getting check ups, too.

You know what? Miss Letty says she thinks they're going to get a Yorkie just like me. Even Dr. Hill (that's her husband) likes Yorkies, but Benelli and Mordecai and (oh gosh) I think it's Rosie but I'm not sure. They're all big dogs. Miss Letty just wants a baby in her house. And what better choice could she make, I ask you??

Mom's friend from a professional list she's on just got her baby Yorkie and named her "Molly". And here's her picture. I think she's just the cutest baby ever. Mom says she looks just like I did when I was a baby.

When I see these little kids it makes me want a little brother or sister. I'll have to see if Mom will go for it. We have a good thing going but gosh, I don't want to be an only child for my whole life, you know?

I'll work on her.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day and Making up for Sunday

Dear Diary: Sunday started out sort of lazy but after Mom made a list of things to do we got busy. She says the problem is remembering what needs to be done when she has time to do it. So we went to the office and opened mail, got gas, made a serve, went to Petsmart, and then to Longs Drugs. I get to ride in the kiddie seat of the carts and I'm very quiet. People always seem so surprised when they actually notice I'm there.

Petsmart is one of my favorite places. Yesterday we went for Piddle Pads and "untippable" water bowls. Mom bought three of them in designer colors to match her decor but she's returning them. (hee hee hee) "Untippable" is NOT in my vocabulary.

I also got two new outfits since Mom says I've outgrown most of my old clothes. Mom's going to take them to Puppy School for some of the new kids who don't have clothes yet. Both are in pink, my favorite color. Mom almost bought me a hat to match one of the outfits but I talked her out of it. I like my hair JUST THE WAY IT IS. We compromised a bit, though, and I let her buy me some colored hair clips. (sigh) Another 12 clips to make disappear, but such is my life.

Whatever Mom had the other day, I had last night. Maybe it was a "little boog" or something. But at least I had the decency to take care of it on my piddle pad and then NOT get back into bed with Mom. I slept on my cushion in the bottom of the TV cabinet and when Mom woke up she checked me out. Then she held my rear end under a stream of warm water and dried me with a fluffy towel. She's thoughtful that way, you know. And she never gets mad at me unless I do something on purpose like when I'm miffed with her. She just cuddles me and says "Oh, you poor little thing!", and stuff like that. Then I threw up this morning, but after that I feel absolutely POSITIVELY fine fine FINE!. I think this is a "Memorial Day", don't you?

I'll try to write more later. Have a really great day, everyone! :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

We're going into the office today to work on bank statements.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Common Sense 101

First thing you need to know is NOT to eat something you find in the freezer if you can't remember when you put it there.

Mom sure learns stuff the hard way. I mean, it's not as if she doesn't say to me all the time "No, Mary-Margaret. Dried earthworms are NOT snack food", and stuff like that. So she finds this yummy looking canneloni thingy and doesn't remember putting it there and fires it up with the microwave anyway. Not two hours later, she's looking a bit green and excusing herself from my Puppy Class a few times.

I was getting worried about her so I hung around outside the door waiting for her to come out. Then I didn't leave her side until we got home. She's still feeling a bit "punk", so I'm being everly so thoughtful and staying out of her way.

Samantha, the black lab, came back to puppy class and I had to have a very serious heart-to-heart with her. She's just GOT to realize she's about 10 times my size and when she comes galooping over to me, I'm going to duck and flatten myself on the concrete. Also, Dolly and I had a bit of a tiff, but nothing serious. She's just a baby and I have to remind her how to play nice. Poor Pepper wants his mom when the big guys start their woofing. He huddles into her blouse until the class settles down, and then he comes to play with me. I really get along well with Pepper and Java. Java mostly played with the bigger kids, though. Java gets along well with everyone, too.

Oh..I have to go look after my mom again. See you later.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, May 26, 2006

My Day at the Spa

I love going to Miss Patty's Country Kennels. All the girls treat me everly so nicely, and I get my hair and nails done. Then Mom and I go through Siggy's Drive-thru. We get a scrambled egg and bacon (crisp) breakfast sandwich on ever so lightly toasted sour dough with mayo, lettuce and tomato. Back at the office, Mom cuts up the egg and bacon from one half the sandwich and puts it into my office lunch bowl. YUMMMM!! It's the absolutely most best sandwich ever. The downside of Groomer Day is that she just HAS to take a picture of me. I HATE having my picture taken. She says I look like Fu Man Chu here, and I'm only missing the beanie.

So fine, she's right. That picture is pretty bad. Here's my compromise picture. I still look like I'm Oriental, but at least you can see my eyes. Miss Jenny was my groomer today and Mom left a list of do's and dont's. I have to say Miss Jenny did a great job. It took actually a few minutes to muss my top knot, and maybe an hour to get the clip out of it. I probably could have destroyed that darn clip if Sonia hadn't made me drop it. Still, one less clip in the world is NOT a bad thing.

PS: Did I mention that I am SIX POINT THREE POUNDS NOW?? Woo hoo. If I keep getting bigger, maybe Mom will let me go outside and play by myself. Maybe I'm too big to worry about owls and hawks now? Maybe?

G'night, everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Arrrghhh! Don King, indeed!

Thank goodness I'm going to Miss Patty's Country Kennels today. Enough with the wisecracks, Mom!!

Sincerely miffed,


Thursday, May 25, 2006

Who is Don King?

And why does Mom laugh and say I remind her of him? Gosh. I just took out two blue hair clips and a pony holder and my hair was sticking straight up. Soooo?

I was a mentor again today, this time to a new kid - Luke - who is half German Shepherd/half Collie, Pepper and Lila. Dolly, the Oripei, and Toby played together. Poor Java tried to get a drink of water and Benelli was in a rotten mood, so Java got nipped. Miss Letty knows what to do, though, and it wasn't long before Java was back mixing it up with the crowd again.

I'm sorry I didn't write yesterday. Grandma even called Mom tonight to make sure I was ok. It's just that we worked late and got home just in time to watch the East coast feed of "Lost", and when that was over, we watched "American Idol". I'm glad Taylor won. He has hair just like mine. :o)

Good night, everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I've been insulted...

...or at least I think I have. Mom said " STINK, Mary-Margaret!", so I got a shower this morning. Well, gosh. I mean, what's a puppy to do? I play, I roll in the grass and in the plants outside my office. I root around in the trash. I play in the piles of dirty laundry. I wouldn't have used the word "stink" in that tone. I might have said something like "Oh, my GOOOOOODness, you are most fragrant today", you know?? I'm very polite!!

Anyway, here's a picture of me after my shower, with conditioner and everything. I even got a blow-dry, and pretty blue barrettes. Mom says I'm a lot silkier now, and maybe I'm not a "woolie" after all. Maybe I just needed a good bath.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday again!

Monday just keeps comin'. Every 7 days and we do Monday again. Today, we rushed about getting ready for a hearing. I'm not allowed to go inside the court so Mom took me home and I babysat myself again. She was suing someone for not paying her and it was pretty "slam-dunk", she says. Good thing I watch basketball, so I know that's good.

Then she comes back for me and we go work some more. Back to the office, then out in the field. One of her "servees" even said "hi" to me, and said to Mom, "I see you have your partner with you again". Partner - I kind of like that. Makes me pretty proud. Maybe I can get my own business card?

Oh yes. Before I forget I want to tell you. My Auntie Leslie is in LOVE with "Jack the Cat" and has made his picture her screen-saver. I very thoughtfully gave Auntie Leslie Jack-the-Cat's pouch number (E-070) in case she wanted to send him a little something. It's so nice to have my Aunties and Uncles on an overnight courier route, don'cha think?

Have a great day, everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I babysat myself this morning...

...while Mom met her friend, Margie, for breakfast. They do that a couple of times a month. Before, I'd wait patiently in my carseat. Now, Mom says I'm old enough to stay alone for a couple of hours at a time. I guess I am a big girl but, as soon as I hear that garage door open, I skedaddle right into the kitchen so that I'm the first thing she sees when she walks in. I really miss her a lot and I leap into her arms and hang on really REALLY tight for a while.

After a bit, we went out and she worked. Then we went into the office for a few hours. There, I'm either sitting on Mom's shoulder looking out the window or napping in my office bed. She might have to work, but it's MY day off.

Really, it IS!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS: Grandma thinks Jack the Cat is really cute but that he deserves a more sophisticated name. Mom thinks he's a "Mortimer". Personally, I think Jack's a good name for him. Besides, HE picked it out, so it must be right.

My Friends at Puppy School

Toward the end of puppy school yesterday, things settled down quite a bit. Poor Peaches was told that he has graduated and shouldn't have to return. I know that upset him quite a bit. Miss Letty will call Peaches' mom and have a talk with her. Then, Bentley left. See, here's the thing! Bentley and Peaches are pretty agressive, so it gets the other kids going. Peaches likes to stir stuff up and then he hops on the nearest lap, including MY mom's. Bentley is probably ready to have his "little surgery", but his parents are moving to Hawaii and don't think it's important right now.

This picture is of my good friend Java (at the top), Toby (boxer-shar pei), and Dolly (Oripei, which means she's half shar pei and half pug). And see? They're all playing really nice together. We all get along so well usually. I was busy with a new kid, Pepper. Pepper is a little Shih Tzu and looks almost identical to my old friend, Moses. He was kind of shy and needed a mentor. That's what Miss Letty says I am. A mentor. Doesn't that sound important? I just get along with everybody and make them feel right at home. That's my job.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Teacher's Aide and Mentor

Saturday, May 20, 2006

More "Jack the Cat" pictures

Here's how LITTLE Jack the Cat is compared to my Uncle Rudy.
Here's Jack the Cat playing all by his little lonesome on the stairs at his house. I hope he knows how lucky he is to be adopted by my Auntie C and Uncle Jason. He's got it absolutely MADE for life now.

PS: Mom wants to know how Auntie C can keep her carpet so clean with two kids, two cats, one dog, a tarantula, and Lord knows what else lives there? She can't even keep hers clean with just MEEEEE!

Hugs and kisses to everyone, especially "Jack the Cat"


Jack the Cat...Finally!

At last. A picture of my new cousin/nephew whateverrr. Oh, I just LOVE him. I can't wait to meet him in person.

Isn't he just the cutest thing ever? And that's a compliment, what with him being a cat and all.
Already I can see that my cousins, Cailin and Clancy, are quite taken with Jack. JJJJJ..aaaaack! I guess it's not that hard to say except for the JJJJJ part. Hard to get my tongue against the roof of my mouth to say it. So for now, I'll just call him "Aaaaack". I can do that. Really, I can.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, May 19, 2006

English is becoming my primary..

..language, at last. I can understand some of what Mom says. Like, for example, she had to go out on a "serve" so she said (in hushed tones) "Sonia? Would you mind babysitting for a bit"? I heard "baby sitting" and I just knew what was next. So I ran over to the door, with my leash, and sat right there. No one goes ANYWHERE with out me. Uh uh!!

Mom doesn't mind, really, unless it's warm out. Then she doesn't like to leave me in the car and I get to go serve papers with her too. I like that part. I am always very polite and people are very nice to me. I think I help Mom in her job. I guess she thinks so, too, 'cause she says "Nice job, Mary-Margaret!!". And she rubs my ears just where I like it.

We went home early today. Mom says her head was fuzzy and she really needed to take a rest. She hasn't really had a day off for maybe eight days straight, and the one day she did take she spent on the freeway taking me to visit my Grandma and GrandPapa. It wasn't like she got much rest at all. And then before that, she said she couldn't remember the last day she got to herself. She says it's ok, though. When you have your own business, you may be your own boss in one sense, but you actually answer to all of your clients, so it's like having hundreds of bosses instead of one. She wouldn't have it any other way, either.

I'm just glad to be there for her to cuddle and hug when she gets stressed. Today I was very good..except for the kibbles on the carpet. I don't know what's the matter with me, but I just can't help myself. Later, I even talked Mom into staying outside and just watching the birds and feeling the breeze on her face and smelling the flowers. Worked for me, anyway. I think she enjoyed the moment, too.

Tomorrow, we go out in the field again, and Sunday we do bank statements. At least we always have a reason to get up in the morning. That's a plus.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Kitty Cat CATch-up!

My new cousin/nephew politely informed Auntie C that his name is "Jack", and not "Gus". She says he's doing well and learning how to drink from a bowl. Auntie C uses a syringe to feed him when he's not blowing bubbles into his dish with his nose. He's just a baby and these things take time, you know. Auntie says she'll send me pictures tonight and I'll share with you, Dear Diary. I can't WAIT to meet him. Yes, I think "Jack" is a good name, don't you?

Love, Auntie Mary-Margaret

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Miss Cathleen put lotion....

...on MY hands today. And she even gently massaged it into my little paw pads, too. Ohhhhh, it smells so good, and it doesn't taste bad either. I feel like such a "lady". Mom gets her nails done every four weeks. She says it used to be a relaxing quiet time for her until I came along. She actually thought that she might get Sonia to "babysit" today, but there was just too much to do, so I got to ride along. I always stay in my car seat and I'm so very good about it, too. Usually, I talk a lot, but today I did just a little. I'm getting older and more mature, you know.

I was talking to Mom and Cathleen while Mom was getting her pedicure and I guess I finally said something that sounded like "wah wah", so Miss Cathleen got me a huge bowl of water and I tell YOUUUUU...I just about drank the whole thing. Of course, that meant I needed a walking about a 1/2 hour later and Miss Cathleen, who is everly so nice to me, took me for a really nice one. She lets me smell stuff that Mom rushes me by. I do very much like to take my time sniffing, and enjoy every minute of it when I'm so lucky to do it.

We're there about an hour and a half, and then Miss Cathleen picks me up, car seat and all, and buckles me back into our car when it's time to leave. I don't like to brag, but I was very VERY good all day long. As a reward, Mom took me to puppy school and I got to see all my friends.

Jake, who is getting absolutely huge, gets his "little surgery" tomorrow, so I probably won't see him for a while. Peaches, Java, Mia, Lily, Bentley and some new kids were there. I tried to take care of the little ones - Bailie (a little Beagle) and ..oh gosh, I'm getting as bad as Mom....another little Beagle. Also, Little Bear was in a funk, so I played with him too. He got his feelings hurt earlier and wouldn't come out from under the chairs.

I absolutely HAVE to tell you. I really like drinking out of water bottles. Tonight, we were sitting on the big leather chair and I sat up straight and grabbed Mom's bottle with my "hands" and tried to drink. She laughed at my efforts, and then held it for me. I don't know why it tastes ever so much better from a bottle, but it really does. Honest!

OK...that's it for today. Sorry, Grandma, sometimes it's just like that and nothing happens that is terribly newsworthy. Mom is getting a bit tougher on me. She says that I have to have consquences if I disobey her. Roughly translated, that means either a swat on the behind or being relegated to my bed for a time-out. She says "No more Mrs. Nice Guy", whatever that's supposed to mean. I think it has something to do with me flipping my water bowl and scattering my kibbles all over the floor every day no matter what, and I think maybe she's tired of picking up after me. She's also not to happy that I can open her closet door and pull her underwear out of the laundry pile.

G'night, everybody!!


"Gus" might now be....

...Jules? Julius? Poor little thing was abandoned by both his friends and enemies. Auntie C told Mom that she wasn't sure she was going to name him Augustus Caesar since it was really his adopted dad, Julius, that had the string of bad luck. Too confusing for an 8 month old pup to figure out. I kinda like the name "Gus" personally. It's easy for me to say. Yesterday, for example, when I was choking on some water, I was saying "GUFF GUFF GUFF", even while clearing my throat. The "ess" sound is a bit difficult for me at this age. We'll not discuss what a mess an upturned water dish makes at the moment, if you don't mind. to work now. We have another frightfully long day to put in at the office.

Catch you later...


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If only Mom would LISTEN to me....

....she wouldn't have these little surprises waiting for her in the work room. People come and go all day long. I tell Mom, in my own special way, I have to go OUT. I dance. I squirm. I hop into the client chair and put my paws on the desk. I try to get someone...ANYONE...who even drops by the office, including door to door salesmen....and you know what? They say "Awww...what a cute puppy. Isn't she friendly"?

Oh come ON. Friendly? I am popping at the seams and NO ONE WILL TAKE ME OUT. About 6:30PM tonight as we were turning off the lights, Mom wrinkles her nose, sniffs a couple of times, and then looks at me. WELL, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?, I ask. I'm maybe 20" tall and can't reach the door knob, let alone the bathroom key. I know she feels bad. She just goes "Tsk, tsk, Mary-Margaret. I suppose it's all my fault". Well, YEAH???

Hmmmph. Maybe tomorrow she'll remember that little people have to go out once in a while, and we are not always just "trying to get attention". Sometimes, we are quite serious about our mission.


Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Baby talk!

I don't believe it. Someone tell me, please? What is it about small, six pound dogs that brings out the crazy in people? Here I am, being very professional, trying to help Mom and Sonia get the work done and the billing out. In walks a client and I trot out to greet her. Not unusual, because that's my job, you know? Next thing I hear is "Oooooh. Izzy dust da kewtest liddle ting everrrrr? Izzy iddle biddy puppy-kins"?

Er....Hello, My name is Mary-Margaret O'Brien. May I help you? Admittedly, it sounded a bit different but the thought was there.

"Awwwww....ummmm....PEEEEK-a BOOOO!", and I decided to let Mom handle this one. Oh my goodness. After a bit, though, I admit I did kind of warm up to her. First off, she had on really neat shoes. Very tasty. Secondly, it was kind of fun to play this peek-a-boo thing, especially when it was my turn and I got to peek from under the desk or around the side of the desk. We ended up sharing a good laugh before she left.

Oh....and I think I'm an Auntie. Not certain of the exact relationship, but my Auntie C has become a new mother again. This time, to a 2-3 week old baby kitten she found the the parking lot and has named "Augustus Caesar". She say's he's called "Gus" for short. This should be interesting as I'm no longer the baby in the family. Perhaps, with my help and under my tutelage, this cat will have manners. Yes, I think there will be at least ONE polite cat in the world when I'm finished with Gus.

Must go catch up on my sleep now. It's been a long weekend.

G'night and God bless us one and all...


Monday, May 15, 2006


 ...sometimes that's what they call me. My Grandma says I'm really strong. I am, you know. When my mom takes me for walks, I can make HER move just by digging my heels in and pulling. I am one tough little chickie! Rrrrrowwwf. Posted by Picasa

My Uncle Rudy.....

  ....with a big ol' grin on his face. He's been racing with me but I'm just wayyyy to fast for him. He's taking a little break and smiling for his dad, my Uncle Jason. I think Uncle Rudy is about the handsomest dog I ever met. Posted by Picasa

Clancy, MEEE, and Cailin....

 .......under the plum tree. Uncle Jason took this one of us. I'm saying "cheese" so you can see me smile. I brush my teeth almost every day with my Poultry-flavored toothpaste. Mom would like to find some in a tube with a cap on it. Mine comes in a packet that she has to cut the end off of, so it gets pretty gooey after I use it a few times. Posted by Picasa

Introducing ....

 ....My MOM! Here's a picture of her and my Auntie C. Mom's a bit camera shy, but I think this is a nice picture. I just love her sooooo much. Posted by Picasa

Run like the wind....

  ....and you just might catch me. My Uncle Jason really knows how to use his camera. Mom could learn a few things from him. All she gets is a blur, but Uncle Jason caught me in a full on run. I'll bet I could beat just about anybody, don't you think?? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Uncle Rudy came by to visit me....

....for Mother's Day. Wasn't that nice of him? Ever since I spent that week with him while Mom and Cade were in Hawaii, he and I have become really good friends. Here's a picture of me racing with Auntie C, Clancy and Cailin. See who's winning? This is the FIRST time I've been able to run in my backyard without my leash on, but Mom said with all the people out there, she didn't think a hawk or owl would DARE try to snatch me.

I am having absolutely the very best time running and racing and just loving the feel of the wind in my hair. Here I am trying to give Cailin a backwards kiss AND trying to wriggle out of their arms. See how my head is almost upside down and I'm doing a real backbend?
This is my Uncle Jason and Auntie C (Colleen is also my sister, sort of, if you use your imagination). I tell YOUUUU...if I didn't already have such a nifty mom, I'd go live with them. You know Auntie C even asked Mom if she could take me home? Like trade for me? Er...I don't think so. Mom would never ever let ME go, not EVERRRR!
Here's Uncle Rudy catching his breath. I am way faster than he is. I can run circles around him. Sometimes he gets a little cranky with me, but I let him play with my yellow rubber squeaky bone and he gets nicer. Except he tried to take it home, so Uncle Jason played a little game with him, and now my squeaky bone is safe with my other toys.
And here are Cailin and Clancy sitting in the shade of our plum tree. Mom thought it was a really cute picture and she just had to have it. You know, I really love my family a whole lot. I'm so glad they came to visit me today. It worked out pretty well for Mom, too. They took her to the Macaroni Grill, which doesn't allow dogs but that's ok. I don't like Italian food.

I'm so worn out from racing and playing with my cousins. I think I'll go to bed now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Happy Mother's Day.... Mom. First off, my Auntie Leslie helped me send Mom a card. She knew exactly what I wanted to say. She understands me.

Secondly, it's almost 8:00AM and so far I've been very good and not ONE teensy little accident. I know Mom appreciates that, too. I am getting to be so responsible. Colleen, Jason, Cailin and Clancy are coming over today and taking Mom to lunch. I guess I'll be staying home here with my Uncle Rudy. And you know what? It's ok. IS!

I actually stayed all by myself yesterday for THREE hours. I did pretty well....until I heard Mom open the garage, and then I was a mess. I couldn't kiss her enough and absolutely did NOT want her to put me down. But I am getting to be too old for a sitter, and I honestly don't mind being left alone for a bit. I think I will put my toys away, though. I know how my Uncle Rudy is with my squeakies.

Time to go have breakfast and help Mom make the coffee. I don't do much except give her moral support. I know she finds that very helpful. And sometimes, she shares her cream cheese with me, too.

Have a great day....

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sarabi and me are pen pals...

...and we write letters to each other. I don't think she'd mind if I posted a couple. Our moms have been pretty busy and haven't had much time to help us with the blog, so here's our emails:

From Mary-Margaret to Sarabi:

Where have you been? I really miss you and your letters. Did your Grandma come see you? I visited mine the other day. I tell YOUUU....some of these places that Grandmas live in are pretty snippy about dogs. I mean, they are absolutely RUDE!! My Grandma lives in a really super tall apartment right on the ocean in Santa Monica and there is a door man who never smiles at all. Mom says he's a concierge or something. I mean I can't even pronounce English words, let alone those French things. Anyway, he scowls a lot.

I have to go to work today to help Mom get out her billing. It doesn't seem so long ago that she did a billing before, but I guess time flies, or so I've heard. I'm getting really into my job, even jumping up on the chairs and the desk. I LIKE the desk. It makes me feel ever so important, but Mom and Sonia squeal and race to get me off. Something about me shredding something important, they say. To me, paper is paper, and it's MEANT to be shredded.

Well, I hope you're just really busy having fun and not sick or anything. Please let me know that things are ok for you?

Love, Mary-Margaret

From Sarabi to Mary-Margaret:

I'm SO sorry I haven't been in touch. I feel really guilty. It's not my fault though, Mum and Dad have been so busy this past week I've been quite neglected let me tell you. I was thinking about contacting you and lodging a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities. A week ago Friday, Mum and Dad had a wedding to go to. The reception for that wedding wasn't until the following Sunday, but in between Mum got caught up helping Dad out with some catching up at work. Then some friends came in to visit from Florida and I have been on the back burner so to speak. We were talking about you last night however, maybe your ears were burning? Mum even read some of your blog to their friends, you're getting quite famous around here. We also gave them a copy of the Rainbow Bridge, because they have friends who have just lost 2 dogs.

Anyway I have told Mum enough is enough. We have been reading your blog religiously every night before bed but every time I've asked Mum to help me type a message she's said "not tonight Sarabi, I'm exhausted, we'll do it tomorrow, I promise." Well I don't think Mum knows what a promise is. I've had a serious talk with her about it and hopefully we'll be back on track next week.

My Nana doesn't arrive until June 12th. I can't wait! Maybe SHE won't neglect me. It sounds like you had a nice time visiting with your Grandma, except for that concierge. By the way don't forget that tomorrow is Mother's Day. Even though I'm a little mad with Mum I guess I'll still have to be nice to her, won't I?


From Mary-Margaret to Sarabi:

OH, yesssssssssss! It's so hard to think of something nice for my mom, and I don't have an allowance or a charge card. So I have this plan, and I've been working on it all week. I will make Sunday a very special day for her. Here's what I'm doing.

Starting last week, I've made a point of NOT using my piddle pads unless she's standing right over me with a stern look on her face. And remember last Easter? Well, I've been making sure she doesn't forget, either. So present will really MEAN something to her. I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die that I will NOT leave her any surprises anywhere. That is my present. Pretty thoughtful, don't you think??

Sometimes, we poor little pups just have to be creative in our gift giving. :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Auntie Leslie loves me....

...she really does. She tells me all the time and even sends me pressies through the pouch. Oh, and what's so neat is that I always know when there's something for meeeeeeee. Yippeeeee! I can tell because John, the pouch man, has a silly grin on his face and sometimes I can tell just by the way the pouch smells. Ya know what I mean? case you were wondering, that's my rear end and tail you see. Sonia couldn't even get the pouch open all the way before I hopped inside. I just KNEW something was for meeeee. :o)

This time I got some pretty tasty chewy bones. One's chicken, one's beef and one is "old fashioned" so I guess it could be just about anything, maybe. I already ate half my beef one, but the other two seem to be kind of plastic stuff. Dunno...I'll figure it out, though.

Thanks, Auntie Leslie. I really LOVE you!


Over the River and through the Woods... Grandmother's house we go! Except, in our case, it's about 100 miles of freeway. On the way there, I was sightseeing. On the way home, I napped. Let me tell you about my day.

First off, I was really excited about seeing my Grandma and GrandPaPa. I kept asking, "Are we THERE yet?", all the way to Santa Monica. Oh BOY! They come downstairs and meet me right at the door. Then we drive into a parking garage and Mom and me get out to use the restroom. I am NOT going to use that baby piddle pad in a strange restroom. I want to see my GRANDMA!!!! So we get back into the car and go out to lunch to the "Fish House". Except there's one little thing missing from that gathering. MEEEEE! And where am I? Why, in the my CARSEAT...watching all the people go by and not getting one bite of lunch.

After maybe 2 hours they come out and I have to visit "the powder room" on some landscaping pebbles. We go back to Grandma's. Finally, I think. Whooopeee!! Just like I see on TV where I get lots of hugs and kisses. Instead, what do I get? A concierge at a desk in the lobby who curls his lip at me and says "And how long will you be staying?". Like it's his business, and I don't say anything and Mom ignores him. But Grandma (yayy!) says "Excuse me?". So he says "We don't allow DOGS in this building". Like already my day hadn't gone downhill and he had to say that in FRONT of me. GrandPaPa and Grandma stuck up for me, reminding him that there are other dogs who even LIVE here, while Mom covered my ears and we rode up the elevator to their apartment.

I get put down on the floor and start checking out the place. Even under their microwave cart. I find a few crumbs here and there and do my best to help Grandma clean. Mmmm...and not bad, either. I hear they're called "Fritos". Yum. So then I start feeling my oats and race around, maybe dance a little. And then it's time to go home. I wish I'd had more cuddle time with Grandma and GrandPaPa, but maybe next time.

I'd probably get to see them a lot more if we lived closer, I think. I really like them. I even kissed them goodbye and got kissed back, too!



Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Star came to visit today....

...and we just had the very BEST time. Oh my goodness. We barked "hello", and then we did the circle-sniff thing. Then we started playing tag and wrestling and tusseling. This is a picture of me (not one of my best), down for the count. We wore each other out, and we'd take a break. And then we'd start all over again. Star is absolutely my very best friend. I even like her outfits. Her mom sure knows how to shop. She might even get me a harness next time she goes to Cabazon. Mom likes the stuff they have there, but she absolutely HATES to make the drive. They even have a Dooney & Burke outlet, Mom says, but I have NO idea what a DooneyandBurke is (or do I care?).

Tomorrow, we go to visit my Grandma in Santa Monica. And my GrandPaPa, too. It's just that Mother's Day is coming up so I said Grandma first, but oh, I am soooo excited. I can't WAIT. I've never BEEN to Santa Monica. Doesn't it sound like a pretty place?

Mom took pictures of me and Star but she hasn't gotten them off her camera phone yet. I'll post them when she does so you can see how much fun we have. I just LOVE Star.

Gotta get to bed. It's GRANDMA day tomorrow.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Gleason and Making a Difference

Here's some more pictures of Gleason. Alexann didn't make it, but Gleason worked really hard to make her comfy and happy. He loved her so much that he even cried after she died. He made a difference to Alexann, just like Alexann made a difference to her people. Here's another story on Gleason. Just paste the link and you'll go right there:

My mom says that dying is something all living things do. I'm trying to understand because that's what happened to my Aunt Rose and now Mom has her ashes in a box in the hutch in the kitchen, Rose's favorite place. She left this world about seven days before Mom adopted me.

Dying isn't something I think about a lot. It's like first, you're not here. Then, all of a sudden, you are. Then you're not anymore, but BECAUSE you WERE here, you made a difference to the people that are STILL here or will BE here someday. So the difference I want to make is that people will smile when they think about MEEEE, Mary-Margaret O'Brien.

I'll probably never be a Doctor Dog like Gleason, or a Lassie dog. Every time I try to get Mom's attention by wurrrrrrring and doing a little dance, she says "Oh, Lassie, is Timmy in the well again?" (whatever THAT means). I want to be like my Aunt Rose. She was pretty special, and she still makes people smile when they think about her. Mom says she was soft, gentle, and always knew when someone needed her services. That's the difference I want to make.

Mom says that she thinks everybody should decide what kind of difference they want to make in the world, and how they want to be remembered after they're gone. I know my mom has helped put families and friends back together when they lost each other for a while. She does a lot of other stuff that seems to make people happy, too. I think that she wants people to smile when they remember her, same as me.

I'm going to think about how I can make a difference today. Don't worry. I'm not going to play Easter Bunny again. :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, May 08, 2006

First off, Mom sets the alarm....

.....for 6:00AM. She gets weird when she has to get up early and has trouble sleeping, which makes for a rocky night for me. She flops around like a fish in a frying pan and I swear there isn't one safe place on the bed for me. So I just crawl up to the tippy-top of the pillows and hope to stay out of her way.

We got to work about 11:30 or so. Mom didn't have to testify so she read her book instead while she sat outside the courtroom. She was really into it - "The DaVinci Code" - and she finally finished it tonight. I can't read so doesn't matter one way or the other to me, except she always pays more attention to me when she's NOT reading. When she IS reading, I just curl up on her lap and get scritched behind my ears.

We did lessons tonight. I've gotten out of the habit of doing lessons, so it's good we're practicing. She's using the Egg & Cheese Charlee Bears as a reward. I really like those, too. So I'm "sitting" and "staying" and "waiting". Also, I sort of feel like being a good dog today after my little tiff with Mom yesterday over a itsy-bitsy little puddle on the carpet? You'd think her world had come to an end. I got swatted pretty good, and it hurt my feelings, too. I think I'd better be nice to her for a while.

We picked up our car at the body shop and they hadn't really washed it all that well. So it was a nice, sunny day and there was water in the gutter, and I was on the end of a leash that just HAPPENED to reach as far as the gutter. I had the absolutely BEST time wading in the water, and then making little footprints, and then wading some more. So many fun things to do, so little time to do them.

We need to go to bed early tonight so Mom and me can catch up on our sleep from last night.

G'night all.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Word of Caution About Paper... if you're going to shred it, which is one of MY favorite past times, make absolutely sure that it doesn't have glue on the back of it, like those lick-em stick-em labels the post office has. Poor Mom was picking bits of gluey paper out of my whiskers and mouth, and plucking it out of my fur for the positively LONGEST time today. She's still got pieces glued to the carpet, but that's not MY problem. Although I liked the attention, I just don't see what humans think is so tasty about that awful glue. BLEGH!!


PS: We were working from the office today and guess who got a little bit bored?

Gleason, the "Doctor Dog"

One of Mom's friends from high school, Sue Grady, has a dog that "works" too. Not exactly like me, but he's into medicine. I'm just an investigator. Here's a link to read about Gleason. I just admire him sooooo much and I wish he lived closer to me because, from what I can tell, Oregon is a pretty long walk from here.

Here's Gleason's link. Just copy and paste and it'll take you right there.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Red and Green Lights

Mom is trying to teach me the difference. See, every time she stops the car I start talking to her and I get really impatient. So then, finally, the other day she says "Mary-Margaret. I can't move on a red light!". Huh? Red light? Like I'm supposed to know that? Then she says "OK, Mary-Margaret. See the green light? We can go now." Humans. They drive me nutsy. And you wonder why I like it at Puppy School so very much? And I hate to go home?

Oh, yes. About Puppy School. I just do NOT like the community water bowls unless I'm absolutely desperate. So Mom brings in a water bottle - I think it's Arrowhead spring water - and it has a little thing on the top that can open and close up the bottle. Anyway, when I'm thirsty I go over to Mom and she pops it open and puts it on it's side so I can get a drink. The other kids think it's pretty neat, especially Riley. But Mom says it's just for family, which means me and her. She always wipes the top clean after I use it, like maybe she doesn't want my cooties? (I learned that word from one of the kids at Puppy School)

The very best time is about the time to go home. Then it's just me and one or two others and we absolutely positively have a BLAST. We race all over and wrestle and play tug 'o war and stuff. I don't really let my hair down (literally) until most of the kids have gone. Mom even takes my hair clips out so I can get some serious play in.

Time for dinner. I'll catch ya later. Oh, FYI, I need to watch my figure. I'm up to SIX pounds, Miss Letty says. Mom likes me just the way I am but I think I'm too square. I want a waistline again.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

One out of three isn't bad...

...For a beginner, anyway. Today...oh, the NERVE of them...THREE cats came into MY back yard. I started barking and two of them just glanced at me. I was stuck there behind the glass on the sliding door, and they kept on walking as if I were a nobody. That hurt. Like, I tell YOUUU...I was so mad, and they were SOOO disrespectful to ME and to MY backyard. But...hee hee...the last cat to cross over absolutely froze when it saw me. I mean it still had one paw in the air and it was staring at me and didn't move even a MUSCLE for the longest time.

Well, naturally, I just kept on barking, and it kept ever so still. I just KNOW I really scared it. Me....! Mary-Margaret O'Brien. I scared a cat! Anyway, I guess the other cats told it to come on, that I was nothing to worry about, but when it started to move I barked some more and it turned around. And it scrunched up really REALLY close to the fence and went all the way to the back, and THEN it hopped up on the wall and walked on the outside of the wrought iron bars.

As soon as it was gone, Mom said "OK, Mary-Margaret! GOOD JOB! It's GONE!", so I quit barking and let myself be patted on the head. I AM a good watchdog, you know. Maybe next time I can scare TWO cats. Maybe.

Had to tell you before I forgot.

Love, Mary-Margaret


.....I just woke up and already it's Saturday. My goodness, we worked hard yesterday and didn't even leave the office until way after 8:00PM. I'm learning to tell time and start talking to Mom about 4:55PM to remind her to GO HOME. About 6:00PM, I am having races with myself and my "babies" and making all kinds of ruckus so she'll leave. By 7:00PM, I've worn myself out and flopped into my office bed for a nap. And by 8:00PM, my stomach is growling despite Mom's offerings of Charlee Bears and Vitakraft Yogurt Drops, and I am really getting upset.

She turned off the computers and we raced down to the car. OK...I raced and she tried to keep up with me or I'd wrap the leash around her ankles and threaten to trip her. Then we go to the market, get MY chicken, and go home for dinner. Afterwards, I think we both fell asleep in the big leather chair, and we woke up just long enough to climb the stairs and fall into bed.

Monday, I go to "Day Care" at 7:30 in the morning. Mom has to be at the courthouse by 8:00AM to meet with the DA, so oh-happy-day I'm with my dearest friends at my favorite place. Life is good!!! :o)

I'll try to write more later.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mom needs an alarm clock

I swear, I know exactly what day it is and what time it is every Thursday and Saturday. It's PUPPY SCHOOL...YAYYYY! But my mom keeps forgetting. If I didn't sit by the door with an expectant look on my face and have Sonia to translate for me, I'd probably NEVER get there.

Today it wasn't until about 4:15PM that Sonia reminded Mom we were late. At first, Mom said we'd pass on going, but that really REALLY hurt my feelings. And I let her know that, too. I just sat in her doorway and made big puppy eyes at her. Finally, she called out to Sonia and said "I can't STAND it...the guilt. We're leaving!!", and she shut down her computer. And that's how I got to Puppy School today. Better late than never, they say.

It worked out pretty good, though. After the other kids left and I wasn't busy either being molested by Bentley under the bench, or busy keeping an eye out on the little kids, me and Benelli were the only ones left and boy did WE have fun racing. Oh, I'm pretty fast, but he's probably 60 pounds or so bigger than me, so I usually let him win. Honestly, I haven't had so much fun in ages. Mom stayed and visited with Miss Letty, and she saw how much the baby finches had grown. Miss Letty is ever so good with all kinds of babies. One didn't make it, but the other four should be ready to go out on their own soon.

Mom has to put me into "Day Care" for Monday. The jury trial starts then, and she might be a witness although she says the defense doesn't want her to be. That's all so way over my head, so I won't even think about it. I will be happy just being at Pet Medical Center with all of my friends. :o)

I'm ready for bed and now if I can just get Mom off the computer?

G'night everbody!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Scrumdiddleyumptious Day!

*Note from Mary-Margaret's secretary: Getting MM to hold still for a picture is comparable to parting the Red Sea. Since none of the photos are "staged" and she does tend to move rather quickly, some appear blurred. I have a Motorola RAZR cell phone with a camera, and it's not the greatest for high speed usage.)

First off, besides being a generally good day altogether, the pouch gets there and Mom says "Oh, LOOK, Mary-Margaret! It's for YOUUUUUUUU!". Well, I know what THAT means and I go hopping over to the pouch and grab MY envelope from Mom. I don't even want her to help me open it. It takes a bit, but I do rather well, I think.

Oh darn. Inside the big envelope is another small one, and this one says that nobody but MEEE can open it. Mom laughs and goes back to her work. This one is really sealed up tight and it takes a bit of gnawing, but yeee haw....I win!

For MEEEEEEEEE? Oh my goodness, my goodness. It's another squeaky orange plush bone just exactly like the one my Uncle Rudy killed. Auntie Leslie is probably the most thoughtful person one could expect a human to be. I mean, like I have never even personally met her, and she admits to being a cat person, and still we like each other ever so much. Really, we do.

I will have to think of something nice to send her. I don't have much to call my own, and I STILL don't have a piggy bank OR get an allowance. Occasionally I find ten and twenty dollar bills in either Mom's or Sonia's purse when they're not looking, but so far they don't let me keep the money.

Sometimes, it's just nice to play with the wrapping once you get the present out. Like I mean, it's so neat and it has MY name on it. I know in a bit Mom will say something like "Oh, Mary-Margaret! Look at the mess you've made!", and start picking up all my hard work. So I play while I can. My orange bone will NEVER leave my office again. I only take comfort in knowing that my Uncle Rudy enjoyed himself for a bit, thanks to my generosity.

I really have a good time, entertaining myself. I'm being oh so very good, so Mom just stays on and gets her work done too. Except about 7:00PM I've just absolutely HAD IT UP TO MY EARS, so I start "talking" to her. Finally she says "Mary-Margaret, that is SOO rude.", and I have to stop, but it's hard. I am hungry and she's just not getting it. So then I take my leash over to the door and really start making "noise". Actually, I am talking but she still doesn't understand me. At long last, she says "OK, Mary-Margaret. This is the last one.", and she really stops working. Yayy...we get to go home!! Suppertime!!

My tummy is growling so loud I just can't help it. We get downstairs and the handy man says "Oh, wait. I have something for you." Would you believe that he has a whole pocket with the absolutely most yummiest biscuits ever? I am in love. Any man that actually FEEDS me without being asked is a friend of mine. He says he'll have more for me tomorrow. I hope so. :o)

G'night and sweet dreams, everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

But I WANT to go OUT!!

It's awful being so short. I have to stand on my tippy toes just to see outside. Oh, it smells so nice out there. Fresh grass, the breeze blowing ever so slightly. Flowers on the hillside just begging to be tasted. (sigh)

Today was pretty fun, actually. Every time Mom sat down to do some reports, the darn phone (that's what SHE calls it) would ring and someone would need us to do something for them "right away". I got woken up from my morning nap to go serve a subpoena. The company had moved, but the new folks had two Yorkies like me and next thing Mom knew I was in the back office playing with all the girls and Mom was just standing there, holding a subpoena. Eventually, we reconnected and we got the new address, so we could finish our job.

On the way back, we went to Siggy's drive-through again. Only THIS time I made it very plain that I expected to order something. Mom and I have a teensy little communication problem, though. I am saying "hamburger with cheese, please" and she's hearing "one egg, scrambled, no seasoning". Yuck. But it WAS fun to spread it all over Mom's office. Perhaps next time she'll figure out that hamburger will get eaten instead of scattered??

Then one of our clients calls as he's travelling to Vancouver and he needs some papers signed and witnessed at the County Jail. Mom and Sonia both have to go. I'm not allowed to go inside the prison so I get dropped off at my absolutely most favorite place in the whole world - Pet Medical Center. Mom takes me there for "Day Care" when she gets in a pinch. I spent the whole hour on Nicole's shoulders keeping her neck warm. OOOOO....and I also got a nifty rawhide chewie and Dr. V adjusted my tummy just a bit so the rest of the stitches would get absorbed.

OH OH OH and I don't want to forget to tell you. I saw DIZZLE. He has really grown up into a handsome boy. Really! And you know where he gets HIS hair cut? Miss Patty's Country Kennels. Can you believe it? He's had his "little surgery" so he was everly the gentleman with me, but we did kiss a lot. Boy, did we kiss. I think he said he will be coming back to puppy school pretty soon. I hope so. Dizzle was always one of my favorites, you know. (hee hee....I keep thinking about him and Boo and...hee hee yuk yuk yuk...). You'll have to go back to hear about that episode.

Then back to the office for more nap and then to the market. I really wanted to go outside and play but Mom's got this thing about owls and hawks, so I can't unless I'm on a leash. Oh well....can't have everything, I guess.

Off to bed now.

Love and kisses,


Monday, May 01, 2006

Dear Grandma - How to Leave Me a Comment

OK, Grandma....Here's what you have to do.

1) First, "Leave your comment" in the note pad. Ignore the HTML tags unless you want to make your letters bold or in italics. Mom says you don't need that anyway. It's just a way of writing instructions to the computer.
2) Then "Choose an identity" - you can be "Anonymous" if you want. It's ok. Really it is!
3) Then click on "Log In and Publish".

When you leave your comment, you can always put your name at the end (like "Love, Grandma") so I'll know it's you and not Sarabi, or Star, or Teddy or one of my other friends. Oh, this will be such fun. I'm not really good at talking on the phone, and even worse trying to dial out, so this way we can be like pen pals. I can't WAIT until I get your first letter.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Your most FAVORITE grand-puppy, and your most truly adoring admirer.