Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bees in the Trees

The slider was closed and I couldn't get out my little doggie door. I went and tormented Mom and finally, after I made her say, "Ow OW OWWWW, Mary-Margaret", she came downstairs. I have to paw her legs really hard sometimes to get her attention. I don't like to hurt her but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, you know? Uh oh. She stops right at the glass door and says, "NOOOO, Mary-Margaret. There's a swarm of bees by the tree!".

Like, what do I know about bees? But she picks me up and shows me. All I see are little black dots buzzing around the plum tree. Kind of like a cloud. "Nope. You wait 'til they go!". So I did. And she went into the garage to put the laundry in the dryer. "!#$!@%#@", she says. And she calls the repairman, and then the appliance store. I think we get a new washing machine. She says this one lasted about as long as her marriage, so it was a pretty good washer for the money.

After listening to her moan and groan about having to spend more money, the bees were gone. Heck, I'd have left too if my doggie door wasn't blocked. Good timing, though. There was a really weird looking kitty waiting for me. Sorta white with a splotch of gray, and one of brown, and some black...but mostly white. Too bad the camera was upstairs. I chased it out of the yard.

So much for my Saturday. How was yours?



Friday, April 27, 2007

My Very Own Cookie!

After work we went to the bank. Then we had to go buy MY chicken, and my kibbles. But wait! It's kind of hot out and I don't think I should wait in the car. Mom agrees. I put on my "Service Dog" vest and go for a ride in the shopping cart. I don't move hardly at all, and not too many people even notice me. When I'm in line, though, everybody comes over to say "Hi, Mary-Margaret!". I have lots of friends at Albertson's.

Next, we go to Matco. It's for people like me. Mom's very careful about what I eat and she wants Eagle-Pak Holistic chicken kibbles. There's corn, peas, and carrots in them. No by-products. what IS a by-product anyway??? They gave me a couple of teensy sample bags to try out. I had some for dinner tonight. Oh YUM!

When we got to the check-out, we stood behind a lady who was buying piddle pads for her fur-baby, and something else. I just saw this tray full of yummy looking cookies and went right over. "Pick out the one you like best", Mom said. So I sniffed a couple and went back to this one (see picture). It's "cheese cake" flavor.

Then something little, white, and fast zipped across the counter and ducked behind the tray. Turns out the "something else" were three baby white mice. Gosh, they were cute. I could have taken one home as a pet. Maybe? Huh?

EEEEYEEEWWWW! They were something's supper. How sad. One baby mouse really tried hard to get away. I hope he doesn't know what's going to happen to him. And when it does, I hope he doesn't suffer. I felt really bad and said a little prayer for him.

Back to my cookie. I wanted to have some right then, but Mom said "No, Mary-Margaret. After your dinner!". So I ate really fast and Mom cut my cookie in half. It should last a pretty long time, because it's pretty hard. Probably so I can chew on it and enjoy it for week or so? No...I think they're supposed to be softer, looking at the website. I think my cookie is going back to the store tomorrow.

I DO love the way bakery cookies smell so good, though. Don't you?

G'night for now.


Play Date with my friend, SOPHIE

What a surprise! Here I am, all napping and comfy in my office bed and I hear that I have COMPANY! Meeee? Company? Oh Gosh. Thank goodness I look half way decent.

It's SOPHIE!! She knows me from my blog and we are "Pet Pals" on Dogster. Sophie and her mom were visiting the architect downstairs, and Sophie's mom told Louise about MEEEE. And Louise said, "I know where Mary-Margaret works!". So she brought Sophie and her mom upstairs to meet me. How kewl is that? What a small world.

So we had a play date. Mom had a client come in but he said he wasn't in a hurry and to let us have fun. So we did. Zippity-doo-dah! All over the place. First Sophie is rasslin' me, then I rassle Sophie. Then we rest for a bit, before we start playing chase.

Do I have a good life or what?

Sophie....if you're reading this....I hope you come play again soon.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finally, I am BEEYOOTIFUL!

I was so happy to see Miss Marilyn. She shook her head when she saw me. Mom felt bad, I could tell. Mom said she couldn't get me quite even but it wasn't REALLY that bad...was it? Miss Marilyn said "Yes!", and then went "tsk tsk". Oh well! Miss Marilyn knew what to do and now I am myself again.

She gave me a bath, massage, manicure, pawdicure. The works. AND I had friends to play with. Chelsea, Chutney, Charlie and Muffin - all Maltese, and Bello, the Standard poodle. We have a thing, you know.

What do you think? Isn't this more "me" than the last one you saw??



Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kitties are back!

Last night, TWO gray kitties were in my back yard. I ran out to visit and they both jumped over the fence. My friend did pop his head over to say hello, but just for a moment. Mom had gotten her camera and was running outside in her bathrobe and slippers to take a picture for my Auntie Leslie and probably scared my friend. Shoot! In a green nightgown, dark blue and purple plaid bathrobe, and Uggs for slipper, I'd be scared too if I wasn't used to her. She's not fashion conscious once we get home from work.

I hung around for a while hoping he'd come back. Nope. (sigh)

Dejectedly yours,


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where have all the kitties gone?

I've been waiting and waiting for them to come over to my house again. It's been DAYS! I miss my friend, the little gray kitty. Every night when I get home from work I run out back over to the fence and bark "Hello? Hello?". Then I race along the block wall to the other corner of the yard. Same thing. No answer. I am sooooo sad. Here is a picture of where the kitties live. See? Scary. On a slope by a busy street. We haven't seen anybody squashed yet, so that's good news.

OHHH! And MORE GOOD NEWS!! I go see my Miss Marilyn on Thursday. Mom says I look like Groucho Marx without the cigar. Well, she tried. I give her that. She trimmed a little off my nose, then tried to even it up....again and again. She keeps giving me that look that says it might not be perfectly even. HELP! I can't afford to lose any more hair. I'll look like a Chinese Crested if I do.

Last night when she was on the computer I found her business card holder. I pulled Miss Marilyn's out and handed it to her. She said "You get outta there, Mary-Margaret", and put it back. So later I grabbed it again. She just laughed and said, "I already made an appointment for you. Not today, not tomorrow, but the NEXT day!". Whew. I am everly so relieved. This was getting scary.



Monday, April 23, 2007

Eau de Piquelle

Well, it smelled kind of interesting to MEEEEE so I rolled in it. A couple of hours later, Mom's giving me a back rub and says "EEEEYEEEWWW!" and "What on earth.....?". Little green chunks came off in her fingers and my hair was sort of glued together over my left shoulder. Upon closer examination, she determined that somehow some relish had dropped from her hot dog and landed where I could roll in it. Like that's a bad thing? It smelled wonderful. I felt everly so gorgeous wearing it as a fragrance.

Again, not everyone in my household shares my taste. I get a bath this morning. she comes. Gotta run.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ah....and then there are PERKS!

This is my very good friend, Robert. To humans, he's the building handy man. To MEEEEE, he is the love of my life (that is human, anyway!). He knows what a girl likes, I tell you! No candy, no flowers. Just the yummiest puppy biscuits ever. I kiss him all over when he comes by. Sometimes I get so excited I "widdle" on his shoes, but you know what? He says he doesn't care and his shoes will dry. And he loves me no matter what.
And there is Mary Ann down-the-hall. She is also one of my most favorite humans. She comes by at least once or twice a day to get her "puppy fix". And me? What do I get? See below. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is absolutely HEAVEN.

I absolutely LOVE working.


Going to Work!

First off, I visit the powder room. It's a loverly patch of rosemary or something like that. Has a nice tickle on my bum, I tell YOUUU! Very nice. If you've never tried it, you absolutely MUST! (and NO, I am just sniffing here!)
I can't wait to get IN the elevator. Then I can't WAIT to get OUT!
Then there are double doors to go through to get to the hallway on the third floor. I'm always the first one there. Come to think of it, I'm always first no matter WHERE we go. This thing that humans have about us pups "heeling" is for the other breeds, maybe, but not for us Yorks. We are very smart and quite business like in our demeanor. I take my profession very seriously.

Very truly yours,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Assistant Investigator

PS: See? I even know how to dictate a proper letter.

Friday, April 20, 2007

My Nighttime Safari

Here's me, starting out on my nightly hunt for kitties.
Here's me looking over the back fence for my friend. It's pretty dark out, see? All Mom could see on the compact flash disk was black. But her Microsoft Picture program's automatic adjustment feature was like using night goggles. Kewl, huh?
And here's me returning from my safari, empty handed, but still enjoying the moment.

Teddibly busy, you know, and "pip pip" and all. (hee hee)

Niters, everybody!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

A very SPECIAL Thursday!

OH MY GOODNESS! My everly best friend from the old Pet Medical Center, Tracy, came by to visit me. Remember her? She's the one that taught me to base jump without a parachute? And she's the one that gave me cuddles and kisses whenever I'd feel lonely and blue? So she came by, and had this nifty gifty bag with her. And she put it on the floor and I pawed at it, and then I put my whole head inside. "Oh!", I said. "For MEEEE??? You shouldn't have!". But I pulled it out and ....EEEEEE! I was EVERLY so excited. It was a red and black World Traveler case with a supper dish and water bowl inside. It matches my car seat. How perfect is that? Tracy is so thoughtful. WOW! I will take it to Pennsylvania next time we go. I can't WAIT!

AND...ta daaaaa!! I finally got my Service uniform today. It's a bit large, but better than it being too tight. It's my favorite color, too. RED....with black trim, and a gold "SERVICE DOG" with a gold caduceus embroidered right in the middle of the back. I feel absolutely so professional when I wear it. Denecia, a lady Mom was talking to, took some pictures with her camera phone. I have to show off my new luggage and my new uniform to you.

Whew! What a wonderful day this was.

Saluting (as a good service pup should do) and clicking my heels together!!

(SIR, yes, SIR!!)

PFC* Mary-Margaret O'Brien

*Puppy First Class

(Mom? Whaddyamean I don't have "heels"?)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Secret Agent Dog

Hi there. It's MEEEE, Mary-Margaret. I tell YOUUUU...between taxes and billing and all that stuff, we've been reeeeeeally busy. And now Mom says she doesn't have any money. Well, shoot. And we both needed haircuts really bad. Sonia even said we kinda looked alike with our bangs in our face.

I think that got to Mom a bit. So she talked to her hair lady and decided to get her "rootsdone" (whateverrrrr!) and a cut. All I know is her hair is darker and shorter. She still looks like me, though. Except I haven't been to MY groomer for a while and it's getting hard to see. Mom says she'll get me some "butch wax" to keep my hair out of my eyes.

I got to play "007" at the beauty parlor. See, I get to go with Mom because I'm a "service dog" and Mom has a Doctor's letter. But some PEEPLE get all a-twitter so I have a little vest coming with "Service Dog" embroidered on it. But it's not here yet. So why am I telling you this? HMMMM? Because.......

I am all relaxed and napping on Mom's lap under the cape they put on her. Just snoozing away, not bothering anyone. Then one of the girls comes back to ask "Who do we refer the inspectors to?" and I knew right then I needed to be really quiet. We knew it should be OK for me to be there but why jump through hoops? So I stayed really still. I even dozed off a couple of times and started to snore but I woke myself up with the noise.

Then the State Health inspector comes back to see Mom's hair-lady's station, so Mom (She's sharp, I tell you!) says to her lady "Oh, this would be a good time for me to run to the restroom..where's the key?". And we dash outside with me under the cape, run up the stairs, and ask Auntie Debbie-across-the-hall if she'll babysit me. Mom goes back to her hair-lady, minus MEEEEE, and all is well..almost.

Oh....and about "DATH" (Debbie-Across-The-Hall), a teensy little problem about being left anywhere, so.......(cough cough)....I made a lot of noise? Well, it's not like I was trying to be annoying or anything, but I really did want my MOM! REALLY!! I was alone maybe 20 minutes max, but to my way of thinking, that's 20 minutes way too long. Anyhow...Mom says I'll be lucky if Debbie'll ever babysit me again. Like I don't think that's a bad thing, but my Mom does. Ew....thinking about my options.....OHMYGAWSH! What if she leaves me alone? ALL BY MYSELF? No ...nope! Uh-uh! That would NOT be ok!

Aunt Leslie wants a picture of my friend, the little gray kitty. I don't know when he's coming over. It's always a surprise. But Mom told her she'd try and get one. Yeah, right! Like I want my FRIENDS to have spots in front of THEIR eyes?

OK - bedtime. Nitey-night!

Mary-Margaret "Secret Agent" O'Brien

Monday, April 16, 2007

Quickie Sunday Update

The little gray kitty came over to my house to play on Saturday night. I'd already been out and was kicking back watching "Flushed Away", about Reggie St James, a pet rat who lived in Kensington and was a very wealthy family's pet. But he accidently got flushed into the sewers and he got his natty little suit dirty, and met up with a bunch of mean frogs, and fell in love with Rita, the boat captain. Oh...well, here I go again. I do that. Sorry! Back to the kitty.

So here I am, all relaxed on the back of Mom's recliner when I see my new friend. So I start with the "Kitty-in-the-yard" noise and she lets me out. Me and kitty went around the side of the house and just hung out for a bit until it got cold. Then we both went home. I really like having a friend. Really!

Flash news update: Sunday we worked all day until it was almost dark. Then we got home and, guess what? Hmmmm? Here is my bird brother, Kal, sitting on top of the door to Mom's home office. Looks like he got out fairly early in the day because...well, you know...birds sort of leave evidence? And the picture of Mom's grand-mother was hanging all askew.

Kal learned how to open his cage door a long time ago but he hasn't done it for ages. Looks like he locked himself out this time. When he saw Mom he flew over to his "home" and sat on the top so Mom could pick him up with a dish towel. He doesn't like hands, but he will let her hold him with a scarf or a towel. All's well that ends well. He immediately went for seed and water. I hope he learned his lesson this time. Good thing we weren't gone for a week. Whew!

Oh yes...and Grandma called. She really liked the Skunk pictures everly so much. See? I do too. They are so cute.

OK..I'm beat! Long day! G'night and God bless -

"Sister" Mary-Margaret (hee hee...I've been wanting to say that for a long time!)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skunk Stuff for my Grandma

Oh, I just LOVE my Grandma. She and I have a lot in common, like we both thought the baby skunks (skinks?) were really cute. So she asked my Mom a lot of questions. Let me tell you about my mom, the Investigator. She maybe doesn't know a whole lot about stuff, but she sure knows where to find it. She says that's the most important thing about being an investigator, is knowing WHERE to look, and how to figure out what the information is telling you.

OK...back to Skunks. Here you go, Grandma! Skunks. Have a good read. Ohhh, yes. If you want to see some of the best pictures of different kinds of skunks, click on "Show".

(MOM??? Can I have a pet skunk...oh, please, oh, please???)

Love ya...

Your ..."grand-doghter"


Cousin Alex's European Trip

This link is for my Grandma: Alex's European Trip

Click on the set that you want to see, then select "slide show". Mom says to make sure you're on wireless and not dial-up.


Love, Mary-Margaret

PS: (sigh) I wish I could see Europe. Maybe....some day?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Moms always love you!

Oh, look what somebody sent us on our Yorkie list. Wow. Little dudes look all dressed up. Mom says they're "skinks" until they become "skunks". And (trust me on this) I know what a skunk smells like. Apparently this kitty doesn't. But she's being a good mom. Moms are people who love you no matter what species you are. And you can trust me on that, too.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - the picture is kind of little so double-click it to make it bigger.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Oh my goodness! What a day. So many people coming many smells....and, oh gosh, even TOES to sniff and lick. One man came in for a notary and right away I knew he was my kind of guy. First off, he starts skritching my belly and ...ahhhh....yessssssss! He knew right where my "sweet" spot was. MMMMMMM...I thought I died and went to heaven. I was practically comotose with joy. Mom kept looking at me sideways, but heck...ok, so I WAS on my back all spread out for the world to see. I was oblivious to decorum and all that. He found my SPOT.

So we did four notaries today. And we had a bunch of clients, too. One man in particular came in with some serves for out of state. Apparently he'd come in about three months ago and had us do two defendants. Back then, Mom told him she'd give him a discount if he wanted to do the other two, and she even wrote it on a piece of paper for him. Well, HELLOOO??? It's three months later and he asks "How much?". So she tells him and THEN he whips out the paper and says "This is YOUR writing!. You said you'd work with me". Mom just gave him a "look" and said to him, " I have a "Forever" stamp pasted in the middle of my forehead?". She gave him the deal because she cares about her clients, but she also said no more deals, that she couldn't afford it. He kinda bothered me, too, so I just barked at him when he left. Politely, of course. Like "Arf Weiderschein", "Arieu".

I spent a lot of time on the main desk. It's a good place to watch what goes on, and I can see the attorney's dog on her deck if he's there. His name is "Courage". He's kind of cute, but stand-offish and shy. I think he might be a little afraid of girls or something. Sometimes his mom lets me have some play time with him, and my mom doesn't mind babysitting.

Naps were pretty much out of the question today. I totally crashed right after dinner, and now I can barely keep my eyes open. Even dictating to Mom has taken a toll on me and I keep dozing off.

Later, guys. Pleasant dreams, everyone.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All spruced up!

My instincts were right on target. I got a nice shower this morning. Shampooed and even cream rinsed. Boy, do I smell good or WHAT?? Mom even tried everly so hard to comb my hair and put a bow in. I really wanted to please her, but there's something about wearing a frou-frou bow on my head that brings out the devil in me.

This picture shows a few loose strands of hair. About ten minutes later, I was back to my normal, un-bowed fluffiality. Oh yessssssssss!! Nothing like the freedom one feels with no clothes and no bows. I still had on my collar and 4 of my 5 tags (missing St Francis, but we want him on an "O" ring instead of an "S") so I was fully dressed, to my way of thinking, anyway.

That was yesterday. Today I'll probably just get brushed. Mom's tired of trying to keep me neat. My Uncle Sneakers was like me, too. We prefer the wind-blown style of hairdo!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, April 09, 2007

The Monday Blues!

Something about Mondays after a holiday - like Easter - and I just can't seem to get going. Usually I'm right in Mom's face before she's ready to get up, but not today. We got to work around 11:00 or so and, oh thank goodness, Sonia came in this morning. She's everly so good to our clients, and knowing she was there was really nice.

Except she has a pretty good sniffer. I know, I know! After that bird droppings incident yesterday I probably should have had a bath. My fluff has floofed. And I'm slightly overly fragrant in a doggie sort of way.

Still....I had my work cut out for me. Even before we got to work the lady from the pipe company AND the FedEx man came by to see me. Not Mom....MEEEEE! Later on we did some work for another lady that was a bit stressed. I hopped up into her lap and she started massaging me. Like I have it good or what? HMMMMMM???? Anyway, after a few minutes she commented to Mom on how well I do my job, and that she felt everly so much better for me having been there. Hey! It's my job, and I do it well. What can I say?

Tomorrow, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a shower. Even Mom says I stink. How RUDE!! There are nicer ways of saying that, you know.

G'night everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bird Feathers!

Mom cleaned the bird cage today. You KNOW how much I like the smell of bird poop and shredded paper, right? So when she wasn't looking....I mean, REALLY not looking, I managed to get inside the trash bag and grab a huge mouthful of tasty....well, SHE calls it "bird crap", but I thought of it more as a delicacy of sorts to be experienced, I made it all the way back into the bedroom...maybe 20 feet or so...before I threw it all back up in a big clump. Even though it was stuck together, Mom managed to get it up the vacuum. I felt bad enough already, you really think her comments helped? Like "Oh, gross, Mary-Margaret! Blegh! Yuck!" was still relatively dry and it could have been a lot worse.
Here's me still trying to get those teensy little down feathers out of my mouth.

And STILL spitting them out, hours later. Like my older sister used to say to my mom when she was a teenager: "I dont WANT to learn from YOUR mistakes. I want to make my OWN!!" We have a lot in common, my Sissy and I. I don't think she ever sampled bird droppings, though.

(thhhppptt! Ugh...FEATHERS!!)

Love and Happy Easter to All...


Saturday, April 07, 2007

My Own Inspiration!

I tell YOUUU...I am my own inspiration at times. Yesterday I was making a political statement. Today, I have come up with a name for one of the Democratic candidates: "Hilly-Billy" (you "Bennifer" and "Brangelina"?)

I like it. Sure fits, huh?

Too bad I can't register to vote. I can campaign, though.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, April 06, 2007

My Political Statement of the Day

Usually, my 'political statements' are made from my rear end, but today, I was asked the question (with reference to the news media covering the unfortunate and untimely deaths of many of my peers because of lack of controls in the pet food industries):

"What did you think of the Rosie O'Donnell comments?" (that she made on "The View") so I decided to verbalize instead of illustrate, so here goes:

Answer: (ahem) Me? Well, being just an "animal", like she says, I'm not supposed to have opinions. However, as a Yorkshire Terrier, a private investigator, and a feeling being made by the same hands that God used to make humans, I answer this: I think Rosie O'Donnell is an, make that a mentally and intellectually challenged "who-man", that her IQ is in the double digit territory (maybe single but I'm being kind), and she has the Constitutional right to say whatever pops to the surface of her mind, much like fat pops to the surface of a pot of chicken stock.

I think that our collective government as a whole over governs and under-thinks the big picture, but I also believe that mostly each protocolically hampered individual within our government does the very best that they can as they are allowed within the confines of their specific contract or position.

And I will share this with you, too. When Hilary Clinton speaks on behalf of "The American Peeple" (spelling error intended), my Mom grits her teeth and says "HOW DARE SHE speak on MY behalf. I AM AN AMERICAN 'PEEPLE' and that is NOT how I feel".

So...there you have it. The opinion of a scholarly Yorkshire Terrier who would gladly wish to bite both Rosie and "Hilly-Billy" on the ankle if I only had the opportunity, but I'm too civilized for that.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS - The article that had her comments has since been replaced. She said that the news was focusing on 15 dogs and a cat the died from poisoned pet food, and that the news about 29 soldiers dying in Iraq had been put on the back burner. First off, it's more like 2500 dogs and cats, and secondly, the news about the soldiers is still being commented on, too. She also said that if us American Peeples wanted to get the truth, we needed to go outside this country. A different perspective is not necessarily the truth, Rosie-Blowsie, it's just from a different (pardon the pun) "View".

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Jigsaw puzzles?

Some little kids were running up and down our hall today. Naturally, I told them to be quiet, that this was a business here. But their mom was in with the attorney and they must've gotten bored. I was watching them through the crack in the door. Mom didn't leave it open today. The kids saw me and started making noise at me, so I made noise back at them. It was pretty fun.

Then Mom closed the door all the way. I crawled under her desk and the kids started making MORE noise. So she opened the door to see what was up. "Debbie-across-the-hall", or my Aunt Debbie (if you will), gave them a jigsaw puzzle with really big pieces. They invited me to play and Mom said it was ok, as long as she could see me.

So here's me and two little kids maybe 5 or 6 years old, and a jigsaw puzzle with big colored pieces. Every time I'd pick a piece up, a kid would take it away from me. That's NOT my idea of sharing. So I grabbed one and took it into my office. That'll teach them, you'd think. But NOOOO! They came and got it. Turns out THEY just wanted me to WATCH them have all the fun. But I got my ears and tummy rubbed, which sort of made up for it.

Mom was talking to Sonia about getting me my own jigsaw puzzle, and wondering if I could learn how to put it together. Sonia didn't think so. Mom says we'll find out. So maybe I get a new toy? Ya think??

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My New Privileges!

I earn privileges when I'm a good girl. Today, I got a new one. Mom will leave the door to our office open so I can see who goes in the hallway IF I do not cross that threshold.'s so tempting, but I only messed up one time. And it's really NOT my fault. I was watching people and comes the cutest baby chihuahua ever, all cinnamon in color wearing a bright greet t-shirt.

You KNOW how I like babies. I had to make him feel comfortable, you know? So I ran out to greet him. We rubbed noses a bit, did the "circle-sniff" thing, and then (just to make him feel dominant) I flipped over on my back and flashed my tummy at him. Yup. That works. I really think there'd be less trouble in the world if people would try it. Think of world leaders flashing tummy instead of all this posturing stuff they do. Like "I'm tougher than YOU", and "No, I'm tougher!". They should consider keeping their mouths shut and letting their tummies do the talking, like my friends and I do. It works!

Anyway.....I was reminded that I was NOT to go past the doorway. So I apologized to Mom and didn't do it again. I think I like having the door open. It's everly so much more interesting, and easier than keeping my eyeball glued to the crack in the door. Really, it is.

The more responsible I become, the more privileges I get. Life is good.

G'night, everybody.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

The Professional Puppy

Mondays are awful busy, especially after a nice relaxing weekend. We went to work and picked up some papers to take to the Recorder. Then got a call to pick up and take more. Then served a paper. Then raced back to office and picked up another paper to serve. Got that done. Raced back and got ANOTHER one. All day was "hurry-hurry-don't-be-late". And we set up a gazillion papers for the regular servers, too.

At 1:30 after an inhaled lunch we went to my "pawdicurist". Huh? Oh, sorry. Mom says it's HER manicurist but I still think of Cathleen as MINE! So while Mom soaked her feet, Miss Cathleen and I had some special time together. First off, I got my bowl of water in my special dish. Then I got a really nice and everly so long belly rub with lotion. It feels soooo good with nice smelling lotion. Then I got my paws rubbed with lotion, too. I tell YOUUUU!!! This is the most heavenly thing to do.

When it was all done, we dashed off to serve another paper. The grumpy lady said "Harrumph! We don't allow DOGS in our establishment!". Mom just smiled nicely at her and said "Mary-Margaret is a service dog!" and that shut her up pretty fast. She just gave me a "look" and I gave her one back. Like I am soooo much better behaved than most of the human children I see. I wish there would be signs that said "No bratty children allowed!". That would make more sense, I think.

There were two kids in the Recorder's office yesterday who pretty much did what they wanted, screamed at the top of their lungs, and their mothers just kept talking AT them, not TO them. Stuff like "Use your little voice". "You are not keeping yourself in control". "You need a time out...blah blah blah)", and the kid is totally deaf to the mom, just being horribly obnoxious. I think some moms just like to hear themselves talk. I just gave them "the look", and hunkered further down into Mom's purse. Even I know how to be polite in public. Hmmmmph!

Back at the office, we did a notary and I made people smile. Then Mrs. Lillard came in to see me. I know because she called first to make sure I'd be there. I also know I'm getting cuddles and belly rubs when SHE comes in. At first I had something else on my mind and Mrs. Lillard was wondering why I was so preoccupied. Lucky for me she didn't go into the workroom by the file cabinets. I had been telling Mom over and over that I needed to take a little walk but apparently my pronunciation wasn't quite exact. Anyway, maybe she'll pay more attention to me in the future. Ya think? I was discrete, as always, though and my little accident was easily disposed of.

It was way after five when we wrapped things up. Mom says she really needs to get someone to work on Mondays and Wednesdays. We don't know why, but our business has gotten absolutely crazy lately. For every job we turn down, two more come in. Unbelievable!!

Hope today is a bit quieter. Me and Mom really have a lot of work to do, still.

Exhaustedly yours,


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Woo hoo - I made Merriam-Webster's

Wow! That was fast, I tell you. Those folks at Merriam-Webster know a good word when they see it.

fluff-i'-al-i'-ty (noun) : The quality or state of fluffiness; condition or fact relating to fullness of one's hair or coat; the complex of characteristics that distinguishes the texture and/or aeriness of hair or fur to the touch.
Example: "Her fluffiality depended on the last time she had a bath as well as whether or not a conditioner was used." —Mary-Margaret O'Brien, March 31, 2007
Submitted by: Mary-Margaret O'Brien from California on Mar. 31, 2007 16:15

I kind of like being creative. Mom should leave me alone with the computer more often.


Dear Grandma....

This is for you! COSTCO Sharp TV
I think it's a pretty good deal, don't you?



Fluffiality - Day 3

This is getting old. Please PLEASE leave me alone? I do NOT like that flash. Nope! Yuck! Oh? It's an ongoing study? I think I've heard THAT one before.'s me. Freshly fluffed and hiding from the vacuum cleaner. Is there NO WHERE THAT'S SAFE???
And here's me saying ..Fine... ok... you can have ONE picture. Then LEAVE ME ALONE?
I give up. But I think this is the last one.

Can I help it if I'm so photogenic? Hmmmmm??? With all these flash cameras going off, I think I know why movie stars wear sunglasses. Mine are in the car. Drat!