Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sheesh! Some of Mom's list friends were talkin' about FLEAS! I have NEVER had a flea in my life. Eeeyeeewww! I take Sentinel tabs once a month on the 7th of every month. But still she got the creepies and I got a BATH. Actually, a shower. It's not so bad once it's over but the soaping up part ...yuck!!

I get all towel dried and Mom does the "rub a dub dub, three men in a tub" thing. You know how Moms baby talk us Yorkies? Anyway, then I stand on the chair at her vanity while I get blow-dried and combed. That's not too bad 'cause I can look in the mirror. Not that I'm vain or anything, but...hey, I could look worse, ya know.



Saturday, July 29, 2006

Making new friends... one of my favorite things in life. Allow me to introduce Woodrow and Cashew. They live in Carson City, NV and their mom, Chere, adopted them from the pound. Cashew is the one that looks cashew (my favorite kind of nut, by the way!). I also sort of like slivered almonds, but I digress. (ahem)

You can tell from the picture that they suffer with flash cameras the same as I do. I mean, I tell YOUUUUUUUUUUU, you just get a good nap underway and "BLAM", the flash goes off and you have to start all over again. I thought it was just MY mom, but I guess the problem is universal.

Pups of the world...UNITE!! We need to do something about these camera nuts. They're probably the ONLY kind of nuts I don't like.

Love and happy Saturday...


Friday, July 28, 2006

July 28, 2006 - Friday

Nothing to say, Dear Diary. The usual stuff. I met a lot of new people, and I have decided that I like "people puppies" absolutely so much. They're about my size, cute, and we just talk and play and they don't try to boss me. And they're soft and they smell really good.

I got babysat again while Mom went to the dentist AGAIN. She doesn't want to discuss it, she says. I think she's getting annoyed. Something about her "temporaries keep coming unglued". Debbie across the hall played with me while I was there. She's pretty cool with us pups, and even lets us on her desk. We play a "catch the finger" game. We have a good time with that.

Margie helped Mom out a lot today. And when Mom had to go up to her doctor's office, Margie even baby sat me. I think I'm starting to get to her, because she's everly so nice to me. She even takes me on little walks. She was a really big help, I know.

OK..time for bed now. G'night and God bless everyone.

Love Mary-Margaret

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Perhaps if I pretend to be a client....

...then she'll pay attention to me. Our last client just left, so I hopped into his chair. Mom says "Oh, Mary-Margaret. May I help you?". "Well, yes, of course. I would like to go out, please!", I said. So we went for a little walk, smelled some flowers and bushes (I did, anyway), and then we went back upstairs.

I got babysat for a while while Mom saw the dentist again. Then, we went to Miss Cathleen's place and I saw Dee who recognized me right away. "Why, there's Mary-Margaret!", she said. Miss Cathleen wondered how Dee knew me. Well, gosh. I do get around, you know. I have lots of friends in Temecula. Even Mom doesn't know as many people as me.

I got my special paw-di-cure and lotion rubbed on my tummy. Then Mom went into the dark place with music and sweet smells and got a facial. I just explored a whole lot in a short range, since Miss Cathleen was standing on my leash. I'm sure it was just an accident, though, and not on purpose, don't you think? There are so many more places I need to investigate at Bellissima, Miss Cathleen's shop.

Mom's going to play bridge for a bit. I think I'll turn in.

Love to everybody.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Mom's new thing. When I bark, she says "Eeepp!". One of her list-buddies told her to do that and I'd stop. Well, who wouldn't stop for something so silly. I mean, it was all I could do to keep from splitting my little belly laughing. You gotta picture little old me just saying hello to people in my own special way, and this grown lady, in all seriousness, saying "Eeeep? "Eeeep?". Not to mention what the other business folks on our floor thought. She wasn't exactly quiet about it. I was absolutely mortified.

Maybe it's the tone she's using, but it seems pretty silly to me. The last time she did it, I looked at her cross-eyed and changed the subject. Barkathons aren't any fun when it's "Bark"-Eeep"-"Bark"-"Eeep". Kinda takes the wind out of my sails. OK. Bottom line. I guess it works. Happy now, Mom?? And to think I used to look forward to my little evening "get-togethers" with the neighborhood pups.

Dejectedly yours (and still grounded)


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Still Grounded, but out of the Doghouse!

Mom rewired the network with new cables. She turned the main computer on and off several times, used some magic words (you know the kind I mean), and the last time she put it's boot on (she calls it "rebooting") she told the computer that if it didn't work then, she was calling in the Geek Patrol. I guess the computer knows how my mom gets when she's really mad, so it started right up and everybody could sign in AND use the internet. Everyone said "Yayyy!", including meeeee!

Now, I don't know if it was the "magic words" or the threat of the "Geek Patrol" that did it, but I DO know that I'm not being glared at anymore. I don't think I'll want to even taste ethernet cable again for a long, long time. Maybe not EVER.

I think "cold turkey" is the way to go with my addiction. I've just GOT to remember how I felt when I took the network down. (Yeah, baby!) No! No! (hee hee) ...just kidding. I don't like it when everyone's mad at me. Really, I don't!

Long day. Time to turn in.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, July 24, 2006

I've been Grounded...for LIFE, I think!

OHhhhhhhhhhh! I hate to tell you, but I shouldn't even be on the computer. I've been grounded indefinitely. Why, you ask? Er.....well, I had a bit of a setback on my rehab program. And I SWEAR I didn't mean it. Honest! But the whole office network is down, and no one can access the internet either. Mom always plans for the unimaginable, so she has a dial-up connection but only on HER computer.

It was a blue ethernet cable. It was just sitting there, calling my name. I used every ounce of willpower to ignore it, but my addiction is just to powerful. I am SOOOOOO ashamed.

Let's all hold paws together and pray for strength.

I have to get off now and go "think about it".

G'night everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Me and My New Doggles!!

  Boy, I sure could have used these Doggles in that dust storm yesterday. They fit absolutely perfectly. The company that sent them was really good, too, because the first pair didn't work out too well and they sent me these right away.

Mom says I look a bit silly, but I think I look everly so awesome, don't you??

Sorta like a big movie star??


Love ya, Mary-Margaret Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

My First Dust Storm

Lazy day. Went to office to check mail and I got my new Doggles, in their own little case. I'll post a picture when I get a moment. We went to Von's. You know, they are nice to puppies, too. Just like Albertson's. Everyone says "hi" to me, even the Store Manager, and she makes me feel everly so welcome. Everybody always comments on how quiet I am. :o)

It was really HOT HOT HOT today. Like the hottest ever in my whole life. Still, though, I wanted to go to Puppy School. Only four kids showed up: Me, Daisy, Missy and Mordecai Hill. We kinda hung out and chatted 'cause it was too hot to play. Then that nice Temecula breeze came up. And then, was like "The Wizard of Oz" it was such a dust storm. Mom stuck me under her t-shirt so I wouldn't get any dust in my eyes or my nose, it was THAT bad. So thick - it was like a beige but gritty fog.

Before the dust storm, Miss Letty told Mom that she thought it was awful that Miss Patty never called her back, and so SHE called over to the place like the day before Miss Patty called Mom (see below). She's not sure who she talked to but they mostly blamed my leg and my cuts on MEEEEE! I mean, HOW RUDE!!!! And then the girl even told Miss Letty that I was "such a wiggle worm" that they were going to ask me not to come back. Me? Hey, I'm just a pup, and they're the pros. If they can't handle one little 6.5 pound Yorkie pup, what the heck are they doing in the grooming business, I ask you?

Well, it's old stuff and in the past. I have a really great stylist who knows how to treat me, and I will be loyal to Miss Marilyn for absolutely EVER AND EVERRRR! And Miss Marilyn even told Mom that I was very good. So brrrttthhhppppp (raspberries) to Miss Patty and her peeps. Hmmmph!!

It was thundering and raining here for a while but so hot it dried up right away almost. My pool blew half way across the yard. I tell was a weird day.

Time for bed.

Love ya all....


Friday, July 21, 2006

Miss Marilyn and My Spa Day

I absolutely LOVE it!!

I try to always on time, and Miss Marilyn was outside to greet me as my "driver" (Really, it's just Mom, but it makes me feel important to say "driver"!) pulls up. She welcomes me and takes me inside her salon. You know, she's NOT a groomer. Even her lovely lavender cards proclaim her to be a "Pet Stylist". Now that's class, I tell YOUUUUU!!

Here's the new me in my favorite spot. You know, having short hair is EVERLY so much cooler these days. And I'm really REALLY happy about it. Marilyn even defuzzed the inside of my ears, and left enough on my (ahem) .. privates... to keep me modest. I've been grinning from ear to ear all day. Oh, and my good friend Moses goes there with his little brother, Nathaniel. And I made some more friends who are Yorkies like me: Bailey and Kahlua. And Bello, a very handsome standard Poodle, and a Maltese but I can't remember the name. It's just like Puppy School at Miss Marilyn's place. We all get to play before and after we're groomed. No cages or kennels. It's WONDERFUL!!!

Come on. Be honest. Don't you think I look tres chic?

Everly yours, dahlinks,


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Waaaah! Abandoned for HOURS!

(sniff) What a day. First off, Mom says "Good bye" and leaves - WITHOUT MEEEEEEE! So I wandered back upstairs to my pillow and took a nap. She had to get her hair cut. Then she had to type a report and it's not easy with me licking her toes, she says. Finally, she comes home and ...OHMYGOODNESS. I am so happy to see her. I do the "run run run" thingy in the back yard, piddle a couple of times and settle in for some afternoon cuddles.

But NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. She hops up and tries to leave again. But this time, I beat her out the door. She chases me around the garage and I can tell when she's getting really mad cause she gets all pink, so I went back in the house and stood between her and the door. She says "I HAVE to go to the dentist, Mary-Margaret"! So what's she do? She picks me up and gets me to go back into the kitchen and I think she's playing a game. OK..That sounds like fun. But instead, she races out the door and just (sniff....wahhhhhh) leaves me there. All by MYSELF.

I tell YOUUUUUUUUUUUU. When she came home, she had to yell "Honey, I'm home" TWO times before I practically fell over myself getting to her. She picked me up and I just dug my nails in and hugged her so tight. Don't EVER do that to me again, I said. I hope she heard me. I really REALLY missed her.

(PS - She really missed me, too!)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I got Doggles, Dude!

They're not pink and there aren't any rhinestones. Also, one side keeps coming apart. (That nice company is sending me another pair!) Other than that, I think I'm pretty cool, Dude! Yeah, baby!!

Mom went to the dentist this morning, and has to go back all afternoon tomorrow. But at least the refrigerator is working again. Some diddly-whump fritzed out and shut down, and this morning everything was warm and soggy, so that stuff is in the trash. Mom turned off the both the freezer and the refrigerator compartments so there wouldn't be a fire or anything. Then, later, the repair guy gets there and looks at Mom kinda funny and says "You know they're shut off"? Like....well, duh. But Mom's kewl and says "Yeah". And the guy turns them back on and it WORKS. He said there's some safety shutoff, and next time it starts to get warm to call HIM and not turn it off. So, basically, Mom fixed it herself by resetting it because it's fine now. And it only cost her $58.95 to learn the hard way.

Again, let me say....I LIKE MY LIFE UNCOMPLICATED. I helped a lot this morning by moving Bob's tools around so we could play hide and seek a bit. He was pretty nice about it. I think he likes me just a little.

Time for "America's Got Talent". See ya later.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mom is a bit cranky tonight!

Posting on my blog is about the last thing on her mind. She got home and everything in the freezer had liquified, including sticky lime juice bars. And when she tried to get stuff out of the freezer the wrappers on the lime bars popped open and she had gallons (it seemed) of icky syrupy green gunk to sop up. So everything got thrown out except for the bagels. I tell YOUUUUU, I even got sniped at. I was just trying to help clean the floor. Really, I was!!

And later, when she's all relaxed but still stewing, Grandma calls to see if we're ok...on Mom's CELL phone. "Yeah? Why?", Mom asks. "And how come you're calling on my cell"? Grandma says our phone just rings and rings and nobody answers. Sonia said that, too, a few days ago. So Mom calls the phone company. They tell her it's in HER equipment, which is weird because she doesn't have a problem calling out and the computer DSL is just fine. So...that's something else she has to schedule.

Earlier in the day Miss Patty finally called her back, like maybe THREE WEEKS after Mom had called about my limp and my head (see below about "Crutches"). Nice of her, huh? Mom says she's called Miss Patty three times, and now she's just getting back to her? So Miss Patty says I'm a wiggle worm (we knew that already), and that maybe I just have thin skin on my head, and suggested that maybe I'd already been cut when I went to be groomed? I don't theeeeeeeeeeenk so. I'd have known it if I had. So Mom just says "Uh huh! Well, we won't be keeping our appointment this Friday!" and Miss Patty says "OK". That's it. Great PR, don't you think? I'm glad I'm going somewhere else.

Oh yeah..and Miss Patty tells Mom she should brush me more often. Well, I get brushed every night after dinner while we're all comfy in the big leather chair.'s saying MORE than THAT? Sounds like an excuse maker to me. But what do I know. I have an uncomplicated life where my most pressing problem is making sure I hit my piddle pad.

So it's been one of those days and Mom says she's just not in the mood to post to my blog and this is why. See? Maybe tomorrow.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Shelly's Puppies

MOM? You know how I've been asking and asking for a new baby brother or sister? And you keep saying "We'll see, Mary-Margaret"? WELL, look. Can I have 'em all, huh? Can I? Can I? Pul-eeeeeeeeeeeeeze??

They're not that far. Only up in Lake Isabella, CA. Well, if you don't email Shelly at , then I will. REALLY I will!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, July 17, 2006

Me and my "Paw-di-curist"

It's Mom's day to get her nails done. We're a bit late because one of OUR clients ran a bit late. You know how stuff runs downhill. Anyway, here's a picture of Miss Cathleen and me. I just love her. She treats me so nicely and always knows exactly what I'm saying. First off, she brings me a bowl of water in my very own special dish that she keeps just for me.

This is the part I like the best. After she puts the lotion on Mom's feet and gives her a massage, it's MY turn. I tell YOOOUUUU! It's heavenly, and even tastes better than it smells. After I get my massage, I tell Miss Cathleen that I would very much like it if she took me on a walk, and she actually knows what I said. (ahem - unlike SOME people I know!) So we go out, and even though I'm not supposed to go in the weeds, she lets me frolic for just a bit and then picks the foxtails out of my fur so Mom won't see. she missed one. It was ok. No big deal.

Am I just the luckiest kid in the whole world, I ask you? Hmmmmm???



Dang it! I got busted!

Hello! My name is Mary-Margaret! And I'm a "chew-a-holic"!

I really thought I could sneak a few nibbles every so often and no one would know. Sometimes, I would even skootch under Mom's desk, pretend I was napping, and just halfway roll over for a couple of gnaws. But it all came to an end this morning. I knew I had to face my addiction.

Sonia couldn't connect her computer to the network. She tried everything, and when she ran out of ideas, she followed the network cable. "AHAAA!", she said, and she called Mom. When me and Mom got the the office, I knew I was in a pickle. I slunk off to my office bed while Mom and Sonia found some more ethernet cable and got things back up and running.

(hanging head) Dear Diary, loyal fans, and adoring public. I hereby swear to you that I will rehabilitate myself, and that I will become an example for all young pups who find themselves with a similar addiction.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot chew; courage to chew the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Recovering Chewaholic

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Day Off!

Would you believe that I finally took the whole day off? Mom worked but I got in some serious napping. I'll check in tomorrow. I'm still enjoying the moment. And, yes, I snore. How embarassing, but I do. Yuck.

OH OH OH! And a belated Happy Birthday to my good friend, Sarabi. I sent a card last week but as of yesterday she still didn't have it. Her birthday was yesterday, so I really feel badly it didn't get there. Probably shoulda sent it email. Darn! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARABI!! Woo hoo!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Puppy School again!

Mom and me worked today, but about 4:00PM she decided the air conditioning wasn't really helping a whole lot so she looks at me and says "You want to go to Puppy School, Mary-Margaret?" Well, er....ok! Sure. Who wouldn't want to go out into that 100° plus heat? So we get there a bit late and everyone is just laying around panting. Let's see. There was Sam the Golden Lab, Sammy the Welsh Corgi, Tripper the brown dog, Lucky the chihuahua-terrier mix, Missy the Shepherd and Daisy the Golden Lab (maybe?).

I get there and they WANT me. I mean, they REALLY come at me. So I do my back-flip thingy and get tons of tummy licks from every body. Hey, I mean it doesn't take a lot of energy to just lay there and get licked. It was cooling, to say the least. Then Sammy the Corgi decided he wanted me for his own. Now you KNOW how I am about commitment, but he was indefatiguable. He was kind of cute, too, but a bit too young for me. Still, finally I flipped over for him too. I'm really pretty easy to get along with.

Then everybody walked over to the water bowls. There were three really big ones out there. Little Lucky decided to go swimming in one, but he couldn't fit his whole body in at one time. So first, the front end. Then the back. He was having such a good time. Then Sam decided to get in on the fun, and then Daisy and Missy. Needless to say, I don't drink bathwater. So I stayed thirsty until I got home and then gulped down about half a bowl.

We stopped at the market and Mom strapped me into my pouch. It's funny, you know, about humans? They tend not to look at one another but just plow right on with their business. So it's really a surprise when someone notices that I'm there. We were all the way to the produce department and Cheryl (a new friend we met) starts chatting with Mom. Cheryl has a 12 week old Yorkie and wanted to know where Mom got the front pouch carrier. She thought her baby would like one. Then we meet another Yorkie mom over in the butcher's section, and they get started. Yak yak yak, but I have to say that Yorkie people are a breed unto themselves. We're pretty lucky kids to be Yorkies, you know.

A couple of the checkers said "hi" to me. We've met a few times before, and pretty much everyone knows me. I really like shopping at Albertson's. They make great roast chicken and have really nice Yorkie people there. And their air conditioning works everly so well.

That's my day. I hope yours was as nice, and that you got to stay either wet or cool. The people next door had a big kid's party so I didn't want to go outside. Don't know what it is, but I'm just really uncomfortable being outdoors with a bunch of people making noise, so I turn around and race to get back inside. I'd rather use a piddle pad than to go out in my own yard when things are like that. Really I would.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Strenuous and Exacting Art!

Oh my GOOODNESS! I met just the nicest lady today. Mrs. Ramsey!AND...ohmygawsh...she brought us papers in a BOX. I tell YOUUUU! She even said "Oh, here you go, you sweet puppy!" and let me have at it. Mom kept going "Eeeeyeww, Mary-Margaret!", but the lady just laughed and said I was having so much fun and all. So Mom said something like "Are you going to clean up after her?", and Mrs. Ramsey just laughed and laughed. And moved the box over to a clean spot on the carpet and let me go again. Wheeeeeeeeee! So now Mom is trying very hard to ignore the mess while she works, and I've exhausted myself. Box shredding is a strenuous and exacting art, you know. Not everyone was born with talent like I was. :o)

Cheers and here's to ya...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

The Dachsies and Their Cousins

Here they are herding cattle. They are so cute. I wish I lived closer to them. They are in Texas. I'll bet we could even "do lunch" or something fun. I wonder if they'd share their toys with me. Hmmmmmm??


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another day, another biscuit

I think I'm getting a promotion. I'm better than the Artful Dodger and Fingers Fagin at picking pockets and purses. After several failed attempts and having fingers wagged at me, I finally managed to get a pen out of the bottom of a client's purse. She thought I became awfully quiet and when she bent over to see what I was doing she told on me. By that time, I'd destroyed the red plastic cap of the pen and I was making little plastic spit balls out of it. When Mom asked if she wanted the rest of it back, the lady laughed and said "No, thanks!". Mom said she's thinking of promoting me to Head Procurer in Office Supplies. :o)

Mom worked late tonight so I entertained myself by going on "search and destroy" missions. That entails quietly pulling things out of the wastebasket and sneaking them under desks so they can be shredded at my leisure. Napkins, diet bar wrappers, envelopes. You name it, I shredded it.

Oh yeah, and my other blue barrette? Came back to me in the courier pouch today. Those pouch people are pretty good, actually. I even got the remainder of a rawhide chewy back after a week or so gone missing a while back. How do they KNOW where to send them if there's no E-050 pouch number written on them?? Hmmmmmm?

OK..bed time. G'night all.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Those Dachsie Kids

I tell YOUUU. They are the nicest bunch of pups anyone would want to meet. I was born on 9/19/05, according to my birth certificate anyway. I think that makes me almost 10 months old and The Dachsies said I only look eight. Isn't that nice?
Here's me..ta daaaa...on my oversized, soft and comfy, recliner chair. Mom gets the seat, I get the back. What more could a pup ask?

And do you notice that I can see the whole back yard? When those RUDE cats come by, I'm rrrrrrrready! RRRRRUFFF. I chased the tabby right over the wall today. Whooosh. And then I ran right back to the slider so Mom could let me in just in case Tabby figured out I really was. Shhhhh. But those cats are so much bigger than I am. I think it's that I exude an air of self-confidence that intimidates them, don't you? I mean I can keep up the charade for a while, but it gets tiring after a while. Much easier to sit on the back of the chair and yell at them. Although Mom doesn't think so and keeps telling me to "Hush, Mary-Margaret. That's RUDE!!". Well, I don't want to be RUDE, so I "wwwrrrrufff" rather quietly but I think I get my point across.

Oh yeah...and Mom says she's GOT to remember to water that plant. I think it's a good thing she takes pictures so she can see what needs to be done. Usually, she's in such a rush she whizzes right by stuff. Like that slider track last week. So pictures are good that way, don'tcha think?

OK...Bed time. I have a nice soft comfy cushion or my half of the bed. Either's fine with me. RUDE CATS can just stay out all night. Yuck.

Love, Mary-Margaret

July 10: Ho-Hum, Diddly-Yum!

I'm almost 10 months old. Hard to believe, isn't it? I so absolutely feel just like a puppy inside, but outside...well, I'm getting grey hairs. Oh? I'm supposed to get them? OK, then. That's all right. Mom got the name of a new groomer and she's making an appointment. I'm still walking a bit funny, I guess, but I feel fine. Personally, I think my mom makes everly too much fuss over me. Seems my "paw-di-cure" wasn't completely finished last time. My toe nails were overlooked, which is a problem when I try to climb onto the top of mom's head. She keeps saying "OW OW OW, Mary-Margaret".

Sometimes I just have to find things to write about, but I don't want you, Dear Diary, to think I've forgotten you.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Day Off ... What can I say?

No rest - not even on a Sunday. Always got that @#$%@$#^$ camera with her.
Fine. What do you want? Oh, how RUDE of me? Welcome to my private hideaway? Please come in and make yourself comfortable? You wish!!
Go away. I'm busy! NAPPING!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Very First Time EVERRRRR...!!!

I actually chased a RUDE cat right out of my backyard. All by myself. He didn't even see me until it was too late, and I took off running and then he took off. He hopped right through the iron bars on the fence. Woo hoo! I am hot stuff! I am way HOT! Like I could whup the other two with one paw tied behind my back. I am that gooooood! Yup! I am now an official watch dog.

Also, I dropped by Puppy School and it was a very good thing that I did, too. First off, here's a picture of MaggieMoo the Schnoodle, and little Nacho the Pomeranian who is about 8 weeks old. That's MaggieMoo's big brother Pasha holding them, and Sam the Golden Retriever snuggling up to Pasha.
Missy, a German Shepherd pup, was there and I tell YOUUUU, she looks just like Mia did when I first met her. They were telling me that Mia has graduated AND had her "little surgery", and won't be coming back. That makes me a bit sad.

My old boyfriend, Sandy, was there last Thursday and I missed him, darn it. I guess he missed me too, because I heard he wasn't to thrilled about all the little kids. I'll try to go next Thursday and maybe he'll be there with his baby brother Toby again. I'm not going all the time anymore, but I will stop by every so often just to look in on the kids and make sure they are learning their manners properly. Like with Missy and Sam, both a whole lot bigger than me, they got a lesson or two in manners from me today. It cost me one of my blue barrettes but we found it later. :o)

G'night everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, July 07, 2006

The Art of Bow Removal

First, rub one's head against anything handy, but a blankie will do in a pinch.
Once, you've got it sorta loose, then toss your head around like Farrah Fawcett (Britney Spears for the younger pups).
Object is to get bow along clump of hair far enough so you can bite it.
Then, chomp down hard, and pull forward while doing a back flip.

Persistence pays off! Trust me!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jami has more babies!!

Fidel is a grandfather again. Jami, his son's chihuahua, had another litter of babies. Oooooooh...that's SO exciting. I love babies like chihuahuas. Something about the patter of tiny paws running through the house. Me and mom were on a serve tonight and the human thought we were there for the puppies. There were two of the cutest little Malti-poos, only six weeks old right there inside the front door. The littlest one wanted so badly to come home with me. Even started the "howww-ooooooo" thing, like it was imitating a wolf only in a tiny voice. It was so cute. Mom says not yet. Although I could tell she really thought hard about it.

I want a baby brother or sister. I do. REALLY I do!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just another "When's"day

Like ...WHEN IS something exciting going to happen? We go to the bank...(yawn). Get to the office (oh boy!)...Mom handles some stuff (oh whoop de doo!)...and WHEN do I get some fun? "WHEN'S my time"? Oh...Mrs. Graff came in and I got some belly rubs. Michael has new office furniture but no windows (they had to replace the old ones and last I looked he didn't have any). Took a couple of potty breaks, and napped most of the time. Barfed once over by the door - probably that staple I spit up, but I'm ok.

At home, it the same-o, same-o. Except maybe about 7:30 I'm sitting on Mom's head while she's in the comfy leather chair. There, I can look into the back yard, and here come those cats again. I tell YOUUU...RUDE RUDE RUDE! Mom picks me up and carries me outside so I can be taller than the cats and I bark without fear. Not that I'd have "fear", but they ARE big. Anyway, they left. I high-fived Mom and we went back in.

We watched "America's Got Talent" for a bit. "Leonid the Magnificent" is the most memorable, for sure. Don't know what it is that he does, actually, but he is memorable. The first time he got booted, I thought he was going to moult all over the stage. Fortunately for him, the audience wanted him back so he goes on to the next level. Girl kid named Bianca Ryan is 11 years old and sings like Ella Fitzgerald. She comes back, too.

OK..that's it. Must be time for bed. Mom's got her water, I've got my teddy bear. See you tomorrow.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

I celebrated by going outside all by myself, no leash & no Mom, and.....and.....(sniff)....I just couldn't DO it. I've dreamed of freedom ever since I could walk, and when I finally got it I didn't know what to DO with it. So, I sat by the slider and just waited for Mom to let me back in.

She encouraged me to go out a few more times, but I hung back unless she went with me. She says she understands. Like when she first moved out on her own, all by herself into her own little apartment, she thought she'd kick up a storm and instead, she sat on the floor in the living room next to all the empty boxes and cried. She'd wished for so long to be out on her own and not to have to answer to someone, and when she could finally stay up as late as she wanted, or have a party or whatever, she didn't want to. She told me she was much harder on herself than even her parents were on her. Go figure.

Anyway...I decided I rather preferred being IN the house, behind the glass (so I don't have to tangle with those RUDE cats), and where it's air conditioned, and where my food and water is. I tell YOUUUUUU, do me and Mom have a lot in common, or what???



PS - Probably a good thing Mom took this picture. She's getting out the steam cleaner now so she can clear off those slider tracks. (hee hee)

Monday, July 03, 2006

MM to honor MM

(Mary-Margaret asked to have a day off in memory of Jim Backus, who died on July 3, 1989. He was well known as the voice of Mr. Magoo)

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I got my pool! Yayyy!

What's this? A wading pool?
Hurry up and fill. I'm waiting....
Ahhhh...That feels good.
Hmmmmmm? What's that?
Stuff floats on the top of the water, like buggies and feathers and...just stuff. I love to splash it down and watch it pop up again. This is fun.
...splash...splash.. splash.. wheeeee!
My paw pads look like raisins. Time to get out?
This is me after rolling in the freshly mown lawn, getting my fur all full of gunk, and then racing into the house so I can dry off on the couch, I'm contemplating this Egg & Cheese Charlee Bear. Nope...too many calories. I think I'll pass.

That was oodles of fun. I think I like my pool. Wanna come play??

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mom is ABSOLUTELY steaming MAD!!!

I told you about my little "mishap" at the groomers? How I came home limping and had a cut on the top of my head? Mom called Miss Patty, the owner of Country Kennels, and she was gone taking her son to the airport so he could be in Germany for a month. Being the nice person she is, she told Jackie not to bother her and to let her enjoy her day with her son, but to please ask her to call tomorrow.

No call. She waited...waited. Then she called again, and got put on hold for absolutely EVER. She finally started to feel grey hairs growing on her head, so she hung up and called the NEXT day. Again, Miss Patty wasn't "available" so she left ANOTHER message. This was yesterday, and so far NO CALL.

Now I tell YOUUUU, she wasn't even really mad at anyone because she knows (in her heart) that no one would deliberately hurt me. She just wanted to find out WHAT happened exactly, because I am still limping. And I have a scab on my head, but that will go away, only leaving another scar. I got cut the last time I went, too, and they know that!

She didn't think anything other than maybe it was an accident, and she just wanted to find out what happened so she could get me better. Now, she's beginning to wonder if they were negligent and maybe left me alone and I jumped off the table, or something worse. She's not going to go back there, and she's not going to get all legal and sue anybody. She says the most important thing is ME!! (Of course it is, I think!)

Still - she's not happy that they won't even show enough concern to discuss my little incident with her so she would know what really happened to me. That is most definitely NOT nice (and as mom says, so very UN-PRO-FESSIONAL!!!) Especially considering she's been so very loyal to Miss Patty, and given her so many recommendations. She's afraid maybe she's misguided some people and their pups to a place that doesn't care about anything except making money. If so, she's sorry, and will NOT send anyone there again, either.

Just in case you were wondering about me...