Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grandpa's Ear Doctor Appointment

Dear Grandpa -

Uncle Michael asked Mom to let you know you have an appoint ment to go see your ear doctor (Sheldon Klausner) at 3:30PM on Monday 6/3.  Michael will remind you when he sees you next Sunday, too.

Michael is also looking into getting you a phone that will make it easier for you to understand people.

We love you and we are taking care of you.

Kisses and schlurps...



Monday, May 27, 2013

Grandpa's Fans

Yesterday we got a message from someone who wanted MY grandpa to read his paper and make comments on it. My grandpa doesn't hear very well so my mom wrote to my Uncle Michael and asked him to print out Mr. Kircalar's paper. He never told us if he did, so we printed it out below, too.  This is what he wrote to my Grandpa. My Grandpa will read this and we are keeping our paws and fingerettes crossed that he can comment to Mr. Kircalar.  This is the only way we can communicate with my grandpa, Dr. Safonov.

  Dear Dr. Safonov, 

 I send my article to you PDF format in attachment. Please can you analysis my web site www.timeflow.org ? In addition You can find in my web site in http://www.chronos.msu.ru/rweblinks.html 'Personal Sites and Web-Pages' . 


 Best Regards 


Mr. Kircalar's paper is also pasted below.  My grandpa called tonight and said he is reading it.

 Combining General Relativity Theory with Quantum Theory

 ‘The lifetime of a mass or an energy in space is its Mc2 energy’ Ref.(3). Due to this characteristic feature of a substance, conversions of photons of the wawe-particle (energy-mass) or electrons continue consistently.
  Hence, the binary conversion behavior of a photon implies binary conversion behavior of a big mass space object. In other words, the behavior of a photon is a miniature version of the behavior of a big mass space object. Because of General Relativity Theory, ‘One hour in the Sun remains behind with respect to, one hour in the Earth. One hour in the Earth remains behind with respect to, one hour in the Moon. One hour in the Moon remains behind with respect to, one hour in Alpha Ray. One hour in the Alpha Ray remains behind with respect to, one hour in Beta Ray. One hour in the Beta Ray remains behind with respect to, one hour in Gamma Ray. They all show the same physical behaviour.

  Let us observe the behaviors of two photons, say one like is a big mass, and the other like is a small mass. Since the photon with small mass has a short lifetime, it will transform faster from mass into energy and vice versa.
  The big mass photon has a longer lifetime. Hence, the speed of transformation from mass to energy or from energy to mass is slower. Smaller the mass of a photon is, the much bigger the kinetic energy is.

The kinetic energy of a photon is given by, 


‘In order to calculate the lifetime of a mass or an energy in space, we can assume time flow to be time/energy; in any case, no matter what value we assign to time flow, that will not change the present result: the lifetime of a mass or an energy in space is its Mc2 energy. When this is calculated, the lifetime of 1 kg mass in space is 2,851,927,903.26... years, or 9.10 16 s’ Ref.(3)
  All photons’ and all free sub-atomic particles’ lifetimes are their periods or 1/f . In other words the periods are lifetimes for photons and for free sub-atomic particles. And a period is equal its Mc2 particle energy x 1 s/joule or erg. If the period is high, lifetime is high. And Mc2 is high. Or vice versa. Like astronomical objects. This is universal law.

The mass of the low frequency of a photon has a big value . For example: Substituting an Alpha Ray with 1,67.109 Hz frequency into the formula yields,

e= hf = (6,62 .10-34) x (1,67.109)
time = (energy) x (time flow)
t = 1/1,67.109 = Mc2 .1 s/joule ; M = 6,64 .10-27 kg

On the other hand, for a high frequency photon the mass has a small value. As an example to show this is the case, consider a Beta Ray with 1,22.1013 Hz frequency into the formula gives,

e= hf = (6,62 .10-34) x (1,22 .1013)
t = 1/1,22.1013 = Mc2 .1 s/joule ; M= 9,109.10-31 kg

These two examples shows us that by equating the period of a photon to Mc2 energy in a unit time flow provides us the actual values of the mass.
  These two examples are valid for x-Ray ,Gamma-Ray and Light-Ray. When mass decreases, frequency increases. And the transformation from mass to energy becomes more uncertain. We understand that Quantum Mechanics is not different from Classical Mechanics and Relativistic Mechanics, in fact.
  The characteristics of the particles in Quantum Theory are the same as the character of the mass in the General Relativity Theory. They are subject to the same physical processes. So, Einstein’s expression “God does not throw dice!” is still valid.

References (R1):

[.1.]Salih Kircalar, ’Utilization of Time:Time Flow’, Galilean Electrodynamics 13, SI 1, 2 (2002).
[.2.]Salih Kircalar, ‘Time Effects Caused by Mass or Energy’, Galilean Electrodynamics 15, SI 1,8 (2004).
[.3.]Salih Kircalar, ‘Mass or Energy & Quantum Mechanics’ , Galilean electrodynamics 18, J/F, 2 (2007). Salih Kircalar

G├╝zel Otomotiv Kizilelma Cad.No:99/B 
Findikzade-Istanbul /TURKEY 

Note to Mr. Kircalar:  Thank you for asking my Grandpa's opinion.  I know he'll be very flattered.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bunnies in the Backyard

My very good friend, P. Reginald Rabbit. He lives on the slope behind me on the other side of the fence. My Aunt Leslie told my mom to go to a feed store and get some Timothy Hay. We have to sprinkle it on our lawn for the bunnies. Bunnies and cats clean themselves by licking but cats can throw up hairballs and bunnies just get all plugged up. Aunt Leslie says that Timothy Hay will make the bunnies' little digestive systems get rid of all the hair. If they don't she says they'll die in a year, but a well taken care of bunny can live 10 or 12 years. Next stop - Dan's Feed and Seed at the end of Old Town. Or maybe that new Feed Store in Murrieta.

Mom is sort of scowling about all this. She says "Oh Boy! Just what I wanted - more bunnies, more poop and more rabbit hair in my back yard!". I just tell her to "chill" and that it's MY backyard, too.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Old Time Family Photos

Baba & Deida (pronounced like Djeda) 1952 (Nicholas Stephen Gulkevitch & Anastasia Rimski-Korsakoff Gulkevitch)

Mike, Nick, Grandma/Mom/Ruth and Michele with Dad/George in back 1952. Mom is 7 1/2 here. She thinks this was Easter time.

Nick, Michele & Mike 1953 - Here my mom is about 8 1/2 years old. This is about the same time that she found out the Russian word for brother sounded like "brat" and she totally understood why. Left-click the photo to get the full impact of her expression.

Nick, Michele & Mike early 1955 wearing their summer Keds. Remember the free turtles you got with each purchase? And the turtle races in Colvey's parking lot at the end of Summer? Her turtle disappeared toward the end of the year and she hunted everywhere for it. She was cleaning under her bed in early 1956 and found him. Just about the time she was going to drop him into the garbage he poked his head out at her. Nobody ever told her turtles hibernate.

Remembering your family way back when you were just puppies makes humans smile.

And here's Mom at 58 years old.

Everybody enjoy!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Uncle Lt Michael Safonov about 1946

My Grandpa's brother is the tall dark handsome human in the bottom row on the far left. One of his associate lifeguards wrote this story about the Santa Monica lifeguards . My mom remembers that he could walk on hot cement and not feel anything at all. She thought that was way kewl. And he was a really good swimmer. He was a Lt Commander in the US Navy, and maybe even a Commander before he retired.

Do you like the picture, Grandpa??



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mommy was a Teenager

Mom was hunting through photos today and found some she didn't know she had. First off here's one of her Senior picture proofs that was in a tiny envelope left to her by her grandmother Mila back in 1981.

Second is one of Mom and her friend, Alene Childs, who lived on Ingleside Place in Evanston, Illinois just up the street from her. They were sitting on Alene's front porch. Mom is 13 here and Alene is 14 or 15. My Grandpa was working at Argonne National Labs on a contract so my Mom, her three brothers and their mom moved to Evanston for about 4 months. Their house was about a half block from Lake Michigan at 621 Ingleside Place.

I love looking at old pictures of my family from way back before I was born. Don't you?


Your Grand Dogger....


Grandpa's Theory of the Universe

My Grandpa is really smart.  He thought and thought and thought for a few years and then he starting doing stuff on paper with numbers and formulas and things.   It took him a long time to prove out his theory but he finally did it.   It's about photons and non-photons, which are way too small for me to put up a photo of, but they are flying around out there so watch out.

Anyway, my mom put his theory up on the web so that he could share his thoughts with everyone, not just scientists and those super intelligent humans.   I don't understand it but it's nice to know there's an explanation for this kind of stuff.

If you click on the photo of the Exploding Cassopaeia to the right, you'll see all about my Grandpa, his concept and his theory.   You could even download it if you're into that stuff for your lazy summer reading material.   If you click on "Grandpa's Stats" you get to see that people from all over the whole world read about his theory and are learning from it.

He has a lot in common with Stephen Hawking and they both have brilliant brains.   My Grandpa is 92 1/2 years old as of this month, and I want to tell you that I'm VERY proud of him.

Love and kisses....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone.  I just love holidays.  My personal stylist, Miss Marilyn, always makes sure I'm dressed properly.  Today I got a triple bow trimmed to show all the colors of the Mexican flag - Red, green and white.

When our clients came into the office I even danced a little Flamenco or Paso Doble when they left to show them I am a true celebrant of all national holidays, even those of other countries.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I know that me and my mom did.  We relaxed, enjoyed some old movies and shampooed a particular area of our carpet that has a reappearing stain and it's NOT MY FAULT.  Really.  I swear on my birth father's pedigree.