Monday, November 26, 2012

Coming Home!!

Dear Grandpa. We're at the airport in Sioux Falls now waiting for our plane to arrive from Chicago. Then we'll be on our way home.

I had the everly best time with my "family" and my cousins, Sophie and Jazmin. This morning it was only nineteen degrees outside and I just wanted to sleep in. Mom took this picture of me skootching under the covers for a quick nap after she already made the bed.

She's pretty sneaky with a camera that way. It's ok, though. I love her anyway.

Your ever-loving Grand Doggie....


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mom's Mailing Address

Dear Grandpa - Mom said you wanted me to send you her mailing address. Put her name on the envelope and then c/o Rancho Attorney Service, 28465 Old Town Front Street #318, Temecula, CA 92590. Hope that helps.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the West Coast branch of our family and give them all big, schlurpy licks for me. Especially Zooey, my very good friend, Uncle Michael's kitty. I really miss him.

Love and kisses,

Your ever-loving Grand Dog...


Friday, November 02, 2012

Putting words into escrow!!

(Los Angeles Mayor the Honorable Richard Riordan and ME!! I love him but you know how I feel aout "Pawlitics" by the look on my face!)

There have been a lot of books authored by dogs lately. Dogs are very good at delegating clerical tasks to humans with opposable thumbs. If we HAD thumbs, though, we'd probably do our own typing. Most of these books are about our contributions to the human race and how much better it is because of us pups.

Dogs are more than dumb animals. We have souls and we know that we're put on this earth for a purpose. Not all humans recognize that fact but I seriously believe that those who do are better because of it. Take my mom, for example. My Aunt Rose was called to the Rainbow Bridge on November 18, 2005. My mom was grieving terribly for her; her heart was so sad and she was becoming physically ill. On November 24th she dreamed about adopting another pup and, in the dream, she was told that it wouldn't be a pup she expected or even wanted but that love comes in unexpected packages. She had absolutely no intention of getting another dog. It was just way too painful to have to say good-by. Nevertheless, she woke up knowing that Rose had given her permission to love again.

All morning long she had a craving for puppy kisses. She still didn't know that she was, according to divine plan, about to become a mother again. She just knew that she'd probably feel a little better if she could smell some puppy breath and maybe get a few baby licks. She decided to stop by the local pet store for a few minutes. I spotted her the moment she walked in. "Stay cool!" I said to myself, knowing there was a God-inspired universal plan in place. Sure enough, after getting licked by every pup in the place, she and I were left alone sitting side by side, having a conversation. I used telepathy. She spoke English. After recovering from the shock of my human-applied price tag, we went home together and became permanent roommates.

Mom's mother, my Grandma, was from the old school of child rearing. It was difficult for the two of them to have a conversation with each other without my mom feeling like no matter what she said or did, my Grandma would be critical. Even if my mom said she agreed with what my Grandma said (to keep peace), my Grandma would reverse her position and my mom would find herself in the proverbial corner once again. Enter Mary-Margaret O'Brien, Canine Counselor and future (in the next life) United Nations Ambassador.

Mom knew I was extremely brilliant and sensitive and needed desperately to express myself in my own words so she let me have my own blog when I was only 3 months old. There's almost 1400 pages in it so far.

My Grandma would read it every day and when she and my mom would get on the phone they talked about ME and MY life instead of other things. If I didn't post for a few days my Grandma would call my mom and demand to know if I was all right and what I was doing. It didn't take me long to figure out that my Grandma and my mom were talking to each other through me but without the arguing and stress. I was like a "Conversational Escrow Canine", and from December 2005 until November 27, 2007, their relationship was on an even keel. I'm so glad I could help them have the last two years of their lives together in peace and love, without any of the negativity they had experienced for so many years prior.

My Grandma went to the Rainbow Bridge on that last night. I was invited to her viewing and then to the formal service. The pastor even mentioned me as her beloved Grand-Dog, Mary-Margaret O'Brien, when he was listing her surviving family. I comforted my mom and my Grandpa and realized that my job had only just begun. There was so much more God expected from me and I was not going to let him down.

This is getting way too long so maybe next month I can fill you all in on the other ways I've made a big difference in the world, if you really want to hear about it. Let me know. I can always talk about squirrels or gophers instead.

Love and kisses.....and blessings!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien, Lt. Chaplain

North American Division
International Yorkie Brigade

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