Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jet Lag

Dear Grandpa - I'm home and I had Mom reset my watch (no thumbs, you know!). Technically I guess I would be taking my afternoon nap about now but since I'm back home on PDT now I'm taking my afternoon nap this morning instead. Yesterday I had breakfast in Rochester, lunch in New York at JFK Airport, dinner somewhere over Missouri or Kansas (they all look alike when you're 7 miles high), and a late night snack at Jack in the Box somewhere in Mira Mesa. It wears me out just trying to figure out when and where I'll be eating. On the other, "other paw" I mean.....JFK has a Puppy Potty Park which is like an international potpourri of eau de chien. I spent a good while sniffing bark chips in a very lovely little white picket fenced enclosure just outside of Jet Blue's check in area. JFK is truly an international destination. I made sure that future visitors would know "Mary-Margaret was here!" before I left. Glad to be back. We love you, Grandpa!! Mary-Margaret