Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peace on Earth

My Auntie Jackie took this picture of me by Aunt Janet's Christmas Tree. I think it's one of my best pictures ever, don't you? Ohhhhhhhhhhh....I truly absolutely love being with my fambly. I do!!



The REAL Santa!

You can tell this is the REAL Santa because he's actually listening to what I want for Christmas. I am thinking really hard because I want to make sure he gets it right. Remembering what means the most to me I said (after a pause), "WORLD PEACE!!"

That's what I want more than anything....even more than duck jerky! Oh....and that reminds me. My very good friend, Gina, was saying she's running out of her bag of treats. I must absolutely make sure that she has more. I think I'll take her some today or tomorrow or....soon, anyway.

Ah....You can tell where my head is all the time. Food. Except Pumpkin Bread. Whoa. Even without raisins it comes back up quicker than it goes down. What a mess, too. I was everly so embarassed, but Mom just cleaned me and my carseat up when we got to the post office and....oh? Too much information? Sorry...you KNOW how I get off track sometimes. Sorry again. Yes...I did ask for world peace. I probably shouldn't have mentioned the pumpkin bread. But I'm the one who wanted it in the first place. My bad! Someday, I'll learn.

I hope everybody got their wish for Christmas. We did. We spent Sunday with our FAMBLY!! I mingled, and Mom just enjoyed seeing everybody and watching them have a good time, which made her have a good time, too! She misses my sisters a whole lot, and her grandkids, and her grand dogs. Maybe next year they won't be so far away.

Love and licks....


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry After-Christmas!

'Tis the day after Christmas
And all through the kitchen
The micro-wave buzzes
Heating left-over chicken

And turkey and stuffing,
And cranberry and cake,
With my eyes wide open
I eat all I can take!

I'm tossed skimpy morsels
Of some left-over yummy;
And what falls to the floor
I now add to my tummy.

Mom shakes her head.
"Finish whats on YOUR plate!
Think of those starving Chinese
Children - they'd appreciate!"

I guzzle, I slobber
I slurp and I gobble
Til' my bowl is empty
And I can barely hobble

"Ohhhh", I groan and I moan,
and I belch, burp and wheeze.
But I'm proud of myself...
I saved the Chinese!!!

(Consider me an Ambassador of Good Will to China?)

Your humble servant...

Mary-Margaret "Urp" O'Brien

Thursday, December 24, 2009


I am not particularly happy. This was taken last Tuesday afternoon. Here's the thing.

About 11:30AM this guy comes to the office and tickles my tummy and then says (to Mom) "Let's go!". Huh? (I say) and what about MEEEE??? Mom and Shannon say "You stay here, Mary-Margaret! This is business!". Well, Excuuuuuse me? I work here, remember? I am the receptionist and Head of Puplic Relations, right? Hmmmmmm?

I am ignored and, as they walk out the door, Mom says "I love you and I'll be back in about two hours!". Oh, I am SOOOOOO broken by this. I sit by the door and sniffle a bit. Shannon says (and not particularly sympathetically, either) "Get over yourself, Mary-Margaret!". I am now completely crushed.

Maybe an hour into this pain of abandonment Shannon decides she needs to go across the hall. She opens the door just a crack, probably to sneak out on me, but by now I'm on to her game. I make a break for it and race down the hallway toward the double doors. She's yelling "YOU GET BACK HERE, YOUNG LADY!!", but I'm not going for it. She can't catch me. I am as quick as a rabbit, zigging and zagging down the hall.

Allstate Insurance opens their door to see what the commotion is all about. Hah! (I say) These people are my friends and they FEED me sometimes. I duck into their office and try to hide. Wait....oh, hello? They are NOT my friends when it comes to hiding from Shannon? I'll remember that next time they want a kiss from me. Phooey!!

So I get picked up, scolded, and plopped back on the floor in our office (after Shannon finishes her business across the hall), and I cry. Oh yes. I cry big alligator tears and I sigh, and I wait.

About 1:45PM I hear my mom .... she has a distinctive walk and I can also smell that it's her, not that she stinks in the literal sense of the word, but ...well, I'm NOT happy.

As soon as she sits down I am all ... like... pick me up? Please? So she does, and I dig my little fingerettes into her shoulder and I am NOT getting down come Helen Highwater. Not that I know who Helen Highwater is, but I hear her name a lot in this business. I digress.

I do believe that I made it perfectly clear that this treatment is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Nope. Not at all. And I sulked all afternoon to make my point, too.

It's Christmas Eve as I'm writing this and I'm over it. Yup....and I'm thinking about feeling happy and stress-less, and wishing you and everyone a relaxed, peaceful and loving Christmas.

All my love.....


Monday, December 21, 2009

OHMYGAWSH! Dolly from Puppy School!

When I was a little Yorkette I went to Puppy School and made some ever-lasting friends. Dolly the Oripei (gee, I hope I spelled that right!) was one of them. Her mom was in MY bank today and she REMEMBERED MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I couldn't believe my ears. Dolly's mom remembered me! Wow.

Dolly has a new sister, Jezebel, who I haven't met yet but she smells really nice. I can tell who's been where by the way their humans smell. And Margie, their mom, smelled really good. The picture is Dolly and Baxter (the Brittany Spaniel). That was about 3 1/2 years ago. I wonder how big Dolly is now?

Here's another pic of me and my students. This is back when I was ..(ahem?)..."Mentoring" the little ones, back in June 2006, when I was only nine months old:

Here's me breaking up another squabble. This time between Dolly the Oripei, and Reese, the little Cairn terrier. She's so funny. She hoards the toys and stockpiles them just behind the little tree. She's got a mouth on her that could get her into trouble. I'm having a stern talk with her and she is listening to what I have to say.

Gina wasn't working today which made me sad. I looked absolutely EVERYWHERE for her. I even went to the back of the bank as far as I could, then I got in line and stood up as high as I could on my tippy-toes. No Gina today. How disappointed can I get?

Seeing Margie and visiting with her just made my day, though. It's nice to keep in touch with old friends. I told her to say "Hi" for me.



Saturday, December 19, 2009

Six more days - Santa's EVERYWHERE!

Here's me on my way to work Friday. Notice I'm thinking about all I have to do at the office. I dressed very professionally, too, wearing my school jumper and white blouse. I kept it pretty neat all day, too, despite all the excitement.

As soon as I got there I smelled my very good friend, Robert. I TOLD Mom he was there and she didn't believe me. Well, HAH! He came up to see ME in my office later and told Mom that he took the shell off the back of his truck so she didn't recognize it. I can't explain it, but I get all like jelly inside when I see ...(sigh)...Robert. Shannon snorts at me and says need to get over it, but I have a special feeling for him. I do!

Here's what we did today instead of a report - sat for two hours at DCH Honda in Temecula. Last night the light came on that means we need to get some maintenance done. Mom freaked out...I didn't. I TOLD her...chill. Still, at 4:55PM she screeches into the Honda dealer and blithers all over herself about this silly light. They are very helpful there. They also agreed with me and told her that just means we need an oil change or some other routine maintenance. So we made an appointment for 10:15AM today.

Mom took a book; I took my Christmas dress. There was a sign saying that Santa would be there on Saturday and Sunday. I took that to mean the REAL Santa and I wasn't going to miss out. Sure enough, at 11:00AM Santa's helper came and got me and took a bunch of pictures. This guy was very nice and loving and asked me what I wanted for Christmas and EVERYTHING A SANTA IS SUPPOSED TO DO. He also didn't have hairy arms.

I made a lot of friends and gave out lots of kisses. I'm more of a people person than my mom is. I think she's gotten a little shy in her old age. That's ok. I love her anyway.

We got our oil changed, air filter, oil filter, window washer fluid, tires rotated, new brakes, new pads...the whole kaboodle. This is our way of saying Merry Christmas to our car. Good thing we saved our money, huh?

Then we went to Barnes & Noble and got our Christmas books, and to the office to get our mail, and to the market to get our sparkly cider. We're ready...bring it on!!!

Only six more days....



Friday, December 18, 2009

SEVEN more days! Christmas Spirit?

Sometimes it seems like people get angry and up-tight about Christmas. They gripe about not having money, wonder where they'll go for dinner, and spend money they don't have so someone will have a super-dooper over-the-top present that they'll "ooh" and "ahhh" over but forget about in a matter of days.

Whenever we'd see a commercial asking for money, or saying "Christmas is all about all children having a present under the tree!", we'd cringe. We watched the neighbors putting up their Christmas trees and we were debating over whether or not we should dust off the tree in the garage and hang ornaments on it, or if we should buy a new one...(problems problems, right?)...and then we heard about a single mom who had her power cut off and couldn't afford to pay the deposit to get it turned back on.

Mom wrote her a check for $100 and quietly gave it to her, without asking for publicity or anything else. I told Mom that having my family was the best present I could ask for, and not to get me anything this year. Mom told me to keep my money in my piggy bank, too, and that she felt the same way.

Then, a miracle happened. We started singing Christmas carols, and we smiled as we drove through our neighborhood admiring all the lights. We started planning on what we were going to do to celebrate our Lord's birth, and decided we'd splurge on a new book from Barnes & Noble, buy some Orville Redenbacher buttery popcorn and Martinelli's sparkly cider, and snuggle under the afghan while watching movies and reading our new book (we're partial to Phillipa Gregory's fact-filled fiction about English history).

We feel really happy, blessed and light hearted. Christmas Spirit for us, anyway, is feeling love and having a happy heart, knowing that you are blessed with good health, good friends, and good family all year around.

May you all have the opportunity to give to someone in need this Christmas and feel the magic of the season, too.

Love and kisses...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ten more days 'til Christmas!!

Woo hoo! I'm excited. I wonder what Santa will bring me? The REAL Santa, not that guy from PetSmart, I mean. I already know that I am NOT getting my first choice - a baby brother or sister. I wouldn't even care if it was a human baby, though I would prefer another York or Yorkette. But even if I get nothing, I am still blessed with my life. Even my Dr. V once said that if there's such a thing as reincarnation, she want's to come back as "Mary-Margaret".

When I was picking out my gifts for my fur family I thought "What would I like?", so that's what I got them. Shhhhh! It has to be a surprise. Yup! But honestly, I liked the presents SOOOO much, I almost didn't give them away. Mom reminded me that Christmas was about feeling happy because you've made someone ELSE happy, so keeping gifts wouldn't quite cut it.

It's true, though. Like December is probably the WORST month of the year in our business. And yesterday morning Mom gave away some of her work to clients who needed our help but couldn't really afford it. And I hopped into their laps and gave them some loving and licks. Mom and me both felt really sparkly and happy inside afterwards, too.

Then, yesterday afternoon, other clients came in and brought us work and paid for it up front. Hmmmmmm! This totally validates my belief that the whole universe is a system of opposites. You know! Like "positive/negative", "good/evil", "plus/minus" and so on. If you do something nice for someone without wanting something back for it, you get surprised by something nice happening for you when you least expect it.

I think humans say it like this - "What goes around, comes around!". Some call it a "Random act of kindness!" or "Pay it forward!". It works. It really REALLY works.

May the spirit of the Christmas season be with you all.

Love and kisses....


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Santa Claus?

Guess who I was supposed to see today? Hmmmmmm?

So I got this red velvet dress put on me (with white snowflakes and sparklies on the skirt). Then I got handed off to a fat guy in a red velvet suit, wearing a white beard that kept slipping off (causing the mustache to fall into his mouth), a cheap watch and thin white cotton gloves. He had hairy arms that hung out below his sleeves(his suit was a little small).

Mom kept saying "SMILE!", the camera lady kept trying to make me look up, and the chubby guy said nothing because, I think, the beard kept gagging him. "What do you want for Christmas", I heard. "Tell Santa!". I glared. The dress was way too hot and this isn't working for me. I admit to being a dog but I am NOT stupid.

While I was sitting on this guy's lap a Chihuahua and a Golden Retriever (Daisy and LuLu, respectively) got in line. After three tries the camera lady gave up on trying to get me to smile. I wriggled free, arms outstretched to Mom, and said (politely, of course) "Get me outta here!". We waited for our picture to get printed and framed, so I figured I'd see how well Daisy and LuLu did. Daisy kept glancing at me and asking if this was "de verdad?" ("for real" in Spanish). Chihuahuas catch on quick. LuLu kept a huge grin pasted on her face since it seemed to make her human happy.

Oh? What's this? My wish came true? Sure enough, I silently wished for a baby sister and here one was right next to me, human and only one month old, named "Avery". She was wearing red pajamas and smelled....um.....ripe? PERFECT (I said), and as I got ready to claim my gift Daisy's mom grabbed the baby and handed her to Santa, poopy diapers and all.

I guess things have a way of working out. Next time I see Santa, it better be the real thing. I can tell, you know. And so can the Universal Forces, as evidenced by Avery's special gift to Santa. Life is good.

Mom says she'll try to post my picture tomorrow. She's too tired tonight. She hopes you understand. (NOTE - Mom remembered!)

Love and Christmas Cheer....


As Good as New (Almost)

Remember how I told you the other day that I really REALLY like postcards? Hmmmmm??
And how I truly savor them? And how I got carried away and pretty much shredded one from my Aunt Elaine before anyone caught me?

Out of the baggie and into my collection! Mom DID it! She DID. It's whole again. It's a miracle, good DOG, it's a MIRACLE!!

(Note to myself: I am a shred-a-holic. I need help!)

(PS - Thank goodness for Scotch tape!)



Saturday, December 12, 2009

Leaping Lizards, Daddy Warbarks!!

Here's me doing what I love absolutely the everly most best: HUNTING LIZARDS!!! Yup. Even fresh from the Puppy Day Spa, the first thing I do when I get to work is look for lizards. I never ever caught one so don't know what I'd do with it if I did, but still. It's one of my great pleasures in life.

Here's me sitting nicely, like my mom asked, and posing for the camera. This might be my official Christmas 2009 picture. Maybe. Unless we go see Santa Claus, which is iffy today. It's cold and rainy and Mom's in a pre-holiday funk. She really misses her family and kids. I tell her that's why she has MEEEEE, which seems to be of some comfort, but I know I'm no substitute for humans.

Where are her kids, you ask? Well, one is in Minnesota with her hubby and three of Mom's grandkids; the other one is just over the hill but she's going to Hawaii this Christmas with her hubby and the other two of Mom's grandkids. So it's just me and her. Yup. So we're wrapping and packing and getting stuff ready to ship out on Monday so at least everybody will have presents from us at Christmas. That's kinda fun to do. I get to play with the ribbon and the paper scraps.

I keep getting emails asking me to help Nigerians get their money over here to the USA. All I have to do is send them a certified check to show good faith. If they knew who they were asking they'd be the one's surprised. I am not a pup with "deep pawkets", and I got no money, honey! Maybe $13 plus change in my piggy bank but that's for a really rainy day, not an iffy one like today. Actually, only $3.00 'cause Mom still owes me $10 from the tip I got from one of my clients last month. But I will have $13 when she pays me back.

Hope you're all staying dry...



Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas and....Well, Crud!!

I love Christmas...decorations, yummies and stuff. And cards....especially Christmas cards. If you look at our office you'll see that MOST of the cards are to MEEEEEEEE. From MY friends.

About the "Well, Crud!" comment, I would have said something else but Mom "hushed" me. I got a card from my Auntie Elaine in Tampa today. I KNEW it was for me. Like...nobody else BUT me gets postcards, right? Anyway....Mom read it out loud to me and Shannon. And then, because I was hopping up and down, saying "MINE! MINE! MINE!", Mom handed me the card.

It smelled like Brighton, NY. It smelled just like my Auntie Elaine, which reminds me of my VERY good friends, AbbeyMia, Harper and Piper. Which makes me hungry. (Don't ask..it's a dog thing!)

So...I sniffed, I licked, I kissed, and I shredded and I was just about to digest the whole thing when Mom and Shannon absolutely SHRIEKED at me. "NO NO NO"....and I got the whole thing picked up and headed for the trash when my mom intercepted Shannon. It's in a baggie now. Mom says she's going to reassemble it (like a jigsaw puzzle) and put it with my card collection where it belongs.

I guess humans have a totally different idea of how one is to enjoy post cards.



Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Dear GrandPapa.....

Hi, GrandPapa. It's meeeeeeeeeeee....Mary-Margaret. Mom left me at home alone this morning and forgot to turn off the computer. Silly woman! She KNOWS how I am. I watched her leave through my little window by the door. She said she'd be gone two hours, so I figured I had just about enough time to hop on her chair and log in, and maybe even update you on what I've been doing.

It's pretty cold at night, so I do a lot of snuggling. We had "fambly day" on Sunday which means movies and popcorn. I LOVE popcorn. We watched some "Harry Potter" marathon. Oh...and we did some Christmas shopping (on the internet, of course!). We only have a couple more things to get and we're done.

I think maybe we'll do Christmas cards this weekend. Just to fambly and a few friends, though. We have three boxes, but I can't remember how many are in them.

Maybe I can go see Santa Claus, too. Last year we went with Auntie Colleen and my Uncle Rudy and got pictures taken. Or maybe it was the year before. I can't remember. I think we'll go to PetSmart instead of PetCo, though. They have nicer frames. I'm working on my smile especially for YOU, Grandpapa.

Uh oh....I think I hear the car. I better move fast or I'm in beeeeeg trouble.

Love ya...