Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slumber Party

Monday night I was invited to my very first "sleep-over" with the Lillard sisters, Roxie, Sasha and Callie.  They are miniature Collies and quite a bit bigger than I am.  Callie sleeps with Jennifer, and I got to snuggle in Jennifer's bed, too.   I had a pretty decent time, I guess.  I got to go to the Dog Park for the first time because my mom NEVER lets me go (she's afraid I'll catch something from the other pups), and I got some dinner, and some cuddles and scratchies.

The truth, if it be known, is something else entirely.  I was abandoned....dumped. "Sleep over", my left paw. It was a complete LIE. My mother LEFT me all night long. Jennifer is my co-worker and she likes me and I like her but nobody said I was going to be sharing her bed with another dog for the whole night, and that my mom wasn't going to come rescue me. Jennifer drove me to work first, and then to my house after Mom got home. I'm so mad I could spit.  I gave Mom the cold shoulder all day. I was a mess. My hair was all rumpled and sticking out, and I had hives on my belly and I slept all day. I won't get over this quickly, you know. Yorkies hold grudges and this one is a biggie. (PS - steak or In'N'Out might help a little - hint hint)

Finally about 5:00PM on Tuesday when me and Mom were napping, I gave my mom a gazillion kisses all over her face.  She laughed and said "Oh, I'm so glad you're not mad at me any more!".  Well, RATS!  I had forgotten I was miffed so I rolled over and continued with the cold shoulder.  For dinner I got chicken and kibble.  

Wednesday afternoon things got better.  We went to In'N'Out for lunch and I got TWO hamburger patties instead of my usual one.  My practice sessions at laying guilt paid off.  I need to work on "hinting", though.  Having to wait for one whole day is unacceptable in my book.

That's it for now.  



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sharing some recent reviews about RASCAL

My mom is a Private Investigator and she just LOVES her work.  Mostly she likes putting families back together.  She also finds people who need to know they're part of a lawsuit so they can either defend themselves or help out as a witness.

Her company is called "RASCAL" (which is Rancho Attorney Service of California for short) and that's where I work as a receptionist and Vice President in charge of Public Relations.

Having happy and appreciative customers is what it's all about. We thank you all for your comments.   

From Google:
A Google User reviewed in the last week

Quality Excellent

I used Rancho Attorney Services, specifically Michele Dawn, to help me find my father. I had been looking for him for nearly 30 years. I searched the Internet, called numbers in the phone book and emailed numerous potential family members. Thanks to the help of Michele and the staff at Rancho, my father was found. I honestly doubted it was ever going to be possible. However, they found him within a few days. They asked me all sorts of questions to help me find him. I am so grateful for their help. I am going to talk to him for the first time tomorrow!!
Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Michele is Excellent! She worked quickly to find the people we were searching for. She even worked on it through the weekend. She is really good, and fast at what she does! She has been a tremendous help to us. I would recommend her to everyone.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

We were hitting dead ends with everything we tried even with another service. Michele took over and in no time found the people we needed to contact. I would recommend her services to anybody. Excellent work!

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Another service only tried 3 times and then wanted to be paid again. RASCAL took over, found that the address wasn't any good, located a new address and got the papers served.

From YELP:


Wow Amazing Company !!!!!! After 6 years and desperately needing some paperwork from Rancho all I did was made a phone call and Michele produced all my paperwork I needed to follow up on a judgement not collected from 2007. Always used Rancho for my process serving and they ALWAYS found who we were looking for. Still can't believe they had all my records. If you want efficiency you have to use . They will always be here for you......



I am totally amazed!!! I was referred to Rancho Attorney Service, specifically to Michele Dawn, by I was told she may be able to help me locate my biological father that I have never met. I talked to and emailed Michele several times about my father. I had very limited information about him to give her. I had been searching for him for nearly 30 years. Well, within less than a week she, and the staff at Rancho/Rascal Proccessing, were able to locate him. I am still completely in awe of what they were able to do. Tomorrow I will be talking to my father for the first time thanks to them!!!!

Hewitt G.

Temecula, CA

8/2/2012 First to Review

You absolutely cannot go wrong with RASCAL! You will be greeted by the lovely Mary Margaret when you arrive. Dawn is all about the attention to details and carefully checks all paperwork to ensure you've delivered a complete set. I have used them several times in the past and her process servers will find those hard to reach people who try and hide in small spaces. They are reasonable and a lot of fun to work with!

-Hewitt   I just wanted to share this with my Grandpa.  I think he'd be very proud of me and my mom and what we've done to make the world a better place.   Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dear Grandpa -

First off, I feel everly so much better.  My bladder infection is probably cleared up but Mom is still making me take my medicine even though I scrunch up my face and try to push her fingers out of my mouth with my tongue, and I've even threatened to bite her.   Not that I would, you know, but it's always to my advantage to remind her that I could, if I wanted to.

Next, Michael says your special phone was approved so you can hear or read everything we're saying.   This is what your phone might look like, or maybe you'll get the one where there's a little TV screen that prints out what people are saying.  Click on the arrow to play the video.

Greg will tell you more about it when he picks you up on Sunday (tomorrow). The one you're getting might not be exactly like the one in the video but it will be close.

Me and mom stayed home today and napped.  Tomorrow we'll go into the office and get some work done.

I love you, Grandpaw....


Friday, June 07, 2013

FLIP Mysteries - I'm on TV!

Not sayin' I'm a reality star or anything.  I had a "cameo" role in this.  Cameo means small but very important.   Yup.  That would be me.

This is about a bunch of ladies (and a small dog...ahem?) solving a couple of real life mysteries.   My mom, Michele, is the lady in the black&white top and I'm the small furry one in the pink t-shirt.  It was my job to make sure the digital camera was properly focused.

FLIP Mysteries - Women on the Case


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday, June 03, 2013

June 2013 - The Yorkie Times

Here you go, folks. Fresh off the presses. THE YORKIE TIMES


Your on-the-spot columnist,