Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mom's Big Interview!

Mom got interviewed for a local Temecula website. She's pretty pleased that someone even asked her about her business. I'm pretty pleased that they used a picture of ME to put in the interview. Boy, what a team, huh??

You can go here Rancho Attorney Service interview with Michele Dawn if you feel like reading it. Honestly, it's not too boring and you can always look at the picture of MEEEEE!

(just kidding)

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Receptionist & Chief of
Public Relations for

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dear Diary - July 21, 2012

Dear Diary:

Woke up early and bugged Mom to get outta bed and let me out.

Checked backyard for rabbits, cats and other friends or intruders. Nobody there. Sniffed a worm that sorta looked dead in a puddle on the patio and got yelled at.

Came back in and took up my post at the front window, barking "Hello" at humans and pups as they walked by.

Mom fell asleep in her comfy leather chair. She snores. I fell asleep on the couch. We both woke up what we thought was a couple of hours later and thought it was afternoon. It wasn't. It was only 10:12AM. Watched more HGTV.

We called my doctor to see if they could get me in for my booster shots. They could. We made appointment for 4:45PM

Mom got off her butt and got dressed and we went to the office. No mail but there was some stuff to do. About 3:15PM we wrapped it up and went to the Von's market. I said "Hello!" to all my friends. While we were in the check-out line waiting for Crystal to finish up the person ahead of us, a man came up beside me and said "Excuse me? Excuse me?". Mom thought he wanted to get to the candy rack but he said he wanted to take my picture. Mom said "Smile" and I guess I sort of grimaced. My bow was a bit askew and my hair rumpled but I gave him my best "photo op" look over my shoulder and he was happy.

After we went home and unloaded the groceries we got back into the car and drove over to Pet Medical Center. Zeus, the fat cat that belongs to Dr. Bach, was all sprawled out in one of the waiting room chairs. I don't think I ever saw a cat sprawled so absolutely everywhere all over the place but Zeus managed it so that he looked like a chair cushion with paws and a tail.

I got called into my exam room and asked them to please raise the blinds. I like to look out the window to see who's there. The girls came in and weighed me. I am doing pretty good, lost almost a whole pound. I'm down to 9 pounds, 15 ounces. Core Wellness adult formula kibble is good stuff and tasty, too. They took some blood from my jugular vein, gave me a shot for something, and went up my tush for a bit of left know....checking for heart worms, which I won't have because I take my Sentinel every month. Then we went home.

My shoulder was a little sore so I decided to kick back under a tree in my backyard for a bit. Very relaxing. Little breeze...great smells. What more could a pup want?

Mom had a turkey and avocado sandwich for supper; I had my kibble and chicken.

So much for a day in the life of Mary-Margaret O'Brien, Yorkshire Extraordinaire.

Love to you all......

Monday, July 02, 2012

Friends are FOREVER!!

Feral cats - gone. Gophers - gone. Rat - gone!

It was getting a little boring in my back yard for a while there. But now I have BUNNY RABBITS with fluffy little white cotton tails. Sometimes they come over to my house to munch on the clover that's growing in my back lawn. They hop through the wrought iron fence along the back border and even kick back a bit, just enjoying their moment.

Nobody has stayed long enough for me to get to know them on a first-name basis yet. Just about the same time I hop through my personal door to introduce myself, they hop through the fence and disappear.

I race over to the fence and stand on my tippy-toes trying to see where they went. I'm pretty sure they live on the slope between my yard and the road. I sure hope they don't try to cross the street without looking both ways. My good friend Pooka who lives next door says they come visit him, too. If these bunny rabbits are anything like Magnolia Blossom or the Woolies, I'll have hundreds of friends in no time at all. Isn't that great!!??

I wonder if they'll let me mentor them like I did the kids at Puppy School? I could work on socializing and showing them good manners and maybe even work on their language skills. Doglish is pretty basic. I'll try to get them to sit still long enough for a snapshot so I can share with you. They hop pretty fast, though.

OHHHH...and my very good friend MaryAnn who used to work down the hall came to visit me yesterday. I haven't seen her for a couple of years but the minute she opened the door to my office I ran right over to her, with my whole rear end wagging a mile a minute. She knows exactly what I like. Friends really are forever!


Forever in my heart and soul - You're my friend, you make me whole!!

(Original poem by MEEE...Mary-Margaret O'Brien)

Love always...


(NOTE: Thankfully someone was thoughtful enough to make my picture PG rather than XXX rated. I really need to talk to Mom about those candid shots of me when I'm not looking.)