Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Lovely Surprise!!

Look what I got from my Aunties, MaryElizabeth and Corrine.

Yup! An envelope and all I have to do is get it open. I'll take it over here.

Noooo....maybe I'll take it over HERE, instead. I'll get some help from my baby.

You'd think a certain someone could see that it was all taped up and I could NOT find even a tiny place to start opening my package.

Enough with the camera, already. PULEEEEEZE?? Will you help me? can use scissors and I can't? Help?

Oh my STARS!!! I can't believe it. Another "camouflage" dress and it's a size larger. I can wear it. It's comfortable and everly so fashionable. My good friend, Squinky, could wear my other dress very comfortably, too. She's been dating again, and apparently doing some heavy petting because she's ....well, shall we say.....with pups? Yup. And this style would be very comfortable for her to wear. You can't tell from the picture, but it slips on like a vest and there is plenty of room for both Squinky and her pups.

You want a dress like this for your pup? Go to YTNR "Rescue Boutique", then in the left hand menu, click on "Pet Apparel". Recognize the model there? Hmmmmm? The clothes are comfortable, fashionable, and reasonable. And if you buy something, you're helping out a pup who is less fortunate than others. Go visit the site, ok?

Thank you EVERLY so much, MaryElizabeth and Corrine.

Mom's been taking pictures with her cell phone, but we'll try to get some with her Canon if she can ever remember to charge the battery.

Love and kisses...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lunch with Jami

My VERY good friend, Ms. Jami Ramsey, came by for lunch again today. She's teaching me Spanish; I'm teaching her manners. She never had classes in etiquette, so I have become her unofficial mentor. She's really attached to her dad, my "Uncle" Fidel, and he can't even leave the office without her getting really upset, whimpering, and hopping on top of Jennifer's desk.

I got out my new baby doll from MaryElizabeth and Corrine and played chase with it. Naturally, I won every time. I thought Jami might like to play, too, but she's still pretty shy and reserved. My baby is a "stuffie", like GirlGirl Hamsterrier says. They're good to have and they don't argue much.

Mom can't find her glasses. Had them on top of her head in the market and when we got home, they were gone. I guess we'll have to get some new ones for her. She can kind of see a little with her old ones, but not as good as she should. She says she's not worried. She needed new ones anyway and this is just God's way of getting her into the eye doctor. Otherwise, knowing her, it could be months before she gets around to getting her exam.

Mom went to court today and I had to go home for a couple of hours. She says it would be too stressful for me. But it wasn't so bad, she says. She was first case called, the defendant deadbeat didn't show, and she got her judgment against him. Easiest case she's ever had, she says.

That's it for now. Any typos can be directly attributed to the fact that she can only see somewhat out of one eye. Tsk.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mary-Margaret - TV STAR??

Me and my "crew".

Oh boy! Remember last year when I got filmed by Donna Kanter for her television production? Called "F.L.I.P. Mysteries" (F.L.I.P. or FLIP stands for "Female Legal Investigative Professionals)? Well, I'm told by a very good source that I'm in the show. Wow! And here I thought maybe I'd be on the cutting room floor.

It's on August 6th on the WE Channel. Click on the link to learn more about it, if you want. I'm EVERLY SOOOOO EXCITED. I'm "on my way"!

(Huh? "On my way" to "where", you ask?! Let me think about that. I'm pretty much happy to stay where I am; I like my bed...and my mom...and my back yard. Maybe I'll just have a few adventures on the condition that I can keep my life as it is. Yeah! That's what I'll do.)

I saw a movie once where this girl closed her eyes, clicked her heels together and said "There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!". And she's right, I think.

Love and schoozles to everyone....


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wheeee...for MEEEE?? My loverly week!!

Hide and Seek - I love this. If I don't see Mom, then she can't see me. I love my little car seat and hate to get out sometimes. So here I am just sitting, ignoring Mom who's saying "COME ON, Mary-Margaret! Get out!!"
Hee hee hee....see? I'm just playing with her. She gets so ... kinda nutsy, I guess...when I do this. She's hot, tired, and hungry, and here's me, just wanting to play. Oh well...I'm getting a bit hungry, too.

Corrine and MaryElizabeth sent me a crochet ball. It doesn't bounce or go very far away, so mostly I take naps with it. It's one of my most favorite toys.
I got a present in the mail today from MaryElizabeth. It's my very own baby doll that looks JUST like me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I kissed it for a really long time until it was soggy - just right for me; I like "soggy".

All that licking and kissing and tossing and hugging made both me and my baby tired. So we curled up and took a nap together. It's so neat to have a "baby" to take care of.

We went to visit my grandpa on Tuesday. I got to see all my friends at Carrow's again. I specially like Rick from He's cool and has a pony tail.
On the way to Grandpa's, a big old gravel truck tossed a rock onto our windshield and scared me really really bad. It was so loud, I thought we got shot or something. Now there's a hole and a teensy crack. Mom's getting it fixed on Friday.

We didn't leave work until maybe 6:30 last night and oh guess what? We had a flat tire. Mom called AAA and they said maybe 45 minutes. Here's what I did. Sat in Mom's lap and practiced making faces in her side view mirror.

Here's what my office building looks like from the side street where we stopped after finding out we had a flat. Mom says "Uh oh.....that sounds bad!", when she heard like a whirring sound as we drove. Yup. FLAT FLAT FLAT!!

Then I said "Howdy and Hello!" to persons of my kind when they walked by. I thought this guy (the black one, I mean) was really handsome. I really barked "Hello" to him.

Whoever said girls shouldn't call boys? Hmmmm? He came over and introduced himself to me. His name is "Bear" and he's a Newfoundland, only seven months old. He's very well mannered. We visited for a while.

And here's Bill, from Black's Towing. It only took him SEVENTY MINUTES to get there. The last 30 minutes we waiting Mom started playing with her cell phone and sending pictures and text messages to people. Not that she knew how to do text messages until she had nothing else to do; then she practiced on Aunt Vickie. She thinks she sent her a picture of me and a message like "Flat tire waiting for AAA", but she's not sure. She'll ask my Aunt Vicki next time they talk.

We finally got home and had dinner about....hmmmm....maybe 8:15PM or so? It was dark out and I was absolutely STARVING. Chicken and kibble taste everly so much better when you are SO HUNGRY you feel like fainting, you know?

Then we conked out in our leather recliner, and went to bed maybe 10:30, without even checking our email. That's how tired we were.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What was IN the package?

Note how it absolutely matches my special pink Chaplain's helmet? Now I can go on patrol and perform my duties fashionably.

Thank you to both MaryElizabeth and Corrine.



Thursday, June 12, 2008

A VERY Exhausting Day!

First off, when I get into my office, there is my very personal assistant, Jennifer. Mom says that she's HER assistant, but I beg to differ. It's ME that gets the belly rubs! Not Mom! Anyway, Jennifer takes very good care of me until Mom asks her if she wouldn't mind doing something. I HATE it when that happens.

But when the MAIL comes, I'm everly so surprised. My very good friend Corrine Ellison from Cutler, Indiana has sent me a box. Woo hoo! You KNOW how I love to open boxes, right?
This one is really wrapped good. I tell YOUUUUUU. I haven't had a box wrapped up this good in my whole life. I'm biting, and peeling and chewing and scratching and it just WON'T open!

So I figure maybe I'll take a little break and rest up for the next round of attacks. I can't wait to see what's in there. Corrine always sends me something really nice.

Oh yes. Did I tell you my very good friend, Jami Chihuahua, came by and had lunch with me? I think I'm getting to her. She doesn't try to bite me any more, and she actually shares my lunch with ME! Wow...I'm good at socializing her.

And speaking of socializing, me and Mom were in the market yesterday and a lady came up and started talking to me and Mom. When Mom said "Mary-Margaret", the lady went "OH...I KNOW MARY-MARGARET! From PUPPY School!", and it turns out me and her pup, MaggieMoo, both went to Puppy School at the same time at the same place, with Miss Letty. How cool is that, huh?

That's all for now....oh, except....Aunt Shelly? I wanted to let you know that we've been working really hard lately. Lots of people are getting sued and disappearing and you know that's what we do best - finding and serving people. By the time we get home we're pretty tired, but I got Mom to promise she'd try harder to post more often. We LOVE you!!

And we LOVE all of our readers, too!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spider-Web Veil with Do-Dads

No pictures, sorry! I pranced into the house all gussied up and Mom started shrieking. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!", she said. She totally forgot to get the camera 'cause she was so busy getting my pretty veil off of me. It was really nifty...all light-weight and wispy, with pieces of dried leaves and a twig that I thought was very ornamental. Obviously, not everyone shares my taste.

Then I started running my fingerettes through my hair and Mom mumbled something about "Oh, GAWD...spiders?", and within a split second I found myself in the shower all soaped up and sitting on my special little seat. After a sudsing, rinse and blowdry, I'm good to go again.

Hint: If you don't want me to wear pretty things, clean up the patio, you silly woman!! There's lots of neat stuff out there.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, June 05, 2008

God Bless BityBit and MaggieMae

BityBit was only two weeks old yesterday when she went to the Rainbow Bridge. She was everly so tiny compared to her brother (3 oz) and sister (2.9 oz) when she was born, and she fought so valiantly to live. Imagine a little pup weighing only ONE ounce, compared to her siblings. Here is a picture of the family:

BityBit skootched up to her mom, Izzy, just like the big kids, and she ate and napped and squeaked. She had gotten all the way up to FOUR ounces and it seemed that our Yorkie prayers were working. But she started crying and not eating, and having troubles, and no matter what Lady Bobbie did God decided it was best for BityBit to come live with him. Here little BityBit is up to four ounces and we think she's going to make it.

Lady Bobbie is a human who rescues pups, and she's like a second mom to them. On Friday, May 16th, her little rescue Maggie Mae, passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. She was only three, and in her short little life she experienced more pain and suffering that anyone ever should. She came to Lady Bobbie after probably being hit by a car. Some people tried to care for her but she couldn't walk and she wasn't getting any better. Lady Bobbie was called to see what she could do. Please take the time to read about Maggie Mae by clicking on the pink link "Maggie Mae" above.

Lady Bobbie made a beautiful memorial in her garden for Maggie Mae and now her baby sister, BityBit, is with her. Pictures of Maggie Mae's and BityBit's final resting place are at the bottom of Maggie Mae's story.

May God bless Lady Bobbie and all the others who work so tirelessly in rescuing pups and taking care of them. It doesn't matter whether they're lame, blind, deaf, maimed, deformed or just very sick. They leave for the bridge from their forever home knowing that they were loved, and that they'll be remembered and missed for always.

We loved you, BityBit and Maggie Mae, even though we hardly knew you. You are part of our family forever.


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The MEANEST Woman in the Word

Yesterday, we were in the market in the check out line and one of the ladies in front of us said, "Oh, is that a YORKIE"? And then said her mom just "bought a Yorkie at a swap meet for only $150 and it's so tiny...only 8 weeks old and fits in the palm of her hand and it's all black". Mom had to restrain me from biting her. She told that lady that Yorkies needed to be with their parents until they were 12 weeks old, and they could get stuff and be really sick so be prepared to really commit. You know what the lady said? Hmmmm?

SHE SAID: "Oh, if it gets sick, my mom will just sell it to someone else. She doesn't want to spend a lot of money on it. She's already paid for a puppy purse, and clothes and things. She wouldn't want to pay for doctor bills, too. She just got it de-wormed and that took TWO visits."

This time, I restrained Mom from "accidently" ramming her shopping cart over the mean lady's heels. If we could have, we would have followed the woman home and rescued that baby. What is the MATTER with some humans? Geez! Everyone wants to be a "Paris Hilton" or "Britney Spears" and play Mommy to a teensy little Yorkie. Crazyness. Yorkies are like little kids, and they need really GOOD parents and a "forever home". We are not "throw-aways", you know?

Now if that isn't the meanest most awful person in the whole world, I dont' know what is.


Mary-Margaret "A Lucky One" O'Brien

Mary-Margaret - Doorstop or Super-Model?

Surprise Surprise! Looky what I got in my email this morning. So nice to be thought of as a "Supermodel" instead of a furry doorstop. Yup.

The other day I heard Mom whisper to someone that I was "too heavy for a Yorkie" because "the standard is 3 to 7 1/2 pounds", and I'm about 8 1/2. And she said I was "sturdy and square, like a doorstop". I heard that. I have feelings, you know.

This will show HER. Some people find me attractive. And Turbo and Royal both said I could join their club, if I wanted. I can always be an honorary Siberian Husky if this "supermodel" thing falls flat. Yeah! So THERE!!


Now I need an agent.

PS - If you are interested in learning more about Yorkie "angels", please click on Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, Inc..

I know, it's really hard to imagine someone, even our people parents, hurting us or tossing us aside just because we're sick or hurt or they can't take us along when they move, or we get too big or....! Well, the excuses are many, and not all of us find our "forever" homes right away. Please visit the YTNR site. Can YOU help? God bless you, and people like Corinne and Mary-Elizabeth.



Monday, June 02, 2008

New Dresses Cheer Me Up

My Auntie Debbie was trying so hard to get me to hold still for a picture. Sorry, folks, but bonnets just aren't "me", if you catch my drift. The strings tickle my chin. But DO make note of the embroidery? Ahem? It says "Mary-Margaret"!!
The dress is a brand new design and was sent to me by my Aunties, Mary-Elizabeth and Corinne. Corinne is from Indiana. Mary-Elizabeth is far away, too, but her mother is in Hemet. Wasn't that everly so nice of them? They are very active in the National Yorkie Rescue.
I'm starting to feel like myself again here. Relaxed.....feeling pretty, oh so pretty and witty and gaaaaaaaaaaay!! Oh...sorry. Easy to get carried away at times.

I'm very grateful to have such caring people as my friends. Thank you again, Corinne and Mary-Elizabeth.

Love and slurpies...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien