Friday, July 30, 2010

Thank DOG it's Friday!

We've been getting some emails about not posting for a while, and I KNOW my Grandpa misses me, too. It's just been busy, and hot, and busy know how it goes. Sometimes you have to pick one thing over the other and my mom picks "taking dictation from Mary-Margaret" as on the bottom of her list. So unfair.

Most commentable (I think that's a word) is that last week some of the checkers at my Albertson's got in trouble for being too friendly with me. That makes me sad, but truly it's my fault, too. We just got to be such good friends that we'd kiss and snuggle and get all crazy when we'd see each other, plus I wasn't wearing my little jacket that shows I'm working because it was starting to need some dry cleaning, and a couple of customers made a complaint. The checkers and my very VERY good friend, Janet at Customer Service, got talked to.

Nobody said anything to my or my mom, because technically it's not my fault that some folks find me adorable and pettable (is that a word?). But we don't like to be part of any commotion at all, so Mom talked to me before we went into the market. She put my jacket on me, and told me that we had to be very professional. I am not allowed to hop up and down when I see Betsy or Janet or Rosie. She asked me to please sit very quietly.

I was absolutely excellent in the market. Some kids came up to me and put their hands in my face and I just sniffed them and looked away. When we got to the check out counter, I looked straight forward all the time. I did NOT look for Janet or anyone. And when we went to get our Lotto ticket, Mom whispered to me: "Please, Mary-Margaret. Sit very quietly and be professional. We don't want to get anyone in trouble!". I did exactly as she asked, and I only once got up to look for Janet and then I remembered my instructions and I sat back down.

When we got to Janet's counter, I just sat very still and didn't move at all. Janet blew me quiet kisses and whispered, "I love you, Mary-Margaret!", but I didn't say a word. When Mom was all done I glanced over at Janet and blew her a kiss* and then we got helped out to our car.

Everyone was very impressed with me. I think they forgot that I was a highly trained professional, worthy of wearing the red vest with the caduceus on it. I felt very respected, like I used to be in the beginning when we'd go to market. It's really true that a well trained pup never forgets, and I didn't. All the way home I got complimented and praised. I am very puffed up right now and Mom couldn't be prouder.

I am MARY-MARGARET O'BRIEN, service dog and helper to all humans. I have earned my stars today....and my chicken, too!!


M. M. O'Brien, PhD**

* Pups blow kisses by looking at their recipient and thrusting their tongue out and pulling it back in, while winking at their target at the same time.

** PhD - Pretty Happy Dog.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pictures I Promised!

When I'm at the market I mostly look for my special friends. Here I am staring at Janet who works at the Customer Service counter. I am willing her to see me. It's a gift I'll see!

Here's my very good friend, Rosie! She just graduated from high school and already they are teaching her to be a checker. I kind of miss her wheeling me out to the car and telling me about her pup, Andie (a little dachshund). Still...she remembers to say "Hi" to me.

Moving on down the line, I go back to staring at Janet. Like...geez...what's the matter with her that she hasn't seen me yet?

HA HA...Jokes on me. She knew I was there. She sneaks up on me and starts to give me a back-rub. I tuck my head down to make it easier for her. Ahhhhhhh! (I say)...a little to the left, please??

I just love going to the market.



PS - You might have noticed that you usually see the back of my head. It doesn't start out that way, but it's a game I play. Mom says "Smile, Mary-Margaret!" and I do. I pose everly so beautifully, but the second she hits the button I laugh and turn my head. Until I get paid for this, the back of my head is what you get. Hmmmph! Paparazzi!!

The "ARF" Word!

You know how much I like getting my hair done, right? And how my very BFF, Madison, is there and we play and visit and just hang out? Well, we got there this morning and I was SOOOOO excited to get inside Miss Marilyn's Puppy Day Spa (really called "Prime Cuts") that my feet were racing before we even opened the door.

"Madison...MADISON!", I said, all excited and stuff. I got down and sniffed her, her cushion, her piddle pad, her food dish, her water, and then I ran over to play with her, just like I always do.

"RRR...rr...ARF!", she snapped. "Huh?", I asked? Like...this is NOT how you talk to your friends, not even your best friend...not even your WORST friend. Madison just looked at me and didn't even say "Sorry!".

Marilyn told her that wasn't very nice of her and apologized for her. I ran and hid behind my mom's ankles. I am truly devastated by this. My heart is broken and my ears are down. Even my tail stopped wagging, which it NEVER stops hardly ever.

Marilyn told me that Madison was having an "off" day and had been grumpy all morning, and that I shouldn't take it personally. Well, hello? Of course I take it personally. I'm not a mind reader and I have absolutely no idea what went on before I got there.

Words hurt forever and you can't take them back. I wish she'd bitten me instead. At least THAT would heal. Words pierce your heart for absolutely always.

We'll probably make up later, but right now I am sooooo depressed I want to cry.

Sorrowfully yours,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS: Here's my before and after pictures. I know it's hard to tell the difference but I feel like a new pup. I surprised Miss Marilyn by keeping my Fourth of July bow in for four whole weeks. Can you see my new one? It's my favorite color - purple - and it has little puppy feet on it.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another E-ticket Ride!

Wheeeeeee! I am SOOO in trouble, but it was worth it.

This morning we got to work about 9:00AM and rode up the elevator. Mom got off, but I didn't. Someone called the elevator back to the first floor and I got to ride all by myself. I love the look on some people's faces when they see MEEE without my human. (hehehehehehehehe)

They rode me up to the second floor, and then pushed the button back for the third floor. Mom was hollering for me. "Mary-MARGARET?? WHERE ARE YOU?", so I figure the people that got on the elevator with me heard her, put two and two together and decided I must be "Mary-Margaret". Well, that....and my shocking pink tag clearly says "Mary-Margaret" on it.

I was grinning like crazy when I finally got to the third floor for the second time. This is everly so much fun. I'd do it all day if a "certain someone" (who shall not be named) would let me. I mean, everyone in the whole building and most of Old Town already knows who I am and where my mom is. Like....hello? What's the big deal?

Love ya...

Mary-Margaret "The Adventuress" O'Brien

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

26 Days and Counting

I'm on a mission. This is about competition, and this time I'm competing with my previous record of one week. For your information, so far I've had my bow in my hair for TWENTY-SIX days. My next spa appointment is Friday. Boy oh boy, will Miss Marilyn be surprised. I have NEVER EVER in my WHOLE LIFE kept a bow in my hair for so long.

Guinness book of records, leave a page open for MEEEEEE!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Me, Makhia and the Market

I'd like you to meet my new friend, Makhia, pronounced Mak-AY-ya. I just love love LOVE little boys. There were several in the market today and I flirted with every single one of them. Mom just laughs and tells them that I want a little boy of my very own some day. That's true. I've given up on asking for a little brother or sister. I am doomed to forever be an only Yorkette. But I sure wouldn't mind having a baby boy to kiss and play with whenever I want. If you double-click on Makhia's picture you can see how cute he is up close.

Mom says I'm the original "Taste of Temecula", because I go around tasting everyone I meet. Silly woman. And I never forget a taste, either.

There are more pictures to post from our shopping trip today, but for some reason it takes a long time for our Droid to get them to Verizon to get them to our email. Probably tomorrow. We have pictures of my friend Rosie who is now cashiering, and of Janet, my personal customer service rep, and of me staring intently at Janet trying to will her to notice me. I do that. I focus on people and just stare holes into them until they see me. I'm very powerful that way, you know. Super-Dog!

Until our pictures get here, that's all for now.


Mary-Margaret "Tasting Temecula, One Person at a Time" O'Brien

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Letter to Mom

First off, if you are ever again inclined to go to the post office "for a few minutes" and thinking of leaving me home again saying "I'll be right back!", don't bother trying to pull that on me again. FOUR hours is NOT right least to a Yorkshire Terrier who is drinking lots of water to stay well hydrated.

Secondly, if you spot a kitty outside the perimeter wall, tell me quietly so I can sneak up on it. The "surprise" factor is lost when you yell, "Kitty, Mary-Margaret! KITTY..KITTY...KITTY!". (I showed you how to do it when I spotted that raven on the chimney this morning for you. Stop, stare and stay still. You said "Birdie?", and I glanced at you and then back at the bird until you came out and saw it. That's how it's done!)

Thirdly....and this is REALLY important, ok? When we get up in the morning what is the first thing YOU do? Well, I'd like to do that, too. So check your email AFTER you open the slider and you won't have to pick up anything from the dining room carpet. Fortunately for us both my digestive functions are normal and ...shall we say..."solid"?

Fourthly....we have a Queen sized bed. There's plenty of room for both of us. Do you have to take up the whole thing? Do you have any idea what it's like to be knocked off the bed in the middle of a sound sleep? Do you? Hmmmmmm???? I understand now why my Aunt Rose (Rest her soul!) would attack your head in the middle of the night. Remember how long it took for that bald spot on the back of your noggin to fill in?

Fifthly...(I think that's a word)...I think you are the greatest mom in the world and I love you more than life itself, so please don't take this the wrong way? But, as much as you like to play "This little piggy" on my feet and, when you run out of toes you say, "And all the little piggies went wee wee wee all the way home" while jiggling my entire drives ME crazy. There! I said it. I tolerate it because I love you...period. OK..and once in a while it's a warm and fuzzy mom-pup thing to do. Just not so much, please?

That should do it for now. Now you go get in the shower because we have work to do today. It's going to be hot and I'm planning on sleeping most of the day. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Love and kisses....


PS - Grandpa? I really REALLY love you, too!!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Whew! It's been hot, humid and everly so stifling. I spend a lot of time either panting or sleeping or both. Mom keeps my water bowl full, and I empty it. Then she fills it again. I'm very well hydrated, but (as you know) what goes in, comes out. I make several potty runs to the planters outside to keep up with the program.

Potty runs means making friends. Yesterday morning I met Dexter. He belongs to my friend, Tina, who has an insurance agency on the second floor. He's just a little bigger than me, with wild and crazy reddish blonde hair that goes every which way, and he smiles a lot. I think he's Cairn, mostly, but I'm not sure even he knows. We get along very well. I think this could be the start of a long and happy relationship. We should have gotten a picture. Darn. I'll keep you posted.

Maxie and I visited for a while on the third floor. She's Hector's new Border Collie. She's naturally very bright and already knows when to say "O U T" and she's maybe 4 or 5 months old. We always say "Hello" to each other even if our doors are closed. Just a quick "Hi there girlfriend!" (which sounds like "arf arf" to you) and we get back to work.

"Siberecula" is Mom's way of saying we're out here in the boonies. She's even given me a Russian name - Martina Margaretova Dogbonovich - in keeping with the Russian theme. While my Grandpa had heat and sunshine yesterday, by the time we left the office at 4:30PM, it was thundering and lightning and raining. Mom was on tornado watch, not that we'd get one but it was pretty "Oz-like" out there. Today will probably be the same.

Shannon's on vacation until the 21st. Her birthday is on the 20th, and she's in Las Vegas. We heard it was like 117° or something. Ew! And my Uncle Jason's birthday is TODAY, the 16th. AND my Uncle Nick's is on the 17th, AND my Uncle Greg's is on the 24th. That's a lot of birthday cake out there.

Have a great day!

До свидания (Do svidaniya) (that's Russian for Good-bye) ...

Martina Margaretova Dogbonovich, your reporter from Siberecula, Kalifornya.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chicken for Lunch!!

Mom and Shannon went to El Torito for lunch today and left MEEEEE in charge of the office. I felt a little miffed for a minute, but then I figured that I must be VERY important and highly thought of to have such a big responsibility. I didn't cry or bark or scratch or ANYTHING.

My professionalism was well rewarded. When Shannon came back she had a little box with her that had a piece of the absolutely most deee-lish-us chicken in it. Shannon had the 3-course special with salad, chicken fajitas, and freshly fried ice cream. Mom had tortilla soup, a chicken and sour-cream enchilada, a crispy shredded beef taco, and freshly deep fried ice cream. Deep fried ice cream is really yummy (I'm told) if it's fresh, but the soggy kind that's been sitting in the freezer for Dog knows how long gets a bit chewy and isn't so much fun to eat.

If I'm to be treated this well when they go to lunch, I might just volunteer my services more often.

Yummily yours,


Monday, July 12, 2010



Oh my's from Corinne....what could it be?

It's a "Bring home the troops!" dress. With PETTICOATS! It's got red petticoats...maybe three or four! I feel like Scarlett O'Hara!! I'll have Mom take a picture of my petticoats. I'm probably one of the very few pups in the whole United States with my own PETTICOATS!! (Note: I am ignoring my Mom who said I'm such a "bubble butt" I don't NEED petticoats. She's just jealous, I'm sure!)

I want to go show all my friends. I do!

Mom says I have to save it for a special day. Today IS a special day for me. I am everly so thankful to have friends like Corinne to make me such beautiful dresses.

She also sent me a really pretty lavender dress perfect for tea parties, and it has petticoats, too! I'm usually running about in my birthday suit, so having beautiful dresses to wear is such a treat for me. I pretty much outgrew all my other clothes. But we don't talk about that, ok? (blush)

We had lots of clients in today, too. One man has done at least four tours in Iraq as a Medic. He really appreciated my show of patriotism. He says his mother would LOVE me. If his mom is half as nice as him, I would love her, too.

Thank you THANK YOU! I am so blessed and fortunate to have such very good friends.

Thank you for thinking of me, Corinne.


Mary-Margaret "Petticoat Junction" O'Brien

PS - Not the best pic of me (I kept moving), but you can see my petticoats here.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Hello, Kitty!!

I'd like you to meet my very good friend, Miss Kitty. I think the whole neighborhood is her home. She's sort of chocolate and white and has really pretty blue eyes. One time I surprised her on top of my fence so she almost fell off.

We have this thing we do. She comes to my window by the front door and swishes her tail. I bark. She swishes...I bark. It's been like that for a couple of years now. It's a "dog vs cat" thing but really we're very good friends. I can't quite understand what her name is (I don't speak Catlish very well), so I just respectfully refer to her as "Miss Kitty".

Driving back and forth to my place of employment I have the opportunity to meet lots of friends. I really have the best life ever.

Your friend...


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Me and Joe Sr.

Here's one of my most favorite people: Joe Senior. Oh, yes! He and I go waaaay back. He came in today so my mom could notarize a signature for him. When he gets here he pretty much ignores everyone but me. He holds out his hands to me and I practically fall over myself leaping into his arms.

We sit down and I get belly rubs and back rubs. Mmmmm-mmmmm! I tell YOUUUU! I have the best job ever.

Oops...almost time to leave for Miss Cathleen's. I'll tell you more when I get home.



Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Tuesday - Back to Work!

I can't believe it. I was sooooo stressed out last night from being bored that I broke out in hives. I was twitching and itching, and then pacing and laying on the cold tile floor. Mom figured something was up so she sprayed me with some of that stuff like Bactine only it's for pups, and it has lidocaine in it and it made the itchies go away. I LOVE my mom. She's a very good care giver.

Remember I said I was making forts yesterday? Here's a picture of me emerging from my fort.

Somebody had already replaced the couch cushions so it wasn't quite as elaborate as it had been. get the idea.

At work today I was still feeling the need for closeness. It's a dog thing. We like our "dens", especially if we're having a weird day. I picked under Mom's desk behind her purse for my "den". (Will you PUT THAT !#$!@#!#$ camera away???)


It's always rough to get off your schedule even for one day. Tomorrow should be better. I will see Miss Cathleen. We were all set to go last Thursday and I was really looking forward to getting my feet and paws lotioned, and going for a walk with Miss Cathleen. We just got really into something and the time flew. About 15 minutes after we were supposed to be there, Cathleen called wondering if we'd forgotten something? Hmmmmmm? I glared at Mom and she apologized to me and to Cathleen. So we're going tomorrow. At 3:00PM. For sure. I'll make her write it down somewhere. Or I'll send her an email. That seems to work.

Have a happy "hump" day (That's the middle of the week day, Grandpa. People call it "hump" day because it's's in the middle?)



Monday, July 05, 2010

Blah Day!

Some holiday! The festivities were yesterday, but everybody is off work today. Ho hum. So I knocked all the pillows off the couch and pushed them up against it. Then I made a fort under the end table, which is a round table with a cloth over it. I skootch underneath when no one is looking.

"Mary-Maaaaargaret! Where AAAAARE you?". (hehehehehe - I'm not telling) "Oh come ON...where'd you GO!?" (I'm still not telling!) I love to drive her crazy.

"Fine", she says. "Bye bye!", and she starts to walk upstairs. "Huh?" (I say), and I stick my nose out enough so I can see what's going on. Drat! She saw me. She starts to laugh and says I look like I'm wearing a "burkha". I know what that is. It's one of those long dresses and head scarves that they wear in the middle East. I shake off my "burkha" and come out of hiding.

We go upstairs, I get on the desk-top on my back, and have my belly scratched while Mom checks her email and her Facebook. BOR-ING!!

Tomorrow we go to work and things go back to normal. Neither one of us really likes to be home when we could be doing something productive, but it seems unpatriotic to wash windows on what should be a holiday.

At least we'll sleep better tonight. Somebody accidently set some stoopid fish game to be a screen saver last night and the goofy music kept waking us up. All night long.....yuck!

Happy day after!


Sunday, July 04, 2010


The National Anthem sung as it was meant to be by Josh Groban. It even brought tears to MY eyes.

Mom is reading the third book in the "Twilight" series and is about half-way through "Eclipse" now. I'm catching up on my napping. Tonight we'll probably watch fireworks out our upstairs window like we do every year, although the trees are getting taller so we don't see as much as we used to.

The barbeque has become a refuge for unspeakable crawly things so grilling is out of the question. We don't even WANT to know what's living under the all-weather cover. As long as they stay there and out of our house, we'll leave them alone.

Have a really fun day, everyone! God Bless AMERICA!!!

I still have my red-white-blue bow in my hair to show my patriotic spirit. The bottom picture shows off my eyelashes. I work very hard on growing them out, only sometimes they might get accidently whacked off, still it's an ongoing project for me.

Independently yours,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

PS: Here's a picture of my very good friends from New York: Abbey Mia, Harper and Piper. I get to see them in August! YAYYYY!! That's Harper in the vest in front, and AbbeyMia and Piper in the dresses in the back.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Doggie Dental

Dr. Dan from DOGGIE DENTAL (I call him that, but he's really my personal dental hygienist), is setting up for my teeth cleaning. He comes to our office because he knows I'm a very busy professional pup, being the "Spokes Model" for a professional process server and private investigative firm called Rancho Attorney Service of California (RASCAL) in Temecula, CA.

He wraps me up in a fluffy white towel ("like a burrito") with just my head sticking out and he asks Mom to close the door to our work room so I absolutely know I have no place to run to. Truth is, though, I don't even want to run. He's very gentle and I kind of like being held and taken care of like this. I'm not the least bit afraid at all. Shucks, I know he won't hurt me. Even cats like him, you know. (I should probably mention that those boxes are NOT part of the DOGGIE DENTAL, procedure - my mom is a pack rat!)

Here I am, all minty fresh and smiling. I am so happy that I don't even stop smiling for a long time. This makes my mom crazy because I won't hold still for a picture. I just want everybody to see my sparkly white smile.

I love my "Dr. Dan" so much. Before he leaves, I tell him "Thank you!" and give him a kiss. He says that I don't have any loose teeth, my gums are in great shape and I don't need to have my teeth done for another year. Well, that's kind of sad. I rather enjoyed the whole thing.

If you'd like to call DOGGIE DENTAL, they're at 951-609-0500. They will either come to you or you can go to their "clinic" that they have in Murrieta a couple of times a month.

I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, and so is my mom. DOGGIE DENTAL, costs about 1/3 to 1/2 what the long procedure with anesthetic costs.

Mmmmmmmmmmm! I just love to run my tongue over my sparkly, satiny, minty squeaky clean teeth!

Mary-Margaret "Spokes Model" O'Brien