Friday, November 29, 2013

Mom in the News

We get asked to do a lot of things in our business.  One of our most favorite things is re-connecting people who have lost touch.  Sometimes it's people who get married for a couple of days and then disappear, sometimes it's finding old friends and relatives, and this time we found a former John Adams Junior High School PE teacher and his former student after way over 50 years.

We found Dave Heiser from the Santa Monica Paddleboard Club 1935 for our good friend Diane Carpenter.  We found him in the nick of time, too.  Another month and we'd really have to go digging…literally.

Enjoy the article in the Santa Monica Daily Press.

(Grandpa - click on Dave Heiser's name to get to the article!)

Love and kisses…

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving with friends who are like Family!

We went to my Aunt Margie's house today.  Her daughter, Becky, was there with two of her kids, Jacob (15) and Abby (9 almost 10),  and Becky's special boyfriend Mike.  Also Catherine, Margie's daughter, who is 21.  We got there and right away started watching the Dallas Cowboys vs the Raiders.  I don't know a whole lot about football but it seems a lot like puppy school, when it matters who gets the ball.

I played a lot with Abby and Catherine.  We went for a few walks and Mom went on one of them carrying her trusty plastic bag.  She seems to know just when I need to have that kind of walk almost like she can read my mind.  She sniffs, wrinkles her nose, grabs the baggie and away we go.

Then we came into the house and I hunkered down in my carrier until the grown  ups were done eating.  Then Abby and Catherine filled my little bowl with bits of turkey and ..oh was so good.  I had seconds and thirds.  Mom said I looked like I might explode.  Naturally, I passed on dessert.

"Little Miss" is the house kitty there.  She spent most of the time under the couch until Becky and her family left.  Then she sort of ventured out and we checked each other out for a bit.  Little Miss is very shy.  I think I can work with her.  By the time we were ready to leave she came out from under the couch and we made eye contact.   We declared a truce and we both look forward to our next visit.

Dinner was delicious.   There was turkey, dressing and gravy, candied yams, potatoes, corn, string beans, rolls and butter, cranberry, Mom's special Oregon sweet cherry gelatin squares with sour cream dressing.  The grown ups had pumpkin and apple pie for dessert.  Everyone laughed and hugged and got silly, and just had a very good time all together.   We were there about 4 hours and then we drove home.  We only live maybe 5 minutes away so even the drive was stress free.

When we got home Mom plunked herself into her big leather recliner and fell asleep.  I started dozing off too.  About 8:30:PM we decided it was time for bed and here we are, getting all rested up for tomorrow.

Hope you all had as great a day as we did, or maybe even better.

Love and kisses….


PS - Back in October I told you that I was figuring out how to untangle my leash from the desk legs?  Well, I've done it.  I get stuck, I call Mom.  She says "Silly puppy.  Go back under the desk and untangle yourself!".  So I do.  No fluke there.  I have mastered the art of disentanglement.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

November Newsletter

Dear Grandpa - I know we haven't been writing much lately.  Mom's been pretty busy at work and so have I.  When clients come into the office I go and greet them, show them where to sit, and then I hint for a belly rub.  Today a client came in and I sat and talked to her for the longest time.  Finally Mom asked me who I was talking to.  She didn't even see that we had someone there.  Anyway, I did a really good job, our client said.

Here's the link to this month's newsletter.  Click on it and then scroll down for my column.  

The Yorkie Times

I love you, Grandpa.


Sunday, October 06, 2013

Next time, I'll close my eyes!

I was truly enjoying the evening when I hear "Mary-Margaret, bedtime!".  I was in the far back left corner of the backyard where the two fences meet and I didn't move a muscle.  Mom couldn't see me because I blend into the weathered cedar.  Then she pulls out her secret weapon...a halogen flashlight.  She still couldn't see me but she did see two sparkly eyeballs.  She figured it was either me or another possum.  She put on her shoes and marched over to the corner muttering "You better get in the house if you're Mary-Margaret, and if you're a possum or raccoon, you better run!".   She gets scary when she's like that.

Love and kisses...


Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Learning by Observation

Dear Grandpa...   I know it's been a while since I've written in my diary.  Mom's been awfully busy and she growls at me when I ask for her help.    It's 1:10AM and I'm sneaking this in while she's dozing on and off.

Today I managed to get my leash all wound around the desk in the reception area.  Mom was busy doing something in the inner office and said "Hang on...just a sec!", but you know how that goes.  I told her and told her I needed help, and the best she could do was make hand signals at me, and say "Go back around!".   She made her hand go in a circle and it hit me.  Do a pirouette like I do when our clients leave.   So I did.   Then she says "No no...the other way!", and made her hand do a reverse circle.  So I did.

Man, I tell you.  She got all excited.  "Good girl!", she said.  "That's right! Now go under the desk!".  I walked back under the desk like she said and got another part of my leash undone.   "Wow!", she said. "You are one smart puppy!".   I'm still stuck, though.   I can't quite get the leash out from under the desk where I've wedged it in pretty good.  Finally she gets off her duff and gives it one last yank.

"!  By God, I'm FREE at last!".   Still....I think she's pretty impressed with me.  I can see her wheels turning, wondering just how much I understand and what else she can teach me.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking "Uh oh.  What have I done?".

I'm just saying that people don't give us pups enough credit for being smart.  We do our best to live up to your expectations of us.   Sometimes, we even surprise you and ourselves at what we can accomplish.

Love and kisses....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday I went to Miss Cathleen's to hang out while mom got some work done.  Miss Cathleen was nibbling on an apple and that looked pretty interesting to me.  I don't remember ever having apple before.  She tossed me a tiny piece with the peel on it.  Apple = yum; Peel = blegh.  I quickly figured out how to peel the apple with my tongue and spit out the peel.   The ladies thought I was pretty smart.  Chunk after chunk, apple in - peel out.  I am so totally stoked.  I LOVE apple.

A lady came in while we were there.  She was really friendly and gave me lots of pets.   She also kept looking at me sideways.  Finally she asked Mom if I went to Marilyn's place for my haircuts.   Mom asked her who's mom she was.  Turns out she's Buddha's mom, a black and white Shih Tzu that I spend some time with.  He reminds my of my sweet Hashimoto, but we are just friends.   "Ah!", she said.   "I thought I recognized Mary-Margaret!".   Mom lifted an eyebrow at me.  It seems I know more people in Temecula than she does!  (bark out loud)



Tuesday, July 09, 2013

July 2013 - Yorkie Times

Summertime..summertime.  The July issue of the Yorkie Times is out.  Hurry hurry and get yours before they're all sold out.

July 2013 - The Yorkie Times




PS - Checking bag to make sure my burger patties were made to order.  I just LOVE In'N'Out.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Slumber Party

Monday night I was invited to my very first "sleep-over" with the Lillard sisters, Roxie, Sasha and Callie.  They are miniature Collies and quite a bit bigger than I am.  Callie sleeps with Jennifer, and I got to snuggle in Jennifer's bed, too.   I had a pretty decent time, I guess.  I got to go to the Dog Park for the first time because my mom NEVER lets me go (she's afraid I'll catch something from the other pups), and I got some dinner, and some cuddles and scratchies.

The truth, if it be known, is something else entirely.  I was abandoned....dumped. "Sleep over", my left paw. It was a complete LIE. My mother LEFT me all night long. Jennifer is my co-worker and she likes me and I like her but nobody said I was going to be sharing her bed with another dog for the whole night, and that my mom wasn't going to come rescue me. Jennifer drove me to work first, and then to my house after Mom got home. I'm so mad I could spit.  I gave Mom the cold shoulder all day. I was a mess. My hair was all rumpled and sticking out, and I had hives on my belly and I slept all day. I won't get over this quickly, you know. Yorkies hold grudges and this one is a biggie. (PS - steak or In'N'Out might help a little - hint hint)

Finally about 5:00PM on Tuesday when me and Mom were napping, I gave my mom a gazillion kisses all over her face.  She laughed and said "Oh, I'm so glad you're not mad at me any more!".  Well, RATS!  I had forgotten I was miffed so I rolled over and continued with the cold shoulder.  For dinner I got chicken and kibble.  

Wednesday afternoon things got better.  We went to In'N'Out for lunch and I got TWO hamburger patties instead of my usual one.  My practice sessions at laying guilt paid off.  I need to work on "hinting", though.  Having to wait for one whole day is unacceptable in my book.

That's it for now.  



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sharing some recent reviews about RASCAL

My mom is a Private Investigator and she just LOVES her work.  Mostly she likes putting families back together.  She also finds people who need to know they're part of a lawsuit so they can either defend themselves or help out as a witness.

Her company is called "RASCAL" (which is Rancho Attorney Service of California for short) and that's where I work as a receptionist and Vice President in charge of Public Relations.

Having happy and appreciative customers is what it's all about. We thank you all for your comments.   

From Google:
A Google User reviewed in the last week

Quality Excellent

I used Rancho Attorney Services, specifically Michele Dawn, to help me find my father. I had been looking for him for nearly 30 years. I searched the Internet, called numbers in the phone book and emailed numerous potential family members. Thanks to the help of Michele and the staff at Rancho, my father was found. I honestly doubted it was ever going to be possible. However, they found him within a few days. They asked me all sorts of questions to help me find him. I am so grateful for their help. I am going to talk to him for the first time tomorrow!!
Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Michele is Excellent! She worked quickly to find the people we were searching for. She even worked on it through the weekend. She is really good, and fast at what she does! She has been a tremendous help to us. I would recommend her to everyone.

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

We were hitting dead ends with everything we tried even with another service. Michele took over and in no time found the people we needed to contact. I would recommend her services to anybody. Excellent work!

A Google User reviewed a year ago

Overall Excellent

Another service only tried 3 times and then wanted to be paid again. RASCAL took over, found that the address wasn't any good, located a new address and got the papers served.

From YELP:


Wow Amazing Company !!!!!! After 6 years and desperately needing some paperwork from Rancho all I did was made a phone call and Michele produced all my paperwork I needed to follow up on a judgement not collected from 2007. Always used Rancho for my process serving and they ALWAYS found who we were looking for. Still can't believe they had all my records. If you want efficiency you have to use . They will always be here for you......



I am totally amazed!!! I was referred to Rancho Attorney Service, specifically to Michele Dawn, by I was told she may be able to help me locate my biological father that I have never met. I talked to and emailed Michele several times about my father. I had very limited information about him to give her. I had been searching for him for nearly 30 years. Well, within less than a week she, and the staff at Rancho/Rascal Proccessing, were able to locate him. I am still completely in awe of what they were able to do. Tomorrow I will be talking to my father for the first time thanks to them!!!!

Hewitt G.

Temecula, CA

8/2/2012 First to Review

You absolutely cannot go wrong with RASCAL! You will be greeted by the lovely Mary Margaret when you arrive. Dawn is all about the attention to details and carefully checks all paperwork to ensure you've delivered a complete set. I have used them several times in the past and her process servers will find those hard to reach people who try and hide in small spaces. They are reasonable and a lot of fun to work with!

-Hewitt   I just wanted to share this with my Grandpa.  I think he'd be very proud of me and my mom and what we've done to make the world a better place.   Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Dear Grandpa -

First off, I feel everly so much better.  My bladder infection is probably cleared up but Mom is still making me take my medicine even though I scrunch up my face and try to push her fingers out of my mouth with my tongue, and I've even threatened to bite her.   Not that I would, you know, but it's always to my advantage to remind her that I could, if I wanted to.

Next, Michael says your special phone was approved so you can hear or read everything we're saying.   This is what your phone might look like, or maybe you'll get the one where there's a little TV screen that prints out what people are saying.  Click on the arrow to play the video.

Greg will tell you more about it when he picks you up on Sunday (tomorrow). The one you're getting might not be exactly like the one in the video but it will be close.

Me and mom stayed home today and napped.  Tomorrow we'll go into the office and get some work done.

I love you, Grandpaw....


Friday, June 07, 2013

FLIP Mysteries - I'm on TV!

Not sayin' I'm a reality star or anything.  I had a "cameo" role in this.  Cameo means small but very important.   Yup.  That would be me.

This is about a bunch of ladies (and a small dog...ahem?) solving a couple of real life mysteries.   My mom, Michele, is the lady in the black&white top and I'm the small furry one in the pink t-shirt.  It was my job to make sure the digital camera was properly focused.

FLIP Mysteries - Women on the Case


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday, June 03, 2013

June 2013 - The Yorkie Times

Here you go, folks. Fresh off the presses. THE YORKIE TIMES


Your on-the-spot columnist,


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grandpa's Ear Doctor Appointment

Dear Grandpa -

Uncle Michael asked Mom to let you know you have an appoint ment to go see your ear doctor (Sheldon Klausner) at 3:30PM on Monday 6/3.  Michael will remind you when he sees you next Sunday, too.

Michael is also looking into getting you a phone that will make it easier for you to understand people.

We love you and we are taking care of you.

Kisses and schlurps...



Monday, May 27, 2013

Grandpa's Fans

Yesterday we got a message from someone who wanted MY grandpa to read his paper and make comments on it. My grandpa doesn't hear very well so my mom wrote to my Uncle Michael and asked him to print out Mr. Kircalar's paper. He never told us if he did, so we printed it out below, too.  This is what he wrote to my Grandpa. My Grandpa will read this and we are keeping our paws and fingerettes crossed that he can comment to Mr. Kircalar.  This is the only way we can communicate with my grandpa, Dr. Safonov.

  Dear Dr. Safonov, 

 I send my article to you PDF format in attachment. Please can you analysis my web site ? In addition You can find in my web site in 'Personal Sites and Web-Pages' . 


 Best Regards 


Mr. Kircalar's paper is also pasted below.  My grandpa called tonight and said he is reading it.

 Combining General Relativity Theory with Quantum Theory

 ‘The lifetime of a mass or an energy in space is its Mc2 energy’ Ref.(3). Due to this characteristic feature of a substance, conversions of photons of the wawe-particle (energy-mass) or electrons continue consistently.
  Hence, the binary conversion behavior of a photon implies binary conversion behavior of a big mass space object. In other words, the behavior of a photon is a miniature version of the behavior of a big mass space object. Because of General Relativity Theory, ‘One hour in the Sun remains behind with respect to, one hour in the Earth. One hour in the Earth remains behind with respect to, one hour in the Moon. One hour in the Moon remains behind with respect to, one hour in Alpha Ray. One hour in the Alpha Ray remains behind with respect to, one hour in Beta Ray. One hour in the Beta Ray remains behind with respect to, one hour in Gamma Ray. They all show the same physical behaviour.

  Let us observe the behaviors of two photons, say one like is a big mass, and the other like is a small mass. Since the photon with small mass has a short lifetime, it will transform faster from mass into energy and vice versa.
  The big mass photon has a longer lifetime. Hence, the speed of transformation from mass to energy or from energy to mass is slower. Smaller the mass of a photon is, the much bigger the kinetic energy is.

The kinetic energy of a photon is given by, 


‘In order to calculate the lifetime of a mass or an energy in space, we can assume time flow to be time/energy; in any case, no matter what value we assign to time flow, that will not change the present result: the lifetime of a mass or an energy in space is its Mc2 energy. When this is calculated, the lifetime of 1 kg mass in space is 2,851,927,903.26... years, or 9.10 16 s’ Ref.(3)
  All photons’ and all free sub-atomic particles’ lifetimes are their periods or 1/f . In other words the periods are lifetimes for photons and for free sub-atomic particles. And a period is equal its Mc2 particle energy x 1 s/joule or erg. If the period is high, lifetime is high. And Mc2 is high. Or vice versa. Like astronomical objects. This is universal law.

The mass of the low frequency of a photon has a big value . For example: Substituting an Alpha Ray with 1,67.109 Hz frequency into the formula yields,

e= hf = (6,62 .10-34) x (1,67.109)
time = (energy) x (time flow)
t = 1/1,67.109 = Mc2 .1 s/joule ; M = 6,64 .10-27 kg

On the other hand, for a high frequency photon the mass has a small value. As an example to show this is the case, consider a Beta Ray with 1,22.1013 Hz frequency into the formula gives,

e= hf = (6,62 .10-34) x (1,22 .1013)
t = 1/1,22.1013 = Mc2 .1 s/joule ; M= 9,109.10-31 kg

These two examples shows us that by equating the period of a photon to Mc2 energy in a unit time flow provides us the actual values of the mass.
  These two examples are valid for x-Ray ,Gamma-Ray and Light-Ray. When mass decreases, frequency increases. And the transformation from mass to energy becomes more uncertain. We understand that Quantum Mechanics is not different from Classical Mechanics and Relativistic Mechanics, in fact.
  The characteristics of the particles in Quantum Theory are the same as the character of the mass in the General Relativity Theory. They are subject to the same physical processes. So, Einstein’s expression “God does not throw dice!” is still valid.

References (R1):

[.1.]Salih Kircalar, ’Utilization of Time:Time Flow’, Galilean Electrodynamics 13, SI 1, 2 (2002).
[.2.]Salih Kircalar, ‘Time Effects Caused by Mass or Energy’, Galilean Electrodynamics 15, SI 1,8 (2004).
[.3.]Salih Kircalar, ‘Mass or Energy & Quantum Mechanics’ , Galilean electrodynamics 18, J/F, 2 (2007). Salih Kircalar

G├╝zel Otomotiv Kizilelma Cad.No:99/B 
Findikzade-Istanbul /TURKEY

Note to Mr. Kircalar:  Thank you for asking my Grandpa's opinion.  I know he'll be very flattered.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bunnies in the Backyard

My very good friend, P. Reginald Rabbit. He lives on the slope behind me on the other side of the fence. My Aunt Leslie told my mom to go to a feed store and get some Timothy Hay. We have to sprinkle it on our lawn for the bunnies. Bunnies and cats clean themselves by licking but cats can throw up hairballs and bunnies just get all plugged up. Aunt Leslie says that Timothy Hay will make the bunnies' little digestive systems get rid of all the hair. If they don't she says they'll die in a year, but a well taken care of bunny can live 10 or 12 years. Next stop - Dan's Feed and Seed at the end of Old Town. Or maybe that new Feed Store in Murrieta.

Mom is sort of scowling about all this. She says "Oh Boy! Just what I wanted - more bunnies, more poop and more rabbit hair in my back yard!". I just tell her to "chill" and that it's MY backyard, too.



Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Old Time Family Photos

Baba & Deida (pronounced like Djeda) 1952 (Nicholas Stephen Gulkevitch & Anastasia Rimski-Korsakoff Gulkevitch)

Mike, Nick, Grandma/Mom/Ruth and Michele with Dad/George in back 1952. Mom is 7 1/2 here. She thinks this was Easter time.

Nick, Michele & Mike 1953 - Here my mom is about 8 1/2 years old. This is about the same time that she found out the Russian word for brother sounded like "brat" and she totally understood why. Left-click the photo to get the full impact of her expression.

Nick, Michele & Mike early 1955 wearing their summer Keds. Remember the free turtles you got with each purchase? And the turtle races in Colvey's parking lot at the end of Summer? Her turtle disappeared toward the end of the year and she hunted everywhere for it. She was cleaning under her bed in early 1956 and found him. Just about the time she was going to drop him into the garbage he poked his head out at her. Nobody ever told her turtles hibernate.

Remembering your family way back when you were just puppies makes humans smile.

And here's Mom at 58 years old.

Everybody enjoy!



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Uncle Lt Michael Safonov about 1946

My Grandpa's brother is the tall dark handsome human in the bottom row on the far left. One of his associate lifeguards wrote this story about the Santa Monica lifeguards . My mom remembers that he could walk on hot cement and not feel anything at all. She thought that was way kewl. And he was a really good swimmer. He was a Lt Commander in the US Navy, and maybe even a Commander before he retired.

Do you like the picture, Grandpa??



Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mommy was a Teenager

Mom was hunting through photos today and found some she didn't know she had. First off here's one of her Senior picture proofs that was in a tiny envelope left to her by her grandmother Mila back in 1981.

Second is one of Mom and her friend, Alene Childs, who lived on Ingleside Place in Evanston, Illinois just up the street from her. They were sitting on Alene's front porch. Mom is 13 here and Alene is 14 or 15. My Grandpa was working at Argonne National Labs on a contract so my Mom, her three brothers and their mom moved to Evanston for about 4 months. Their house was about a half block from Lake Michigan at 621 Ingleside Place.

I love looking at old pictures of my family from way back before I was born. Don't you?


Your Grand Dogger....


Grandpa's Theory of the Universe

My Grandpa is really smart.  He thought and thought and thought for a few years and then he starting doing stuff on paper with numbers and formulas and things.   It took him a long time to prove out his theory but he finally did it.   It's about photons and non-photons, which are way too small for me to put up a photo of, but they are flying around out there so watch out.

Anyway, my mom put his theory up on the web so that he could share his thoughts with everyone, not just scientists and those super intelligent humans.   I don't understand it but it's nice to know there's an explanation for this kind of stuff.

If you click on the photo of the Exploding Cassopaeia to the right, you'll see all about my Grandpa, his concept and his theory.   You could even download it if you're into that stuff for your lazy summer reading material.   If you click on "Grandpa's Stats" you get to see that people from all over the whole world read about his theory and are learning from it.

He has a lot in common with Stephen Hawking and they both have brilliant brains.   My Grandpa is 92 1/2 years old as of this month, and I want to tell you that I'm VERY proud of him.

Love and kisses....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone.  I just love holidays.  My personal stylist, Miss Marilyn, always makes sure I'm dressed properly.  Today I got a triple bow trimmed to show all the colors of the Mexican flag - Red, green and white.

When our clients came into the office I even danced a little Flamenco or Paso Doble when they left to show them I am a true celebrant of all national holidays, even those of other countries.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.  I know that me and my mom did.  We relaxed, enjoyed some old movies and shampooed a particular area of our carpet that has a reappearing stain and it's NOT MY FAULT.  Really.  I swear on my birth father's pedigree.


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Burrs and other sticky things

There's a lot going on outside my fence.  Critters are moving in and I'm making friends.  That's not Mom's favorite thing, though.  When I come back in the house I look like I have Chicken Pox with all the round stickers stuck ALL over my furry little body.  It takes her absolutely forever to pluck them out. 

This morning already she's late for work.   I told her to make sure to tell you that I love you, too.   She always tells me what you say but sometimes forgets to tell you what I say. 

You have lots of friends everywhere.  I even tell my friends on the back slope about you.   They don't have grandparents that they know about so they are very much in awe of me.  I told them I would share you with them.  They are squirrels, possums, kitties, bunnies, a couple of rats, some crows, a sparrow or two and...oh, I forget.  But they said to tell you they love you, too.



Monday, April 15, 2013


Until things get all sorted out and Mom finds the password to your stat counter, you can still see it this way.

Click on the link in the upper right hand corner of this page where it says "Grandpa's Stats".  You should be able to see all the people all over the world who are looking at your paper just like you used to.

[Update]  Mom found the password.  No need to give it to her technologically advanced brothers anymore, though, since she let me put it on my blog as a direct link.



Saturday, April 13, 2013


RPT means "Rancho Physical Therapy". Mom had an appointment there yesterday. We used to go there last year but quit until yesterday. Everyone remembered ME and my name. Only one person remembered Mom and he had forgotten her name. I am very useful in validating my Mom's existence, don't you think??

She got some "traction", think that's what it's called. But she was so out of whack they didn't do anything else to her and her whole back hurt this morning. I napped. She gasped for air a lot and they put a thing on her finger that measures pulse and oxygen levels.

When we got back to the car she started wheezing again. Her asthma is pretty bad. The doctor came out to the parking lot to talk to her (and probably to make sure she wasn't going to pass out on his property), and they kept on yakking while ignoring ME. I can only stand that for so long, so I started talking, too. The more I got ignored, the louder and chattier I got. Finally Mom barks at me, like "HOW RUDE, Mary-Margaret. Be quiet!". The doctor jumped back a little and I sat down fast. She gets scary when she gets aggravated.

I got picked up out of my car seat and I sat on my mom's lap. At least I was face to face with the doctor so we could communicate with each other. Mom was quiet this time and me and Dr. Holman finished up our conversation. He said "See you next week, Mary-Margaret!" and I'm pretty sure he said good-bye to Mom, but not certain.

She drove us home and we had hamburgers for dinner. Tonight I get left-overs and she'll probably have a chicken pie or something. Today is our day of rest. I will nap and she'll do bank statements.



Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Dear Grandpa....

First off, let me say that me and Mom really love you. You're our family and there isn't anything we wouldn't do for you.

That being said, Mom's pretty upset about your conversation last night. When Grandma died, it was my mom and me that came to your house and helped you figure out your credit cards, your bills, your bank account and all the paper work. We cleaned, did laundry and took valuable time away from our own business responsibilities. We didn't ask you for anything. We did it because we care about you.

When you wanted to get your report out to the world, it was my Mom that acquired your web site (called a domain), designed your website Photon-Nonphoton Universe and put your information together so everyone could see your theory. You get a lot of pleasure from looking at your statistics, thanks to your daughter, Michele.

We drove you to the market, to the bank, and wherever you wanted to go and we never expected anything from you. We still don't.

Your apartment is in desperate need of cleaning. It's a health hazard to most living creatures except maybe cockroaches, and it's stinky poo to high heaven. But you don't even let anyone into your apartment any more. You could have help. Even if you just had someone clean your bathroom and wash your towels, it would make a difference. But you say you're happy in your stinkiness and you won't even consider having anyone help. And you act like it's a big joke.

Your driver's license is expired and Mike suggested that Mom try to help get you a California identification card, which is an absolute necessity if you want to cash checks, or have anything notarized, and sometimes if you want to use a credit card. An expired driver's license is not acceptable or legal. And you yelled at Mom. You pretty much accused her of wanting you to die. You really hurt her feelings. All she's ever tried to do was be kind to you and take care of you. I bet my Grandma wouldn't be very happy with how you are treating my mom.

You know me. I hate to get in the middle of human stuff and I will love you forever, and you can't say anything much that will hurt my feelings. On the other hand, my mom is a sensitive, loving, caring, giving person who truly appreciates her family, what's left of it. She would like nothing more than for you to take responsibility for your own business, for you to make and secure your own plans for your future, and for you to take care of your own personal hygiene.

Once you're gone, that's it. You don't get to make choices any more. Whatever happens, happens. Death comes without warning...without invitation. And your final expenses probably won't get paid because you haven't assigned a beneficiary to any of your bank accounts and you don't want to think about it. You have no signed will, so how does anyone know what you want? And who you trust to follow your wishes? Or who could legally do it? Five years ago, Mom spent days with you typing exactly what you told her you wanted and it's still there, on the buffet, unsigned. What was the point?

Good luck, Grandpa. I personally hope you outlive all of us.


Tuesday, April 02, 2013

April 2013 - Yorkie Times


Be the first in your neighborhood to read this new issue. Happy April, everyone!!

Your very good friend.....


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A return visitor!

Candy the Morkie came to visit me again today. She just hopped into my back yard and walked right into the house, helped herself to water and then walked over to Mom. "Oh, HI, Candy!", Mom said. "Are you hungry?". So Candy had some supper, too. Then Mom gets out the comb and brush and.....OHHHHH...I am SOOOO jealous. Here's a picture of Candy from the last time she dropped in.

After a bit Mom got into the car with Candy and left ME home. She chauffered Candy home and stuck her back in her back yard. When Candy's dad called about her he was very thankful. Mom says Candy is welcome here any time. I guess that's almost as good as getting a sister, isn't it??

Later Mom got all snuggled in bed maybe about 7:30 or so the phone rang and it was Candy's dad saying that they had come by our house to bring my mom some treats for being so nice. I said "Hello" to them out the window when they were here but I guess Mom thought it was someone delivering more flyers to our front door because she just kept saying "Shush" to me. She absolutely refuses to get her doorbell fixed and even if she does hear someone at the door she usually doesn't answer it unless she's expecting someone. Anyhow, Mom said "thank you" but she'd already gone to bed and really Candy is welcome here any time and no need to for them to bring her anything. Awwww...ain't she sweet?

I don't suppose it even occurred to her that there might be someone else in our house that would appreciate treats?

Your friend...

Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Spring forward, Fall back!

This is why dogs don't wear watches. Too confewbulating.


Monday, March 04, 2013


It's HERE! Hot off the presses! Extra. Extra!! Read all about it.

The Yorkie Times


Monday, February 11, 2013

Dear Grandpa....

It was so nice to see you last night.   We've really missed seeing our family.  It was a very good surprise to see Greg and Marshall, too.  And Peter, Janet and Mike AND especially YOUUUUUU!

I just wish we had more time together.   At least I got to give you schlurpy kisses on your hand and your face.  And I think I even got one on your mouth, too.   It's ok, Grandpa.  My mouth only goes on places that are clean, like kibble and steak and water.   I'm not allowed to lick places that other dogs lick.  Mom says it's rude.  Also, I can't reach those places because I'm a little bit chubby around the middle, but I wouldn't lick them anyway.  Really, I wouldn't.

I am all tuckered out from our visit.  I got to say "Hi" to Zooey the Cat.  He hissed at me, but he hissed politely, sort of like the possum did.  Enough so I know he's not in the mood to play but he wasn't mean about it.

I don't know exactly what Aunt Janet feeds Zooey.  It's sort of mushy, reddish brown and in a custard cup.   Whatever it is, it is YUMMY!   Mom kept saying "Get out of there, Mary-Margaret!".   Zooey licked some of my dinner that I left in the bowl for him so I figure we're even.

I love you, Grandpa.

Your faithful Grand Dogger...


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Peaches and Me

Dear Grandpa - This is me and my new best friend, Peaches.  She's a Guinea Pig.  She's not really a pig and she probably doesn't know where Guinea is, but still...that's what they call her.

We like to hang out and nuzzle.  I get to kiss her sometimes if I'm really fast.  I even squiggle into her carrier and snuggle in her blankie, too.  I think you would really like my good friend, Peaches.

Love and kisses...


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jennifer's bionic leg

Did I mention that my very good friend and co-worker, Jennifer, coaches college softball?  No, she didn't get hurt doing that, but you gotta watch out for the invisible eebie-neebies in the parking lot - they'll get you every time.

Mom says she must have bumped into C3P0 (the robot?) at a Star Wars convention.  She's getting very good at hopping on one foot when she's not using her crutches.  Seriously, me and Mom feel really bad about her "owie" and we try to help her out when we can.

We are praying for her speedy reovery.



Friday, January 18, 2013

My Hidey Hole

Dear Grandpa - Mom's at it with the camera again.   I hunt all over for a nice quiet place to have my "after breakfast before morning snack" nap and she still finds me.  Oh well.  It's ok.  Since it's YOU, Grandpa.   You're always welcome in my world.  I love you SOOOO much.

Kisses and schnoozles....


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Peaches and Cream

Meet my new friend, Miss Peaches and Cream, or "Peaches" for short.  She's a full grown girl Guinea Pig and very nice.  We hit it off right away.  I know I have to be sort of quiet for her so I sit down and we talk in our own special way.

Keri says that Peaches can come back and play with me again on Friday.  Oh, I can't wait.  I just LOVE my new friend.  I think every pup should have their own Guinea Pig.

Love and kisses.

PS:  I have something really sad to tell you.   When I went to Miss Marilyn's last Friday I looked everywhere for my best friend, Madison.  Mom asked where she was and Miss Marilyn said that she had to go to the Rainbow Bridge and that Sophie, the Maltese, went too.  My heart is broken and I gave Miss Marilyn a lot of loving.  I know I helped comfort her.  I love her so much that it hurts my heart to see her cry.  Don't tell her but I cried a little bit, too.  God bless Madison and Sophie.  I miss them.

Monday, January 14, 2013

A "Hissy" Encounter

I told mom I had to go out.  I just didn't tell  her everything, though.  I had a friend waiting for me in the back yard.  I raced out the door and started to play, but I got hissed at instead.  Huh? (I said)  That is NO way to talk to a friend, so I told it off.  "Arf arf arf", I said, over and over.  Mom comes out to see and starts yelling "NO NONONONONONO, Mary Margaret.  You come in.  NOW.  COME.  NOW."  Man, I thought she was going to faint or something she was so insistent.

"Fine", I said.  "Whatever!" and I walked back in the house.  As soon as I get inside, Mom grabs the camera, takes the picture and then slams the door.  Hello? It's not like I'm having him over for dinner or anything, but still she says "NO POSSUM".   I get it.  Really, I do.  No possum.   It wasn't all that friendly anyway, not like the gophers or feral cats or the rat that ate our plums, or anything.

Mom, on the other hand, after all that yelling, keeps thinking "What if the possum was hungry?  Or cold? Or it had babies to feed?  Now I KNOW I won't get any sleep tonight.  She's such a softie.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel"Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"
"Pups for PPL"
"A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chilly 'round the Belly Button

Had to share.  This morning it at 6:15AM it was 23 degrees here in Temecula.  Brrrrrrr!!!

That's all.   Just saying'.....!  COLDER here than in Pennsylvania which is like in the low 40's.



Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

January 8, 1922 - November 27, 2005.

Hope all is well where you are. Have you met Elvis yet? His birthday is today, too. Say hello to all your brothers and sisters and your Mom and Dad. We're taking good care of Grandpa for you. We talk to him every night except Sunday and his hearing is really good now....unless it's about something he doesn't want to talk about and then he can't hear squat even if Mom spells it out for him.

Mom says sometimes when she passes a mirror she catches a glimpse of you in the reflection. I guess that means you're keeping an eye on her. Or maybe that she's getting more like you as she gets older?? Funny how those things go.

I'm keeping up my diary so you can see what's going on in my life....and Mom's life, too, I guess, because we're always together. I think you'd be very proud of your Granddaughters Melissa and Colleen, and your GrandKids Randy, Cade, Carter, Cailin and Clancy. C, C, C, and C are all doing well in school and they have so many options ahead of them that they are sure to make a great contribution to the world. R is out of school and he seems to be pretty much meeting his personal goals for the moment so he's ok, too. You have to respect anyone who is true to themselves.

We should talk like this more often.  Humans get so caught up in their lives that they don't make the time they should to visit with their family and other loved ones.  At the end of it all, I wonder if they'll wish they had re-arranged their priorities?  Only then it will be too late and all the stuff they thought was so important won't matter any more, will it?

Love, hugs and schlurps....