Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Chocolate Conspiracy!

Well, drat! I got a nifty smelling little package in the mail today from my very good friend, Lucie, all the way from either Venezuela, Florida or someplace in the Caribbean. Not sure, but I ripped that thing open in no time flat. MMMMMMM....I was swooning with joy, my tastebuds all a-twitter...! CHOCOLATE! I SMELL CHOCOLATE. I got that package open and saw what looked like a Willie Wonka golden ticket...make that TWO Willie Wonka golden tickets...sticking out. "MINE MINE MINE", I said, as Mom and Mary-Ann-From-Down-The-Hall snatched them away from me.

"Huh?", I said. "But those are....m..m..m...MINE!" Arrrrrrghh...sometimes I just hate being a puppy. Then I get to hear both Mom and Mary-Ann give me the schpiel on how chocolate isn't good for dogs and how it'll make me sick or maybe even poison me. Even my VERY good friend, Lynda, with which whom I stayed while Mom was in Germany, came by and said "Oh, NOOO! Chocolate will give her the trots!".

Well, HOW DO THEY KNOW??? I think I should check it out on Snopes.com and see. I think it's just a great big conspiracy hatched by the HUMANS to keep chocolate all to themselves. I think I shall do some investigating on this. I know (by way of grapevine) that my Great Uncle Roger, a Silkie Terrier, even unwrapped all the christmas candy one year and ate every last bite and he lived to be really old and had lots of children.

Yup. I think I will do some research. Us pups need to debunk this Chocolate Conspiracy once and for all.

I'll keep you posted.



Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gosh, time flies!

Here it is already Saturday and I haven't written since last Monday. Can you believe it? Gosh....let's see! I went to my Grandpapa's on Tuesday. Mom thought it might be pretty quiet because it was Lincoln's Birthday. Uhhhh......nope! So she and her "blue tooth" worked all day even while we were at Grandpapa's house. Then we went to Mike and Janet's and she conked out like a light.

Wednesday, we left about 11:00AM and there was tons of traffic and we did some more stuff from the freeway. Got back to the office about 1:30 and work work worked until pretty late. I had leftover chicken and Mom found some sort of comfort food in the freezer...smelled a bit like chicken but with the frozen stuff you never know.

Thursday we had SNOW SNOW SNOW on Mt. Palomar and it was really gorgeous to look at. I knew right away when the air got bitingly cold that it would snow. Pam, my UPS lady, said it was even snowing in Temecula, but it didn't stick to the ground. Sorry for the picture quality, but blame my mom. Her camera battery went dead and she had to use her cell phone. We stopped at Albertson's and got my chicken. It was pretty fresh, too, which I like best.

Friday, Mom took me to my personal stylist, Miss Marilyn, and I got a shampoo, cut and blow dry. AND...ta daaa....a lavender ribbon. I do so LOVE LOVE LOVE lavender. We got home pretty late again, too. But not before I got tons of compliments on my new "do".

Today we just worked from home. Mom's finally winning her battle with a chest cold so she decided not to risk going out today. Tomorrow, we go to the office. We get lots done on Sundays. Yup!

Sorry for not writing sooner. I really missed all you guys a lot.

Love and kisses,


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Lincoln

If the courts are closed, we're closed. And, trust me, we take full advantage of those little holidays. Today, me and Mom are going to Grandpapa's house. YESSSSS! Oh I do LOVE going there everly so much. He KNOWS what a puppy likes. Chicken, ice cream, little unexpected treasures....one never knows what one will find under his TV chair or by his computer. And it's all MINE MINE MINE!!

Not a whole bunch to tell you today. We've been working pretty hard. I've been tasting lots of people who come into my office. You know? No two people taste alike! Amazing, huh? The other day I had a really yummy 2 year old named Ryan to visit with. I don't know exactly what he had on his hands and feet but I want more.

Signing off for now....catch ya later.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

Save water - shower with a Yorkie!

That's what me and mom did today. I was soooooo full of souvenirs from places I'd been that it took two whole shampoos to get my hair back to it's perfect state of fluffiality. I am feeling rather perky, now. Did I mention that last week I absolutely refused to get out of my car seat to go into the bank? That created some tests of will, I'll have you know. I probably would have won if I didn't weigh about one one thousandth of what my mom weighs.

OW!! OWWW....gosh, I was just kidding, Mom. Short fuse today, huh? No....she just had a time getting me out of my little car seat. I'd hunker down ahd hold onto the rails with my "fingerettes" and she had a devil of a time getting me to let go.

I do not like to see my friends if I'm not looking my very best. I have pride, you know. I have an image to protect.

I know you understand.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Check out my GrandPapa's website. It's finally done I think. Pretty interesting reading if you're into the fission and fusion of photons. Yup.
Just click on the link in the upper right hand corner of my blog and it'll take you right there. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy Little Treasures!!

My Auntie Sissie calles them "the little wheeeees in life". You know....like how you go down a slide really fast and say "Wheeeeee!!". Like that. My "whees" are a tad different. Like happy little unexpected treasures. Like today!

I was minding my own business, checking under furniture at Miss Cathleen's and "Oh, hello there?". A POTATO CHIP?? Yup...a whole great big "not even cracked a little bit" potato chip just waiting for MEEEEEEE. I scooted it out so I could admire my good fortune, and put it right on the corner of the Oriental rug. Yup. See my Potato Chip? OK, no pictures, but imagine it??

A bit later, my potato chip still waiting for me, I went for my little walk with Miss Cathleen. By now, Mom and Miss Cathleen had both seen my little treasure and remarked on it by going "Ew...what's THAT?" and "It sort of looks like a potato chip, but....". Oh come ON, ladies. It's the PERFECT potato chip and it's all mine. I knew it wasn't going to last much longer, judging by the way the ladies were glancing at it. The minute I got back from my walk, I GOBBLED IT UP!

Let me tell YOUUUU. That was an absolutely PERFECT little treasure. A little "whee", if you will. And worth every yummy little bite. I'm no dummy. I know that look that says "I'm getting the dust pan and whisk broom!", and I beat them to it.

Ahhhhh, the pleasure of it all.


Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, February 04, 2008

To SIR, with Love!

This is my special "Sir". It's Anthony Zarate, and I've had a crush on him for a long time, probably since I was nine weeks old. He graduated high school last year and went right into the Army. He's home now for a bit, then he goes to Los Alamitos for training and......if we STILL have a thing going in Iraq, he'll be "deployed" in about a year and a half.

He used to be really little. Like maybe as high up as a door knob. He'd say to his mom, my Auntie Debbie-across-the-hall, "I will NEVER grow!". Well, he's 6'2" now, and the tallest one in his whole fambly. Mom was kidding him today and said "I guess they can't call you "Peanut" anymore, huh?".

I'm not totally sure but he might be available. I'll have to check on that. Something about maybe he's not with his girlfriend, Kitty, anymore. So....um....whaddya think? Do we make a nice couple or what? Hmmmmmm????

Reminds me. I ran into a couple of ladies today who were ooooo-ing and aaaaah-ing over me. One of 'em said "My Yorkie's ears stand up!". Mom said, in my defense, that my ears stand up, too. So the lady says "My Max's ears are ALWAYS up!". Like...uh....that's supposed to mean what? My mom said that MY ears are like my mood meter, and when they're down (like here with Anthony), I'm just everly so submissive and loving and secure. And then Mom says the word "CHICKEN", and my ears just pop right up. Like "Chicken? Where? Where?". Hmmmmph. Silly ladies.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Poor, poooooooooooooor Mommy!!

She's been out of sorts for almost a week now. Tummy aches and stuff. Man, I know how that is. I feel everly so sorry for her. I've been trying to help, like snuggling with her for almost 13 hours straight last night. She only slept maybe 2 hours. I am not bothering her for anything. Nope. We even tried going to the office today but she just piled the stuff up and said we'd go in early tomorrow instead.

I need to learn how to type. And file. And set up services. And proof. And.....whatever she needs. Yup. I could even answer phones, maybe. Just push the flashing button and say "Arf? This is Mary-Margaret. How may I help you?".

I've tried saying that before but either I scare people off (silly, huh? MEEE???) or they say "Oh, aren't you a big scary doggie!! Yes you are!".

Some day.....just you wait. I WILL help out. You'll see!

Love and kisses...


PS: HI, GrandPapa!! I know you're reading this and I want you to think of MEEEEE, all curled up in your lap, snoring just a little bit. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yoicks! BUSTED!!!

Here's the thing. It gets COLD in Beverly Hills in the winter time at night. REALLY cold. We get out of the car, grab our suitcases (yes, I have one, too!) and go for a little walk before we knock on my Uncle Mike's door. Mom says "Go potty, Mary-Margaret!". I'm thinking, like...here I am in my bare feet, lawn is cold, sidewalk is colder.......maybe I can get by with a quick squat!

By the time we get into the house I'm thinking maybe I shoulda....you know? So as my Aunt Janet and my mom are saying good-night, I think maybe I can find an out-of-the-way place to.....you know? Like NO ONE EVER GOES INTO THE LIVING ROOM. NOT EVERRRRR!
That was Tuesday night.

Last night (Friday) my mom is talking to my Uncle Michael about web sites and their Dad's paper, and stuff. As they're saying good bye, my Uncle Michael says I shouldn't worry about leaving him any more presents by their fireplace. I'm holding my breath....egads! They FOUND it! HOW CAN THAT BEEEEEE!!

Mom is totally humiliated. Embarrassed beyond belief. She just looks at me and says "How COULD you?" I'm like.....uh....well....er.......! So she asks him if it left a mark on their WHITE carpet. Well, I didn't think so, but whew! Aunt Janet says nothing, so we figure I'm good on that count.

Sheesh. Is there nothing a puppy can do that the big people don't know? It's not like I was trying to be rude or anything, but when you gotta go, you gotta go. And my mom hadn't put my piddle pad down in the bathroom yet. I need to be more assertive before we get into the house, I guess.

Shame-facedly yours,

with LOVE and Apologies to my Uncle Michael and Aunt Janet....


PS: On the plus side, all the workmen from next door remembered me from last week and waved good-bye to me when we left to go home on Wednesday morning. That's kinda kewl, considering I was plucked from their midst even before their morning carnitas break. I have FRIENDS! Woo hoo!

Friday, February 01, 2008


Oh yay! Finally. Although today is actually our Wednesday because of rearranging our week. Still, the next two days will let Mom get a lot of paperwork done without interruption. We hope.

Mom wanted me to write and tell you how sorry she is for not making another entry in my diary for so long and she hopes that you'll understand. We've been (as she says) "Up to our elbows in alligators!". Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr. That sounds scary, though, huh?

Today she's taking Sonia out for lunch to wish her good luck on her new job with the courts. Yup. Sonia spent so much time at court when she worked for us that I guess they all figured she should be part of their family. We'll miss her a whole lot. She'd become one of our family after all those years, but we wish her well. And, if she misses us too much, Mom says she's alway welcome back. I hope she comes and visits me. She ALWAYS knew when I needed a belly rub.