Thursday, November 05, 2015

Unexpected Visits

October 24, 2015

Oh, I just LOVE having company even when it's unexpected. Every morning first thing, my mom opens the slider and I go out and inspect my yard. The pups next door run over to the hole in the fence and bark "Good Morning, Mary-Margaret!" and I bark "Good Morning!" right back. Then I go on a sniff-a-thon, checking out the trees, fence and slope. When I'm satisfied all is as it should be I go back into the house, hop on the back of the recliner and watch TV.

Today we got a big surprise. Mom left the slider open so I can come and go as I please. All of a sudden we hear a really big, deep "woof" at the door. I hop down, respond "arf", and go outside to check things out. Well, hello there! There's my neighbor, a big brown and black lady German Shepherd, standing right there waiting for me. I hop out and we start wagging at each other.

Mom (as usual, being somewhat over protective) starts hollering "Stop...Mary-Margaret, you get back here!". Really? (I say). This is my friend from next door and we're just visiting. The "hole" now becomes an opening if she moves the fence boards to the side. Well, well, well! (I say). The big dog is really friendly and walks over to the fence. Mom holds the boards to one side and my friend skootches back through to her own yard. The fence is maneuvered back into place and it's going to be difficult for my friend to come over again, but we'll figure it out.

Meanwhile, I am very flattered to have my friends come over to my house to play. It's been pretty quiet since the feral cats moved and the people on the corner fixed their fence so their pup, Candy, couldn't get out and come visit. She used to walk right into my house and help herself to my kibble. We'd just let her nibble, then Mom would pluck the twigs and leaves out of her hair, and then we'd drive her home. That's Candy below.

P.S. My friend came over again and just hung out in the backyard with me. We both laid in the grass and quietly enjoyed the afternoon together. Then my mom came and got me and my friend pushed the board aside and went home. A little later, she came back and this time my mom put her investigative talents to work. She tracked down the owner of the house, found his unlisted phone number and told him about the fence. He said the house was rented to a military family but that he'd ask them to call.

About a half hour ago they called and then came over. Mom said that if they were looking for their dog that she was in my backyard. They were totally shocked that their dog had a life they didn't know about. Well, surprise, folks. Us pups DO have friends, feelings, activities and lives you don't know about. My friend is named Lexi and her sister (who stayed home) is named LuLu. Their dad, Jamie, got his tools and fixed the fence. DarnDarnDarn. But he left enough of a crack we can still rub noses together when we feel like it.

Have a happy Thanksgiving and always be thankful for your friends, especially the ones that pay surprise visits.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien Chaplain - Yorkie Brigade Chapel "Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!" "A dog has lots of friends because he wags his tail and not his tongue." Anonymous