Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Orange is NOT my color!!

(double click on photos to enlarge)

All day long I'm getting stuff like "Oh, is she getting bigger?" and "My how she's grown!". Like I'm NOT any bigger or fatter or anything. It's this PUMPKIN colored shirt, I tell you. That, and I really need a hair cut. It's just fluff. I'm not an ORANGE person. Maybe next year I can be a ghost or something. Sheesh!

Here's me all freshly brushed and dressed up. The hat is a bit much but I'll grit my teeth and try to stay neat for a while to keep my Mom happy.

Gianna heard I was here in costume and she wanted to come play with me. Which is fine. Actually, more than fine. We visited for long time (in dog years) and I got cuddled a lot. Gianna is four and one of my very best friends. She's a pirate. You know why? Aw...sure you do! OK's a "Johnny Depp" thing. She's a big fan of his and wanted to be a pirate just like "Johnny Depp".
Ding dong...the hat is GONE. You can tell by the look on my face I'm glad to be rid of it.(Yes, I AM sticking my tongue out, but Gianna can't see me! I didn't want to seem rude!)
Oh crud. The hat is coming back at me. Gianna has decided that I'm supposed to wear the hat. I will let her put it back on. But I tell you, the minute she's gone it comes back off.
One of my most favorite people is Miss Cathleen. No tummy lotion today but I got lots of cuddles from Gina and Crystal, two of Miss Cathleen's clients. Crystal does make up on the pretend dead people at the Temecula Haunted House. I wish I could go. It really sounds like fun.
Good way to end a fun day, dontcha think? Getting a belly rub and falling asleep in Mary-Ann's lap. Ahhhh yes. She knows what a puppy likes.

Hope you all had a great Halloween. I sure did.

Love ya....


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My very FIRST bouquet!!

See the roses in my cart? Wow...that was SOOO unexpected. Here's how it came down:

Me and Mom were waiting to check out of Albertson's tonight and so I was kinda visiting with everyone. This really neat lady named Kristen, who was very bee-yoo-ti-ful and probably could have taken First Prize in a People Show (if they had those)...a real pedigreed type of lady. Oh, well anyway, we were visiting and I was explaining to her that "No, I'm not a Toto dog. That would be a Cairn terrier. I'm a Yorkshire Terrier, you see!" And so on, and we sort of hit it off. Mom talked to her a little bit, too. We're chatting with the courtesy clerk on the way out and WHOOOAAAA!!! Kristen comes back and puts a whole bouquet of roses in our basket and says "This is for YOUUUU!".

Mom sorta goes "Huh? How Come?" (which probably wasn't the most politically correct thing to say), while I said "Why, THANK you very much", and just sort of swoooooooned to the smell of those absolutely everly so gorgeous FOURTEEN roses, all white and red and all for MEEEEEE! Kristen says that not enough people do something nice for someone else for no reason, so that's how come I got the roses. OK...well, maybe Mom got them too. I don't mind sharing, you know. Besides, it would have been harder for ME to put them in water than it was for Mom.

Earlier this morning we ran some "Ear-ends" (dunno, but that's what she calls it when we go here and there). We went to a place called BatteriesPlus to get a spare for her camera (Oh, lucky me!...Do I sound a bit sarcastic? Hmmmmm?). Anyhow, I am making friends with Casey, the store manager, and sheesh! Here comes the camera again.

Looks a bit weird, huh? Well you'd think the old girl would know how to fix the shutter speed on it by now, after owning it for at least four years, but nooooo! That's why I think this picture looks so funny. Maybe she was just being jiggly, but all I know is it takes a real long time from when she hits the button until the flash goes off. Whatever. Gives me time to close my eyes and turn my back on her. I got caught off guard in this picture.

That was our day in addition to the usual...meeting and greeting clients, napping, sniffing.....napping! Oh, and I definitely check out skater boy pants now. Mostly trying to figure out just what keeps them from falling down. I'll let you know when I find the answer.

Love ya,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Monday, October 29, 2007

Something is happening here!

"What it is ain't egg-zack-tully clear. "

Mom keeps talking about Pixie and Twinkie and Furball. She has her suitcase open and full of clothes. I don't want to leave her side. I woke up with a rash on my tummy. Did I mention I get hives when I get stressed? Yup. I do.

I've been...oh...ok, I'll come right out and tell you....! I've been behaving strangely. Even like this morning I raced downstairs and made a statement on the carpet and went back upstairs...."deet de doooo" nothing happened. And when she saw it...oh, I was SOOO ashamed but not really, you know? Like I wanted to express myself and I didn't have any crayons??

So then we get the morning stuff all sorted out and Mom takes her shower and when she comes out, there I am all setting up camp in her suitcase. Like I'm telling you, no body goes ANYWHERE without MEEEEE, Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien.
Yup. I pretty much understand stuff like "Ohhhh...I'm gonna miss you SOOOO much", and "You're going to have SOOOO much fun at camp with Pixie, Twinkie and Furball". Tonight she actually cooked up a whole pan of chicken breasts with garlic powder and chopped them up and put them in zippy baggies. Then she popped them in the freezer. Smelled pretty good, too. I can feel it coming and I don't LIKE it at all.

On a positive note, I got some of that chicken tonight for dinner and it's yummy. And wherever she's going, she's going to miss me at least as much as I'll miss her. That's a fact.

I'll keep you posted, but if you don't hear from me for a while it's not MY choice. The last time I got sent "to camp" I ended up sorting laundry at my Auntie C's place, and hanging out with my Uncle Rudy.


Sunday, October 28, 2007


Oh I am SOOOOOO happy. We heard from all of our clients and they are ALL safe and have houses and....whew! What a mess that was. The last one that we were most worried about emailed us today. The winds even blew all the ashes off their patio.

I kinda have to run, but I wanted to tell you that very excellent news.

Thank you, God, for keeping them all safe and sound.


Love, Mary-Margaret
Lt. Chaplain
Yorkie Brigade

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Putting out the fires!

It's been going on for about five days now. Stinky, smoky, and really tragic for a lot of pups and their peeples and other pets. My mom finally got to thinking what she could do that would help the most. "Hmmmmm...hmmmm...hmmmm!!", she said, and she got an idea.

Yup! She did! And it worked, too. We took our gritty grimy car to the car wash (we were the ONLY ones there) and it started to rain right after. It ALWAYS starts to rain right after. Even if there aren't any clouds in the sky it still rains, Mom says, or the neighbor's sprinkler goes haywire and it looks like it's raining.

So the fires are getting put out today and we are everly so grateful to all the firemen who worked so long and so hard, sometimes without food or sleep, to keep so many of us safe. Thank you so very much.

Er....if you want to help, go tell your humans to wash their cars, too.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Looking Eastward

This is what it looks like from our bank parking lot. We can't tell exactly what's happening, but it looks like one of the fires has jumped over into Riverside county on the East side. The news stations aren't talking much about the fire any more. Most of them are put out except Running Springs which is maybe 75 miles away, and two in San Diego county (20-30% contained), and the one in Orange county which is trying very hard to come into Riverside county where we are.

New reporters seem like a different type of human all together. They look nice, talk nice and move on to something else when their audience gets bored. Today it's all about a couple of bird brain parents with two baby boys aged 1 and 2 who already seem smarter than the adults.

OK OK....I won't get into it here. This is not the place to hang other people's laundry out. This is about MEEEEEE.....Mary-Margaret O'Brien. Puppy extraordinaire!! Ask me what I think and I'll solve the problems of the world.



10/25/07: And another day burning...!

(double click to see detail)
Here's the way it looks to the southwest of us from the roof deck. The fires are still burning but the winds have disappeared. The smoke is settling into our little valley. Every time I go outside my fur gets ashes in it. I just shake a bit and it flies back out. The secret is to wait until I get BACK to the office to do my shaking. That way I can see how much soot and ash my hairdo holds.
This one is looking more south south east toward that big fire. It looks a lot closer than it really is. The smoke can make you feel like you're right next to it even though the flames are a few miles away. Here's looking more toward the Rice Fire in Fallbrook. We still don't know if all of our clients made it through ok because they're still not letting people back into the town. We heard from Mr. Sides (the man who rescued my stuffed ferret from "The Firehouse" restaurant a couple of years ago?) and he's fine. So's his family and his horses. But he's on the Rainbow side. Fallbrook is something else. Can you imagine? Booting 45,000 people from one town? Where do they all go, I wonder?

Going "out" isn't one of my big priorities today. It's hot, dry and smoky and my eyes get all gooped up. I go to Mom and start rubbing my eyes so she knows it's time to help me clean them out again. We haven't argued at all today. I've been very considerate of her, and she's been pretty nice to me, too. I didn't even bug her to go home at 5:00 like I usually do. Instead I made a really HUGE puddle in the middle of my piddle-pad. When she saw it she told me what a good girl I was and thanked me. Made me feel all proud of myself, too.

Mary-Ann From-Down-The-Hall dropped by and we cuddled for a bit. Gosh, I love her. She doesn't even start to talk to my mom until she finds me and plops me in her lap. I could just nuzzle her all day. Yup. I could!!

Sorry we didn't post last night but the "old lady" fell asleep in her big comfy leather chair. I barked a few times to wake her up and she just fell back asleep. It wasn't until about 11:30 that she paid serious attention to me. Like..."Hello? You can stay here if you want but I WANT TO GO TO BED!!"

PS - she's not really all that old but compared to MEEEEE she is! :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another Day - Much the same! More Fire!

(double click to see close up)
Remember yesterday? Hmmmmm! Same view but taken today at 11:14AM
And again at 12:18PM

And at 2:30PM
Looking to the right toward the southwest where we saw the Rosa Fire pop up yesterday.
And back at the same place we started with, only now it's 5:14PM. Ashes are falling everywhere and it's getting hard to breathe. We see a lot of people with scarves or surgical masks on. All I want to do is sniff.

Every bush smells so different today. I want to just sit and take it all in, but Mom keeps up with "Come ON, Mary-Margaret! Hurry up!". She's NO fun at all. And so I've started talking back to her, which only leads to an argument. We don't think it's funny but other people do. A grown up lady and a small Yorkie, yapping back and forth. "You STOP that, Mary-Margaret", and I say back "Make me!!", and she says "You don't SASS me like that", and I say, "Yeah? I'm doing it!!"...and so on. Neither one of us gets anything settled and pretty soon I get involved in something else.

PS - Today I rode up in the elevator with a guy wearing skater boy pants. You know, I stuck my nose right up his pant leg and would have really gotten a real eyeful if Mom didn't yank my leash and snarl "NO" at me. Like then she tells me ....(sigh)... how RUDE it is to look up someone's pant leg. The guy gave me a funny look and dashed out the elevator as soon as it stopped. Hey! I was just curious, you know.

Here's looking right into the sun.
Colleen calls Mom while we're in Albertson's. Another fire in Temecula.... see? Only this one is Southeast of us, while the big one is just South.
It's a full moon, too. Check it out through the smoke.

San Diego is practically shut down. Schools and courts are closed, and even if you wanted to get there, you probably couldn't get back. The roads keep closing and the winds keep changing direction.

All this is making us really sad, and wishing it would hurry up and be over.

Hugs and puppy licks to everyone...

From MEEEE, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire All Around

(double click the pictures to see more detail)
Our office is in Old Town Temecula. It's pretty neat. We're in an old Western style building on the third floor. When we heard the fire had broken into Redhawk, which is south of us, Mom took this first picture.
This next picture shows the hills of DeLuz just on the other side of the creek to the west of us.
About 1:30PM another fire was going in DeLuz, called the "Rosa Fire".
This is about the time she decided to go home.
About ten minutes later, you can see it's already getting bigger.

We're not so much worried about our office, but the creeks and canyons act like chimneys, and the wind was blowing so hard my hair was sleeked straight back from my nose, just like it would be if I had my head out a speeding car window.

By 5:00PM the Temecula Community Center was all full of people who evacuated, and Temecula Valley High School was set up to be an emergency shelter. We heard Chaparral High was also set up for this.

I worry about my friends - the bunnies, the squirrels, the skunks. YEAH? Well, I think they're nice folks and they can't help that they smell that way. Sooo...putting my paws together and praying that they'll be ok. And I'm hoping that my clients will still have their homes to go home to once this is all over.

Mom was taking pictures of all the equipment in the office and, as an afterthought, decided to include me. As you can see, I'm VERY serious about these fires.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, October 22, 2007

God bless Auntie Leslie and her Family!

Aunt Leslie's mom left yesterday on her forever journey. My head is bowed and I'm praying really hard. Sometimes there just aren't any words for how you feel. Please hear my heart speak silently today instead.

And please help Auntie Leslie and her family through these difficult days.

Thank you, Lord.


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Twinky, Furball and Pixie

Mom took me to Auntie Lynda's place today to meet some friends and have a play date. Ohhhh.....and we all hit it off right away, especially Twinky and MEEEEE. Twinky was named, because she's half dachsund and half chihuahua, so she's got a really long body, sort of golden on top with a white belly. Get it? Yup....she looks like a Twinky. We played hide and seek, and chase, and even told some secrets under the coffee table. Shhhhh!

Furball is so cute. She's all grey and elegantly groomed and she wears Pampers because she's an elderly woman and has little accidents. Mom says she's like a doggie version of "Aunt Clara" (I have NOOOO idea what she's talking about but she says you will). Other than that she's very fine, thank you. Pixie is also pretty old and she lives in the Senior Center of the house, which is back in the laundry room with lots of soft sherpa beds.

Here's what bugs me. Mom went to all the trouble of finding the camera, charging the battery and putting it in her purse so she could take pictures of my new friends. See, today was like open house at camp where we all got to meet each other and get a tour of the place. Anyway, it's really neat, with lots of soft, comfy furniture that I am allowed upon. And there are children sometimes. Macy and Caden, Auntie Lynda's grand kids. And they have pups. Roxie and ...oh rats. I forgot, but he's really young and needs a mentor. (ahem? I volunteer?)

I might miss Mom a little when she goes away with Auntie C, but trust me on this. The thought of getting my own piece of cheese AND a half of a turkey weenie every morning just for doing my business first thing is my idea of HEAVEN. Yup. That's what Auntie Lynda gives all the babies (she means pups, but she calls us babies) in the morning. I can hardly wait.

This whole thing might not be too bad, you know? Twinky, Furball and Pixie sleep together in the Senior Center. But Auntie Lynda told MEEE that I can sleep with HER and her hubby in their bed. That makes me feel really special, you know? I just love her so much. YEAH!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, October 19, 2007

Me and Richard, the A/C man!

I've known Richard for ages and ages, at least maybe 1 year or more. He comes in our office and changes the filter on the air conditioning vent. When he comes, we have serious interaction. See?

Richard has "pit bulls". He and I both agree that they have a bad reputation and they really don't deserve it. Most are really very nice dogs who have the misfortune of being related to a few that are taught to attack or fight. Anyway, that's what we talk about. How nice his pups are and how much he misses Max, his old girl that went to the bridge a while back.

Including seeing Richard and hanging with Ozzie in the parking lot for a while this morning, it's been a pretty decent day. Lots of wrong numbers on our Private Investigator's line. It's a lot like a number that used to belong to a Credit Union and it's one number off the Temecula Cab Company. At least we know our phone is working, which is a good thing.

Have a really great weekend, y'all. I'm going to Auntie Lynda's on Sunday to meet my 'camp' mates, her three pups. I can't wait. It'll be like a play date, I think. Mom already warned me not to expect to go canoeing, or to roast marshmallows over a campfire (Remember how disappointed I was in March 2006??), but this will be more like an all girls' sleepover next month. Yayyyyy!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS: In my capacity of "Chaplain of the Yorkie Brigade" (Someday I'll tell you the story of Colonel McDoglass and the cowardly retreat of the Scottish Terriers, but I digress....!), I would like to ask all of you to put your paws together for my Auntie Leslie and her mom. Her mom is getting ready to go to the bridge for her forever journey and Auntie Leslie is trying very hard to be very brave and take care of her and comfort her. So I'm asking that we all pray to help them through this time. We are so sad about Auntie Leslie's mom. We are sending the whole family hugs and puppy love. Thank you. MMOB

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bark of America!

Oh, I LOVE my bank. I've been coming here since I was a baby. Most of the girls know my name, too. Especially Brenda and Lisa. I'm working on Maryam - she's kinda afraid of dogs in general, but so far I have gotten her to pat me on my head. That's a really big step for her, too. This is a picture of me doing business with my personal banker, Julie.
Later on we went into the office and got a lot done. We're pretty busy and keep sending work away. I hope we're not sorry later, but it doesn't seem fair to our regular clients to take work from strangers and not do a good job for them.

During my Mid-Afternoon nap my good friend Mary Ann from Down-the-Hall came by to give me some belly rubs. She has a really good business doing balloons for parties and car dealerships and races and stuff. She's everly so amazing. I'll put a link to her web page for you when I get it.

Mom's just about to conk out on me so she left behind little reminders to herself to add the pictures on Friday. (Note she remembered? Hmmmm?)

Tomorrow is TGIF! Woo hoo! Hope you all have a really great weekend if I don't talk to you before.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Me and Mom's Nightgown

I've never kept it a secret that I sleep with my mom and that I cuddle really close to her at night. I'm going to rethink that choice after last night, though.

It's maybe 4AM and I am wanting some fresh air so I'm scooting up to where the top sheet meets the bottom up by the pillows, figuring I'll pop right out and stretch my legs. Huh? I'm not getting anywhere at all and it's panic time. I AM TRAPPED!

Next thing I hear is Mom mumbling "OW, Mary-Margaret! What ARE you DOING?". Er....well, gosh. Seems I was scootching up between her bare back and her nightgown instead of between the sheets. I could get my nose out the neck hole but my shoulders were too big. I tried and I tried, and she just kept saying stuff like "Knock it off....just a second here...arrrgh!" (you know what I'm saying?). We were a bit tangled but she fished me out and plopped me on top of the covers, rather grumpily, I might add.

I'm sure she'll laugh about it some day, though. Hmmph! Some people can be sooooo rude in the wee hours of the morning.



Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Typical Day!

First off, we wake up and I get tummy kisses. I guess I got carried away and accidently, in my enthusiasm, put my tongue in Mom's mouth. I'm sure she didn't mean to hurt my feelings, but next thing you know I'm getting a shower and my teeth got brushed really good. Yup. Molars and all. Thank goodness for poultry flavored toothpaste.

Then we go to the bank, then the office. I start with a preliminary nap, working up to my more serious MORNING nap. About 1:00PM I get to go back out but no time to visit my patch of plants. We're late for an appointment. Miss Cathleen is running a bit behind but there's a kid there to play with while I'm waiting. Then I get my tummy and paws lotioned, and then out comes my special bowl of water. Later on, Miss Cathleen takes me for my customary run.

Afterwards, it's "rush rush" back to the office, get stuff ready to mail, answer the phones (I might note that my mom is starting to talk to the office machines, in particular to the telephone telling it the "BE QUIET!", but machines can't talk...Silly Woman!). We go to the post office (I wait in the car), and go tape some papers on someones door.

Next, we go the market where I flirt shamelessly with the box boys, my most favorite part of the day. Nice thing is, they flirt back and tell me I'm beautiful. What girl wouldn't fall in love, I ask you?

We're busy, and I'm told that's good. I think maybe too busy a little bit, though, because of the talking to machines part. She does that when she gets overloaded. I stay out of the way and stick to my office bed unless I really need to go visit the planter box. I get to go usually around noon and again maybe at 3 or 4, so I don't ask unless I'm pretty desperate.

We're going to Minnesota in December and I'm meeting more cousins. This should be pretty interesting. They have a ....{{{shiver}}}....CAT!! A really BIG BIG cat. I hope it doesn't mind having company for a couple of days.

OK...that's it for today. Just wanted to keep my Grandma posted. I got to listen to her voice on the speaker phone today and I gave her some kisses..."long distance" kisses, that is. I hope we get to go visit her and GrandPapa soon. Mom? You listening?

Oh..hee Mom watered the back lawn today because it was getting sort of brown. Do I have to tell you what I did? Hmmmmmm? Yeah...little wet puppy prints all over the place. And as soon as I come back in I hop in Mom's lap. She curled her lip at me and snarled, "You're all WET, Mary-Margaret", but that's all. Like...isn't that the whole point? (hehehe)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, October 15, 2007

Me and my friend, Little Grey

First thing this morning before I've even SMELLED Mom's coffee I hopped out my doggie door to TCB* and my very good friend, Little Grey, is sitting on top of the fence. So I go over and say "Hello", and he waves his tail back and we just start visiting. Even Mom comes outside and says "Oh, Hello, Little Grey Kitty!" and goes back in. All is kewl.

OOOPS! Wow...all of a sudden Little Grey dashes off the fence and hides in my fort and here's Big Blob sitting there in his place. Big Blob is there looking all smug and tough. Well, I give HIM a piece of my mind while Mom goes upstairs to get her camera.

SEEEEEEE? Big ol' meany cat. You can see it in his devil eyes. He would LOVE to have me for dinner, I just KNOW it! He even scares my friend, Little Grey. As soon as he scared everyone that was up that early, he left. Big old bully. Yup.

And that's the news of my neighborhood this Monday, October 15, 2007. Stay tuned for updates as they occur.

Do I sound like a TV reporter yet? Hmmmmmmmmm??

This is Mary-Margaret O'Brien from Temecula, California. Back to you, Diane and Robin. (hehehehehhehehhe)

*That's Elvis Pawsley speak for Takin' Care of Business.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

OHMYGAWSH! I've been TAGGED!, Sparky (my MAN!). He tagged me and I have to tell EIGHT random facts about myself.

Here's the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs. I even know eight facts? Hmmmmmm......let's see.

1) I like to snoozle with my mom and she wakes up with me cuddled right into her back. And I get squeaky tummy kisses that tickle everly so much before I get out of bed.
2) Playing tag is fun, even if I'm the only one playing. I run really fast and come to a screeching halt, then turn around and run the other way. I always win, too.
3) Kibbles don't get eaten by me unless they're mixed with fresh roasted chicken chopped up in tiny bits. Then I will eat them.
4) Oh oh....I know. I snore. Number four is that I SNORE. Really loud, and last night I even scared my mom because it was so loud she said it sounded like a bear. (hee hee hee)
5) Dresses are ok to wear as long as they aren't all frou frou, but I really prefer T-shirts.
6) My very first internet pal is named Sarabi and she is a Shih-Tzu and she lives in Illinois.
7) I don't mind being filmed, but I hate it when the "paparazzo" (you know who I mean) doesn't know when to quit. Then I just make faces or turn my back on her.
8) Even though I talk about chasing cats, I really like them and just want to play. Except I don't like it when they use MY planter for a litter box. Nope. Then they are not my friends.

OK...time for me to tag someone. I think.....I!!! I tag LUCIE in Venezuela, Pochaco and Toto in Mexico, Laura,
Freda, Turbo, Pacco de Mongrel, Sophie Brador, and last but not least, Simon and Hallie, my good friends from New York.

OK, everydoggy, your turn!!

That was fun.

Love, Mary-Margaret "The IT Girl" O'Brien

Friday, October 12, 2007


Oh HELP!! Mom's been "window shopping" on the internet again. I can't imagine what she's thinking this time.

Something about a souvenir for MEEEE from Bavaria?

Trust me! I'd rather have a Bavarian sausage or a schnitzel or a glockenschpiel (whatever that is). Really, I would.

Dear Lord....what next?

Prayerfully yours,


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thank you, Chloe!

Wow. I am so excited. My very good friend Chloe from Malaga, Spain, gave me and my friend, Lucie (from Venezuela) and Butchy & Snickers, and Thor an AWARD! Seeeeeeeee???

Thank you everly so much! I shall wear it proudly on I Don't HAVE any sleeves, do I?) OK...on my collar. Yup. Fits just fine there.

Thank you, Chloe. Now I shall have to give this award to someone else. Hmmmmmm.

Oh, I know. Maggie Rose. She's my very good friend who just had puppies and hasn't been feeling well, but she's fine now. This should REALLY cheer her up.

Congratulations, Maggie Rose.

Love, Mary Margaret

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Eeek! It's already TUESDAY!

Dear Diary. Oh gosh. And I haven't written since what...maybe last week? Well, it's not MY fault. I didn't even get my Sentinel tab on time and just this morning Mom gave it to me a WHOLE TWO DAYS LATE! Lucky thing fleas and other buggies are settling in for the winter. Still....what with work, meetings, and other stuff like scrubbing MY bathroom floor with Pinesol (phewy!), Mom's been hustling and just too darn busy to pay attention to MY responsibilities.

Yes, I do have responsibilities. Like chasing cats, removing dead stuff from the back yard, checking out wastebaskets to make sure nothing interesting gets thrown away. Stuff like that, you know? And, of course, writing to YOU, Dear Diary, so my Grandma will know that all is well in the world and not worry about me. She's like that, you know? I miss her. I wonder when we'll get to see her again? I'll work on it. Maybe Mom can get a break before she goes to Munich? Hmmmmmm???

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! Oh..? "Look at the time, Mary-Margaret!", she says. Gotta go. We have a big day ahead of us. Busy busy busy all the time.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, October 06, 2007

My favorite time of day!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! My everly mostest best time of day. When Mary-Ann-From-Downthehall comes in for her "puppy" fix and...OHMYGAWSH.....I could stay like this FOR-EVERRRRRRR!

You can see I'm kind of drifting off a bit and pretty soon I wake myself up with a "snore". Very unladylike, sure, but...sheesh! I'm among friends. Then I sort of nestle into her "pillows" and she always laughs. Maybe I tickle her a little bit? Hmmmmmm? She says I'm just like a real baby.

Uh huh! Yup! That I am!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's a WRAP!!

Yeah, baby! We got to work pretty early this morning because some people were coming to our office to film MEEEEE. Uh...ok, well...all right! Mom, too. Mom was talking about helping find some guy before he did something very wrong. She does this stuff with a bunch of ladies around the country and Maggie Knowles (Production Manager), Donna Kanter (Director/Writer) and Roberto Correa (Cameraman) were there to film it. I call them my "peeps".

Mom even took my pink t-shirt to the office on a hanger so I wouldn't muss it up until it was time to film MEEE. Oh yeah. I hopped on the desk, did my package opening thing for a while until I figured out there wasn't anything for me. I was a receptionist and I greeted people. It was all everly so much fun. Even Sonia said so, so it must have been a LOT of fun for the humans, too.

When my crew was all done filming they took us to lunch. They invited all of us but Sonia had other plans. Darn. We went to Baily's down the street. They're friendly to us pups, and you know what? They EVEN brought me out my very own water bowl AND...check this out. A plate with THREE biscuits on it just for me. Maggie shared her chicken with me and then we went for a run. Just Maggie and MEEEEEEE. She's a lot of fun. I hope I see her again. She's the one wearing the same shirt as I am.

Donna said we could tell you to look for us on the WE network. That's on cable, Mom says. We don't know when exactly but we'll let you know.

I can tell I'm going to sleep really good tonight. I didn't have any of my naps it was all so exciting.

G'night, everyone.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hide 'n' Seek

"Mary-Margaret? WHERE ARE you??" I get that a lot. Sometimes I just wanna have fun, you know? So after trudging downstairs THREE times to see if the mail is there...ok I took the elevator .... The point is, it gets old. Mom says "You want to come check the mail again"? IF! She saw my leash laying on the floor but nothing moved. She kept calling and calling. (hehehehehehehehe...I'm having trouble keeping from laughing out loud....shhhhhh!) I stayed as quiet as a bug. Finally she freaks and thinks maybe I'm passed out cold or something. She's part right. I AM cold (She likes the a/c on!) but I'm also playing a game. Seee???

Ahhhh....the little pleasures of life. Getting comfy and playing Hide 'n' Seek. I tell YOUUUU! I didn't move a muscle until maybe five minutes later when I heard the office door open for real. "Wait for MEEEEEE!", I said. We got a good laugh out of that.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, October 01, 2007

Take Me Out to the Ball Game....

....Take me out to the park!!! But I didn't get any peanuts or cracker jacks like the song says.

Here's me sitting up like a big girl and cheering my cousin Clancy on. Boy, can he ever throw. What an arm!! Wahooey!! I really got into the action here.

Annoyingly, I also didn't get any pistachio nuts or bubble gum. Mom shared her water and I got a few belly rubs, but ...good gosh, fambly wouldn't even let me chase the balls!!!
This "bubble-gum-is-not-for-dogs" thing is starting to really bug me.

Oh yes...the whole reason we came (besides seeing Clancy play ball) was to give the twins their birthday presents. Mom got some pictures, too.
All in all, we had a good time. This is MEEEE asking Auntie C if we can come again. PULEEZE? There is the everly most best grass for sniffing and rolling in.

This is the very first time I've ever been to a ball game. Ohhhh...and I think it's the first time I went to a park. I sure hope we visit more parks. Mom says she's afraid of germs, but... well? So? She just doesn't understand the specialness of grass-rolling or sniff-a-thons. I'll work on it.

Cheeringly yours,