Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Yesterday I went to Miss Cathleen's to hang out while mom got some work done.  Miss Cathleen was nibbling on an apple and that looked pretty interesting to me.  I don't remember ever having apple before.  She tossed me a tiny piece with the peel on it.  Apple = yum; Peel = blegh.  I quickly figured out how to peel the apple with my tongue and spit out the peel.   The ladies thought I was pretty smart.  Chunk after chunk, apple in - peel out.  I am so totally stoked.  I LOVE apple.

A lady came in while we were there.  She was really friendly and gave me lots of pets.   She also kept looking at me sideways.  Finally she asked Mom if I went to Marilyn's place for my haircuts.   Mom asked her who's mom she was.  Turns out she's Buddha's mom, a black and white Shih Tzu that I spend some time with.  He reminds my of my sweet Hashimoto, but we are just friends.   "Ah!", she said.   "I thought I recognized Mary-Margaret!".   Mom lifted an eyebrow at me.  It seems I know more people in Temecula than she does!  (bark out loud)