Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lake Wynonah

Oh my gosh! I went to the most bee-yoo-ti-full place today. Lake Wynonah. There are two lakes, and lots of trees, and hills, and I met my very first squirrel. Later on we were driving around and I saw a squished squirrel. I hope it wasn't my new friend.

Mom bought a lot there last year and she decided we ought to get her a membership identification card. Ohhhh...guess what?? Guess WHAAAT??? I got one TOOOOOOOOO! It has my whole name "Mary-Margaret O'Brien" and it says "MEMBER" on it. The lady named Sue who took my picture decided she was glad she had a digital camera because I wiggled so much. She made an extra ID card for her "pet wall". There are ooodles and kabooodles of other pups and even CATS with their own membership cards, too. I think it's kewl. Mom sort of lifted an eyebrow and hinted that maybe it was in case someone lost a dog or something. I'd prefer to think that I am really and truly a "MEMBER".

Mom also put an offer on another house. Just for fixing up and for vacations. Heck, I don't care just as long as I get to go sniff all those trees... rocks... moss... trees. You know, this tree-sniffing project could take a really long time. The Blue Mountains are absolutely COVERED with gazillions of trees.

We won't know if the seller will take our offer for a couple of days. I have my paws crossed, though. Mom is hoping too.

Say a prayer for us, please?? Golly, I hope Mom can figure out how to upload the photos she took. Maybe tomorrow. She says she's too tired today.

Love, Mary-Margaret "The Member" O'Brien

Friday, September 29, 2006

Harrisburg, PA

I'm really proud of myself, although I might be sorry later. But I had to tell you. I HELD it for 13 HOURS!!! That is from 6:30AM to about 7:30PM PDT (10:30PM EDT) and even though Mom tried to get me to go, I tell YOUUUU. I am NOT going to be Member of the Mile-High club over a piddle pad. No siree! Besides, someone hinted to me that the "Mile-High club" meant something else altogether. I suppose it depends on what species you are how you might apply the meaning. To meeeeee, it's absolutely ridiculous for someone to expect MEEE to use my piddle pad at approximately 37,000 feet?? That's....hmmm...let's see...about SEVEN MILES UP? I don't theeeeeeeenk so!!

United serves a rather tasty Asian chicken salad. I had some chicken and Mom finished up the stuff that looked a little fishy to me. Smelled a bit like cabbage.

Anyway...we've got to get to bed. Miss you all....

Love, Mary-Margaret,

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vacation!! Wheeeeeeeeee!!

My first REAL vacation. Ever. On a plane. All the way to Pennsylvania. I am SOOO excited. Ohmygawsh. Like I am having trouble settling down. Even forgot myself and grabbed one of Mom's favorite sandals to munch on. She caught me just as I started some serious gnawing. OW. And then I was into trash..and running amok, every which way. I can't wait to get my WINGS. Did you know I get wings? Really? Like a pilot?

We're going to Pennsylvania. And Margie is taking care of the Bird Family and the house. And's going to be so fun. And we get to stay in a real hotel. And Mom says "the leaves are starting to turn" (whatever that means but it sounds neat, huh? We're just going to kick back and have some quiet time in the Blue Mountains and get in touch with our inner selves (she says).

I'll ask her to take pictures for sharing. I'll miss you all, but Mom's taking the computer and if she can get it to work I'll write in my diary. I hope so.

Anyway, there you know as much as I do. I think I wore myself out with excitement. Going to bed now.

Love, Mary-Margaret "Jet Setter" O'Brien

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Aaaaaaaaaack! Seven POINT FIVE!!

(In this picture, I'm waiting for Mom to open my birthday card from Sarabi. She also sent me a gift card to Petsmart which I'll probably use to get a larger size of shirt the way things are going. But thank you, Sarabi, for thinking of me. Maybe if I go on a diet I can get a smaller one?)

Apparently there was a slight error in my "weigh in" last week. The tech said I weighed 6.3 pounds. Oh yay! Well, that joy was short lived. I went to see Dr. V for my health certificate today so I could fly, and she came back into the exam room and told Mom "I don't BELIEVE it!". She said that I now weigh 7.5 pounds. AND....ohhhh.....I'm so upset! She said I was CHUNKY around the middle. Then she tried to gloss it over by saying it's probably baby fat.

Oh oh oh...and THEN? And Then? She told Mom that (and I quote) "It wouldn't hurt either of you to take a 30 minute walk every day!". Oh boy! So when Mom's eyes bugged out, Dr. V said it would "be ok if you break it up into two 15 minutes walks". So I'm now to cut back on the size of my dinner, eat more kibble (yuck!), and exercise at an "aerobic level" for 30 minutes every day. And cut back the on "ice cream" (Frosty Paws). (sigh)

Did I ever mention how come I love my Dr. V so much? It's because she tells it as it is. And I do NOT want to have to give away a whole 'nuther wardrobe of clothes just because I'm too "chunky" to wear them. Nuh uh! Not me. I will get that Mom of mine to go for walks if it kills me. It'll just be something else we can do together, I'll say. Think she'll buy it?

Love, Mary-Margaret "Bubble Butt" O'Brien

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My first plane ride...

...oh, I am SO excited. And a little nervous. Hard to imagine flying. But Mom says my Aunt Rose was quite the little traveler, and I don't want to let Mom down. This weekend we're in Pennsylvania and the next one we go to San Jose. So far, no problems with the airlines letting me on board. But when Mom called the Wyndham hotel they were a bit hesitant. She's going to talk to them tomorrow. I mean, we already have the reservations, and truthfully, I've seen people puppies that are not nearly as polite and well behaved as I am. Honestly! I am very business like and professional. I think this prejudice against well behaved puppies is soooo uncalled for, don't you? In San Jose, we're at the Doubletree and I'm told they're "pet friendly".

I'll let you all know how it goes. This should be fun. The house we're looking at is all surrounded by woods. You KNOW how I like trees. It needs a lot of work but, like Mom says, that's the joy of it. Taking something that is down on condition and turning it into something beautiful.

Fingers, toes and paws crossed...

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, September 25, 2006

'Tis more blessed to give...

I had a wonderful birthday last week and got lots of presents. A lot of pups don't have a blankie, or even a shirt, to keep them warm. They probably wouldn't even know what a "present" is. I'm pretty lucky, you know?

We were going through my drawers this morning and I had a whole bunch of things that are in brand new condition that I will never wear again. I used to be an extra-small or extra-extra-small when I was a baby. Now I'm just "small". So we gathered up my dresses and shirts and pajamas and gave most of them to the pet hospital to keep their patients warm. Especially the puppies who might kick their blankets off. We also gave them two blankets and we'll be taking even more stuff later.

I also gave Zooey, one of my new friends, a sweater and some dresses. She's only 2.3 pounds and she's seven months old. Her human mom died not too long ago, and Jackie (her daughter) is taking care of her and Jackie's dad now. Zooey (gosh, I hope I spelled that right) needed some clothes, I thought. I hope she likes them. One of the sweaters was my favorite. It was a turtle neck in dusty rose with sequins on it.

I like giving my things to other pups who need them. I think I need to go through some more stuff, maybe my toys, next time. I have waaaay more than I can even play with.

Love you all...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nekkid No More

(Here's me taking a sunbath this afternoon)
Mom got up pretty early this morning, before the sun was even all the way up, and went outside in her bare feet to look for my "clothes". I've got a pretty big back yard, like maybe the whole lot with the house is almost 1/4 acre, and the grass was wet, and it was (according to Mom, the wuss!) absolutely freezing. Me? I'm at my comfort level, but I digress (as usual).
After hunting all over, including the side slope, she comes back in the house and tries to remember everywhere I was last night. Then it hits her. "Oy!!!", and she slaps her forehead. She only uses words like "Oy" when she can't bring herself to say "Duuuuuhhh!". Just before my last "out" before bed I leaped off the back of the brown leather chair (where you now see me relaxing and watching QVC) and there it was. Right at the very bottom of the back next to the book case.

So I am again wearing my beloved St. Francis of Assisi medallion, my rabies tag, my identification tag, and my AKC tag on my dark pink collar. I hate to think what I'll weigh once I finally get my license tag, but we'll probably do that next Saturday. Just in case this happens again, I'm also wearing ANOTHER identification tag attached to my light pink collar, which I'm ALSO wearing. Remember, I like to layer my outfits? Tres chic, non??

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Some of Mom's friends ask her how she gets me to sit still for a picture. I have to tell you that she took 30 shots of me on the leather chair just to get one to share with you. I really REALLY hate flashbulbs!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I lost my "clothes"! OHMYGAWSH!

I was running and romping in the backyard and..oh gawsh...I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I was probably a pound lighter. And I didn't jingle any more. It was dark out, and Mom did her usual thing of saying "Bye bye", slamming the garage door and hiding behind the refrigerator. Well, THIS time I hopped in the house through my doggie door and went to the right (instead of the left) and circled around through the living and dining room and went "BOO!!!" to Mom. "Yikes", she said. "I didn't hear you coming". And ya know? She was right. I was minus my give-away jingle.

I still have on my light pink collar with the sparklies, but it's not quite the same. I feel so very un-dressed. Tomorrow morning we're going looking for my "clothes". I can't be outside without, at the very least, a name tag. What if I got lost or something. Well, that won't happen. Ever since my jinglies fell off, I'm sticking to Mom like glue. I won't even let her go in the bathroom without me right there. I think we both know how important it is to carry identification.

Keep your finger, toes, and paws crossed for me that we find it, ok?

G'night and God bless...


Doing "lunch" with Mom

I tell YOUUU...I got to pick the place. Anything with my favorite word "O-U-T" is a hit with me. Mom got the double-double with cheese and I got the usual - hamburger with cheese. I'm trying to decide if I like this place called "In-N-Out" or "McDonald's" the best. Hmmmm. In-N-Out gives more cheese on my burger, but McDonald's line moves a lot faster. What do you all think?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, September 22, 2006

Munchie & Scruffy - a lesson in tolerance

Here are my friends Munchie and Scruffy. Munchie is the little one, and Scruffy is the background. They are the best of friends, and they are room mates, too. Her name is "Munchie" because she's not even big enough to be a Munchkin.
Here's a picture of Munchie living up to her name. When she gets bored she "munches" on Scruffy's tail. Scruffy just takes it all in stride. When you love someone you put up with the little aggravations.

We had a busy day today. I'm about ready to wind it up for the night. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Love ya...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Work, work, work!

Somedays it's just like that. We like to be busy but not too busy, you know? This morning, Mom went to the dentist (again) to fix a rough spot. Then she picked MEEEE up and we went out delivering stuff to people. It's actually called serving papers, but we smile a lot and almost all of our people smile back. Except for one lady who said someone didn't live there and she never heard of him. Tsk tsk! And her son was home from school, too. It's not nice to tell a lie, especially in front of your little kids. What she didn't know what that her neighbor across the street had already told Mom that the person DID live there so ...well, without going into detail.....Mom was really nice and the lady was really mad.

Then we went to the office and Sonia is on vacation so Margie is working with Mom. I think they got a lot done, too. I slept a lot, and ooooooh!!! Did I tell you about my pink tennis ball on a rope with a pink and pinker fuzzy tail?? I LOVE it. I played with that most of the day. I went out a couple of times, said "hello" to a lot of new people and just piddled about. The usual. I really like my job. I must be doing OK because some people now come to see ME and not Mom. Imagine that! :o)

I have a new friend - Peanut, the chihuahua. He's a bit bigger than me, about the color of a well roasted chicken, and really REALLY cute. We did a lot of circling and sniffing today. His mom's an attorney on our floor and our moms help each other out sometimes. So we get to see each other. He used to be kinda shy, but I tell YOUUUU. He was doing some pretty heavy sniffing on me this afternoon. I think he likes me...he REALLY likes me. When we really got going my mom made me leave. She said to "always leave them wanting more". Good words, don'tcha think?

OK...bed time. I didn't want to go to sleep without filling you in, Dear Diary. I'm going to go nap on a dish towel on Mom's desk for a bit while she winds down. Then we'll go to bed.

G'night everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Leashless in Temecula!!

Hee heeeeeeeeeee! at last! I tell you...the minute I realized that the leash latch didn't close all the way on my shocking pink collar, I took off like a shot. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! Ohmygawsh. I thought my mom was going to have a heart attack. She started yelling "Mary-Margaret. Nooooooo!". Well, we know how I feel about orders, so I kept on going. All the way down the parking lot, past our building, past the next one and then I started to turn up the ramp into Starbucks. They know me there.

That didn't work out as planned. Mom stayed right where she was and said "Oh, FINE! Go on. I'm going to work. You want to see Sonia?". And then she disappeared. Hold on here, I said. So I stopped and I didn't see her. Then I heard her say "I'm going to work, Mary-Margaret. Bye bye!", and I figured what's the sense of running into Starbucks by myself? That's no fun, and I don't have any money anyway. So I raced over to our building, ran up the stairs and skidded to a stop just as the elevator opened. Whew!! I scooted inside and rode up without a fuss. "Good girl", Mom said. "Now, let's go see Sonia!". thinking about it...I wonder if she'd really leave me? You think? Or was she just playing with me? I don't think I want to find out, actually. I'm rather happy with my life just as it is. Maybe Mom learned something from me today, though. I really DO love her and she needs to trust me. Really, she does!

Everly yours truly,

Mary-Margaret O'Brien


Ohhhh. I ate too much yesterday and all the excitement was more than my poor tummy could handle. About 7:30 last night ...oh, I couldn't help it..I had really awful gas. Poor Mom kept saying "PEEE-YEEW, Mary-Margaret. Want to go OUT?", but honestly I didn't. I just laid there hoping I'd feel better.

Finally, I went into my bathroom and took care of the problem on my piddle pad. Ohhhhh.....I felt AWFUL. I got up a couple more times at night and didn't want to get back all the way onto the bed, so I crawled into a corner to snooze in between dashes to the bathroom.

I wasn't allowed to have any cake or chocolate or anything bad, so I figure it was the quantity combined with the butterflies in my tummy about having such a great party. This morning, I woke up late, still a bit tired. I felt fine though. The problem seems to have passed (pardon the pun).

Thank you all again for a wonderful birthday. You guys are the BEST!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My Wonderful FIRST Birthday day

First, we went to my doctor's and got me more poultry flavored toothpaste, some Sentinel tabs, and I got weighed. Can you believe it? What a great surprise. I'm 6.3 pounds - I've actually LOST .4 pound in the past couple of months. Maybe it's my new short haircut?

Then, we go the Matco and would you believe that they had absolutely the most perfect dress? In "Ashes of Roses" lace, with little white bows. And then we picked up my cake AND I got one free for being one year old. That's pretty neat. Then we went to the office, and ohmygoodness, Sonia decorated it all up for me.

At 12:30 my guests arrived and I actually got PRESENTS! Oh, I love presents. You know I do. So many to open which is my favorite thing to do. I got clothes, pink sunglasses with rhinestones (Mom's got to send them back - broken, but the company is pretty good about that), a new Christmas sweater, a pink and silver rain coat from my Auntie Vicki, and a yellow slicker with ducky lining from Scruffy. Lots and LOTS of chewies and things. Even a doggie bakery biscuit shaped like a bone with PINK yogurt frosting.

Mom made treat baggies for my friends: Doggie-paw printed cellophane baggies with chocolate squirrels, doggie M&M's, Charlee Bears, Yogurt drops, puppy biscuits, rawhide bones, and lots of stuff. And she tied them all up with pink ribbon for all my puppy pals. Scruffy, Zeus, Star, Jammie, The Zarate Kids (chihuahuas), and MEEEE.

The grown ups had cake and said it was the very best birthday cake ever. After the party was over, even more people came. I got hugs and loves from Pam, the UPS lady, and Margie. And then me and Mom had to go serve a sneaky evader, so we left about 4:00PM. Then Uncle Fidel showed up and Sonia said he brought me a present, too. I can't wait. This birthday has been the very best I could ever imagine.

Mom posted some Birthday Pictures so you could all sort of be at my party. Oh, I just had the most WONDERFUL day ever. Thank you everybody for all your e-cards, and emails and even snail mail cards.

I love you all.

Hugs and puppy kisses...



Thank you all soooooo much. First thing this morning Mom sang to me (before she brushed her teeth...eeyeww?!) and she sang FOUR times. I got tummy kisses and then we read my email. Oh gosh, you are all so wonderful to send ME wishes and cards and stuff. I really love you guys. Really I do. Mom wants me to tell you that I sat in her arms and just watched and watched the monitor while she either read my emails or played the cards.

Later, I think I'm having a party at my work. I was with Mom when she ordered my cake. I don't think I get to eat it, but maybe I can blow out my candle with some help. But for eating and treats, we went to Pacific Pets in Temecula. I got some chocolate squirrels, a cannoli, some doggie candy that looks like M&M's (naturally), some rawhide stuff. That's for my doggie pals that work on the 3rd floor with me. The chocolate is carob and the "frosting" is made with yogurt. There is a whole bakery full of doggie goodies there. No hats left though, because they sold all their party packs. Which is just fine with me, actually. Must be a big month for doggie birthdays.

Wow! This is my absolutely best birthday ever.'s my ONLY birthday ever, but if the other ones are even half as nice I'll be happy.

Hugs and puppy kisses to you all!!

Mary-Margaret "1 YEAR OLD" O'Brien

Monday, September 18, 2006

JoJo, my Malaysian friend!

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My good friend JoJo just has the very best smile ever, don't you think? Can you tell which one she is?'s the HUGE GRIN ON HER FACE. She is one of my very dearest friends. Check out her blog. She gets to go to Dogathons where she lives. I wish we had Dogathons here in California. I NEVERRRRRR get to do stuff like she does. I just work really hard and guard the house.

I was checking out some of my friends' blogs this morning and every single one of us has written something nice about STEVE IRWIN on our blogs. He was very special to those of us that people refer to as "animals", but Steve Irwin knew differently. He saw us for who we really are. (sniff)


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday is Bird Day

Me 'n Mom cleaned the bird cage today. Since I'm almost ONE YEAR OLD I don't dive into the bird dropping and shredded paper trash bag any more. Sometimes it's really hard not to and Mom had to remind me, but I am strong. I use my will power and just watch. Oh gosh, it's hard, though. I tell you, the smells that come from that bag just beg to be sniffed and explored. But I am a BIG girl now, and shouldn't even think of such things.

We did some laundry, I cleared the back yard of cats once again, and then we went to the office and finished up the billing. Mom says it was one of the smoothest billings she's done in a long long time. Not hardly any mistakes at all, so she breezed through it. Then we went to Albertson's. It was pretty hot today so I got put into my neon puppy pouch and got to go inside. I'm practically a regular there. Everybody knows me.

I get to meet lots of new people. It must be my smile or something, because just about everyone who sees me wants to talk to me, and then they tell Mom all about their pups. One lady today was admiring my front carrier and Mom was telling her how it was too hot to leave me in the car but normally she would, you know? So the lady blushed and said, "Oh, I think it's wonderful. You know, I have two miniature chihuahuas and they even have their own STROLLER". I bit my tongue and rolled my eyes and thought everly so hard "Puleeeze...don't give her any more ideas!". I really think being in the pouch is kewl, but a stroller? I am practically ONE YEAR OLD....everly too old for a stroller, don't you think??

Good night for now....sweet dreams, everyone.

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mom went to a birthday party at Sonia's house today. So guess who got left home? Hmmmmmm??? Yup. That's right. MEEEEEEE! Oh, it was ok. Really. I kind of like the peace and quiet for a change. I catch up on my cat watching and my napping, like I mentioned before. I also get to leisurely open Mom's closet and rearrange her laundry into a comfortable pile to snooze on.

She got back about 3:30 in the afternoon and picked me up. We went to the office and she did some final closings before billing tomorrow. We left about 7:30 as it was getting a little dark out. Then we came home, had our chicken, and watched a movie. I really REALLY liked this movie. It was called "The Shaggy Dog" about a man who finds out just how frustrating a dog's life can be. The prejudices...the stigma. It's unimaginable. That's also a big word from me. I was going to say "unthinkable" but Mom believes in expanding word power, so we do "unimaginable". As if I can pronounce it myself, but I can at least let her figure out how to spell it. I go again. You know, they tried so hard to get me to talk and now they wish I'd just shut up sometimes. Hey...they got what they wished for, right?

I need to get her to take more pictures. She keeps leaving her cell phone camera thing in the car because she says it's so "pretentious". She has a thing about people acting like they are so important they can't be out of touch even for a little bit. Like even in the vegetable section of the supermarket, there are people who are so busy yakking they don't even notice that I'm strapped into a technicolor pouch on my mom's stomach until we're in line at the register. Then they're so surprised to see me. I tell YOUUUUU. Some humans are just in another world.

Her Canon S410 was pretty nifty a few years ago but now it's old fashioned by today's standards. Still, it works pretty well on me and usually when I least expect it. Temporary blindness is the result.

OK....that's enough for tonight. I'm tired and Mom's tired and we have to work again tomorrow. Billing, again!

Oh....I want you all to join paws with me and pray for my Grandma. She got up again last night without waking my Grand Papa to help her and her walker slid out from under her, leaving her to crash on the bathroom floor. This time she broke her left femur (hip) and the doctor will do the same surgery he did a month ago except on the other side.

Mom's pretty upset about this. She had hoped Grandma was on the mend but with this happening she's just so worried about both Grandma and Grandpa. They take good care of each other, you know. Mom's going to try to get to see her on Wednesday. Sonia will be there to look out for our clients, so it might be a good day to visit.

Think happy thoughts for my Grandma, please?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, September 15th, 2006

Dear Diary: Hard to believe that my very first birthday is in just four days (actually only three because I'm writing this on Saturday). I remember back to when I first met Mom. I was just lounging around with my roomie, a white Maltese, when I saw this lady with the sad eyes come into Pacific Pets, my adoption center. I found out that her puppy, Rose Anne, had crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge just a week before. They'd been together for over 14 years.

She walked around looking at some other pups and kept going back to this little Cairn terrier across the room from me. Hey! I did NOT want anybody but MEE going home with this lady, so I said "pass the word" to the Cairn. So when the Cairn and Mom got into the "Puppy Petting Pen" (ptooey...that's a lot of p's - try and say THAT real fast even three times), Cairn started biting her shoes. They were nice shoes so it was a good choice. Mom said "Yikes! A toe biter", and got the clerk to put Cairn back.

She looked around some more. She kept staring at my roomie, a really pretty little girl Maltese. Like...Hellooooo? I belong to you?.....but no, she asked for my roomie. The clerk (we called her "Pam") took both me and the Maltie and put us in the pen. She probably figured why make two trips. I nudged the Maltie and immediately she began to bark. Hee hee....boy, she could make her voice so high she could shatter glass. Good ol' Maltie. And to top it off, she nibbled on my Mom's toes. Maltie winked at me as she got put back into our apartment.

So then, it was just me and my future Mom. We just sat there on the bench, side by side. I decided I didn't want to seem too agressive but I didn't want her to think I was brain-dead, either. I looked at her, she looked at me. She picked me up and after a few cuddles I gave her a couple of baby kisses. Then I decided to let her see some smarts. So I started squirming and whimpering ever so quietly. Smart lady, she puts me down on the floor. I really DO have to "go", if you know what I mean. So I circled and sniffed a bit and picked a really far off corner so nobody would step in my puddle. I did my thing (whew...that felt ever so much better), and then walked back over to Mom and asked to be picked up. Again, we sit on the bench, side by side, just visiting.

After a pretty long time doing this, "Pam" comes back and asks Mom what she thinks. So far, she hadn't asked "how much", but now she did. I made a really supreme effort to make MY wishes known. When Pam said $1899.00, my mom just about passed out. I told her (telepathically, of course) that one cannot put a price on "love" and what we had between us was very special. My gosh, I thunk that thought so hard I almost popped. So then Mom notices a little scar on my tummy. Aw geez, I had a little inguinal hernia when I was born, I'm still right for you, lady, I transmitted.

Mom got $100 knocked off my adoption fee, and we walked out of there together "paid in full". I also got a collar, matching leash, stuffed squeaky trout, rawhide chewies, tag with phone number (no name yet) know. Necessary stuff for a new puppy. Then we had this name thing to sort out. She had thought about lots of "Ruby", "Harriet" (egads..yuck), "Pamela"....the usual stuff. But I am MEEEE - and when we got in the car I scrunched up my face really tight and thought "Mary-Margaret O'Brien" with the most effort I had EVER put into anything in my whole life. Finally, Mom looks at me and says "Mary-Margaret O'Brien??". Well, good gosh, YEAH!!! That is who I am and what I will be called for the rest of my days.

All in all, it was a good day, that Saturday November 25, 2005, the day I was adopted.

Oh, back to Friday. I went to Miss Marilyn's and she had MUSIC on. Not the Celtic harp stuff...more like K-ROCK, but it was ok. Good dancing music. I made friends with Boomer, Mason, Heidi and Valentino, to mention a few. Of course, Bello the poodle was there, too. About Heidi and Valentino...I had this really strong connection with Valentino. Like we've known each other in a former life or something. I never did figure out if Heide was his mature "wife" or his mother. Or maybe just an older woman friend. She seemed really friendly but very concerned about me and Valentino. She smiled a lot but barked and coughed if she thought we were getting too tight.

Mom came about 1:30, we went to McDonald's and I got greeted by the gang again. Somebody put ONIONS on my burger so Mom had to pick them off for me before I could have lunch. We worked, and it was a crazy day with people coming at us from all directions. Mom barked at a couple of people (I taught her and she's pretty good at it), and we worked until maybe 7:00PM. By the time we got home I don't think Mom's brain was functioning at a level required to take dictation. She had a glazed look in her eyes and walked like a zombie. I fell asleep on the desk and, about an hour later, she picked me up and tucked me in bed.

That was it. Sorry for not writing last night. You understand?



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Saying "Hello!"...

I've got this new thing. Well, not "new" new, but new, kinda. I like to take the initiative and say "Hello!" to other pups and people. If we're driving along and we see another dog, Mom says "Doggieeeee!" and rolls my window down. I get right up alongside and lean over and surprise the heck out of them. "Arf! Arf!", I go. The pups go "Arf!" or "Woof woof!" back. Then we roll up my window and keep on going until the next one. I just LOVE to make people smile. Don't you?

Kisses and hugs...


PS: I'd write more but Mom is so tired she can't keep her eyes open. I tell YOUUU, if her services weren't so cheap I'd consider getting a new secretary.

Sharing with you....

...About The Dog. And boy, is this a really GOOD set of rules that ALL HUMANS SHOULD LIVE BY, in my humble opinion.

I got to go to McDONAAAAAAAALD's today again. And they remembered me from last time, so no bun. Except there was still sauce and pickles that Mom had to take off before she cut it up for me in my little plastic dish that they gave me. I got so excited about my very own McDonald's bag that the man in the truck next to us on the way back just started laughing and laughing. So Mom held up the McDonald's bag so he'd understand why I was dancing in my car seat. I do that when we get McDonaaaaaald's. I JUST LOVE THEM!!

Have a really great day, y'all! (I have an auntie from Texas and I like the way she talks!) :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Tissue, or NOT Tissue.....

...that is the question. I think Shakespeare said that well. Although he probably wasn't seeing how long the roll really was. I grabbed the little piece hanging down and decided to measure. Here's how far it went before it stopped. Looking back at the toilet paper holder I could see where it was glued and I got all I could. It only stretched part ways through the bathroom.

Here's me after getting first yelled at and then laughed at. I mean, GOSH!! I was just having some fun and she was going to have to put a new roll on anyway. Better she replace it NOW than when it might really need replacing and I wasn't around to fetch it for her. I do try to help, you know?? Really, I do.

I babysat myself today while Mom and Auntie Colleen when to a lunch meeting. I was VERY good. Make that "VERY VERY VERY" good. Mom was gone for maybe a whole 5 1/2 hours, but I remembered my lessons. She came back just like she said, and then we went to work. I don't mind being left so much anymore. I take advantage of the time to 1) watch out the front window for cats, 2) nap, 3) watch for more cats and 4) Take another nap. I make very good use of the time.

G'night for now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

"To Where You Are"

Mom wanted me to share this with you. To Where You Are has been running through her head since 9/11 Monday. OK. I shared. BBL


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My good friend, Cathleen

Yesterday we went to Mom's "esthetician". Boy, that's a mouthful. She gets a facial every four weeks to keep her skin clean and glowing. Sometimes her eyebrows wander off to other places on her face, like her chin and her upper lip, so she gets those waxed. "Ouch!", she says. I'm very good when I'm there. Me and Miss Cathleen have an understanding. I agree to sit on the stool and just watch and she agrees to bring me water whenever I ask for it.

A puppy gets very thirsty just sitting there, especially during that oxy-mist treatment. I asked very nicely a couple of times, and after a while I figure if no one does anything it's up to MEEE to take action. I hopped off the stool and started checking various avenues to get to Mom (who by this time was practically asleep and snoring ever so daintily). I got back on my stool all by myself. Then I triangulated the distance between the stool, the table where Mom was, and the floor. It took one try and bingo....I was there. Right on her stomach. "Ooof!", she said. I walked down her legs, then back up to her chin, and then I started licking her hands.

She mumbled to Miss Cathleen "I think she wants water", and drifted off again. Miss Cathleen said she didn't give me any earlier because I alway flip my bowl after a couple of slurps and get it all over (which is sooo much fun, by the way!), but that she'd hold the bowl for me. I tell YOUUUUUUU....I was absolutely DYING there. I drank and drank. Then I curled up on my stool again and relaxed. There is some Celtic harp music playing in the background while Mom gets her pampering done. I might mention the music part to Miss Marilyn, my personal stylist, when I see her on Friday.

Miss Cathleen is everly so good to me. Mom says she has the patience of a saint for putting up with me. Hmmmph! It's not like I was pilfering her supplies like I could have if I really wanted. I was simply communicating a need in my own special way. Humans aren't mind readers, you know. There are times one absolutely has to come right out and tell them what you want to keep things on an even keel. Like my mom says, it's better to be up front and open about things instead of always trying to guess what someone really means or wants from you.

PS - Don't tell Mom about the chin hairs part. It might embarrass her. Although when ladies get older those things just happen. Heck, I'm just a baby and already I have hairs in more places I care to mention.

Have a happy day!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS again - Mom's friend, Margie, helped us out at work today and she says I'm spoiled just because I'm allowed to freely express myself. She tried to get me to "heel" while I was on a leash. Imagine that! Me? Heel? I don't THEEEENK so. Someone has to lead the way and it might as well be MEEEEEE! mmob

Monday, September 11, 2006

Before I was born, there was "9/11"...

...and even though I wasn't there, I am helping my mom remember. In the space of only a couple of hours, about four thousand people died, It must have been really awful. I don't understand why people do such horrible things to each other just because they don't believe the same way. A friend of Mom's on my Yorkie List sent this today, and I want to share it with all of you.

Even the animals paid their respects to those lost on that tragic day!

If the link doesn't work, it's probably because the one minute memorial video is being played a lot today. Try it again later, but until then..please think of those innocent souls who died without a chance to say goodbye. Or, if you get the main Method Studios page, type in the word "Respect" in the search bar.

With love to everyone from me, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, September 10, 2006

After someone's gone.... when they're most appreciated. All the good stuff is said about them at their funeral. All the happy memories come to humans when it's too late to share. That's how my Mom felt when my Aunt Rose passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, and that's why she wrote that tribute to her, remembering the bits and pieces of time that she shared with Rosie. But it's hard to remember them all.

Mom helps ME with my diary every single day, even when she's tired, because she wants us to remember absolutely everything about our time together. See, if you share your thoughts and feelings WITH your friends and loved ones as they happen, then maybe when they go you're not quite so sad. And if you keep a diary or a journal, then they never really leave you at all. When you read the words and see the pictures of the times you've shared, it's like they're right there with you all over again.

I hope I never have to leave my mom, and that she'll never leave me. She cried a bit this weekend over stuff. Like about Massimo Rian Boothe and about Steve Irwin at the Rainbow Bridge. They weren't bad cries, though. Her heart was all full of lovey stuff and feelings for the people who had lost someone they love, and happy that the lost ones were truly loved and appreciated. See what I mean?

Anyway, for whatever reason, I got lots of hugs and kisses today. I even got some pizza but I threw it up in one clump. Not surprised, though. It was a Weight Watchers pizza. Those aren't supposed to be for puppies. I did manage to keep the popcorn down, though. Now I tell you, that's good weekend celebrating food. :o)

Always tell people and puppies and even crocodiles that you love them every chance you get. You never know when that last piece of lovin' will have to keep them warm on their forever journey because you never know when they're gonna leave.

Kisses and puppy love to all my family and friends...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday - September 9, 2006

Me and Mom just hung out today. Loafed around a bit and then went to the office. I played with my new fluffy squeaky bone from the Daniels' kids, and Mom balanced some bank accounts. My friend, Bob, was there fixing stuff on the roof. He puts a really long ladder into our hallway on the third floor and climbs up that to go outside. He said it was just "rooteen maintan...maintenance", you know. Taking care of stuff before it gets really bad? Bob is the guy that brings me cookies in a box sometimes. I really like him.

Let's see. I got a singing birthday card from my friend, Tracy. I just curled up against Mom by the keyboard and watched it over and over and over. I'd still be watching probably but Mom said it might be considered rude if I didn't say "Thank you!". So she made me turn it off (with her help) and I wrote back to Tracy. Tracy and I go waaaaaay back to when I had my little cast on my foot? She works for an emergency vet in Murrieta now. I am trying to get Mom to stop in. She keeps saying "I will, Mary-Margaret, I will!".

Oh, and I made some new friends from New York Simon and Hallie. They are SOOO lucky. They go to day care when their mom goes to work. And you know what Simon's favorite song is? "The Bouncy Ball" ....just like MEEEE!

G'night, everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, September 08, 2006

Exhausted Present Opener

  Here's me on way home after opening all my presents. I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes on the road. Good think I'm not driving.

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Oh, Happy Daaaay! Presents!!


Mom had to pry her mailbox open today because it was so full. You know why? Because....da daaaa....there was a PRESENT for MEEEEEEE! I just know it and I can read my name "Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien (Bagel-puppy) Dawn"
Mom lets me open my own stuff. I really like to do that. I don't WANT any help. See? It only took me maybe ten minutes to punch a hole through the wrapping.
First thing I see is...OHMYGAWSH....CHEWIES! Yum. I pulled the little package out and opened it up. Got MY first rawhide chewy bone out all by my self. Really! I gnawed on it with so much energy and excitement that it was gone in no time. So I went back and oh-my-goodness.
Look at all my presents. There are hair-bows and scrunchies for when my hair gets longer, and a little purple purse with smiley face doggie chewies, and a plush squeaky bone with a nifty tag on it, and a rubber turkey leg and....and...! Well, see for yourself. And a Birthday Card from my cousins, the Daniels kids. I already have it displayed on the etagiere in Mom's office (she spelled that for me...I woulda said shelf, but she says it's an etagiere, so there ya go!) I don't know what to play with first.

These presents are from my Auntie Shelly Daniels and all of her fur kids. I can't wait to meet them. Maybe some day Mom and I can drive up to...what is it again? Oh....Lake Isabella...and visit. That would be so much fun. I could be with a whole family instead of just being an only child. Not that I'm complaining. I do like being spoiled, but sometimes I think life is more fun when you can share, don't you?

Love, Mary-Margaret "almost the birthday girl" O'Brien

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Note from Mom

Please excuse Mary-Margaret O'Brien from writing in her blog this evening. She had a very busy day and conked out before she got a chance to write. She saw her "boyfriend" Zeus. He's a weimaraner and really a very nice dog. Unfortunately, his head is as big as she is and while they are quite compatible in a platonic sort of way, his dad (Hector) is afraid he might step on Mary-Margaret and squish her. So we have to be careful.

She went on a scavenger hunt rooting under and behind office furniture. She came up with a 2" wood screw and a brand new computer ribbon for the line printer. We have no idea exactly where she found them. Perhaps under a desk, or maybe in someone's purse. She's excellent at purse pilfering.

As her mom, I've decided that she has earned the right to uninterrupted sleep, so please forgive her for not writing tonight. She is TOTALLY out at the moment.

Mary-Margaret's mother, Michele

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Oh I just LOVE McDonalds. We get in line and there's this talking menu. I already know what I want. "Hamburger with cheese, please". Mom finally figured out what I was saying and I get it in my very own little bag. I always gete a special "hello" from the girl at the window. They know me at McDonalds and they know I like just the meat and cheese, and no mayo or anything. Mom gets hers with no bun - just lettuce and tomato, and she gets the fruit and yogurt thingy, too. So we both get our lunch and I am so happy I am absolutely DANCING in my car seat. Hurry Hurry....vrrooom!! Make the car go FAST!

Upstairs at the office we take our lunch out of the bag. Mine gets torn up into little bitty pieces. Mom just layers a bunch of napkins on her and leans way over the plastic container. It's drippy, but good. We both finish our lunch and it's really yummy. I try to sneak in a few extra bites by begging, but Mom always says "Mary-Margaret, this is MINE!". I just like to give her a bad time. Oh, I do so everly love McDONAAAAAAAALDs. I even like to say it. (hee hee)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I've been OUTED!

My hidey-hole. My secret place and I have been FOUND!!! That sort of ticks me off. Everybody needs their own place. Even Mom has her property in Pennsylvania that she'll probably NEVER live on, but it's her "hollerin' place", like she says. Even Brer Bear had a hollerin' place. The laundry closet is...or I should say..WAS mine.
So here I am just unwinding after a day, and that camera goes off. You can tell by the look on my face that I am NOT happy.

So what's the point, I say. I get up and officially "come out of the closet". There. Now you know. No fanfare, no expectations, no paparazzi lurking in the bushes. It's still the same old me, but no more closet or dirty laundry to snuggle up least not without being bothered.


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Monday, September 04, 2006

I'm learning to TALK...

...or otherwise communicate rather well, I think. Example: My mom used to plunk me on a piddle pad and say "go pee pee, Mary-Margaret". When I did, I'd get all kinds of lovin'. Now, I'm a BIG girl and I scratch at the glass to go out and usually I get to, but if not....I haul myself upstairs to my piddle pad and I go. I still get cuddled and stuff for using it.

I'm having bad gas today. Mom tried Pepto-Bismol...and she's just now wrinkling her nose and glaring at me again, so I think....yipes...yes...I'm going OUT. Bye.


OK...back now! Whew!! Ahhhh....that Pepto Bismol must have done something. I went straight out side and did my stuff and came right back in again. Mom kept telling me what a good girl I was. But I figure it this way...."gas" is Gods way of helping us tell our Moms that we need to go OHHH-YOUUUU-TEEEE! OUT!

Oh, did I mention? Mom thinks I'm learning to talk. I can say "oooowww!" and she thinks it means "OUT". Maybe...maybe not. But if I had one word to learn, that would be the one.

Love and puppy kisses to everyone...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ice Cream for MEEEEEE!

One thing I like about holidays is special stuff. Like ICE CREAM. My first ever. Peanut butter flavored Frosty Paws by Dreyers. YUM!!!!

Er...pardon me if I don't say much right now. I don't want my ice cream to melt.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone.

Love, Mary-Margaret
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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Saturday, 9/2/06

Slept in until I really had to go out. The best way to get Mom up is to stand on her chest and lick her chin. Works every time. I get out there and oh-my-goodness there are smells from all over. I am in absolute heaven. A few minutes later, her comes "the mom", telling me to get in the house. Well, I do NOT want to go. When is she going to learn I am not to be bossed about? she uses up all her tricks and then cuts a small piece of chicken breast off and walks outside in her bare feet, waving this under my nose. Well, sure it works. I follow her in, mesmerized by the aroma. The minute we get into the house she shuts the door and gives me my chicken. Am I too easy? Should I make her grovel? Naww....she's got a good heart.

So we snuggle down and watch some good TV, get up and go try some serves. People are just NOT home this weekend. We'll try again tomorrow. Watch some more tummy was a bit...shall we say...flatulent? I can't help it, but she says I gross her out. you have any recommendations for me? Mints? Pepto Bismol? Anything?

I get one more potty break before bed...but I do NOT want to come back in. We do this power struggle thing. The lights to out, the doors slam. Hey...I'm tracking cats and I don't want to be interrupted. So it's like pitch black out and I start to get worried I won't be able to come in. Maybe I'm locked out for ever. So I sit on the patio about 2 feet from my personal door. And she says..."get in here". She forgot the "please", so I ducked around the corner of the house and sure 'nuff, all the lights went out again. Does she think I'm stupid or something? After I bit, I get scared and come in. She slams the door on me. Sometimes I think maybe she just doesn't care anymore if an owl or an eagle take me home for lunch.

Did I mention I saw the usual grey and white cat AND another one that looked just like him only really tiny? Somebody's got kittens, and I think maybe they're in the bushes on the other side of my fence. It's kind of cute, and I don't really think of it as a cat. Maybe someday we can be friends?

G'night everyone. Love and kisses...

Mary Margaret

Friday, September 01, 2006

My Cousin Harriet*

She's my cousin. My Uncle Mortimer* and Auntie Philomena*'s oldest kid. She goes to COLLEGE at (I can't tell you where!) and she's all grown up. I think she's pretty and nice and smart, and she plays the piano and sings and...ohhh...if I were a human, I'd like to be just like her. I hope I get to meet her pretty soon. My Aunt Rose got to meet Harriet* when she was just a puppy. My Aunt Rose was the puppy, I mean. Not Harriet*. I don't get many invitations to family gatherings, but I know it's not personal. My Aunties and Uncles are really busy with their own stuff and they do live sort of far away, like maybe an hour or so. But I wish I could see them. Really, I do. I know my mom misses them, too.

Love, Mary-Margaret

**Real names withheld at the request of Uncle Mortimer.
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Happy Labor Day Weekend

I think I'm going to really enjoy spending THREE whole days with Mom. Just doing nothing except maybe planting some flowers and chasing some cats. Mom does the flowers, I do the cats. It works out best that way.

My bed and blankie are STILL on the floor in the dining room. I have had to "camp out" at the office, and find just any place to curl up so I won't get stepped on. Usually under the desk is good, or under the client chairs. I wish that Mom would remember my stuff. Sheesh!

Today, a client came in and Mom was as busy as a one-armed paper hanger. I REEEEAAAALLY had to go out. So the client took MEEEE for a walk while Mom did some rush stuff for her. Honestly? All I wanted to do was go out and sniff the air. I like to do that. You learn a lot just by quietly sniffing. So I didn't potty, big deal! Between you and me I already had on my piddle pad in the work room, so I made good use of my extra time by sniffing.

I snore. And loud, too. Is that normal for a small 6.5 pound Yorkie? Mom says I sound like a grizzly bear in hibernation. Now if I just knew what a grizzly was and why it was bare maybe I could figure out what she's talking about. Humans have too many words.

Hawaiians only have 13 letters in their alphabet: A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P, W, and the "'". So that's like half the letters, so maybe half the words? I don't think they can spell "dog" so I'm an "'Ilio" instead. "Aloha" means hello and goodbye, and "mahalo" means thank you. My favorite word is "'Aina ahiahi " or dinner. I wouldn't mind being Hawaiian. You know they have never had rabies in Hawaii? Probably wouldn't have fleas either if the rats didn't come over on the ships, but they did, so now Hawaii has lots of mongooses too.

Mongooses is another "stupid human trick". Some mental midget brought the mongooses over to control the rat population, but the rats are nocturnal and the mongooses are diurnal. So I guess the only time they saw each other was when they were punching in or out at the timeclock. They both live happily in the Islands.

So much to learn. So many languages to learn it in. If you ask me, it's just easier to bark, ya know? You get your point across and it's the same in every language. Really, it is!! Er.....Mom says I'm talking too much again. I'd bettery sign off for now.

Love and kisses,