Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Uncle Rudy

My most beloved "Uncle Rudy" left for the Rainbow Bridge on January 11, 2012. He was more than seven years old, and probably more than eleven. Colleen and her family adopted him in 2004, from a family that had adopted him a few years earlier. His first Christian name was "Frank". Then he was re-christened "Sunshine" when Allie and her family in Las Vegas adopted him. When Allie's family moved to Hawaii they opted not to have him go through quarantine and he became my mom's beloved Grand-Dog, renamed "Rudy".

He was a brave little fellow and faced life with the spirit of a fighter. When he was younger he was attacked by big dogs and lost one eye in the battle. Another time, Rudy was on a walk just minding his own business when a German Shepherd chomped down on his thigh, necessitating a visit to the doctor for a deep puncture wound.

As Rudy aged, the sight in his remaining eye faded. He had his house mapped perfectly in his mind, though. He would go to the patio door and wait to be let out; he navigated the frequent changes of furniture positions in his living room with ease, almost as if he were equipped with the equivalent of sonar.

When he became older and lost some teeth and it became difficult for him to chew, his best buddy "Jack the Cat" would actually chew up his kibble and then place it in Rudy's mouth just like the momma birds do with their hatchlings. His family said their good-byes to him over the past couple of days as it became obvious that his quality of life had diminished greatly and he was in pain.

He took his last trip to his favorite doctor yesterday morning where everyone there loved on him until it was time for him to leave.

God bless "Uncle Rudy"! And thank you, Rudy, for the years of love and pleasure you gave to us all.

We will always love and remember you.