Monday, February 13, 2012

Lunch with AthenaMaria Dugmore

AthenaMaria is my very BEST FEMALE FRIEND FOREVER. That's BFFF if you're texting, but I don't have a cell phone or thumbs so I don't have to abbreviate. We went out to lunch with our moms to South Coast Winery on Saturday.

That's AthenaMaria on the left with the blue wrap in her hair. Her mom puts wraps on to keep her from getting all tangled up. When she takes the wraps out and brushes AthenaMaria's hair it's really pretty and long and curly at first. I wish I had long hair (sometimes, except for when I'm chasing cats or digging in the garden) so I could have Princess-curls, too. It's just not to be, though. That's not how God made me. I am sturdy like a brick with legs (my mom says), and I'm patient and friendly and kind and I love everyone. I just don't have long, flowing tresses is all.

Like the song Katie Cruel says (tweaked a bit): "Oh that I was who I would be, Then I would be who I am not, Here I am where I must be, Go where I would, I can not!"

Or, as Popeye says "I YAM WHAT I YAM WHAT I YAM!".

Love and kisses.....