Thursday, August 31, 2006

Me and Miss Letty

Oh, I just had the very best ever day. I got to work a little late because Mom had to go to the Dentist AGAIN. She's not a happy camper. This time, the doc used some super strength "it'll never come off" glue. Well, number 12 stuck, but number 11 popped right off in the middle of a chicken dinner tonight. So she's back at the Dentist again tomorrow.

After the Dentist today, she picked me up from home and we went to work. Ho hum. But in a bit I heard a familiar voice. It got closer. It sounded like Miss Letty, my very first and best ever HUMAN friend. I barked...I yipped...I just couldn't contain myself. Oh can it beeeeee? YES YES YES!! It's MISS LETTY. Oh, my heart be still.

She and Linda came in and talked business for a bit. I sat pretty quietly by Miss Letty's feet, but after a while it's was like "HEY!!! You came to see MEEEEE, remember?". So Linda left, and Miss Letty picked me up and I gave her the biggest cuddles ever. And kisses anywhere I could reach. I nuzzled her neck. Oh, I was in absolute heaven. And THEN she spied my bag of Charlee Bears. And my Yogurt Drops. She hand fed me and I took every one she gave me until I thought I'd pop.

So then we went "downstairs", which means I had to go potty in my special place. I was everly so good for Miss Letty. I could tell she was very impressed. Mom and Letty hugged good-bye and I got some kisses and hugs, too (except I needed some toilet tissue so my rear end was kept at a distance until Mom could hold it under running water...dingleberries, you know...but I digress, as usual!). I am going to miss her so very much when she moves to Oregon. But Dr. Hill and Miss Letty are opening another Pet Medical Center in Klamath Falls, so maybe I can talk Mom into taking me there for my shots and stuff. Ewww...shots...! What am I thinking? But it might be worth it to see Miss Letty again. I'll take that thought under submission.

If you read this, Miss Letty, here's another "slurp" from meeeee...Mary-Margaret O'Brien. Just remember that I will ALWAYS and FOREVER love you. Really, I will!!


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'm Still Not Myself Yet

I don't know what's the matter with me. It's like I'm happy and mad at the same time. I do stuff that I KNOW will get me yelled at and still I can't help it. Like the trash under Mom's desk. Or going through her purse when she wasn't looking. I guess maybe my feelings are still a bit hurt from being left for THREE whole days and nights. Actually FOUR days and THREE nights. And with store bought canned (ugh) DOG FOOD. Blegh.

Mom thinks maybe I didn't even poop while she was gone because I was sure full of it yesterday. And this morning. Actually, I was rather proud of myself. I could have given a Great Dane a run for his money. But that's gross and unladylike to even mention it. Sorry! (sigh)

The cats are back. They probably never left and just figured maybe I was the one who got kicked out of MY backyard. Walking along...make that STRUTTING... along the edge of the block wall, heads held up high, and tails waving like flag poles. The NERVE, I say. And so I did say. Over and over and over, and finally Mom even said the "S" word. You know? "SHUT UP, MARY-MARGARET!!". You think that stopped MEEEEE?? Nope.

Finally, I saw her lower her eyebrows and start to charge at me, so I beat a path out of the kitchen and high tailed it upstairs. But it felt good, and at least the cats didn't ignore me totally. And I DID get out one time to chase them over the fence and you'd think the world had come to an end just because I didn't feel like going back in the house when MY MOTHER called me. I do NOT have to do something if I don't WANT to. There. That's what it's all about. I am alpha dog no matter what SHE thinks. I am the boss of MEEEE! Do I have attitude or what?

I think maybe I'd better let Mom off the hook pretty soon. I think she's starting to get really mad at me. She even called me a "brat dog" to my Grand Papa George. You think she'd really get REALLY mad at me? I wonder. Scary thought!

Love, Mary-Margaret "Brat Dog" O'Brien

Home at Last!

  I tell YOUUU! FOUR DAYS and THREE NIGHTS at a kennel. That is NOT what I would call a retreat. The only conferences I participated in were the nightly bark-a-thons we'd hold. The Bars...the prison food....the only thing that made it worth while was an occasional cuddle from one of the vet techs. That, and I made a new friend in the Shih Tzu in the cell next to me, but neither of us had pencil or paper so we couldn't even exchange phone numbers. Other than that, I will absolutely INSIST on going to Las Vegas with Mom and Auntie C next time.

  Posted by Picasa Look at them! Guilt written all over their faces. How DARE they leave me, I ask you? I'm still not speaking to Mom other than to ask to be let out, or to show her that I left a "comment" on her carpet in the living room. Hmmmmph!

Mary-Margaret "miffed" O'Brien Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hide & Seek

OK OK....I know I said "good-bye" already, but I figured what the heck? I have to spend FOUR WHOLE DAYS at my "retreat", why not have one last fling? I mean, I ask YOUUUU....wouldn't you do it?

Mom lets me out for my early morning toilette. Usually I just do my stuff and come back in. Today I decided to explore the slope but when she called me in, I hid. Oh boy, did that feel good. She went through her whole bag of tricks, including "cutting off my allowance", and "Grandma's on the phone" (that worked yesterday when she got desperate), and her last resort of "I'm LEAVING", and "cheeeeeese??". Oh boy, was I cracking up.

Finally, she comes charging across the back yard which is still pretty wet from the night before, in her nightgown and bare feet. I'm just sitting there in the mud...deet dee doo....(hee hee) and I take off when she's like a couple of feet from me. Next, I go to the side of the house and she does her stuff all over again, only this time she adds slamming the door to the garage and saying "bye bye" to me. So I go and sit by the sprinkler and just grin at her.

You know what worked? "Chicken, Mary-Margaret!". I have my breaking point, and I can be bought. Well? Can't everyone? So I figure I'd best let the lady off the hook and race into the house, lickety-split. She slams the slider shut, glares at me, and (Good Old Mom!, bless her little heart!) true to her word, she goes and gets me a piece of chicken. Just a little piece, but at least I can trust her to do what she says. Except for the allowance thing. That still smarts. Until I get one, she can't take it away, right?

That was the very best early morning sniff-a-thon I'd been on in my WHOLE life.

OK...that's it for now. I'll feel the guilt later....maybe.

Love ya...

MMO'B - The Dog with the Blog

Friday, August 25, 2006

Quickie update

I'm ready to crash so this will be quick. I have an "iffy" tummy for some reason. Maybe thinking about going to my resort (otherwise known as a kennel) is upsetting me. I can usually tell when something like that is going on. Anyhow....I had an accident in the work room as Mom was getting ready to leave. I felt so bad for a while. But then I had to listen to her making human noises while cleaning up after me and I tell YOUUUU! You'da thunk it hit the fan instead of the floor judging by the words she used. Poor Sonia who has almost no sense of smell almost keeled over, so it must have been one of my better ones.

You don't want to hear about this. It's late. I'm tired. Somewhat depressed at the thought of not seeing Mom for 4 days. (sigh) At least she remembered my "baby" - the yellow dog with the purple nose. And I also want to take my blue teddy bear. And my nylabone. Oh...and she has my bed and my blankie. And some piddle pads. And she booked me into a big dog run instead of a stupid little cage that would be close quarters even for a hamster, so that's good. A suite, I guess you could say.

I'll be back online next Wednesday and I'll let you know all about my "retreat". I'll be thinking of you and missing you all.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Blogger Maintenance & My Apologies

Aaarrrggh. My humble apologies to all of you who look forward to my daily diary report of my life....such that it is. Blogger is undergoing some sort of maintenance (Mom says that means "cleaning up" she could be in charge of my "maintenance" when I oopsy on the tile digress. Anyway...unable to post last night.

The good news is, you didn't miss much. I worked really hard. Actually, I decided that if I was going to be in charge, I'd better look the part. Right? So I spent the afternoon "grrrrrr"eeting clients from a position of authority. See? And here I'm even "talking" to the employees giving instructions and praise. "Grrrreat job, guys!"

(hee hee)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just "plum" hilarious! or "The Awful Truth About Prunes"

This is a plum tree. We have one in our back yard. When the fruit gets ripe, we pick it. When the fruit is too ripe it falls on the ground and starts to get old. Do you know what an old dried up plum is? Mom says it's a "prune". I found out the truth about prunes today.

In this picture the plums look just like ours. "Mariposa Plums". They are the sweetest juiciest plums ever made. I think I told you about how I like to go in the backyard and play with the dropped plums? Maybe even taste ...ok, EAT...a few of them? They really are awfully good. Really!

Not all plums are prunes, but dried plums are full of copper which provide energy, and dried plums have a definite laxative effect. The energy effect makes it easier to run to the bathroom when the laxative kicks in. I personally can attest to that. And, I might add, that I had my tail end held under running water TWO times in the past 24 hours. I'm learning a lot about fruit and how to make a quick, direct hit on my piddle pad. Mom's learning how to spot clean the carpet for the few times that I don't quite make it.

I think I'm through with plums/prunes/whateverrrrr!

G'night and God bless...


Dogs Are Good Teachers

Honestly!! If humans would only be as smart as us dogs the world would be a better place to live in, don't you think? Dog Teachings is like a canine "Ten Commandments". Take note, you humans out there.



Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I just want you to know that I was sound asleep on Mom's desk with her camera bag as my pillow. "Aren't you going to post in your diary", she asks? Aw, geez, Mom. It's late. I'm tired. What can I say. "Tell your friends about your day, Mary-Margaret". So here's my day.

Go to the bank, greet clients, hop up and down onto the client chairs. Get called "cute puppy", and "My My, so much energy". "Cute puppy" was trying to say I want to go OUT!. Finally, I gave up. Went in the work room and attempted to hit piddle pad without success. Whew. I felt a lot better until Mom started wrinkling her nose. "Mary-Margaret? Did you leave me a present", she says? Er....ok, if YOU want to call it a present, that's YOUR problem. I rather consider it staying healthy.

Why she can't just clean it up quietly, I don't know. "Ew", "Yuck", "Pee-yew"..."ugh"...(etc) kept coming from the work room. Like I tried to tell her. Maybe next time she'll listen. I am NOT hopping up and down because I am trying to be cute. Trust me.

Then, I got babysat by Debi, my best friend in California's mother. You remember Star, don't you? We both have matching pink and "diamond" collars. She came to visit and we had the best time playing and stuff. Mom says I don't need a baby brother or sister with all the friends and playdates I have. I disagree, but you know who thinks she's the boss around here. I'll work it. We'll see about that.

Grandma is feeling better. Mom has her teeth veneered and is finally rid of those temps she's been griping about. I had chicken for dinner. Barked at the neighbor's gardener non-stop until I got chased up stairs. So, there's my day. Happy now, Mom? Hmmmmm??

G'night everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, August 21, 2006

Cut off my WHAAAAT????

Today started out fine. Went to the bank, went to work. You know. The usual. Me and Mom shared a "whopper with cheese". She still hasn't gotten the concept of sharing, actually, but I'm working on it. Three bites for her and one for me doesn't cut it. And I only get meat and cheese. No bun or lettuce or tomato. Oh well.

Then, we went to see Miss Cathleen. I must have done something right because I got TWO paw massages and a couple of belly rubs with that nifty smelling lotion. I'm feeling rather at home at Miss Cathleen's these days. Such a life.

We come home, I go out. I have dinner, then go out. In...out. You know how it goes. So the last "out" before bedtime I was having a nice time hunting for old dropped and squished plums under the Mariposa plum tree. Then I hear "Come to bed, Mary-Margaret". Oh yeah, a minute. " get IN HERE RIGHT NOW!". Uh huh!. I will...just a sec, I say. Then she says "IF YOU'RE NOT IN HERE RIGHT NOW I'M CUTTING OFF YOUR ALLOWANCE!!"

Well, darned if I want something else chopped off. I drop my plum and race into the house. You know, I had most of my tail detached in my infancy ("docked", they said). I had my delicate feminine parts removed in a "little surgery", and four baby teeth pulled. The last thing I want to lose is another...anoth..a...whaaat?? So, in mortal fear, I leap through my doggie door and, as Mom's shutting the glass slider, I start thinking. Hey, wait just a cotton pickin' minute here. I don't HAVE an allowance that I'm aware of, and if I do, I don't know where it is. Idle threats, the way I see it. Allowance, indeed.

Hmmph! See if THAT one works again. Can't cut off what one doesn't have.

G'night everybody.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS (added 8/22/06): Mom says I have to be totally honest if I'm keeping a diary. What I didn't mention is that the time before I went out before the last time? She did the "allowance" thing and I fell for it then, too. I was just too embarrassed to tell you, because I don't like to feel stupid and I don't want all my friends to laugh at me. But the absolute truth is I fell for it TWICE in one night. I'm sooooo ashamed. mmo'b

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aaaaaaauuuggghhh!! Home Alone!!

She left at about 10:15AM or thereabouts. She says to me, "Mary-Margaret, I'm going to see Grandma, and I'll be back in a little bit". I should know by now that "little bit" means all day? Ya think?

So I waited and waited and WAITED. She gets home maybe about 5:30PM. According to MY watch, that's more than SEVEN hours. Seven hours, I tell YOUUUUU! But I was pretty good. Not perfect, but almost. :o)

Mom said my Grandma was sitting up in a wheel chair having lunch but wasn't really hungry. She's not eating much because it gives her tummy grumblies. Mom asked the nurse if they were measuringing her liquid intake/output (whatever that means) and telling the doctor how much Grandma eats. The nurse, Irene, is very nice and caring. When she found out that Grandma wasn't eating and Grandpa was helping her, she brought in some vanilla ice cream and promised Mom that she'd bring Grandma a "shake" about 2:00PM.

Grandma now has Mom's lap top computer so she can play games on it. Grandma likes "Freecell" which is played with cards. Mom also took her a bag of ripe plums from our tree for sharing with Grandpa.

When Mom left Grandma she called my Auntie Vicki and they decided to meet at "The Pantry" on 9th & Figueroa. Mom says it's a really old place that is like an LA Landmark. They had an early dinner to belated celebrate Auntie Vicki's birthday. But you know who got the present? MEEEE! A "greenie". Of my very own. Not a "Greenie" greenie, but a Trader Joe's thingy that looks like a green bone. Oh my goodness, I will really enjoy that at work tomorrow. Thank you, Auntie Vickie.

I gave Mom a lot of lovin' when she got home and I had a whole half breast of chicken. Then I went out for a bit to do some serious air sniffing. I like it best when it cools down a bit, just before the sun sets, and there's a tiny breeze. I get the very best smells then.

I sure hope my Grandma gets to feeling better soon. She thinks she might have to stay in the convalescent home for another twenty days. That's really a long "little bit". Really, it is!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, August 19, 2006

No, Dear Diary, I did not forget you!

Somedays are just not worth writing about, that's all. Today Mom ordered my Halloween costume. I'm going to be twinsies with Izzy. I'm glad she doesn't mind, but I just loved her outfit and begged Mom to get me one too. I also got a Christmas sweater with a flashing star on a tree.

I'm going to be a Princess for Halloween. Really I am. Isn't it cool? Check it out. Before Mom saw this one that my good friend Izzy got, she was going to get a skunk one off another site. I tell YOUUUUU! Just because she calls me "stinky winky" is no need to rub it in. And in public, too? I think a fairy princess is just PERFECT for me. Yup. I do.

I'm so excited about Halloween. It's my very first, you know. I don't know if she'll let me tricker treat (trick or treat?) but maybe I can help pass out candy this year. That should be fun. Maybe even little biscuits for my fur friends, too.

Excitedly yours,


Friday, August 18, 2006


OHMYGOODNESS. What a great day. First, I went to my "stylist" and got a shampoo, cut and blow dry AND a red ribbon. THEN we went to McDonald's and I got chicken McNuggets and I shared with Mom. Although I did have to remind her that she was only supposed to eat half of them.
THEN I get to the office and Auntie Leslie's PRESSIE is here. Am I not the luckiest pup everrrrr?
I absolutely LOVE my new stuffed doggie. It's yellow with a big purple nose and even a tail. I really REALLY enjoyed munching on the tail part but Mom said I had to love ALL of it, or it wouldn't have any tail left. There's a squeaky inside, too.
This afternoon, after my nap, I dragged MY envelope out of the wastebasket and started shredding. Mom took it away from me. So I started on the tag. I got that pretty well shredded and was showing it off to everyone, but Mom cleaned it up. So I went out in the front office and rifled through Sonia's purse. She always has something good, and this time it was Trident Orange flavored gum. I shredded the wrapper, then the foil and then I found a piece of chewing gum and started on that. And then I threw up. Mom cleaned that up, too. All in all, it was rather an enjoyable day, don't you think??

I don't think I'll do chewing gum for a long long time. I don't see WHAT humans see in that stuff. Personally, I'd rather have the wrappings.

  Posted by Picasa Toward the end of my day, I took my nylon bone over to share with my new baby. I snuggled up with it and just casually gnawed a while just to relax. It's very soothing, you know. Especially after a hard day's work.

Thank you everly so much, Auntie Leslie. I love you. Really, I do!!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Presents to Mom

(That's me in the middle to the right of the bush)

I scout, I explore and I hunt in MY backyard. I seriously look for stuff to give my mother to show her how much I love her. This morning I hit the jackpot. There was this really HUGE snail and it wasn't even wiggling. As a matter of fact, only half it's innards were still intact, plus it had other little "accessories" crawling on it. Wow, I thought. Now there's something you don't see every day.

I had to go out THREE times to find the right treasure and I finally selected the one I wanted. So I brought it in and put it right down on the floor. Right next to her big leather chair. I sat by with patient anticipation, waiting for her to discover my gift, and then to smother me with kisses and hugs of appreciation. And what did I get? Hmmmmm?

"EEEEEYYYYEEEEWWWWW, Mary-Margaret. Ugh...blegh. That is absolutely dis-GUSTING!! YUCK!! UGH!!"

I guess she just didn't see the all the thought and consideration that went into my gift, nor the love I had hoped to express to her. My feelings were hurt and I climbed upstairs to pout in my hidey-hole. See if I EVER go shopping for her again. Won't. Not ever. NEVER...Nope. That's it.

Unappreciated and unloved....

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Something about Mary.....

Last Monday Mom was reading my friend Flossy's blog and I wanted her to share it with you. There is a beautiful black labrador retriever pictured there together with this very sad, but thought-provoking, poem. Please read it? For me? For Flossy? And for all the little doggies in the world who aren't as lucky as we are?

A Poem for Mary

Thank you. We are lucky pups to have our parents, brothers and sisters, and friends. I shouldn't complain about having to work overtime. I really shouldn't complain at all. I just like to lay guilt on my mom sometimes to entertain myself.

Let's get together and do something productive to help those furbabies who aren't as fortunate as we are!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I just want to make it perfectly clear. I don't mind working but come 5:00PM, as far as I'm concerned, it's QUITTING time. I can tell time. Really, I can. So I sit by the door and try to convey my thoughts to Mom and Sonia. They LAUGH at me.

OK, FINE! So I drag my empty water dish over to Mom's desk and point. And she fills it. I had a couple of slurps and then I dumped it. I figured she'd get the idea, but NOOO. She got a paper towel instead to sop up the water and kept on working. I shredded it and made a gawd-awful mess. Does she stop? Do I get to leave? I think not! Instead, I get called names like "Bad Puppy!". Well, I hate to break it to you, but "bad puppy" is getting REALLY HUNGRY!!

So then I started "talking" to her. "Rrrooowrr", I said. "Ah..wwwooooorrrr..aaah", I said. She laughs, and says "Oh, you want to go home?". Well, no duh, I said back. And she promised me. "Just a minute...I just have to finish this one thing", and so finally, at 7:15PM waaaaaay past suppertime, and just about bed time, we leave.

I know...I know. She makes sure I don't forget about her "responsibilities to our clients". It's not like I had a choice, here. I just go where I'm taken. But I don't have to pretend to like know?

She picks me up and we climb into the car and come home for supper. I got to get in a bit of big game hunting. My "safari", I call it. But I think I've put the fear of God into those cats. They tend not to be so snooty and arrogant now that they know I'm a guardian of all that lays between the cedar fence.

Exhaustedly yours,


Monday, August 14, 2006

Save Water - Shower with a Yorkie!

Mom's new mantra, but she forgot to run it by MEEEE first. So we had a bit of an argument. Here's how it went:

She hopped into shower holding ME and got ME all wet. She realized she forgot something in bathroom and she hopped out, leaving the shower door slightly open. Who am I to pass up an opportunity for adventure? So I took off. Ooops. She also forgot to shut the bathroom door. Double oops! AND she forgot to close the bedroom door...Triple Ooopsy-doo! So picture soggy puppy racing all over house, playing chase with nekkid wet mommy, both of us dripping water absolutely EVERYWHERE. I was having so much fun. I'd let her get within inches of me and I'd dive under the bed and come out the other side. I was laughing so hard. Silly Mommy!!

Then, she got really DESPERATE. I tell YOUUUU. She started gathering up my toys and throwing them into bathroom, one by one. What the heck....? So I came into the bedroom to see what was going on and she SLAMMED the door shut with ME inside. Then she tossed MORE toys into bathroom, actually, it was everything I owned. When I saw my blue teddy bear go flying, I felt obligated to go retrieve it. Sneaky Mommy slammed bathroom door, trapping cornered soggy puppy.

She grabbed me around the waist and we got back into the still-running shower to finish the job. I must smell pretty nice because I got a lot of loving later, even from my Aunt Margie when Mom drove over to say "hi" later.

So.....that was my Sunday. How was yours???

Love, Mary-Margaret

Let's Play "Tag"

Hee hee. I've been tagged by Opy. What a fun game. Here's how it goes:

The player of this game starts with "5 weird things/habits about yourself." Then you tag 5 friends and list their names. The furries who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. I can open sliding closet doors and sort laundry.

2. I can scare kitties REALLY good, even the ones on TV. when I bark they run away really scared!! Really, they DOOOOO!!!

3. I like to dive into trash bags before Mom puts them outside to see what valuables she's tossing away.

4. I can sleep just about anyplace, including Mom's desk top (and I snore).

5. I don't like to wait for anything, especially red traffic lights, and I hop up and down in my carseat to make the car go.

I tag - Bambi, Hula Ami Ami, Pansy, Tigersan, and Roxie Dachsie

Hee hee...isn't this just FUN????

Love, Mary-Margaret


Sunday, August 13, 2006

Co-Pilot Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Aunt Shelly asked Mom to put this photo up for you. She says I look like a little co-pilot. That's the first time I ever got to wear my new visor. Isn't it cool?


PS - Egads. From this profile view I can tell I'll be visiting my stylist soon.

My Good Friend, Peanut Daniel & Grandma Update

Here is a picture of my VERY good friend, Peanut Daniel and Sugar Rose Daniel. SugarRose's mom, Daisy, is one of Peanut's housemates. I posted a big picture of all Daisy's babies on July 18th, 2006.

Peanut sent me a present, and you KNOW how much I absolutely adore presents. See? My new visor with my initials on it, and my new sunglasses with velcro straps which make it harder for me to shake off, but I still manage because I am very good at getting undressed. :o)

Peanut also sent me some really yummy doggie biscuits and some rawhide chewies. She is everly so kind to think of me and to ask her mom, Shelly, to help her glue the sparklies on my new glasses.

Thank you, Auntie Shelly. You are the BEST!!!

My Grandma update: Mom talked to her this morning and said she sounds just like her old self. Well, I don't mean "old" self, but self that she was before that chair stuck it's leg out and made her trip. Mom was going to go see her today but my Uncle Greg is there, and then my Uncle Michael will be there. So Mom says she'll go next week when it's not so busy and when the kitchen floor isn't flooded. She's already called the plumber (that's another story we'll get into later, ok?). My Aunt Margie said she'll babysit me so Mom can go visit on Wednesday if it's ok with Grandma.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Update on my Grandma

My grandpa, who is almost 86, says that Grandma will have an operation today and the doctor is putting in a steel rod and ball. They tucked him into a chair last night in her room, with a blankie and a pillow. This morning the doctor told him to write "yes" on the leg they are operating on. That's probably a good idea so they won't fix the wrong one by accident. He is helping as much as he can and says he's not leaving until they throw him out. Mom says he sounds really scared and she asked him if she could come sit with him, but he says he just wants to be alone with Grandma right now.

Grandma and Grandpa have been married for 66 years. They're pretty used to being around each other. Mom says he's in his "chicken soup mode", which means he's operating on automatic pilot taking care of Grandma. When Grandma isn't feeling well, he'd cook her chicken soup from scratch. They take really good care of each other and always go places together.

I will keep you posted. Yorkie Prayers really help a lot. The Dachsies are praying today, too.

Thank you, everybody.


Friday, August 11, 2006

About my Grandma

My grandma fell in the beauty shop this morning and is having an operation on her hip tomorrow. Mom's pretty sad and worried about her, and she is especially sorry that we live so far away. My grandma is pretty spunky and really a good friend of mine. We were going to visit yesterday but stuff just happened (like the refrigerator) so we had to stay home. Me and Mom are going to be saying prayers for Grandma, and maybe we can go visit her next week. I hope so.

G'night, everybody

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Yorkie Man, the Compressor & Puppy School

The SEARS guy finally gets to my house at 3:30PM....without a compressor. My mom gets a bit pink, says a couple of magic words which I won't repeat and says "WHY WOULD YOU COME TO FIX MY REFRIGERATOR WITHOUT A COMPRESSOR"?? He tells her it's because HE didn't decide it needed a compressor and those are too bulky to carry around all day.

I tried to be friendly to him because he DID say he had a Yorkie named "Toby" so I figured he must be ok, but Mom was having none of that. She insisted on holding me the whole time he was there. So I didn't get to hide any of his tools like I do with Bob.

After a bit, Mr. Hotshot repair guy finally says "It's the compressor", and puts in an order. He tells Mom she might get it by Monday next week, and he can't schedule a return trip to repair the thing until the compressor is delivered to our house. Mom gets on the phone with Sears Repair Center (which is NOT an answering service like Mr. Hotshot said), and they told her they would send it priority overnight. If all goes well, it should be here tomorrow or Saturday. He also told Mom that she and everone should own TWO refrigerators. "Why?", she asked? "Because if one goes out, you'll have another", he said.

So that's how I got to go to Puppy School today. See? Things work out when you least expect them to. Mom was so mad at SEARS she called Sonia and said she was going to take me to Puppy School to "put things into perspective". And after Puppy School, we bought an ice chest and two huge bags of ice.

It'll all work out, I'm sure.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Here's Me Being...Like... BORED!!!

We had to go to work early early early today because of the Sears repairmain coming (quote) "between one and five o'clock". It's now 3:15PM and he's still not here. Wanna bet he shows up AFTER five?? Hey....I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, ya know!! explain the picture...there's only so many ways to sleep in a foam doggie bed. Here, you see me in the "one foot in the bed, whole body on the floor, belly up" pose. It's one I made up all by myself. And wouldn't you just know it? Mom had to have a picture. I work very diligently at entertaining myself at the office. I'll have to think about my next position very carefully if I want to be unique.



Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm just a latch-key kid!

Mom's "teeth" fell out twice today and the dentist doesn't let me go to his office unless there's hardly anyone there. So I stayed home. All by my poooooooooooor little self. Woe is me. Alas...alack! Whatever will become of me......! (Did I get to you yet??)

I'm just teasing. I got to stay home because Mom's temps came unglued, not her teeth. She's just getting veneers for cozmetik (?) reasons. But I think it's funny. She gets all embarrassed. And I really don't MIND being left by myself. There's ever so much to look at. I've pretty much covered the down stairs. Next, I'll do the bedrooms. (hee hee) Unfortunately for me, she pretty much locks up whatever might hurt me. Which means all the fun stuff. So I nap in my hidey-place on the bottom shelf of the TV cabinet in the bedroom.

I made sure I left her a "token of my esteem" to see when she got home. She DID deserve something, I thought!

(I'm such a bad doggie...LOL)


PS - The refrigerator stopped working again so Bob the repair guy came back to play with me. OK...I mean to fix it, but I wanted to play. He says it's the COMPRESSOR and it's under warranty, so Sears is coming out tomorrow. I hope they bring a tool box for me. Good thing Mom hadn't done her grocery shopping yet. And she learned how to dispose of melted popsicles from last time. :o)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Mom SCARED me. OK..Maybe I was kinda pushing my luck, but geez LOUUUUEEEEZE. I go out in the back yard, piddle about for a bit and then start my in-depth sniff-a-thon. After a few minutes (and let me tell YOUUU I really need more time at this), Mom calls. "Time to come in, Mary-Margaret!". But I'm not ready. I don't even look at her. She calls a few more times and I ignore her. So she slams the screen door shut, goes out into the garage and I DO NOT want to be left, so I race into the house.

Only this morning, she slams the screen shut, goes to the garage door, opens it, and then hides behind the fridge. I race into the house through my very own doggie door, and just as I'm rounding the corner where the fridge is, she jumps out and says "BOO!"

[gasp] I just about fell on my tushy and jumped back maybe 3 feet. YEEEEEK! I've learned that she's not one to be toyed with. I tried to get even by tromping on her clean laundry with my wet, soggy feet, but she outsmarted me and moved it up high.

Have a good day...


Monday, August 07, 2006

Shower Snorfels

I swear I can't do ANYTHING without someone saying "Mary-Margaret? What are you doing?". This time I figured maybe she wouldn't look here where I am, but darn it!! She found me. I guess when someone is trying to remove a drain cover in a shower it can get a bit noisy.



Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Friend, Abbey Mia

I think she's absolutely beautiful. This is how I wish I could look, but I don't. See how neat she keeps her hair and her bow? And how long and lady-like her hair is? She's like my role model. Maybe some day I'll look like her if I am very good and eat my vegetables. Right now, I like to explore, roll in the grass, and root through trash bags full of bird cage bottom stuff. Mom always says "Eeeyeeewww, Mary-Margaret!", but I think it's pretty cool.

Maybe some day Abbey Mia can come to my house and we could mean explore things together?

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

The Highs and Lows of my Life

The Highs: Last week, Star (my best friend besides Sarabi) got me and her matching collars. They are pink with faux diamonds. It's way cool. And I layer my wardrobe because that's so stylish these days. So I wear TWO collars. A dark pink one, and my new one from Star. Also, getting my very own "pouch" so me and Auntie Leslie can send stuff back and forth to each other, and getting oodles of boxes just for shredding. It was a very good week last week.

The Lows: FINALLY getting Mom to take me to Saturday Puppy School after weeks of not going (she says I'm too grown up for that now) and getting there and finding a NOTE on the gate saying Saturdays are now from 8:00AM to 9:00AM instead of 4:00PM to 5:00PM. Miss Megan was in the back with April, a crabby Bichon Frise, and I was crying so hard from disappointment that she held me for just a moment. I sobbed all the way back into town until we got to Mary Shaima's office. Then she gave me lots of love. But still, I was absolutely SOOO sad about missing Puppy School.

Oh, and also Miss Letty and Dr. Hill sold their practice to Dr. Bach. Which is ok because I love her and Dr. Kaylor and Dr. Verreault ever so much, but I will miss Miss Letty terribly. I didn't even get a chance to kiss her goodbye. If she reads this I want her to know how very special she was to me. I will always have a warm place in my little heart reserved just for her.

What I remember most about Miss Letty: She had a laugh that made everybody laugh along with her. And she had a way of making each pup feel like they were her favorite. She always knew when someone needed some special attention. And she also had a way about her so that if a pup was misbehaving she could set it straight without humiliation. Of course, I NEVER misbehaved so I only speak from observation, not experience. (coff coff) Miss Leticia was like a burst of sunlight and happiness whenever she was around. I know we'll all miss her. My Mom says she will miss her, too.

So here's me keeping close to Mom and sleeping on her desk while she plays bridge. It's just a thing we do at night before bedtime. I just love my Mom so very much. She knows how to balance the highs and the lows better than anyone I know.

Kisses to all, Mary-Margaret

Friday, August 04, 2006

Project Box Shred - almost complete!!

I have only a few boxes left. Already I'm down to two or three boxes and then I'll be DONE! Boy, will Auntie Leslie have a surprise in HER pouch next week! (hee hee hee)

Oh yeah. Check out Mom's office. I'm pretty thorough, don't you think??

Love, Mary-Margaret Posted by Picasa

I love my pouch! I love my Leslie!

Pouches have been pretty boring lately. I look, I sniff, I sigh. But today Mom says "OH, LOOOOOK, Mary-Margaret!". And here is my very own white zippered pouch with my OWN name and E-050 on the flip card and it's from my Auntie Leslie with "xxoo" from E-041. Mom opens it up and it's...OHMYGAWSH....boxes. Big boxes...little boxes...flat boxes. Tons of boxes. Empty boxes. Just the way I like them. She told Mom that she read my blog about artfully shredding a box and just KNEW I would really enjoy this. Well, she's right. OHHH, I AM IN Absolute HEAVEN, I tell you.

I had a field day, I tell you. And Auntie Leslie is going to be so proud of me. Mom says I can send her back all my handiwork as soon as I'm done. Did I mention that I'm an artiste?

Love and Hollywood air kisses....


Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Phone - Conclusion

Remember when our phone wasn't ringing but we could call out? And the phone company said it was Mom's equipment? And that just didn't make sense? Well, guess what!!! Mom got a call from the repairman last week and the phone actually rang. She asked him where he was, and you know what he said? He was about a mile or so away in someplace that has a "phone card" and the ring part of the phone card wasn't working so he put a new one in. Three weeks of the phone people saying it's in our equipment and no calls can come in. And see how it turns out?

This is the Mary-Margaret News Network (or MMNN) saying "Good night and God Bless!"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Such simple pleasures

Oh, I can't tell you how MUCH I love to sniff. Bushes, grass, fences, dog bottoms, feet, shoes, wastebaskets. This morning, I even sniffed the side slope. really RUDE trespassing cats....keep crossing MY back yard. I'm becoming a very good cat chaser. I'm very proud of myself, and Mom is, too. I caught a cat using our planter as a litter box and chased him off before he had a chance to use the "Charmin". That'll teach him.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

DogBlog TV

Me and Mom just found this site. DogBlog TV Take a look for yourself. Now THIS is important stuff. REALLY it is!


Me 'n Anthony

Here I am. Doing what I love best. Giving kisses and hugs. Just in case you wondered what I like best about working. This is Anthony, and he's the son of the lady across the hall. Too bad he already has a girlfriend.
Kitty just got her black belt in Tae Kwan Do so I'm not going to fight her for him. But I DOOOO love him. Sorry I'm such a blur up there but I really get into the "licking" part of our relationship! :o)
Awww...well, I just can't hide my feelings. And now the whole world will know how I am about Anthony. Kitty....(how ironic THAT should be the name of my rival!)...will understand, I'm sure. To be honest, I really like her, too! Even if she IS named "Kitty".

Love, Mary-Margaret

I LOVE My Job & Hate to Leave

I really didn't want to go. It was so nice just sitting there in the parking lot with the breeze bringing all kinds of nifty smells my way.
Fine. You pull one way, I'll pull back even harder. You are NOT the boss of me!
This one was just before Mom scooped me up and plopped me into my carseat. I tell YOUUUU, I can be just as stubborn as she can. She says I threw her back out. Well, that's not MY fault. She shoulda just let me sit there and sniff. I was perfectly happy.