Sunday, April 30, 2006

Dear Grandma....

Sometimes I just don't have anything special to write about. Like this morning, I just lazed about while Mom was reading a book. When she got up to pour herself some more coffee, I took advantage of the moment to hop into a nice, warm chair cushion and stretch out a bit.

A while later I wanted to play and she was "shushing" me, so I accidently chomped down hard on her thumb. She was talking to Colleen at the time and hollered "OW...that HURTS, Mary-Margaret". Then she showed me what I did and said "Now you kiss and make better.", so I did and I guess I'm forgiven. I just get carried away at times, you know? Mom and Colleen are going to Munich, Germany next year.

I really REALLY want to come see you and GrandPapa - I even remembered that's what he wants me to call him. Mom says maybe during the week we can take off some time and come up to Santa Monica if that's ok with you. I absolutely promise that I'll be everly so well behaved. Honest I will.

This coming up week isn't too good, though, because Mom is taking her car in on Monday so the back door can be fixed. And THEN she was told that she might have to testify in a criminal case on Thursday. The DA called her yesterday. Some guy assaulted one of our servers a few months back, and the same guy was pretty nasty with Mom about 12 years ago. He even told her he would kill her if he ever saw her again. She says he's dangerous to others and to himself if he's still being rude like that.

I try not to worry about her. She's pretty cool with people and most everybody likes her and is nice to her. There are just a few who don't understand (like she says) their "5th and 14th Amendment Rights". Too complicated for me.

Love and kisses from your FAVORITE grand-dog....


PS to Grandma: Mom says if you want to answer back to click on the "comments" button. Then, say you want to be "anonymous" by marking that spot and you won't have to set up a blogger account. Just please sign your name when you're done with your post so I know it's from you, ok? MM

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I really don't like to complain, but....

...I'm going to ask Mom to get a different stylist for me. This is the SECOND time that my personal groomer clipped me way to close in sensitive place. Let me put it like this. Mom says it's like she gave me a full bikini wax. I mean there is NO FUR left and it's really itchy. Also I had this headache all day that would NOT go away. Finally, at Puppy School when I'm trying to work and take care of the kids, Mom and Sandy (Java's mom) worked really hard to get that absolutely most STOOOOPID bow out of my hair. I mean to tell was pulling so tight my head was turning pink.

Once I got rid of that, I felt absolutely wonderful. I even taught that new kid, Sky (a baby weimaraner), that it's not nice to grab someone's head in her mouth or bite other kids' legs. She listened to me. I'm really good with kids, you know. But between my private itchy place and my top knot, I was a wreck.

Some people just don't think of us little dogs as caring, feeling beings, too! That's one of the reasons I like to keep up on my blog, is so that folks will remember that we are not just "livestock", or a "possession". We are sensitive, loving, and loyal little people and deserve to be treated as such. my soap box for now. Time for bed anyway.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, April 28, 2006

I am BEE-OOO-TEE-FULL again!

A trip to the Doggie Day Spa does a girl wonders, don't you think? A bath which comes with a massage (sort of, as they scrub you clean), and perfume and a pink bow....and I feel like a brand new pup!

Mom picked me up just in time for lunch and a nap. I really love going to "Country Kennels".

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I Absolutely LOVE my Life!

I know I was grousing about it this morning. But today was great. Everybody I met was everly so nice to me. And at Puppy School, Miss Letty was there, and she reminded me what an important job I have as her "TA" (Teacher's Assistant). Bentley is pretty feisty, and he and Dolly were having a go at it. Here he is on his "time out", and I'm having a heart-to-heart with him, counseling him on the proper behavior. He listens to me, you know, because I understand things from his point of view.

I really worked hard today and took a little water break. I had to meet and greet everyone, especially the new kids like Samantha, a black labrador, and Tiffany, a golden retriever. Samantha had some pretty serious attitude, so I knew to step back and let Miss Letty handle her.

Miss Letty is hand feeding a nest of baby finches. I was surprised to hear that they get that A/D Feline-Canine prescription diet just like I did at the hospital. Miss Letty dilutes it down with some water and puts it in a syringe. Baby birds eat about every fifteen minutes. This picture is of some of the kids hanging around Miss Letty hoping for some A/D food. I tell you, it smells really good.

And here are the hungry babies. Aren't they just the cutest thing ever? If you click on the picture you can make it bigger, and see the babies even better.

I'm so lucky being a pup and having a Mom who loves me and takes care of me. It would be just awful to have no mom, and have to try to live without your parents taking care of you, or having a warm place to sleep. Makes me sad to think of so many pups out there who just want a family to love. Maybe I can talk Mom into adopting another baby? Although, I wouldn't hold my breath. She says already I'm more than she can handle.

God bless us, everyone!

Love, Mary-Margaret, Teacher's Assistant

If I had one wish to make.....

....This is the wish I would choose! No, I'm not singing the song from "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" and I don't want an old straw hat or overalls. Really, my wish is to be a real girl. Kinda like Pinocchio wanted to be a real boy? I know it can't possibly happen, but still I wish it could be. Gives me something to dream about. Everybody needs to have a dream. That's mine.

I have a great life and I get a lot of love, so that part's ok. But I can't go into some places, like movies or grocery stores. So discriminatory, don't you think? And I don't have thumbs and I can't wear shoes except those silly things that are made for dogs. And I do love shoes, really I do! And I can't order stuff off a menu like egg and bacon sandwiches. And I can't wear real lacy ruffled panties. And I can't really use a toilet without falling in, or take a shower by myself.


There, Dear Diary. You have it. My top-most heart-felt deepest wish. Sometimes I think I was a real girl in my past life. It feels like it, anyway. OK...time to get ready for work again. I know I'll have a good day, but I just wanted to share that thought with you....get it off my furry little chest, I guess.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Overworked and underpaid. I want benefits!!

You see, "Creative Hopping" comes in handy when one needs to find a file, check the computer or find another pen. Here's what happened. Mom had a couple of clients come in and after they left, I decided to see what it felt like to be a client. So I hopped into a client chair and put my hands (ok, paws.....whatever!) on the desk.

From there, it was just a short hop to where the real action takes place. Mom says she heard a funny noise and saw what I was up to, so she grabbed her camera phone while I wasn't looking. Anyway, I checked out her desk, found a few files and discovered a blue ball point pen. Just the thing to nibble on when I get tired of my chewie. And THEN she says, "Mary-Margaret, YOU get down from there!" like she really means it.

Usually when it's lunch time, she gets her sandwich or Lean Cuisine thingy and I get my kibbles. Well, today she stopped by Siggy's and got an egg and bacon sandwich on lightly toasted sourdough with mayo, lettuce and tomato. I tell YOUUUU! That smell was HEAVENLY. I threw away all my sense of decorum and actually whimpered just a bit. OK...a lot. But you try choosing between kibbles and bacon, and see how YOU behave. I got to her, and she broke down and gave me some egg and some bacon. Actually, probably more than she should have. She put it in my office lunch bowl and it was absolutely divine. She says she's spoiling me, but I just think of it as "worker's compensation". Benefits!

Oh, and then for the very first time, some lady on our floor acted as if I had the plague or worse. She kept throwing up her hands and trying to get away from me like maybe I smelled bad or something? It hurt my feelings. She told mom she didn't "like other people's dogs jumping on her". I mean, really! Like I was just being friendly, not jumping. Just standing up so I could be polite. So I know about this one, now. Everyone in the building is really nice, and a couple of people saw what she did and tried to make up for it. It's ok. Really, it is. I've heard about people with "aversions" (hang ups, phobias....lots of names for it). This is the first one I've actually met. But I'll respect her space in the future just because I'm thoughtful that way. Besides, I haven't met a person yet that I can't win over. :o)

OK. You got three pictures from the camera nut I call "Mom", and I'm going to bed. Today has been a bit strange. Like I got my head caught in the door, but that's another story for another day.

G'night and God bless.... Mary-Margaret O'Brien

For Tuesday - 4/25/06

Dear Diary - I'm so sorry I missed writing in you yesterday. It was a crazy day and I just wanted to have my dinner and go to bed early. As sidekick to a process server, my life is never dull. One minute I can be having a little snooze in my office bed, and the next minute I'm on the freeway in rush hour traffic trying to serve a subpoena before the close of business. I just hunker down in my car seat and hang on tight for dear life. It's very exhausting, you know.

Have a good day. I'll try to write later. And about me wearing the bra? Mom says she's glad she didn't have a camera handy, as that picture might have proved embarrassing to her. "To her"? What about MEEEE?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, April 24, 2006

Wearing Mom's Bra!!

Sometimes I like to sort laundry. Doesn't matter if it's clean or dirty, I like to get deep down into it and really get to know each piece. Tonight we got home about 6:00PM and Mom was really tired. So she takes it all off and puts on her nightgown and goes downstairs to make our dinner. I entertained myself "Scattering Laundry" (see a couple of posts ago) and ...uh oh....oops? myself wearing Mom's bra and I could NOT get it off.

Dinner was ready and I guess maybe I was a bit too quiet. So I hear "Mary-Margaret. Where are you?", and then, "Come HERE, Mary-Margaret!". Well, it's not like I WANTED to get caught, but what else could I do? I went downstairs with this thing wrapped around my neck, trailing after me like a parachute. Mom sort of chokes on her dinner and then says, "Oh, Mary-Margaret! What HAVE you gotten yourself into now?".

By that time, I'd had enough. I walked right over to her and let her get that awful thing off me. I may never sort laundry again. EVERRRRR!!! And the worst part? Mom had a really good laugh at my expense! I hope she enjoyed herself. Hmmmph!



Shower Snuffle Stomp

It's what I do after Mom gets out of the shower. I go in when it's still all wet and steamy, check the sliding door tracks and the drain to make sure they're not loose or anything, and then I stomp until all four of my feet are good and wet.

I just started this maybe a few days ago and it's become sort of a habit. Showers are oh-so-fascinating. I wish I could figure out how to turn the water on. Mom's friend Allie from Hawaii says her cat Roxie uses it for a (ahem) toilet. Abby was trying to teach Roxie how to use the grown-ups toilet, but Roxie decided the shower drain was easier. Eeeeeyeeew! Personally, I stick to my piddle pads and am ever so happy not to get that sandy kitty litter stuck between MY toes.

Oh...but I digress. After my feet get really good and soaking wet, I make little tracks all over the bathroom floor. We pups have limited resources to entertain ourselves. So go ahead. Laugh, but I tell YOU!! It's amazing what one can find if you get up really close to the shower drain. Bathrooms are really fun! :o)


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Me and Toilet Paper

You all know I have my own bathroom, but sometimes I use Mom's. It's ok. There are "piddle pads" for me in both of them. I'm absolutely very good about using the bathroom (or the "powder room", if you will). Tonight, I thought I'd be everly so thorough after using my piddle pad and I noticed the toilet paper just hanging there. Don't most ladies use toilet paper? I mean I figure I should too? Like it was a sign I should finish the job off. So I grabbed just a corner of it, and darned if it just didn't keep coming? Will this thing EVER stop? So finally, I set it free and forgot what I needed it for, and shredded it ever so thoroughly right by the toilet. In a neat little pile.

Mission complete. Now I'm tired out and ready for bed. Oh, and I got scowled at. That's what Mom does when she's trying hard not to laugh and she knows I should get yelled at but she stifles it. I can handle a "scowl" now and then.

Niters, y'all..

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Me 'n Dolly at Puppy School

Here's me and my good friend, Dolly, playing and tusseling at Puppy School today. I'm the one wearing the green barrette in my hair. See?

Mom told Miss Heather that Dolly had so much energy she made ME look almost comatose. Indeed! I should go bite her ankle. But I have to admit, Dolly is usually just a blur as she whizzes by. Today, she was having great fun rounding up Chelsea (an Australian shepherd maybe part Queensland heeler), Riley, Max and Cole, who are all big dogs. She's really good at getting even the big kids to cower and cry. Not that I'd want to, mind you. I like everybody, you know. But I do admire Dolly's spunk and ambition.

Anyway, I get tired out now after maybe a half hour or so of school. Even Miss Heather commented on how quiet I was. I dunno. Maybe I'm just growing up? I had a nice time playing with Bentley, Matty, and ohhhhhhhhh...let me tell you. Missy is a Jack Russell terrier and she is so cute and funny. She didn't want to mix it up with us big kids, so she just ran around barking at us for the first half of class. Then, later, she actually started chasing the really big kids and they ran for safety. Probably they didn't know what to make of her. Me and Dolly couldn't help but laugh at her. She's only maybe half OUR size.

So much for the Puppy School updates. I know they need me there, but sometimes it's just not as exciting as it used to be. You know?

Love, Mary-Margaret

The Gang's All Here!

Dolly, Moses, Peaches, Jake and a couple of new kids, Matty (Cairn Terrier) and Bentley (Welsh Terrier), were all there. It was just like old times. Dolly (the Yorkie) is a real speed demon. She makes me look slow, if you can imagine that. She's like "whooosh-ti-whoosh zippity-do-dah" all over the place. Moses has a new brother named Nathaniel (Yorkie), but he's too little to play with us yet. So he just stayed inside his little carrier and watched all us big kids.

This was Thursday, and I just forgot to tell you. I got my stitches out and THEN went to Puppy School. Mostly I just mingled, not playing with anyone in particular. I know I have a big responsibility, as a mentor, to make sure everyone has a good time. I sure know that I did.

After about a half-hour of playing, I was getting a bit tired. So Mom picked me up and I waved goodbye to everyone. This was my first time back after my "little surgery" and it was a bit much for me, I guess. I should tell you that Peaches is a new man (so to speak) and didn't even try to grab me around the waist. It turns out he had HIS "little surgery", too. :o)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, April 21, 2006

So many wastebaskets - So little time!

Everyone has their little vices, I guess. Mine are wastebaskets, shoes and underwear. Sometimes, when I get bored at work, I start checking out the wastebaskets. Today, there was a SlimFast snack bar wrapper that just smelled soooooo good I had to have it. So I'd fish it out, and Mom would put it back. I'd fish it out again, and Mom would snatch it from me and really stomp it down inside the wastebasket again. And then I'd get it AGAIN. Well, need I say more? That went on for about an hour. She says she'd put the basket up on her desk if she thought no one would see them, but we had clients all day.

Which brings me to shoes. (sniff sniff) I just LOVE shoes. Mostly the ones with laces, but any old shoe will do in a pinch. I'd make a great detective. I sniff and snuffle all over and I can tell lots of things about people, like if they have dogs or cats, if they have kids.....where they walk, if they stepped in anything odiferous. You know. I don't chew so much on them anymore because I am grown up, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of sniffing.

And then there's Mom's undies. She puts her laundry in a basket in her closet and shuts the door. Like...I'm not stupid or anything. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to open a sliding closet door (duh!). So she shuts it and thinks I can't get in. HEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This morning, not only did I OPEN it, but after I squiggled inside, I closed it almost the whole way. I probably could have stayed there all day except for a pair of her undies sticking out the door. Drat! Foiled again!! Next time, I'll be more careful.

G'night everyone. I don't mean to be rude, but Animal Planet has some good stuff on right now and it's past my bed time.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ding Dong! The Stitch is Gone!

...Which old stitch? The wicked stitch. Ding dong, the staples all came out. I can't help but sing. You know me. Always a happy little tune. My tummy is almost all healed. Actually, it looked better a couple of days ago and it's still a little pink and swollen where the staples were, but that'll be gone in no time. So give me a week or so and I'll be flashin' some hot pink tummy around here again.

Speaking of "tummy flashing", oh boy, did I do some flashing today. The most important recipient was Zeus, the weimaraner from next door at work. And you know what? He LIKES me too! Lots. It was all our parents could do to keep us apart. He's pretty big, but I think he appreciates my friendliness. I'd flash some tummy, and he'd push me over with his nose and I'd do a complete roll-over, and flash more tummy, and get another friendly shove with his nose. We were quite a pair, I tell YOU! His HEAD is bigger than I am. :o)

I'll keep you posted on any new developments. Zeus is quite a guy.

Oh....and guess what? I have a shocking pink toothbrush and my very own poultry-flavored toothpaste. And I brushed my teeth, with a little help from Mom, yesterday for the first time. I was seven months old exactly yesterday AND I still weigh exactly 5.4 pounds, so I think I'm pretty much all grown up, don't you??

Love and stuff...

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Congratulations to MEEEEE!

Mrs. Lillard is another one of my most favorite clients. Every time she comes by our office she pretty much just ignores Mom and plays with me. I do a lot of kissing and cuddling with Mrs. Lillard. She has a really handsome collie dog and grown kids, so she really needs someone like MEEEE to cuddle with. She's everly so nice to me.

Auntie Leslie sent me a congratulations card. Here's me sitting at my computer reading it.

Here's the link if you want to go see it yourself. It's absolutely the nicest card I've gotten for getting my DIPLOMA! (ahem?)'s the only card I've gotten, but still.....! I know you'll like it too!

Love, Mary-Margaret O'Brien, PhD*

*Pretty happy Dog!

Woo Hoo! I got my DIPLOMA!!

I am SOOOOOO cool. (la la la) See? I GRADUATED! Wow.....and I (singing)..."I get a di-PLO-mah!" Mom says she's going to frame it and put it up at the office where she has all of her Certificates.

She's VERY VERY oh-so-PROUD of me!! (woo hoo, again!)I wonder if we'll celebrate? Maybe go through McDonald's drive-thru and get me a grilled chicken, hold-the-lettuce-tomato-bun-mayo, sandwich?
I am so ex-CI-ted! .

(I'm feeling very puffed up and patting myself on the back! Can you tell?)

Mary-Margaret "The GRADUATE" O'Brien

PS: Double-click on the picture if you want to read the fine print. Mom wasn't going to mention that, can you believe it? I mean, just because she's listed as my "pack member". I need to remind her that "one must be a good follower in order to be a good leader". I heard that somewhere. :o)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mom bares her teeth!

Shhh. Don't tell on me, but I'm writing this one myself while Mom's not looking. My mom is losing it, I tell you! LOSING IT. Today, she said "Come, Mary-Margaret", and I didn't feel like it. So I just stayed put. She said it AGAIN, only a little louder. I still didn't move. Then, she did the strangest thing? She stared me down, and lifted the corners of her upper lip and then I heard "grrrrr", ever so softly. I froze and then she said "GRRRRRRRR", and stared even harder. I...uh...gosh....I figured I'd better move and fast, because next thing you know, she'll try to EAT me. When I got up to her, she laughed and said "It worked!". Yeah...I guess so, but still...sometimes she really scares me.

Love, Mary-Margaret

4/18/06 - Too tired to write!

It was a busy weekend, what with Mom doing billing AND payroll AND trying to get her taxes out. So I hope you all don't mind if I let her take a day or two off. I mean, I did get her to post several times a day for the past couple of days because I just KNEW she'd conk out on me.

Meanwhile, keep me in your thoughts as you'll be in mine.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, April 17, 2006

Letter from Cousin Teddy

Teddy's kinda little so he writes me letters and then I ask Mom to post them to my blog. I thought you might like to see what Teddy did on Easter, too! MM

Dear Mary Margaret,

My Auntie Allie let me read your blog and I just wanted to tell you that I SOOOO understand about those rude cats! The other night, that Roxie cat (who thinks she is soooo cute, hah) stood right over me while I was eating! Of all the nerve!

Later on, I heard she even got into the Easter baskets!

I was so tired I just went to sleep on Abby's arm.

:) hugs,

Teddy can't even have his dinner in peace!

Roxie in the Basket

The end of a BIG Day! The very BEST place to be! In my pajamas in my Mommy Abby's arms.

A NEW Ferret and a NEW dress!!

It's not the same as my old one, but I'll take it. Mom took me to MATCO this morning and they actually had ONE FERRET left. It was fate, I guess. And actually, to be honest, it looks and smells exactly the same as my old one. If Mom hadn't taken me with her, I woulda thought it was my old one. So it's ok, really it is. :o)

And while we were there, I saw the clothes and ran over and picked out my dress all by myself. And Matt who works there, picked me up and we tried on the XS and the S. The XS fits ok, but it was a bit short. The S is long enough, but it's kinda loose around the middle. Mom says it'll be ok after she washes it and it shrinks a bit.

Have I mentioned what a lucky pup I am??

Love, Mary-Margaret

Do Snails Run??

Every morning I check out my back yard and MY patio. If there's something there that shouldn't be, I make a point of letting Mom know. This morning, a rogue snail had ventured into MY territory, and was making his way across MY patio. I thought I might have a taste, despite my last unfortunate experience with a snail, but Mom said "NO!" and held my leash tightly.

Oh, heck. Still, it didn't stop me from trying, but the closest I got was maybe 1/4" or so. It wasn't even afraid of me. I don't think so, anyway. It's hard to tell when a snail is running away. "Snail, Mary-Margaret, S-N-A-I-L. Remember last time?". Uh....well, yeah, but maybe today would be different? No chance to find out, I guess.

Also, I check for RUDE CATS but I haven't seen any since I told them off. Rrrrr-ufffff!!! I yam Tuuuuufffff!!

Happy Tax Day!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, April 16, 2006

How does Mom KNOW??

I just had a bath. Finally. My first one since my "little surgery". feels so good. Then Mom brushed my hair, put in a barrette and said "You stay clean, Mary-Margaret. We have to go to the office!". Ok, I figure, I'll slip in a few moments of snuffling seed and feathers on the floor around the bird cage while she's drying her hair. She'll never know. HAH!!!

The minute I walked up to her, she said "Mary-Margaret!!! I told you to keep clean!", and then grabbed the camera. I mean, like she wants it for evidence or something. But still. I'd like to find out. How did she KNOW???

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Love and Happy Easter -


PS: I wasn't going to mention this, but there were absolutely no eggs left by the Easter Bunny last night. I didn't want Mom to be disappointed, so I left her little tokens of my affection all over the living room and entry way. Well, they LOOKED like chocolate eggs to me, but instead of saying "Thank you, Mary-Margaret", she goes and glares at me and starts picking them up with toilet paper. So much for the holiday spirit. I guess I won't do that again. (sigh)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Laundry Scattering Lesson #1

1)Find open duffle bag from camp.
2)Look inside and see that it's still full of your clothes.
3)Flip it over and start dragging clothes, shirt by shirt, to all corners of bedroom. This includes furry collars from Auntie Vicki.

After a while you will become adept and artistic and find Laundry Scattering a fine, if not useful, hobby.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - It's also a helpful reminder to your mom to unpack your stuff and put it away!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

My new friend, Jami

Being Good Friday and all, things tend to slow down. So Fidel, who works with us, called Mom to see if Jami and Michael (his son) could come and visit us. Well, you don't have to ask ME twice. "OF COURSE!", I said, and so did Mom. Michael and I hit it off right away, but Jami is a bit slow to warm up. be honest, she almost bit me. But Fidel says I shouldn't take it personally, and that it was probably because of my dress and not me. Heeeyyyy!! I LIKE my dress. I mean, who hasn't seen a dog in a dress before?

Anyway, here's Michael, Me (getting another tummy rub), Fidel and Jami (heading for the door).

I'm sure next time will go better, dont'cha think?

Love, Mary-Margaret

Arrrrrgggghhh! My squeaky FERRET!!!

I just realized. My ferret is gone, too. MY BABY! It's not at the office and it's not at home. I took it to "camp" and, ohmygawsh....It's GONE GONE GONE! My life is ruined, I tell you. You know how much I loved my ferret. If my poor little ferret has gone the same way as my trout and my orange bone....! Waaaaaaaaaaah! I will GET YOU, UNCLE RUDY!!!!! (sniff) I LOVED MY FERRET!!! I...I....wa..wa...want my FERRET!!!

Mary-Margaret (sniffle) O'BRI..BRI...BRI..EN

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My New Medallion!


Dear Sarabi: After Mom FINALLY figured out how to set the camera to take close-ups, she got this for us. Isn't it neat-o? I LOVE it. Allie says she got it at

Love, Mary-Margaret Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pink faux fur leopard print jacket!

I promised I'd show you. See? It even has a hood on it and it fits me everly so well! This is from my Mom for being a good little patient. Isn't it loverly?


My Absolutely TERRIFYING experience

Well, you KNOW how I like to ride in the car and I always stand up in my carseat. I even lean forward when I want the car to go faster. Mom's always saying "Sit down, Mary-Margaret!" but that's no fun. I can hardly see the tops of the trees if I sit.

We were out serving papers today and she almost missed a turn. She stopped pretty quickly and next thing you know, I am flying. I mean FLYING like a bird. Right out of my car seat, and I do a loop and land on the floor of the car. I don't know if I'm alive or not, so I just stay there, crouched down, not moving a muscle. Mom says "Mary-Margaret? Are you OK?". But I'm afraid to move. I just don't want to move anything at all. I'm frozen stiff. Nothing hurts, and I sort of skidded on the Thomas Brothers map book, but ohmygawsh, it was SOOOO scary.

Finally, Mom reached down and picked me up and then I dug my nails into her like I NEVER EVER want her to let me go, and I climbed her like a tree. She cuddled me and checked for "OWies" and checked my stitches and when she didn't find anything out of order, she put me back in my car seat. She kept saying "Oh, you poor little thing!" and stuff like that. I was more scared than anything else. But the good news is, I got another chicken breast all to myself tonight.

Remember, you guys! NEVER EVER STAND UP IN YOUR SEAT. It's just not safe, and it's not worth getting a chicken breast for, either. You could really get hurt badly.

Love, Mary-Margaret

St. Francis of Assisi medallion

Oh my goodness my goodness!! I was the ONLY one who got any mail today. Mom snorted something about me getting my own business manager. Her good friend Allie from Hawaii sent me a St. Francis of Assisi medal to wear with my other "jewelry", know....AKA tag, rabies tag, ID tag, and license (when it comes). I think my bling blings weigh more than I do now.

Oh, Allie. I just LOVE my new medallion. "Saint Francis of Assisi - Protector of Animals". I just KNEW he'd keep me safe during my "little surgery", and now I have a special tag with his name on it.

Thank you thank you soooooo much.

Nuzzles and kisses from me - Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Creative "hopping" and other tidbits

I absolutely LOVE to "hop". When I was at my Auntie C's, I really wanted to get on their bed. See, at home it's easy because Mom has a low cedar chest at the end of her bed. I hop on that, and then hop again to the bed. Simple, huh? But at Auntie C's, there's no cedar chest. Howeverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

There's this really nifty chair by the window. You can see it a couple of posts ago. Anyway, I figured out that if I run really REALLY fast, hop onto the chair, and twist ever so slightly before lifting off, I can get some spring in my bounce and practically fly right over to their bed. It just took a little creativity.

This morning, Mom actually accused me of being part Beaver!. I like to gnaw a bit. Baseboards at the office are my favorite. But I found this nifty hole at the top of the stairs that the Home Depot guys left when installing Mom's Pergo. It wasn't that noticeable, but I'm working on it. Also computer cables are good when there's nothing better around, if you want a good gnawing tip. But....if your mom is looking, go for the "Flossie". It makes mom's happier.

OK...getting ready for work now.

Love and kisses -


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Vitakraft Yogurt Drops

My mom and Sonia were both sniffing my vitamin drops today. And this was AFTER I pointed out that they were for dogs only? So Sonia took a little taste, and then Mom took a little taste. And Sonia said they're not as good as they smell, but they're nice. Mom, on the other hand, thinks they taste just fine. So I stomped off to my office bed and I've been glaring at Mom for the past 10 minutes. They are MINE MINE MINE!!!

I just thought I'd share that piece of news with you. It's not like Mom shares her food with me except maybe some cream cheese from her bagel. I am NOT going to share with her, either!


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

"Puppy Love" Shirt from Sarabi

It fits absolutely PERFECTLY. Thank you again, Sarabi. Mom even brushed my hair, but I can't really tell from the picture. I can't even have a real bath until I get my staples out. I feel so icky at the moment.

I AM smiling. Really I am. It's just this thing on my head holding my hair back. I think it's giving me a headache, but Mom says it finishes off the ensemble. She's weird. I admit it, though. I can see better with the clip on.

Monday, April 10, 2006

OHMYGAWSH!!! For Meeeeee???

This is my really good friend, Sarabi, from Illinois. You know what she did? She sent me a PACKAGE. Addressed to MEEEEE! "Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien" at my Mom's work. And Christine, the mail lady, even came all the way upstairs to personally deliver it to ME!! Can you tell how excited I am? Mom has to keep telling me "NO HOPPING, Mary-Margaret!".

This is me, trying to see everything all at once. I practically jumped inside the box and oh woweee!! There's all kinds of stuff. First, I see CHARLEE BEARS - egg and cheese. My most favorite. Then there is a new shirt and it will fit me just fine. It's my favorite color, too. Pink! I will wear it tomorrow for sure. It has two little pups on the front and says "Puppy Love". That's how I feel about my bestest friend, Sarabi, right now. Like she just KNOWS what I like.

This is me with another surprise - a squeaky HEDGEHOG! Mom says I'm like a turbo-charged hedgehog, so it's just perfect for ME!. So then I see even another package and there is a card and it says "Sorry you're going through a ruff ruff time. Ruff" and "Just whistle and I'll come running", and that's from Sarabi, too! And then, a picture of Sarabi which I had Mom scan and put here so you could see my dearest friend too! And then, oh my goodness....(I've never seen these before so I had just a teeny taste before I grabbed the bag from Mom's hand) Vitalkraft Yogurt Drops with viamins. They are kind of like candy and I think Mom was going to taste one because they smell so good. I had to point out that the bag clearly says "Snack for all dogs" (not for humans). They are absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious!!

I am such a lucky pup to have so many good friends. Thank you thank you SOOO much, Sarabi.

Love and kisses -

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Picture from my Camp Experience

Finally. My Auntie and Uncle sent a picture of what I spent most of my time at "camp" doing: Watching for Mom. I wasn't going to 'fess up, but I really did miss her. As soon as I found out there was no lake, no canoe, no campfire, no ghost stories....I KNEW I'd been hornswoggled. So this is my "camp" and this is what I did. I tell YOU, the NEXT time they tell me I'm going to "camp", I'm going to ask to see the brochures first.

(But I really DID have a good time hanging with my family, though. shhhhhh!!)

Love, Mary-Margaret

Checking out!

This is me, Mary-Margaret O'Brien, checking out of the hospital. Nurse Megan and Nurse Jessie are giving my tummy the final clean-up before Mom takes me home. I keep making noises so Mom asks if I can please have some water? I drink almost a whole bowl full. Then she hears my tummy growl and is surprised to find out that I didn't even get breakfast. I would have except she got there the same time everybody else did, and nobody had time to FEED me.

Miss Letty brought me out a bowl of the yummiest stuff ever and I absolutely inhaled it. Whoever said hospital food was yucky never had a bowl of A/D Feline-Canine prescription diet. YUMMM! I even asked for seconds, and got another big bowl full. I tried for another THIRD helping but Miss Letty said "No". (sigh) Mom did, at least, ask if she could take a couple of tins home for me. Miss Letty explained that it was for us pups who had surgery and was pretty high calorie, not that I have to worry about my weight. She said Mom should mix a tablespoon or so of A/D with whatever I usually have.

Mom was ever so gentle with me. I think she was afraid to hold me for fear of upsetting my staples. Finally, she picked me up and she's been holding me mostly ever since we got home. I have been inside my kennel a couple of times, but I really don't care to be there. I'd rather be on Mom's lap or on her chest napping. When she first came into the house with me on the leash I immediately hopped onto the hassock and got yelled at. "No NOOOO, Mary-Margaret. You're not allowed to hop anywhere.", and she has had me in her arms ever since except for a couple of potty breaks.

Sarabi was soooo right. We DO get lots of kisses and cuddles. I also got a new "Flossie", which is a dried beef tendon, a brand new HUGE bag of Egg & Cheese Charlee Bears (which I was so hoping for!), and a new pink leopard print jacket with a hood on it. I can't wait to put it on.

In two weeks, I go back for a check up. I don't feel too bad, really. Just sleepy and relaxed. Maybe it's the stuff they gave me to keep me calm? Val...val....something. Dunno. And pain pills. But so far, I don't need anything. (yaaaaaaaaawn) Going back to sleep now.

G'night, everybody. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes. I know they helped a lot 'cause I feel pretty fine.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, April 07, 2006

Did anyone get the license number of....?

Oh gosh! I think it's still me. Mom came to visit me about 3:30PM and I was still pretty groggy. Nicole gently wrapped me in a fluffy green towel and placed me in Mom's arms. Mom just held me and kissed me and talked to me, but honestly I don't remember too much. I kept dozing off and then I'd wake up a little bit, then "poof", I'd be gone again. I was one druggie doggie, thatsh fer shure.

I sorta remember Mom hanging up my "Get Well" cards and letters. Thanks, everybody. head is still spinning. I'm coming home tomorrow and will write more then. Going back to schleeep now.........zzzzzzzzzz!

The Worst is Over!!

Hi! This is Mary-Margaret's mom. She's out of surgery and doing fine. She already woke up from the anesthetic and is a bit groggy, according to her "nurse". I'll be dropping by later to take her some "Get Well" cards and her teddy bear. She'll be staying overnight and I'll be picking her up in the morning. I'm told that the doctor likes to keep the patients confined for the first day so that they don't get too excited and possibly damage their stitches. I'm assured that she will most likely be curled up on a little ball, snoozing the whole time.

Mary-Margaret would like to thank everyone who sent a get well wish. She will be writing to you tomorrow, even if it's a short note, when she comes home from the hospital.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Did Mom think I forgot Puppy School?

About 4:00PM, Sonia called over to Mom and said, "Ahem? Do you think Mary-Margaret is waiting to go to Puppy School?" Well, of course I was. I don't forget these things and I don't even own a calendar OR a watch, though probably I should. I had been sitting by the door to our office for about 15 minutes, and when Mom didn't come get me, I stomped into her office and just stood there glaring at her. She said "Oh, Gosh! I totally forgot!". Hmmph! It's a good thing one of us has a good memory.

All my friends were there and I met a couple of new kids. It was officially my last Puppy Class, but Miss Letty says I'm invited to be a mentor. That would be nice. I'm very good at making the new kids feel comfortable, and I really DO get along with everyone.

I'm have my "coming of age" tomorrow. You know, my "little surgery"? Mom told Miss Letty it was sort of like my Bat Mitzvah. I swear, my Mom comes up with some weird stuff. Bat Mitzvah indeed! We're not even Jewish. Anyway, I have been saying some prayers to St. Francis. And yes, I'm just a little worried. I just can't wait until it's all over and I can go home again. But not until Saturday. Tonight I had a whole half a chicken breast all to myself as a special treat, sort of like a going away party with me and Mom.

I guess I won't be writing tomorrow, but I promise I'll let you know how things are on Saturday or Sunday, depending on how I'm feeling.

Love and kisses...


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

My Surprise Phone Call!

Oh my goodness. Sarabi's mom actually called my mom today and I got to talk to Sarabi. I was so excited. Except for the part when I heard my mom mention that Uncle Rudy killed my squeaky trout and even got some stuffing out of it. Now, when I said Uncle Rudy could play with it, he PROMISED! Really, he did, but I guess he just got carried away.

I'm also afraid to tell Auntie Leslie that my orange squeaky bone is gone too. I hope she'll understand that I was trying to be nice and that really I didn't mean for it to get eaten. Anyway, so Sarabi and I sort of "heavy breathed" to each other and I know she was wishing me luck on my "little surgery". Funny how these humans refer to our traumas as "little" somethings, isn't it??

And Sarabi's "mum" is just the nicest lady, too. She said really nice things to me. If I didn't already have a great Mom, I might think of moving to Illinois. Maybe.

This picture is of me doing what I do best on a rainy day: Just kicking back and relaxing. I still weigh 5.4 pounds and haven't gained an ounce for about a month. Mom says I've just gotten narrower and longer, which is why my pink turtleneck still fits me. It's an XS and I almost gave it away to Peanut, but Auntie C sort of forgot to let her try it on. I'm glad, really. I do love that sweater.

I better go now. Mom has to shut down the computers and says I have to get off hers. Talk to you later...

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Good News and the Bad News

OK. First, the good news. My Auntie Leslie missed me so much she sent me a present in the pouch again. Mom is so funny. She says "Oh, look, Mary-Margaret. It's for YOUUUU!" (as if I didn't know my own name by now). I can READ it, you know. So she opens the envelope and here's another envelope inside. And she opens that one, too. Then, finally, she gives me the package of TWO little yellow tennis balls JUST MY SIZE. And she lets me try to open that for about a half hour before she finally offers to help. I am absolutely in heaven and I love my balls. One skittered under the file cabinet and Mom found one of my old yellow balls, but I was having none of that. Then she finds a rubber ball, but nope. Uh uh....not that one. I wanted the one Auntie Leslie sent. So Mom gets down on her hands and knees and coaxes my NEW ball out with a carpenter's level. I have to admit it was pretty funny but I kept a straight face. She does try hard to please me and I know I'm very lucky to have her.

Now, the bad news. It's official. I'm to have my "little surgery" on Friday. No food or water after 9:00PM on Thursday. And I have to spend the night in the hospital, but I can go home Saturday. Dr. V says I will have some baby teeth pulled while I'm out, too. Mom's trying to make me feel better about this by telling me when she had her tonsils out. I mean, as if that's even the same. But Sarabi said she got lots of loving and kisses and it wasn't so bad, so maybe I'm just a bit nervous for nothing. She also suggested I ask for egg and cheese Charlee Bears, too.

I don't know my "room" number yet, but I'll be at Pet Medical Center in Temecula, CA. Just in case you want to drop by and visit or something. Or call to inquire as to my health. Surely there must be visiting hours, wouldn't you think? I wonder if I'll get new pajamas for this. I'll keep you posted.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Meet my cousin, Cade!

I just thought you'd like to meet my cousin Cade. He's the one Mom took to Hawaii last week. This is a picture of him inside the submarine that they took way far down under the ocean. Mom says they went to about 107 feet'.

They had a great time, I'm told. Not so many people get to go on a real submarine. Probably not too many pups either.

Here's a picture of one of the fish that they saw. Everything is so blue down there. I'm glad I was on dry land with my Uncle Rudy and the rest of my family. I've never been swimming before, you know! Mom says maybe this summer she'll give me lessons. I hope!! :o)


"Good Morning"? Indeed!!!

I just can't do it. This is awful, but putting the clocks ahead an hour is such a human thing to do, I tell you!! It's practically still dark out, I'm in the best part of a dream and ...BLIM BLAM...that flash goes off. Mom called me several times, so I guess I can't complain about being warned, but golly gosh gee whiz! According to MY clock, it's only 6:30AM.

"Good Morning", my foot. What nitwit thought this thing up? Well, I WILL finish that dream even if I have to sleep walk to do it.



Sunday, April 02, 2006

Aloha!! Mom's FINALLY home!

Boy, did I get an earful last night. About not writing. I guess I deserved it. It's just that I was having such a good time at Auntie C's that I didn't want to stop. Then, when I did stop it's only because I crashed from being so tired from having fun. You know?

Anyway, so Mom gets to Auntie C's about maybe 10:00PM and I hear this knock on the door and Auntie C picks me up and here's this kid. Oh, OK, I figure. No big deal, but isn't it a bit too late to be selling stuff? And then I look past him and here's my MOM with a big old grin on her face. I tell YOU! I was so happy, my tail almost got out of joint from wagging, and I just couldn't wait to get to her. I just about leaped out of Auntie's arms. First, I started to tell Mom off because I was a bit miffed that she left me. But by the time she gave me a kiss I forgot all about being mad and started kissing her all over. I even "widdled" just a bit from the excitement. She says she's lucky to have any skin left on her cheeks after I got through kissing her.

Oh I am so happy she's home. I don't want to let go of her even for a minute. But then I see Uncle Rudy and I run over to him. And then Uncle Jason calls me and I hop into his lap and give him some kisses. And then, Colleen, my Auntie C. And then I find out that the kid isn't selling stuff, and he's my cousin, Cade. So I go and give him all kinds of kisses too.

Cade takes a couple of pictures of me and tells me he loves me. I guess I must be falling for him, too, because when Mom and I leave, I absolutely have to kiss him goodbye. Finally, Uncle Jason puts my car seat into Mom's car and I am so happy I can hardly contain myself. I stand up and look forward, and start leaning into the front of my seat, telling Mom to hurry up and let's go. We are going HOME!!!

Oh yeah...and then I remember to ask her about Hawai'i. But before she finishes telling me about mongooses, volcanoes and rain forests, I fall sound asleep and don't wake up until we turn into our drive way. This is a picture of Mauna Loa with snow on it, she says.

Today, Sunday, I slept in and just didn't even want to get out of bed but the clocks got set forward so it was an hour later and I had to. I gave Mom some more kisses and cuddles. After a bit, though, I kinda started missing my Uncle Rudy and the kids. There's always something going on at their house and it's so quiet at mine. I must have whimpered out loud because next thing, Mom says "Mary-Margaret? Do you want to watch 'Animal Planet'?". I'd forgotten about that. I don't want to disappoint her, but I actually got into basketball this past week. I wonder if I can figure out how to work the remote?

Love and kisses,