Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lt. Chaplain Mary-Margaret O'Brien - SIR!!

On Tuesday, me and Mom had a serve to make on a soldier at Camp Pendleton in the morning. Mom stopped at the guard shack to show her ID. She really didn't need to. I am "military" (The Yorkie Brigade) and am recognized by other soldiers in many places. As Mom was trying to find her ID card in the bottom of her purse, the Naval policeman looked in our car window and said "Is THAT Mary-Margaret?".

Mom was absolutely stunned. She said "OH My God! HOW DO YOU KNOW MARY-MARGARET?", and she mumbled something like "My dog has more acquaintances than I do." I was enjoying the moment so I kept my trap shut, but actually there was a relatively simple explanation. I'll tell you in a second, but...(hee hee hee)....I just sat there with a big grin on my face!! Oh...and gave Kyle (that's his name) a whole lot of kisses. I think all the other policemen were a little jealous.

Then we went to Base Legal and the officer in charge says "Hello, Mary-Margaret!". He remembered ME from our last serve. My mom may retire sooner than she planned and just let ME handle things. I may let her drive, though. I'm sure I'd pass the test but for some STOOPID reason the humans at the DMV won't even let me try!.

(NOTE: Explanation - the Navy policeman was the son-in-law of my Auntie Lynda who calls me "PooPoo LahLah" and who baby-sat me while Colleen and Mom were in Germany! Still..that was what...over 4 years ago??)

I love my life!!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien
Lt. Chaplain
Yorkie Brigade

My VERY Good Friend, Keri!!

This is one of my most favorite BFF's - Keri Stewart - who worked in the office with my Mom for several years while she was going to college and getting her teaching credential. Woo hoo! She's going to be working with us again part time for the summer. I am SOOOOO excited. And she came by to take us both out to lunch. "Steak!"...Yup. We are getting STEAK!!!

Uh bad. Apparently that invitation didn't include poor little ME. Nope. I am everly so disappointed. My heart is absolutely broken in two. I think my face says it all. Keri is trying to console me but it's not working. Humans can be SO cruel.

However, my day turned out ok. Mom only ate HALF her steak and brought the rest back for me. Oh yum. My most favorite supper of all time - chunks of medium rare sirloin and kibble. Am I a lucky pup or what??



Thursday, June 14, 2012

International Association of Canines - Temecula Local 92591

We were standing in the check-out line at Von’s the other day. Crystal, the checker, was telling us that she was going to retire in about seven years and move to Hawaii and that me and Mom could go visit her. Mom lifted an eyebrow and said something like “Really? Mary-Margaret, too?”. Then they started talking about how pups have to be quarantined before they can go to the Islands, which is SO unfair (in my opinion, anyway!).

The lady in line ahead of us turned around and said “Is THAT Mary-Margaret?”. Now you have to understand I don’t have much of a life away from Mom except my regular trips to the Puppy Day Spa otherwise known as Prime Cuts, otherwise known as “Miss Marilyn’s”. Mom just about swallowed her tongue (but recovered nicely) and said “How do you know Mary-Margaret?” The lady introduced herself as Carol and said “From Marilyn’s! I’m Lexi and Gordy’s mom! Marilyn talks about Mary-Margaret all the time!” and the mystery was solved. Lexi and Gordy are a couple of Shih Tzus I hang out with.

Earlier in the day we went to Bank of America and I said “Hi!” to all my friends. Our teller was Maggie May’s mom, Tracy. Maggie May and I both had a play date at Marilyn’s the last time I was there. So Tracy was telling Mom all about it. The other teller, Lisa, won't be at Bank of America much longer since she's getting her certificate as an x-ray technician, but her pup, Einstein or “Einy”, goes to Miss Marilyn’s, too, so I keep in touch.

The man in line behind us at the bank who works for DCH Dodge in town started petting me. He told me he had a pup just like me at home named Eddie. When he goes home Eddie takes him for a long walk. Eddie sounds like a really nice guy and I can’t wait to meet him. I wonder if he takes Eddie to work with him? I should drop him one of Marilyn’s cards so he can join our play group.

Madison is Miss Marilyn’s Yorkette. She has GME but she’s sort of in remission. I’ve known her for a really long time and we are absolutely BEST friends. If you don’t know what GME is you could “Google” it. It’s hereditary, incurable and usually fatal. Madison is very brave and an example to us all about how to deal with life's curve balls.

Carol said her friend, Patrice, takes her kids to Miss Marilyn’s, too. She couldn’t remember the pups’ names but I do. It’s Lizzie and Darcy. We’ve been buddies for ages but our moms didn’t meet until June 17, 2010 when I introduced them. I have a whole lot of friends in this town thanks to Miss Marilyn. (Note: Keeping a diary is essential to remembering dates.)

Good grooming isn’t just to be beautiful. It’s a Social, Educational and Pawlitical opportunity!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Yorkie Times - June 2012

My most favorite newsletter is The Yorkie Times

Notice that I am a regular columnist and have been for well over a year now? Hmmmmmmmm??


Love, Mary-Margaret

Monday, June 04, 2012


I’m the Head of Public Relations and the Receptionist at my job. I’ve been working since I was 9 weeks old. When people come to my office to ask us to do a job it’s my responsibility to greet them, say “Come in, please?”, and introduce myself: “Hello! My name is Mary-Margaret! How may I help you?”.

After I show them where to sit, I go get my mom…er…I mean…My BOSS! (Yeah….well, she’s only my boss at the office but not at home…don’t tell her I said that, though!) She comes out and sits across from our clients and they start telling her what the problem is. If they get a bit upset or start to cry, that’s my signal to give them some loving.

I start out by sort of rubbing up against their leg and they reach down and pet me. If they’re really distressed I might even hop into their lap and flip over on my back. There’s something about a warm pink puppy tummy that gets most folks calmed down pretty well, not to mention I get a belly rub out of it.

By the time they’re done talking to my mom and we get the job all set up, they get ready to leave. That’s my cue to nuzzle up to them and, if they let me, I give them a big wet kiss on the chin. Otherwise, I hop down and walk over to the door. I “arf” good-bye softly a couple of times and do that pirouette thing I learned from Jilli Dog at the last Convention in Nashville.

We have another satisfied customer and another productive day. It’s good to feel needed and useful and appreciated, no matter if you’re a pup or a people. Personally, I think the world would be a better place if more pups worked with their humans. Our office building now has several workers of the canine persuasion. Even our building owner brings her French bulldog, Ozzie, to work with her. (Note: Ozzie was one of the kids I mentored in Puppy School and he’s turned out rather nicely, I must say!)

The Los Angeles Times did an article about Dogs at Work. Maybe this is catching on??

Dogs at Work

Love and schlurps… Mary-Margaret O’Brien

PS - This is also my article in this month's Yorkie Times newsletter. I'll post the link as soon as I have it.