Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A return visitor!

Candy the Morkie came to visit me again today. She just hopped into my back yard and walked right into the house, helped herself to water and then walked over to Mom. "Oh, HI, Candy!", Mom said. "Are you hungry?". So Candy had some supper, too. Then Mom gets out the comb and brush and.....OHHHHH...I am SOOOO jealous. Here's a picture of Candy from the last time she dropped in.

After a bit Mom got into the car with Candy and left ME home. She chauffered Candy home and stuck her back in her back yard. When Candy's dad called about her he was very thankful. Mom says Candy is welcome here any time. I guess that's almost as good as getting a sister, isn't it??

Later Mom got all snuggled in bed maybe about 7:30 or so the phone rang and it was Candy's dad saying that they had come by our house to bring my mom some treats for being so nice. I said "Hello" to them out the window when they were here but I guess Mom thought it was someone delivering more flyers to our front door because she just kept saying "Shush" to me. She absolutely refuses to get her doorbell fixed and even if she does hear someone at the door she usually doesn't answer it unless she's expecting someone. Anyhow, Mom said "thank you" but she'd already gone to bed and really Candy is welcome here any time and no need to for them to bring her anything. Awwww...ain't she sweet?

I don't suppose it even occurred to her that there might be someone else in our house that would appreciate treats?

Your friend...

Miss Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Spring forward, Fall back!

This is why dogs don't wear watches. Too confewbulating.


Monday, March 04, 2013


It's HERE! Hot off the presses! Extra. Extra!! Read all about it.

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