Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday is Fambly Day

Yesterday, my Uncle Michael and Aunt Janet brought my Grandpapa down to MY house, and everybody (except MEEEEE) went out to lunch. I got kisses, cuddles and belly rubs before they left, and Mom told me to answer the phone and take messages. Nobody called, so it wasn't a problem. When they got back, I got some more kisses and cuddles, and then they left, except for Mom, who plopped into her big leather chair and sighed. Sometimes things wear her out more now than they used to. She said they went to the South Coast Winery and that it was VERY VERY good. That's right.....rub salt in the wound, why don't you. And NEXT will take MEEEEEEE! Right? Hmmmmm???

Tonight was just relaxing time. We had dinner and she nestled into her chair and me on the couch, and we watched "Two and a half Men". We're hooked on it now, and absolutely love it. All the re-runs are new to us because we never watched it before a couple of months ago. Pretty interesting characters, and just the funniest script ever.

As I was dozing off, Mom stretched and accidently stuck her foot in my face. Wow...that was unexpected and I shot up like a fireworks display. How DARE she? I got all a-twitter and snapped at her big toe. Hmmmmmph. The rudeness of some people. She apologized over and over but I'm making her suffer. How would SHE like it if someone about 25 times bigger than her stuck a foot into HER face, hmmmmmmmm?

That's all for now. Off to bed. G'night and God bless...

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stress Test & My Client

Here's how it came down. The old lady goes to the hospital and they escort her into a room and tell her to take off all her clothes down to the waist. She looks at the treadmill and goes "Huh???". Then they tell her to put on a gown with the opening to the front and lay on a table. Since the table had no stirrups, she felt safe enough. She does, however, inquire as to why she had to wear comfortable close-toed shoes. Seems there was a communication error between the appointment desk and the doctor. The treadmill isn't even part of the equation here.

Right arm - IV solution; left arm - blood pressure cuff. Tech, and RN and RN's assistant convince her she will NOT have a stroke or a heart attack and that her heart rate is 77. They will bring it up to 132-134 using some solution in the IV

Every 60 seconds they asked how she felt. Going from "Fine", to "I can feel my heart beating in my belly button!" " head feels like an over-ripe canteloupe!", she got through the test just fine. She informed the ladies present that she does NOT like that feeling, and now remembers why she doesn't exercise more.

She's told that her heart is fine, she's at 96% oxygen (whatever THAT means), her blood pressure is fine, and she should go downstairs and get a flu shot.

So much for all the worry. Thanks, everybody, for your support. She's back to her feisty old self now. Lucky me!

Later this afternoon one of my very good clients, Mrs. Lillard, called to see if I was available. Well, you need ask? So she came over to see MEEEEEE, and brought me a whole jar full of "Three Dog Bakery" All-Naturals "Made with Itty Bitty Bones Peanut Butter", oven baked treats for dogs. I tell YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! They are dee-lish! I was beside myself with joy. And if it weren't for Mom and Mrs. L, I would have gobbled down the whole thing. But....I guess....oh, heck...I could stand to lose a few pounds.

So that was my day pretty much. At the moment, I'm relaxing on Mom's desk with my present right next to my left ear, keeping an eye out for anyone who might want to swipe one of my treats. Nope. MINE MINE MINE!!



Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Red-letter day for MEEEEE

Wahooey! The old lady is actually taking dictation again. My heart be still!! I am overwhelmed with joy. (ok ok....a little sarcasm never hurt a pup, did it?)

First off, I put my pressie from Cousin Shadow right about where Mom would have to walk to get to HER office. She got the hint. Wow, can Shadow and Aunt Dee ever wrap a present, huh? Tape tape everywhere. On the package, on the card, on the box (which originally smelled like fudge and drove me everly so crazy!) and finally, on my present.

And here's my BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL card:

Dog, oh dog, what WON'T they think up next? Just what I ALWAYS wanted:

OH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Perfect for taking on long trips for when you run out of gas (pardon the pun). I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it:

Thank you EVERLY so much, Shadow and Auntie Dee. I want to shop where YOU shop!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - I got another post card to add to my collection. Yup. From Abbey Mia and Harper. I sniffed it as soon as Mom told me I had mail, and I just KNEW it was from them. I put my special mark on the card (dental impressions, you know, are unique to the owner?) and now it's on display with my other two post cards. What a lucky pup I am.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Camera and other Crises

To Whom it May Concern:

Re package I am supposed to be opening sent from my Auntie Dee and Cousin Shadow, rest assured I have NOT forgotten. It is sitting right next to my office bed in a half-opened state. My MOTHER IS SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for me not getting it opened. She thinks you all want a video of me doing it. Like...hello? It's MY pressie? But, no. She says she's getting a new battery. For the camera, and probably one for her, too. She needs one. But we wanted to let Auntie Dee know we don't mean to be rude or seem unappreciative. We just don't have a lot of time right now.

Mom's working her buns off, having a nervous breakdown from way to much work (no, she's not complaining yet), and she's having nightmares from the current financial crisis. I should know. She grabs ME at 3 in the morning and sobs on my belly. Which is fine. I just go back to sleep, soggier, but knowing that I provided a useful service. "Tha's m'yob!!"

Anyway...present...probably next week. She has to be at a conference in San Jose this weekend. Yes, I'm going, too. Oh Joy! Just what a puppy needs. Lectures on collecting judgments and how to find assets. Oh well. I'm told there may be Chicken Marsala for lunch. I hear my Aunt Rose just loved it. Even the green beans with almonds.

I'll let you know all about it when we get back.

PS - I do love presents, honestly. Just got another one today from the building owner's pup, Oz, who was my student at Puppy School. He put it into a bag so all I had to do was reach inside. He still says "Yes Ma'am!" when he talks to me. Did I mention he's at least twice my size now? I think I did a good job with him. I really miss teaching, you know.


Miss O'Brien, Puppy School Teacher

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I don't CARE about small dogs!

"I don't CARE about small dogs!", said the old lady as she was getting on the elevator. "Awww! That's too bad. She cares about YOU!", said Mom. The grumpy old lady snorted and told Mom "You are RIDICULOUS!", and hurt Mom's feelings.

Mom just wheeled the microfilm reader down to the car to load it up, muttering "Pathetic old bag!". I told her not to get all fussed up about it. That is the ONLY person in the whole wide world that hasn't been won over by me...yet. Just give me time. That's all....just a little more time. Meanwhile, I gave that old woman with potential for being my most WINNING smile. See?

Love and kisses to everyone!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien