Friday, July 31, 2009

Grandpapa's Shoes

Mom said to tell you that your shoes were shipped out yesterday. There was a note, too. It said "Please note, your order may come in several shipments". Now I'm just a little Yorkette and I don't do a lot of shopping or anything, but does that mean they might actually ship each shoe in a separate box? Humans sure know how to complicate basically simple procedures, huh?

Your Loving GrandPuppy...


Thursday, July 30, 2009


I've been itching and scratching again. Mom took me to see "Dr. Blue Jeans". I gots allergies. Yup. And my "snorfeling" gave me a little ear infection, too. So I got a shot, drops, some Frontline for summer (just in case) an office visit and....I forget. I'm also pretty sleepy right now 'cause of the shot. Oh, and I still get to take the Children's Benedryl. "Dr. Blue Jeans" (Dr. Verreault) says that Aunt Elaine was right. I get 1/2 to 1 teaspoon morning and night. we go to the market and Mom's talking to the checker and she's grousing about the $150.00. The guy behind her says HIS dog went to the doctors for the same thing and it cost HIM about $800.00. Mom quit grousing and shut up. So what if it's our whole grocery allowance and then some, right?

She says I'm worth every penny. That made me feel really special, you know??



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The MEN in My Family

I have to tell you that I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the men in my family. Yesterday I spent the whole day with my GrandPapa. He's such a nice guy. He talks about how old he is all the time (as if I'd forget) and Mom says he's been doing that since she was my age, which is FOUR (almost) in HUMAN years. He's been practicing and he's just about got it down perfect. Mom told him that she'd be his age in only twenty-four more years, so not to make it look too difficult or it might scare her.

When GrandPapa goes someplace I worry about him. He just went inside Bob's Market for a little bit and I was everly so worried that he'd not come back. After my little walk down the block (which is tradition for me) I stood up and kept looking out the window of the car for him to come back.

Later in the evening after supper we went to Uncle Mike and Aunt Janet's house. I get all excited when I see my Uncle Michael. He gives such nice back rubs. Zooey the Cat was there. He doesn't hiss at me like he used to. Now he just rolls his eyeballs and sighs. This morning he was walking around the edge of the bathtub in his parents' room, and he was sort of wet, like maybe he was trying to drink out of the toilet (eeeyeeeewwwww!). Personally, I think he was just experimenting to see what else he can do for fun. Cousin Zooey is an observer and a researcher, just like his Dad.

I really AM worried about Cousin Zooey, though. It's weird for him to be nice to me. I hope he's not sick or anything. I do love him very much.

Now you know about the men in my family. Aunt Janet could tell that I am very impressed by all of them, including Zooey. Mom says Uncle Michael is my male role model. Now what would a little girl Yorkshire Terrier career puppy need with a male role model, I ask you? Humans have such strange ideas about what us pups are really thinking.

Something to ponder....

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, July 26, 2009

In N Out

Yummmmm! Going to work on a Sunday isn't so bad IF your mom says something like "Where would you like to go for lunch, Mary-Margaret?". It didn't take much thought, I tell YOUUUU. My most favorite place in the whole world is "In-N-Out" burgers. Yup.

Mom got a "Double-Double with Cheese" and I got a burger "neat". It was like a celebration, too. I finally stopped itching.

Mom and me took a shower this morning. I got all soaked, soaped, sudsed and sprayed. No fleas at all. Not even ONE. I think maybe I'm allergic to something. Like maybe my stylist tried a new shampoo or something? I'm fine, now.

Full belly, and no itchies. I'm good for a nap, now.

Later, guys.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

So You Want to Be a Part-Time Process Server?

So You Want To Be a Part-Time Process Server?

Anybody that's even thinking about it should read this first.


Mary-Margaret "The Assistant" O'Brien


Mom bought me some Children's Benedryl and is giving me 1/2 teaspoon at night and in the morning, too. We tried to call Aunt Elaine from the medicine aisle of the supermarket but ended up having to leave a message on her voice mail. I hope that's the right amount. I think that's what AbbeyMia gets.

I'd been scratching, wriggling on my back and rubbing up against the furniture. She thought maybe I had allergies. Egads, it's hot and I have been absolutely miserable. Mom was even checking for fleas, as if I'd have any. She'd been poking through my hair even on my butt (like...eeeyeeww?) and she found ONE FLEA. It tried to scurry away but she's fast. She nabbed it, squished it, and drowned it in the sink, and washed it down into the sewer lines.

And then she figured that since she was already there, why not give my lower half a bath with Palmolive dish detergent. Hey...if it's good enough for "Madge the Manicurist", it's good enough for me. Then I got dried off with a clean dish towel. Rub-a-dub dub, she said. (it tickled)

Woo hoo! I feel all refreshed again. And my butt and tail are everly so soft and manageable now, too! :o)

Tomorrow we go see Grandpa. I can't wait. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE him sooooooooooo much. He knows how to treat his GrandPuppy right.


Mary-Margaret "Call me Madge" O'Brien

Friday, July 24, 2009

Allergies and other annoyances

Oh, Dog! What a week. We worked all weekend on billing and then people just kept coming in. Lots of evictions and credit cards debt, but Mom says that's what happens in a bad economy.

I think I'm allergic to something. I started scratching just a little a few days ago and last night was the worst ever. I woke Mom up about 3:30AM and she tried to soothe me but it just wasn't happening. Today, she gave me some children's Benadryl. I feel everly so much better, actually. Must be that time of year.

Day before yesterday our cable box wasn't working and we got no picture - just the TV guide thing. So we took it into Time Warner. I met the nicest ladies. Jan, Lou and...oh gosh. A couple more. Jan gives really good back rubs. Two more boxes didn't work, but Lou said to take one home anyway and it would be fine. Nope. It wasn't. We took it back yesterday morning and Lou said she found out it wasn't our box at all, but the main computer at Time Warner. Well, THAT was a waste of time, except for the back rubs.

Then that night when we started our car there was absolutely NO air conditioning, no fan, nothing. So yesterday we took the car to the repair guy who fiddled with it all day long and then called Mom to tell her that he couldn't figure out the problem and we should take the car to Honda. He thought it might be a blower motor.

We took it first thing this morning. Something about a fan motor thingy like a fuse or transistor or...something. the part = $64.00; The labor = $146.00. Having a cool car in 100+ heat = priceless. Good thing is that it's all fixed. So then we opened the glove compartment everything spilled out on the floor. We took the car back and showed them that maybe they forgot something? Hmmmmmm??? A couple of clips ...(oopsie).....quickly fixed and we're out the door.

Just about everytime we think we have a little money to put in the piggy bank, the Finance Fairy waves her wand and we end up having to spend it on something necessary. You know what I mean? I still have abour $3.62 in my blue piggy bank and I do NOT give loans. It takes a lot of work and dedication to find money in parking lots, on sidewalks, and under pick up windows at drive through restaurants. That's a good place for loose change, if you want to know.

That Benadryl is really hitting me hard. I can barely keep my eyes open and I keep drifting off. Wheeee! This is a new feeling. Good....weird.....zzzzzzzzzznnnooonk!

Snoozingly yours...


Saturday, July 18, 2009

No Date Night for Me!

Me and Hashi had plans tonight. A BBQ up in Mira Loma with Hashi, his parents and a bunch of truckers. I even had my hair done yesterday, with a yellow bow that I've kept in all this time. Oh, my sweet Hashimoomoo (his real name is Hashimoto, but that's my "love name" for him).

Mom said we could go MAYBE. Well, to me, MAYBE sounds more like we'll probably go. And probably means most likely, and so on. Guess what? Hmmmmm???

We did NOT go. Somebody didn't finish balancing her bank statements in time to go to the office and start the billing. Like this is MY fault? Like I should be punished? I haven't had any special time with my sweet Hashimoomoo for almost a whole year and MOM POOPS OUT ON ME.

I am so bummed.


I just KNOW I shall end up an old maid if this keeps up. Really, I shall.

Mary-Margaret O'Hara (as in Scarlett)

PS - Dear Grandpa - Do you like this shoe?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My new friend, Piper!!

Introducing my newest friend, Abbey Mia and Harper's "little" sister, PIPER!! I think she kinda looks like me, a little bit. In case you don't remember who's who, that's AbbeyMia on the left, Harper on the right, and PIPER (formerly known as AVA) in the middle.

How unfortunate that she wasn't adopted until AFTER I left their house. So many things a pup can do when you're in a foursome. Like chasing squirrels and stationing a lookout in four places, or playing bridge...or.....! I wonder if Auntie Elaine will have to get another stroller or if she can squish three Yorkies into the one she has.

Welcome to our world, Miss Piper Leshnower.



PS - That white thingy in front of the couch is a set of steps. Isn't it nice how some people consider that it might be just a bit of an effort for their pups to jump all the way from the floor to the couch? Hmmmmmmm?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

B...b....b...b...BATH TIME!!

Yoicks! I was comfy, cozy and half-asleep when I heard Mom call for me. "Mary-Margaret....Come HEEE-EEERE!!". I could hear the water running in the shower. I'm nobody's fool. Nope. Not THIS puppy. I nestled down further into the pillow.

"Mary-Margaret? Where ARE you?", and I squished my little body down as far as the feathers would let me. Uh oh, I thought when I heard the shower door open and I listened to big old wet feet slapping against the tile floor, coming right toward me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....", I said.

Off comes the collar and I am scooped up, all nekkid and everything. I get hosed down with the movable shower head. Then I get all soaped up and plunked on the little seat in the shower to let the suds soak in. Best I just sit there, I think. It'll be over in a minute. I manage to lower my eyebrows and glare, though. I don't want her to think I'm easy, you know.

After Mom takes HER shower, while she's still all wet, I get rinsed off really good. I watch the dusty water go down the drain. I actually DO feel a lot better and I celebrate by racing, lickety-split, out into the bedroom. Butt in the air, tail held straight up, and my chin on the floor, I dry off first one side and then the other. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Then, while still slightly wet, I hop back onto my feather pillow, all refreshed and in good spirits.

It's really nice to be clean, I think. But my HAIR goes every which way and Mom just laughs. She says I look like Albert Einstein. Whateverrrrr, I say. I feel good and smell even better. I just KNOW I will be making new friends today, and they will be very impressed with me. Yup!

Happiness is a CLEAN puppy!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Shrimp, garlic, onion, lemon juice, butter, and some special kind of pasta that my Aunt Elaine gets at the Farmer's Market in Brighton. I don't know how it tasted, but Mom says it was HEAVENLY!! My nose agrees!


PS (added 7/10/09) - Auntie Elaine sent Mom the recipe and the name of the pasta. It's Pappardelle's Lemon Garlic Linguini. If you click on the Lemon Garlic link under "Flat Pasta", the recipe for "Spicy Creamy Shrimp Over Lemon Garlic Pasta" will pop up. Mom says that Lemon Bars from Wegman's Bakery are everly so deliciious for dessert, too! I have to take her word for it. I wasn't offered any. (pout)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A New York Yorkie!!

Mary-Margaret, Tourist!!

Aunt Elaine and my VERY good friends, Abbey Mia and Harper:


Downtown Rochester:







Friday, July 03, 2009

Friends, Food, Fun!!

First off, you'll get pictures when my mom's camera starts talking to her computer again. But we have a few that the trusty old cell phone had in it, for starters, at least.

You'll see that I claimed MY spot as soon as we got to Aunt Elaine's in Rochester. She has a very comfy lap and gives everly such great back rubs.

Here's me "on the boardwalk" on the shores of Lake Ontario. There's a sandy beach with some guys playing volleyball, a pier, and looking North, some pretty nifty beach houses. All in all, it's pretty much like the ocean except no salt and teensy little waves. I like it.

And here's a picture of the shoreline just before it really started raining hard.

Here's the carousel in the park on the shore. It's a little dark because there were some really big black thunder clouds above us. The carousel was built in 1905 - over ONE HUNDRED years ago:

We'll post more pictures when we can. Mostly I would like to say that it's a five hour drive from our house to Abbey Mia and Harper's place. It goes by fast because everything is so beautiful to look at. There are so many tree covered mountains, and little valleys with post card perfect houses on them, and the roads are the best kept ones ever. Everyone is pretty polite here. No rude honking or making hand signals like they do in California. Life pretty much slows down and it's a really good feeling, you know?

Oh....I forgot to tell you. Another kitty came to visit me today. This one had colors just like mine, too. Just like a "Yorkie-Kitty", I guess. It was wearing a collar and a tag. The word must be out: "Mary-Margaret is here!!"

We'll tell you more about Auntie Elaine's place later, too. One thing Mom says is that her house is one of the "Happiest Places on Earth". Just wait until you see her kitchen. That was MY other favorite place, right up there with her lap.