Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Fluffiality" Googled

Well, I'll be darned. I made up a new word. I even had Mom "Google" it to make sure and the only hit was MY diary. That puts me right up there with Webster himself, I should think.


Mom says I'm already getting too "big for my britches" whatever THAT's supposed to mean. But personally, I think it's everly TOOO kewl. A new word. Me. Little ol' Mary-Margaret O'Brien.

Yup. (hee hee)

Blowing Hollywood kiss to y'all....


Demon Dog No More!

Thanks, Randy, from Mom's Yorkie Group that I get to post on. Check out the eyes? They were practically bright yellow and Randy fixed them for me. Woo Hoo!! I looked like an Exorcist Yorkie before. Don't you love it? I wish my mom would learn how to fix my eyes, too!

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Note my "Paris Hilton" stance? Legs sort of crossed and angled to give me a slimmer look? Hey....I read magazines while Mom's getting her nails done. I learn this stuff. :•)

Fluffiality - Day 2

Of course, my fans come first with me. Never mind I had to endure my hair being brushed and combed instead of being out chasing butterflies. I suffer for you, my adoring friends, my fans! Ahhh....the life of a Professional Puppy.

(teasing, you sillies!)

Love ya,


PS: Mom? How long will I have spots in front of my eyes? Hmmmmmm??

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Fluffiality Factor

The "fluffiality factor" is the way my hair looks depending on when I had a bath, whether or not I got cream rinse, if I had my hair blow dried, etc etc. Today, I think I'm almost a "ten". I mean, WOW!!!

I had a shower this morning. OK...granted I wasn't all that interested at first. I even tried to hide but Mom's on to me. She closes the bedroom door, then the bathroom door, then the closet IN the bathroom door. I'm cornered. Although I have been able to get the closet IN the bathroom door open by repeatedly pawing at it until it widens just a smidgen, and then I wriggle through and hide in the laundry. Oh, but...well, that didn't happen this morning. I was nailed on the spot.

Still....the warm water felt pretty good. I got soaped up twice and cream-rinsed nonse...meaning not at all. Then I got rolled into a nice dry towel and rub-a-dub-three-men-in-a-tubbed until I was pretty dry. Then Mom finished up HER shower.

After she was reasonably dry and had the towel secured around her (like I haven't seen it before, but....?) I got stood up on her vanity chair and she combed me out and blew dried me (blow dried me?) at the same time. Without cream rinse my hair sticks almost straight out from my little body. I look like a silver and grey little powder puff. I got several comments on my "fluffiality", too.

I'm not one of those real silky Yorkettes. I've got hair with attitude. It stands up and makes one take notice.

FYI...If I haven't had a shower for a while my hair gets sort of dull looking and it's weighed down with dunno. I guess bits and pieces of wherever I've been? Anyway, I don't look or smell nearly as fluffy clean as I do after a shower.

Good bye for now...I'm still at the office but it's almost time to go home.

Love ya...

Mary-Margaret "Fluffiality Plus" O'Brien

Thursday, March 29, 2007

WHEEEEEEEE!!! The house is MINE!! PILES of LEAVES. My new friend, the Squirrel. I am sooooo excited I can barely contain myself. Mom's going to get me a really short summer cut so I can roll around my leaf pile all I want.

Now all she has to do is get her license in Pennsylvania, too, and we can get to work. I just love new adventures, don't you? Wheeeeeeeeeee! My Aunt Melissa just loves the "Wheeees" in life, and I do too. Life's a one way ticket - you might as well enjoy the ride.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

"For external use only"

That's what it said on the tube. I know you can't believe everything you read, though.

One of my favorite things to do is rummage through purses. Big, little....tote, hobo...doesn't matter. I used to just find money. Now I look for other things. Tasty little items or little papers just begging to be shredded. Today, I hit the jackpot. A tasty item AND a paper to shred. I was doing just fine until Sonia caught me.

"What IS that, Mary-Margaret?", she wanted to know. Well, dunno. It chomps pretty well, and there's some gooey white stuff inside that tastes weird, but other than that, it's fine (I said). "AAAACK", says Mom. And my squishy little things gets taken away. Something called "NEOSPORIN" cream. Never mind the beginning shreds of note paper. That's gone now, too.

Mom calls the doctor whose new receptionist puts her on hold. Over and over she gets bumped off hold, and they put her right back on. So she finally sends an email to her Yorkie friends asking how to make me "toss my cookies"...throw up, in human language. In case you are wondering, you give a yorkie 1 tsp of hydrogen peroxide, and another tsp ten minutes later. Sounds lovely, huh?

Finally she slams down the phone and calls back. This time the guy tech answers and goes to the doctor, who says the Neosporin people only put that on there to "cover their butts" (or something like that...she wouldn't tell me exactly). Dr. Bach says I'll be just fine and not to worry. I'm not going to pass out or anything, and Mom's not going to worry. Tell me, though, how DO I get this awful TASTE out of my mouth??



Monday, March 26, 2007

Me? Flirting?

That's what Mom says I'm doing.

This is what I do for another love interest of mine. Anthony Zarate. I've known him ever since I was a baby. He is everly so special to me. He has a human girlfriend named "Kitty". Every time I hear her name I do a "double take" and it makes Mom laugh.

Still, I do love him AND Kitty both. They will get married in three years. Anthony is in the Army and Kitty is going to college. I hope I will be invited to the wedding.


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My FRIEND is back!

I really missed him a whole lot. The little grey tabby kitty? I was hoping everly so that he'd come back. Life isn't the same without friends, you know. So I was sitting by the back fence and he peeked over at me. I turned around and stood up on my tippy toes and....gosh! It was like old home week. We visited for quite some time until Mom called me in for supper. Even then it was hard to say goodbye.

After I finished up my dinner, I went back out for a bit. My friend was already gone. Maybe his mom called him in for supper, too. Still, I hoped. I waited at the bottom of the daisy bush hill just in case he could play some more, but nope. Not to be.

It's true what they say. You just don't appreciate your friends until they're gone.

Good night everyone. Pleasant dreams.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Yeah? And I'm going to take the day off. Yup! I am. I've been working way to hard for too little pay for everly so long and Mom wants to read her new James Patterson book.

We worked a little bit this morning by meeting up with this guy so we could notarize his signature. But now we're home and it's so nice to be here. We finished our billing yesterday and, even though there's stuff to do at the office, I talked Mom into taking it easy for a change.

Soooo....Happy Sunday and enjoy your day.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Yesterday me and Mom were out delivering a paper to someone when we saw this really cute pup on the end of a leash, just smiling like crazy, and wanting so much to show his human something nice. The human was an old man who kept yanking the leash really hard so that the poor pup would stop pulling. Then he swatted the pup, who only wanted to share. Not one nice word came out of that human's mouth. Nothing. And the poor pup, all he wanted to do was to make his human happy .

Mom just looked at me and we both said to each other with our eyes, "How sad!". Well, you know it really IS sad that humans forget that us pups have feelings, too. Maybe if we go there again today I'll see the pup and I can say "Hey...hang in there!". I just feel everly so sorry for him. I'm a lucky pup, but there sure are a lot of pups who would just give anything for a human to love. Really!

Hey...if you aren't really busy or anything, why not go by your local pet shelter and either adopt a pup or maybe donate some money or blankets to help take care of them? Hmmmm??

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, March 23, 2007

Work Work WORK!

That's all anyone seems to do. About 4:30 today Mom started yawning over and over, so much that Sonia told her to go home before she fell asleep. Sonia's really good about looking after Mom. I say the same thing to Mom and I just get my ears scratched. Which is't a bad thing, either, but I wish she'd pay more attention to what I'm saying. I DO have thoughts and feelings, too, you know.

Which brings me to another subject. That thing about poisoned pet foods. What numbskull lamebrained IDIOT would put rat poison in their wheat? And then SELL it to the pet food people? Well, what did those Chinese people THINK would happen, hmmmmm? Rat poison = dead rats, so if us pups eat it, then you get dead pups. Right?

I'm glad my mom doesn't listen to some of her friends who tease her about cooking for me. Yes, well, sort of. She buys fresh roast chicken, peels the skin off, chops it in little pieces and tosses in some kibbles. Then she adds a little hot water and mixes it all up. I tell YOUUUUU! It's absolutely heavenly. Mmmmmmm....I get hungry just thinking about it.

I think I'm going to remind her it's my suppertime. I just wanted her to type my blog for me but I've said enough. It's time for my dinner.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No singing for Fat Chihuahua!!

I think we're getting the house after all. So it ain't over yet. My mom's pretty determined, and she is working with people who are very professional and very determined, too. Now she is, anyway. Soooooo....I just hope my pile of leaves is still out back for me.

We've been pretty focused on this house thing and Mom's just too exhausted to type much. Even last night she was so sad I didn't DARE ask her to help me with my blog. And when Grandma called, Mom told her she was too depressed to talk.

But you know what? Ohhhhh...I didn't tell you!! I lost my St. Francis of Assisi medallion last Saturday? I thought maybe on the plane or in Pennsylvania, even. And we looked just everywhere for it. This morning when I woke Mom up? Eastern time when it was still dark out? When she put her hand down on top of our comforter it was RIGHT THERE! Right smack under her hand. Ever since then things have gotten everly so much better. I was praying to St. Francis for some help and he gave it to us. Don't ever under-estimate the power of a Yorkie on a mission and a Saint. We rock!!

Way to go, St. Francis. And, like Mom says, "Yorkie prayers are Angel's wishes!"

Love, Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Jet Lag"??

Yesterday I woke up at 5:00AM, which would be 8:00AM Eastern time. was dark out but my body clock said "Time to go OUT!". I listen to my body clock. So I hopped up on Mom, who was in a deeeeeep sleep and snoring ever so daintily. She mumbled something like "Oof...go back to sleep" at me. But NOPE! Don't theeeenk so! It's TIME to go OUT!

I jumped up and down on her a few times, then I started licking her chin, nose, eyeballs.....oh yeah. That did it. "Mmmmmf....ugh....ok ok ok, Mary-Margaret", she says. She grabs her robe and we go downstairs. The slider opens and I hippity-hop out the door. "Wheeeeee", I say.'s still dark and cold and the grass is all dewy. A few laps around the back yard and I take care of business, race back into the house, whip up the stairs and jump back under the covers. Back to sleep for MEEEE!

Meanwhile, Mom is fussing about with the coffeepot. The coffee starts dripping and I figure that's it for her. Not so! A couple of minutes later, despite the overwhelming smell of freshly ground Starbuck's "House Blend", she scoots down under the covers with me and we snooze for a couple more hours.

This time when we wake up it's about 7:15AM. I can tell time because of the digital clock on the dresser. I'm not so good at the dial kind. Anyway....she stares at me for a minute or so, then starts to laugh. "Hah", she says. "You've got JET LAG!!".

[.....and your point is? ]

Love, Mary-Margaret

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Photos from Mom's Cell Phone

Double-click on the photos to make them bigger, if you want!

The fact that my mom can drive in a snowstorm AND take pictures with her cell phone while a giant truck is bearing down on her amazes me. You can see it in her side mirror getting closer and closer. You know, the speed limit on a clear dry day is maybe 55, but even yesterday when it was nice out, these Pennsylvania Truck Drivers would pass Mom going maybe 80. Then snow and road water covers our windshield and we can't even SEEEE!! PTD's are NOT nice, generally speaking, from my limited experience.
I would have gladly helped if I knew how to use the camera feature.
I tell YOUUUU...this was ONE scary day.


WE Am home. Every inch of Mom's body is screaming in pain. First Class check in and Express check in are non-existant at airport due to computer glitches and people still left over from Friday's flight cancellations. Thank goodness we got there at 1:00PM (early for a 5:55 flight). Lines of every type of passenger and one small dog (MEEEE!!!) snaking throughout the main check in lobby. Nobody will answer questions. Bottom line (in that fiasco) is that we stood in line for over three hours to get halfway through the line and took a break to run outside to luggage check in only to find that we could check in THERE (no line, by the way). Flight delayed two hours, and arrived home about 11:30PM.

The plus side? I have become the unofficial Good Will Ambassador of the Philadelphia International Airport. Not to brag or anything, but I de-stressed so many people from all over the world, including babies and small children. Amazing what a puppy kiss will do, isn't it? I was friendly and very professional the whole eight hours we spent there, never once complaining. There are several grown men who plan on going back to the wives and asking to get a Yorkshire Terrier. I was very selective in who got kissed, though. After six hours in the airport, I could pretty much guess what that person had for dinner by the way they smelled. People who had chicken for dinner were fussed over the most....naturally, oui?? Oh yeah...LOL...the lines were so long that people started calling for pizza delivery from their cell phones.

I didn't piddle from about 8:00AM (Pennsylvania time) until we arrived home. As soon as I found a patch of weeds in the middle of downtown San Diego I let loose, though. I slept on the plane almost the whole time, and still managed to charm the elderly gentleman next to Mom who wasn't crazy about dogs. His first comment was "She stinks!". Hmmph! When we parted ways, he said goodbye to me and told me how nice it was to meet me. He even shook my paw. I have to admit, though, by the time Mom lifted me out of my carrier, I was pretty ripe with doggie sweat!

All the way home, I kept thinking about how the forces that be seem to be against us. I'm not going to worry about a thing. What happens happens! Lake Wynonah is a beautiful place, and I everly so hope to be there someday.

Love and kisses,

Friday, March 16, 2007

When the Fat Chihuahua sings!

Snowy Roads can be dangerous.
OK...catch this. Second day of settlement: Mom's loan people said they weren't on the lender's "approved list". Of course, everyone at the title company lifted their eyebrows at this. So the lender's broker's agent was working hard all afternoon to fix that little problem. And we waited and waited. We're told it's fixed, ain't over until the fat chihuahua sings (or something like that). The Sellers begrudgingly gave us a few extra days, but if we're not done by next Wednesday, no house for us.
Schuylkill Haven in Spring?

We didn't leave the Title company until waaaay after 3:00 in the middle of that blinding snowstorm, AND Mom prayed all the way down the mountain that she wouldn't slide into a gully or a river. I was praying, too. She was lucky enough to get behind a roto rooter van and she drove in it's tire tracks. We slid only one time and ohmygawsh...that is SOOO scary. There were cars stuck in snowbanks, and police cars all over, and the people going UP the mountain weren't moving at all. And there were big trucks stuck everywhere. Mom could hardly see out her windshield there was so much snow and ice. Lucky for her she had her handicapped placard to use as a snow scraper. It does seem rather useful that way, I guess.
Lake Wynonah all frozen.

I did get to see my NEW doctor who wants me to call her "Doctor Mickey". I absolutely LOVE her. AND....ta daaa....I am actually only EIGHT POINT ZERO pounds after last night's Tomorrow we hope we'll be able to get back to Philadelphia and fly home without any surprises. Mom and I both think we've had enough surprises to last a long, long time.

PS: (hee hee) I went oh-you-tee and made "yellow snow" for the first time ever in my whole life. That was fun but, were MY feet cold. Mom picked me up and stuffed me into her big furry coat. And then we ordered fresh grilled (no seasoning, no nothing) chicken breast for my dinner, and it was absolutely PERFECT, except I do NOT eat potato chips. Uh--uh! Nope.

Hope you're all having good weather, good food and good fortune. Personally, I'd settle for two out of three at this point.

Love and kisses....


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One of my FAVORITE Things!!

Hi. It's MEEE...Mary-Margaret. Do you know that we flew out of San Diego yesterday and got to Philadelphia when it was still dark? AND I slept the whole way. And Mom was like a zombie. But she rented a car and went on a couple of "adventures" (pssst...that's what she calls it when she gets lost) so we got to explore some of the country side. We're staying down the road from "Port Clinton", a really cute little town on the Little Schuylkill River. And we had Dunkin' Donuts in Allentown for Breakfast (except that was East insted of West where we should have been).

Today we did our walk-through. Mom absolutely loves the house and so do I. Everything has gone so smoothly including the loan that SOMETHING had to make Mom a bit sad. My house only has THREE bedrooms, not four like the listing said. So Mom told her agent ..."Oh, hello? I bought a four bedroom house?", and showed her the listing AND the MLS sheet and they both said FOUR and even gave the dim...dim....dimENshuns (how big) all four of them were. Except there are THREE. So Mom's thinking about it for tonight. And we already knew the driveway was REEEEAAALLLY steep so that was ok, but now she says her "calves" hurt. She's just outta shape, in MY opinion.

You all will understand the next thing but I bet your Moms say "Eeeyeewww!". I went into the back yard and there was this pile of wet, moldy leaves. Oh, they smelled SOOOO bee-yoo-ti-ful!! So I sorta inched over that way and when no one was looking, I burrowed under them like a gopher, and then I rolled ...over and over and over. MMMMMMMM.....was THAT fun or what?? When Mom and her agent and the handyman looked over they started laughing. And then Mom said "OK, Mary-Margaret! Now SHAKE!". So I did, but I sure was beautiful smelling and looking for a while, with all those leaves on me.

Back to the house....! We spent the whole afternoon driving around the community. It's so quiet and peaceful and we could even hear ourselves breathe. And it was maybe 55-60 out - not like the 92 degrees we left yesterday. And there was still some snow on the hills, and it started to rain. I like rain.

We had Wendy's drive through for supper. I got a grilled chicken breast cut into tiny pieces, washed in hot water, with some kibbles mixed in. YUM. Mom got a double cheese burger, yogurt and milk. Yum. We didn't have lunch so she figured the calories were ok.

I miss you all and love you. Mom's not all that creative today. She blames it on "jet lag".

Love and kisses....Mary-Margaret

PS - I never meet any other Mary-Margarets and yesterday I met TWO. What a day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The importance of pre-natal care!

Not me...I am NOT having kids, but OHMYGAWSH!! Today I went for my health certificate so I could fly? And a little Maltese was in hard labor when she was brought in with a puppy foot sticking out of her but no more would come out. Dr. Bach took xrays and the momma's hip was broken and ..oh, things were a mess. The pup was really big and it turned out the momma had been pregnant for TWO AND ONE HALF MONTHS. So Dr. Bach did a Caesarian, and my mom just called to find out how they were.

GOOD NEWS!! Both the mom and the little BOY are just fine and already have gone home. YAYYYY for Dr. Bach. Still, could anyone let their furbaby go like 2 weeks over due? If it was a human, it would 1/2 months. Like a 2 month old baby.

Just wanted to share. I made friends today. Trina got her "little surgery" this morning(a Shih Tzu), and I played with the cat, too. Oh yeah...and I got weighed. And I ...(ahem) 8.2 pounds. I SWEAR....I do NOT snack between meals.

OH OH OH...and my loose tooth? Well, it was still in there wigglin' away, so Dr. Bach yanked it out and I wanted to take it home for the tooth fairy. Except when she took it back into the techs to put into a baggie, it got set on the counter and ...whoosh! Just disappeared. A bunch of people were hunting all over for it but it was kinda small and it probably stuck in the treads of somebody's sneaker or something. Darn! That tooth was worth a dollar, too. Do you think maybe I'll get a dollar anyway? Like maybe the tooth fairy KNOWS that it came out? Hmmmm?

Love and kisses -

Mary-Margaret "Flyin'" O'Brien

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Not posting in my blog is only one of my problems. Mom's been so busy lately I don't even bother going to the door and saying "arf?" to go out. I walk over to her, stand up like a big girl and say "Wrrr??" and "Ouuuuw?". If that doesn't work, I start pawing her tummy. She goes "Ouch, stop that, Mary-Margaret!", but I tell you, I am sick and tired of this stuff.

She says things will get back to normal after next week. Our new house is supposed to settle on Thursday. Mom says things have gone way to smoothly and she's a bit concerned with how easy it's been. She thinks. So far! I'll update you later.

We're taking the computer so I should be able to dictate from our hotel room. I hope.

To all of you who have been griping about my lack of blog, please accept my sincere apologies. It's NOT MY FAULT!



Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Monday with Miss Cathleen

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While Mom was waiting for her toe to dry yesterday, I decided to kick back and get comfy. In case you haven't noticed, Mom's pretty well upholstered. Miss Cathleen is as bad as Mom is with the camera, and next thing you know...KABLOOEY! Lucky for them I was having a decent hair day, considering my earlier outing.

Speaking of hair, have you ever noticed how it looks just absolutely perfect the day before you go to the beauty shop? Well, MEEEEE toooo!. I'm not sure if it was my fragrance or my looks, but I got a bath this morning. Even Miss Marilyn at the bank commented on my newly acquired "fluffiality".

Sniffing is really getting everly so fascinating. I spend a lot of time with my nose to the ground these days. Yesterday I absolutely INSISTED on sniffing and resniffing this one spot. It was so curiously odiferous I decided to roll in it, too. One of the office ladies told Mom that usually us pups roll in the plants if there's something dead in them. Sure didn't smell like "dead" to me. I felt everly so attractive afterwards, too. Unfortunately for me, not everyone in my household shares my taste in perfume.

Dirk came by to visit me today. I missed him by minutes. I really think we have something going here. If only he'd gotten a whiff of me after my "sniff 'n roll" yesterday. I would have been irresistable.

I'll keep you posted.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Cat Catching #101

First off....race outside and circle the yard, barking like crazy. They all hide. Then, let them think you've gone back inside. Sidle up to the back fence and sit really still, so like you blend into the wall. Don't even move a muscle if Mom calls you. Ignore Mom when she tells you to come in. Most important...DON'T MOVE!!

Next...the cats will look over the fence and see if you're there. They don't see you because you look like part of the wall. They venture over...and KABLOOEY!! The chase is on. OHhhhhh....I can't TELL you how much fun this is. You absolutely have to try it.

Tonight, I sat there for maybe a whole half hour and Mom came outside in her fuzzy socks to get me. I let her come about 2 feet away....I held really still, then WHOOOOSH! I race away. Finally, she says very seriously. "Mary-Margaret, that's ENOUGH!!". So....that's ok. I had my fun. I run a couple of circles around her and then WHOOOSH through my doggie door.

Over and out.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Oh, what a BEE-YOO-TI-FUL Daaaaay!

It's warm and sunny with a pretty strong breeze. Brings all kinds of smells to me. I like to sit in the back yard and just sniff. Ahhhhhhhh. It's probably maybe 70 or more degrees out. Very good for sunbathing by the back fence.

This week Sonia's been gone except for last Tuesday. I really REALLY miss her and the way she says "Hello, Mary-Margaret!" when I get to work. I know Mom misses her, too. But she doesn't want her to come back to a whole pile of stuff to do so she is working hard at keeping things caught up. I don't mind in the least. I get to visit people and make new friends for more hours in the day. Yesterday we had already left and just made a quickie stop someplace and when we came out, there were people at the door again. How cool is that, I ask you? So I got to have a play date with Anya while her mom and my mom did some business.

Oh also I met a pup named "Dirk". We had a couple of long sniff & smell sessions. His mom was so funny. First off, she said his real name is "Winston Dirk" but he goes by Dirk. He's a German something - probably what you'd call a middle sized dog, white and black like a Border Collie only with a broken coat, and the most GORGEOUS blue eyes I've ever seen. His mom was talking for him. Said stuff like "Mmmm....and she gets manicures and pedicures and gets her hair done...." when he was sniffing me. He really checked me out, and I even rolled on my back for him to be polite, so he wouldn't miss anything. He even came back later in the day just to say "Hello Goodbye" to me.

Today we're catching up on house chores. Maybe doing some running around later, but I'm not sure yet. Depends on Mom, I guess. She has two books she's been trying to read for the longest time. Maybe I'll help her do that. I'm good at helping her relax, you know.

Have a great weekend.

Love, Mary-Margaret