Friday, May 04, 2012

Lake Wynonah, PA - May 5, 2012

This is where we come to decompress. Tonight we had the mother of all thunderstorms. Woo hoo. It was a biggie. I jumped into Mom's arms and spent the early part of the evening on the kitchen table. I felt safe up there next to Mom's purse and the salt and pepper shakers. Our power went on and off and it sounded a lot like being on a movie lot where they take the sheets of tin and rattle them to make thunder. Sometimes it would crack really loud like a gunshot right next to our ears. I'm not afraid, though. Nope. Not me. A little thunder never hurt anyone.

Earlier today I got a shower in the big people's tub. Next time, I'm told, I will get a bath in the sink. Well, I can't help it if my nails are a little scratchy on someone's sensitive stomach, can I?

We're coming home tomorrow.
Isn't it just absolutely everly so beautiful?? Love, Mary-Margaret

"End of Vacation" Blues

Why is it that the last day of vacation seems like you just got there? So much to do...this is NOT fair. We fly home tomorrow. Arf-arf-double hockey sticks and phooey!!


PS: (growl) and now I have to have a BATH!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

So weird - no critters!!

Don't know where they all went. I got here and said "Hello! I'm baaaa-aaack!" and not one chipmunk, squirrel, groundhog, fox, mouse or bear came by to see me. Not one. Matt says there are a lot of deer this year, but I haven't seen any yet. Mostly it's been sleep...get up...go "owt" up from going "owt"...move to living from the move....go back to the kitchen....take morning nap. Pretty silly when a pup has to rest up from sleeping, huh? That's how it is on vacation. Love ya... Mary-Margaret

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

East vs West

West Coast - regular gas (when we left) was down to $4.29 a gallon. East Coast - regular is between $3.71 and $3.75. West Coast - 12 oz of Philadelphia whipped cream cheese was $4.99 a carton. East coast - 12 oz is $3.65. Something's wrong with this picture, dontcha think?? Love and kisses... Mary-Margaret

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Good Moen...Good Moen!!

Mom had to take a bath in our kitchen sink yesterday AND wash her hair there, too. We had NO hot water in either bath/shower. Nope! Icy cold. Finally, she gave up fiddling with the faucets and called "Manny the Plumber" who is really Quality Plumbing Solutions, LLC out of Leesport, PA. This happened once before when we were renting out our house to the Weegars and they highly recommended them.
What it was is something called a cartridge that has a flapper so when someone flushes a toilet or turns on another faucet somewhere the person in the shower doesn't get all scalded and red-looking. When the plumber said the word "Moen", Mom knew who to call. They have a life-time guarantee on all their parts. Good thing, too. That little cartridge costs $67.25. Not cheap but totally necessary. Moen is sending us the parts and they'll be here by Thursday.

Manny's brother George the Plumber fixed one of the tub/showers on the guest side of the house, and he'll come back on Friday and fix the one in our bathroom. He only had one cartridge with him and he was having problems getting the faucet off ours.

We sure love our house in the woods. It's so peaceful but it sure is expensive fixing all this stuff. If it's not one thing it's another. Still....gas here is average $3.85 a gallon, and we even saw one place that was having a sale at only $3.79 a gallon. And our cream cheese (8 oz) was $2.65, maybe a dollar or more less than it is in California.

Oh...and I found my rawhide chewy. YUM! Been playing with that for a couple of days now.

Love, Mary-Margaret

PS - Mom says I'm making her crazy just because I try to get comfortable at night and I keep digging at the sheets hoping to make the most everly perfect nest to settle into. Sheesh. Last night about 4:00AM...I guess that would make it this morning?....I even got yelled at. "You STOP that, Mary-Margaret!".....uh....sure, Mom. Whatever. And you don't fluff your pillow and squiggle down under the covers to get comfy? Hmmmmm? PPS - Ouch! Just got an estimate of our final bill. In my next life I want to be a plumber.