Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mundane Monday!?

You'd think people would be taking time off during the Christmas-New Year's week, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nope. We're as busy as ever. My job is to meet and greet clients all day long. I walk over to the door and say "Wuff...wuff...wrrrrrf?" (means "Hello, I'm Mary-Margaret. How may I help you?)

Debbie-across-the-hall had clients with kids, so naturally I greeted them, too. Debbie has a toy box that comes out when her clients bring children and I do EVERLY so love to see what's inside. I'm very polite, and I don't grab or growl. I wait until the kids come to me and then I kiss their hands. That gives me an idea of what they had for lunch, and if there are any left overs in their pockets that I might be interested in.

Later on, my very good friend Jami came in with her dad. We sniffed and played for a bit before she had to hit the road again.

Lots of phone calls, people, mail....everything. I hope it's this busy today. Oh, and I hope Jennifer is feeling better. She came in yesterday with that head cold that's been going around. Mom suggested she go home about noon and get better. It's no fun to work when you're sick...not that I ever have to, but still....I wouldn't like to if I was.

Have a great week. And Happy New Year if I don't talk to you before Thursday.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Over the Freeway and through the Roads...

....to Grandpapa's house we gooooooo!!

Yup. Today we took my Grandpa his pressie and we went to lunch, and up to the Palisades where my mom grew up, and drove around. Oh Gosh! It was such a bee-yoo-tee-full day. I saw the whole Pacific ocean, and the sail boats and the big tankers. I bet I could see ALL THE WAY TO RUSSIA. (Just kidding, Ms. Palin!) I tell you, I really could see all the way to CATALINA, though.

Here's a picture of my Grandpa in his new sweater vest from MEEE (and Mom), and his new shirt from Greg (for his birthday). He sure looks handsome, doesn't he?

I think Mom surprised herself that she remembered how to get around in them thar parts. She just shut her brain off and let automatic pilot take over, and she was fine.

Love and Happy End of the Year...


Friday, December 26, 2008

Uncle Rudy's House

Christmas Day - We went to Uncle Rudy's house for dinner. Auntie C made a roast, with all kinds of goodies. And before that there was a "crood-it-ay" platter with veggies and dip, and crackers and cheese. Mom was getting light headed from hunger. The traffic was pretty jammed up and about half-way into the drive when, technically we should have already been at Uncle Rudy's, we weren't even close. Mom was grumbling about wishing she'd made a sandwich to take with her. Next time.....?

Anyhow...we passed out pressies and opened ours. I got my absolutely everly most favorite PINK hoodie with a drawstring waist. OK OK...yeah, I know....but when it's pulled in tight I LOOK like I have a waist.

Me and Uncle Rudy spent some good quality time just hangin' and nappin' and enjoying each other's company.

Oh, I do soooooooo love Christmas.



PS - Tonight we celebrated with an intimate dinner for two. No candles, but we had filet mignon. I LOVE filet mignon. I had seconds, thirds, AND fourths. YUMMY!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Favorite Things - Christmas 2008

1) Waking up and being surprised. I smell Cinnamon rolls in the oven. Yum! I love Cinnamon rolls.

2) Opening pressies - My Auntie Leslie sent me a DVD of "Puppy Love" (thank you..thank you!!). Most of our DVDs are for me, except one werewolf one, and I think that's for me too, but Mom covers my eyes. Why she got it? Our favorite waiter at the Enterprise Fish House stars in it. He's a really good waiter and a very good werewolf, too. His name is "Michael Dionne" and the movie is called "Werewolf - The Devil's Hound". See why I like the movie?

3) Ahhhhhhhh! Nothing like sitting in front of the little fan-heater we have in our home office. I get as close as I can without frying my whiskers, and just let the warm breeze waft over me. This is heaven.

Yup. I had a really great Christmas. I hope you all have one, too!



Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Interview with God!

Me and God....we talk together all the time. God....Dog....one of these days people will figure it out. Us pups are just a reflection of the good Lord, and we act as his messengers on a regular basis. That's our job, you know. Anyway....somebody must have figured it out because we got sent this rather insightful video (we don't know who made it but they are to be congratulated!!) and we want to share it with you.

Please click on the link Interview with God and take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy. This is how God and me, Mary-Margaret, talk when we get together. Maybe if humans did the same thing a lot more understanding and love would fix some of the troubles you guys have?

Love and peace be with you...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holly Days!!

We really DO wish you all a Happy Holiday season.

To the folks who sent us cards, we got them and we love them. To those who didn't send cards, we think that's fine, too. We have FOUR boxes sitting on our desk and no time to address them. Too bad they don't make "After-Christmas Cards" for people who are....shall we say...."chronologically challenged"...to send in response to people who are organized and thoughtful enough to actually sit down and write them out.

Our hearts are in the right places but the Good Lord only gave us four paws, two hands and twenty-four hours a day. We love each and every one of you. Your pictures are fabulous. Your poems and your cyber-cards are touching. We thank you for your friendship and your love.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all.......

Love, hugs and may your stockings be filled with duck jerky and yummy treats!!

Mary-Margaret O'Brien

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter is HERE!

Finally I get to wear my winter clothes. My sweaters, my Christmas t-shirts. Today I wore my black and white hound's tooth coat with the red quilted lining. Lots of people said I looked really nice, too. Very professional. Yup.

It's been everly so busy lately. Today I got so many belly rubs in exchange for making people smile. Amazing how little it takes to make some folks happy. They come in all determined and sometimes mad or sad because they have to take someone to court. It's my job to take the stress away and I'm very good at that.

One couple came in with a baby that was old enough to stand but not old enough to make words. His name was Jesus (pronounced Hay-Seuss) and we just played and played. I tried to take him to see my toy box, too. I was pretty excited about him being there but Mom asked Jennifer to babysit me for a while because she was afraid I might accidently poke him with one of my teeth. Hey. I'm very careful with people puppies. I even asked Mom if we could keep him, please? His mom and dad just laughed and said "No, that's ok!". Too bad. I would've like to have a boy of my own.

Tonight, just for fun, I ran out into the rain and told all my cat friends that I was home and going to bed pretty soon. I wasn't wearing ANY clothes at all, and I got wet and cold and raced around a couple of times. Then I ran in the house, up the stairs and hopped onto the bed. (hehehehehe) That's a good place to dry off if your mom doesn't catch you. "Wet feet!!!", she squeals and I hop right off. My kennel is lined with a sherpa pad, so I don't mind. I'm there now dictating to my secretary. The point is to get most of the water off your feet BEFORE you hop into your kennel so you'll be toasty and dry.

That's all for now.

Love ya...


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Maybe snow for Temecula??!

Mom says the weather forecast for Temecula says "Rain showers this evening changing to mixed rain and snow overnight. Low 38F." Snow? It's happened before, but usually not enough to stick to anything except my sweater.

My very good friend, MaryElizabeth, from the Yorkshire Terrier National Rescue, sent us this really pretty e-card for Christmas. Click on the link and follow all of the directions. We think you'll like it, too. It was made by the folks at Ashland University in Tennessee.

Silent Night

Only ELEVEN more days until SANTA gets here. Woo hoo!! I guess we'd better get our packages mailed, huh??



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Licenses, Registrations and Bonds (Oh, MY!)

If you're a Private Investigator in the State of California, you absolutely MUST be licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). Some of the things that require a license are skip tracing, providing reports on the habits, where-a-bouts, assets and other personal stuff about another person, including "cheating spouses". If someone is advertising that they are a Private Investigator, or that they perform any of the services that require a license, then they also have to list their Private Investigator license number. Anybody can write their own reviews and make it seem like they're really "great", "fantastic", "wonderful", (blah blah blah) at what they do. Before you give them any money, check them out at Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

Also, professional Process Servers in the State of California have to be Registered in the county where they work from primarily. The County Clerk is the place to check to make sure your Process Server is properly registered. Registrations have to be renewed either on or before the date they're due. If that doesn't happen, the Process Server has to start all over again with the bond and registration (etc), AND if they pass the Department of Justice and FBI checks, they'll get a new number. There isn't any place to check them on-line, so call either the County Clerk's office or the Sheriff-Court Services in the county you are concerned about. Or make them show you a valid, current PERMANENT identification card.

You'll also want to check out any Contractors, Accountants, and Attorneys, too.

Take care and be aware! It's a crazy world out there. If you want to send me an email, get our license numbers, or look at my website, go to RASCAL. We're here to help you.


Mary-Margaret "Watch Dog" O'Brien

PS (again) - Go to Mary-Margaret's Diary if you want to read more about my life.
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Temecula Process Server, Murrieta Process Server

Did I mention that we serve process in Temecula and Murrieta?? Yup. And we do private investigations, too. We've had this business since 1977, way before I was born. And why, you ask, am I writing this in MY diary? Hmmmmmmm?

The reason is....(ahem!!)...I WORK here and I've been working since I was nine weeks old. Mom's doing an experiment with internet search engines, and she wanted to see how many hits MY DIARY would get if the right words were put in. You know....whatever gets picked up by those "space spiders". Huh? Oh...sorry! Mom says they're called "web crawlers".

So many people who are out of work during this "depression" are setting up shop as process servers, and working out of their car or a mail drop because they THINK it's pretty easy and makes a lot of money. Oh Dog, if you only knew what's really involved and how much responsibility a really good process server has to their clients, you'd think twice before doing this.

Just the other day we served a paper for one of our Arizona clients and me and Rocco (a miniature pinscher) really got into a barking match. I tell YOUUUUU...he was no gentleman. His dad picked him up and apologized to MEEEEEEEEEEEEE for Rocco's behavior. The nerve, I say. And Rocco was only half my size, too.

You can tell from the process you serve what the economy is like. Last month, lots of people filed small claims papers and paid by credit card. This month, they're being very careful with their money so we try to work with them, and maybe they won't have to spend so much with us as they do with the folks who have their office on the internet only, and not in a real office building. A bunch of clients told us they don't like delivering their papers to the "server" without meeting them, and they don't want to meet them in a parking lot or a street corner.

A couple of days ago we got a job from a couple who used one of these process servers. They gave him their money and now he won't call them back or even tell them if their papers were served or not. So they have to pay again to have someone else serve it.

I sure hope the country gets better really soon. This is very sad for people AND for pups. Some families are losing their homes and they have to put their pup up for adoption because they don't have any place for him. That's really a bummer, dontcha think?

We are here to SERVE you! (hee hee...couldn't resist that one!)

If you need anybody found so you can have them served, or if you want us to serve someone for you anywhere, locally or nationally, just click on the link at the top of this page and you'll go right to our business page with all the necessary infomation. If we think someone else could do the job better, we'll tell you and even give you some phone numbers to call. Yup! We will!



PS (again) - Go to Mary-Margaret's Diary if you want to read more about my life. MMOB
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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

"Have you seen my glasses?"

My mom put her glasses someplace and she can't remember where. She keeps looking all over the usual places, but nope! They're not there. Then she starts all over again...the bathroom, the car, the bedroom. Even in MY private places which is where she sometimes finds things, but to be honest? I'm not into glasses! Shoes, dirty laundry....that's my thing!

She went to work all day yesterday without them. Now that she has two sorta good eyes, she uses one for far away and the other for close (but not REAL close). All day long she looked like she was winking at her clients.

This morning, like maybe they'll magically appear, she starts hunting all over again. Right while I'm watching "Good Morning America" she interrupts me and says, "Have YOU seen my glasses?". As if..........???

BTW....GMA had a really hairy brownish kid and a bald kid that only had blonde hair on it's head playing together and even kissing. I thought that seemed pretty normal until "The Momster" pointed out to me that the hairy kid was actually an orangutan. You learn something new every day on GMA. Kids of all species always play well together when they're little. It's the grown ups who teach us not to get along.

Philosophically yours....


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Every year about this time, Santa comes by the house and leaves something nice for me. Unless I tell him exactly what I want, he has to guess. This year I wasn't taking ANY chances. When I talked to my Uncle Rudy about my plans he wanted to come to PETCO, too. That's where Santa was going to be so us pups could give him our Christmas lists. I loaned Rudy my Santa hat from a couple of years ago, put on my new poinsettia collar and "Santa's Little Helper" t-shirt on and off we went.

When we got there we found a sign saying "Santa's feeding his reindeer!". We waited and waited, and pretty soon another kid, "Max" (a small beige and white short haired terrier), got in line. We all got to sniffing each other's butts and playing a little bit. Then Max did the absolutely most everly rudest thing: He pooped right on the floor in front of Santa's chair. OHMYGAWSH...Me and Rudy both ducked behind our mom's legs. Someone was gonna get in trouble and it wasn't us. Max's mom was pretty embarrassed and she went to go find a plastic bag to pop the poop into. Good thing for Max that Santa didn't catch him, and Max's mom got it cleaned up before Santa came back from feeding his reindeer.

I sat on Santa's right knee and Uncle Rudy sat on his left. Both Mom and Auntie C kept saying "cheese", "Kitty", "Chicken", and squeaking some silly looking red stuffie, while doing anything else they could think of to make us smile. We were thinking, for Lord's sake. This has NOTHING to do with them. It's between US and SANTA. The "elf" lady took a bunch of pictures until she got one that both our moms agreed on. All that fuss. If they'd just kept quiet, me and Rudy would have gone through our Christmas lists much faster.

Next time, I vote for leaving our moms in the car or for sending them shopping. Straight and to the point is how I deliver my wish list. And, in case you're wondering what I want, it's a secret. One hint, though. Think "edible".

Merry Christmas, everydoggie!!

Love, Mary-Margaret

Friday, December 05, 2008

The Momster is home!

She's HOME! She's HOME!! Wow. I was beside myself with joy when she got home. The huge eye patch didn't stop ME one bit from covering her with kisses and love. She went to bed for a bit and did some catch up snoozing. Instead of curling up on MY side of the bed, I wrapped myself around her head, and kissed her ever so gently while letting her doze off. She woke up with MEEEE as a furry little pillow. She says I'm the most loving, most giving "pupperkins" ever.

Mom asked me to thank you all for your love and prayers. She will get the patch off tomorrow and she's confident that she'll be able to see clearly once more. She's in absolutely no pain, and not itchy-scratchy at all. If you're ever at Kaiser in Riverside and need an IV put in, ask for "Danny". He's amazing. He finds veins where others have failed, Mom says.

Which reminds me...did you ever hear the one about the red corpuscle and the white corpuscle? (hee hee)

"They loved in VEIN!!" (yuck yuck yuck giggle snort!!)

Mary-Margaret "Nurse" O'Brien