Monday, March 16, 2015

Painting Day

The painters arrived at my house about 7:00AM. Awkward. We sleep in until about 8:00AM. At 7:30 there was all this banging so me and Mom got up to see what they wanted. Nothing, they said. They were just attaching plastic over the windows so they could start spraying. UGH (we both grumbled). Mom let me out to piddle but who can do that with all those men watching? I did a little here and there but raced back inside before I did the main poopie. Poopies are a big deal to us pups, you know, and we don't like getting off schedule. Ohhhh.....ahhhh....well, maybe if I scoot under the piano bench it won't be too noticeable?
Wrong again. Mom comes downstairs, wrinkles her nose and sniffs her way into the dining room. She spies with her little eye what I was so hoping she would miss. Eyebrow lifted, she scowls and mutters, "Mary-Margaret...did you do that?". I wonder about her. There's only two of us living here and I have yet to see her under the piano bench ever. "Yeah..yeah..yeah..." (I said). "It's still warm, but firm....ripe.....odorific....." (she says) as she scoops it up and carries it into the bathroom. This is one of the advantages to having a diet of Core Wellness grain free kibble and roast chicken. It doesn't leave even a tiny mark as it comes out onto our white carpet.
Our house is now completely taped up and we are held prisoner by sheets of vinyl and duct tape. This is not good. I need to go out again. I could use a piddle pad, I guess, but I prefer the tickle of fresh dew covered green grass on my furry little tush. I will hold it and hope no one is offended by any accidental minor gas leaks.
Uh oh.....and I hear Mom sniff and sniff again. Busted. We leave for work in an hour. I'll take care of it then.
Later, guys.  Wish me luck.