Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Home Office

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In case you all wondered where I did my work at home, here it is. Sometimes I help Mom on the computer. Except usually she goes "OH NOOO, Mary-Margaret! Darn it!", and has to re-boot or something like that. Well, if you ask me, any computer guy worth his salt wouldn't have put the "esc" key where a pup could lie on it.

Today Mom felt sorry for the left over KitKat bars so she polished off a few. She told me they were the mini ones so the calories didn't count as much as the big ones. I'm not allowed to have chocolate, as you all know, so I raided the trash cans and inhaled the scent off the wrappers. Sonia had vacuumed this morning. I don't think she'll appreciate my handiwork. I'll have to be really nice to her tomorrow.

Margie took me for a couple of walks today. She likes to have a cigarette and I'm good company for her. Besides, smoke rises and I don't have to smell it. Mom is allergic to it and always snorts when we come back in. Sometimes she makes strangling noises. But Margie is a good sport. Even when Mom threatens to spray Febreeze on her. They goof around like that, you know. I stay neutral. It's safer.

OK...well, g'night all. Time for bed.



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mynameisboo said...

oh mary margaret, you look so cute on the table!

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