Saturday, November 11, 2006

Star flew out the window

Yup. That's what she did yesterday when her mom got off the freeway to come to work. Except me and my mom didn't work because it was a holiday. Star's mom said that Star was SOOOO excited about the thought of seeing me that she just jumped right out of the car window. Lucky thing it was at a signal. So Star's mom, Debi, just got out of the car (while all the other cars waited) and told her to GET BACK IN THERE. And then she almost told Star that she couldn't play with me but figured that a reminder swat for doing that was enough punishment. Not that Star couldn't take it, but Debi couldn't. She just loves Star everly so much and would absolutely DIE if anything ever happened to her.

On a high note, me and Mom made up for yesterday and did a bunch of serves that no one else wanted. We went back into the hills of DeLuz, then into Aguanga, Warner Springs, Oak Grove, and Sage. You know, I must bring my mom good luck, because she got every single one of her jobs done. She says it's amazing that she got so lucky. I think it's just good timing on her part, and it helps when people see a little Yorkshire Terrier smiling at them from their carseat. Sorta takes the edge off the unexpected surprise, I think.

One guy forgot that Mom served him a couple of years ago. It took him a long time to come out of his house. First he admitted who he was, then he said "Oh, he's not home!". Mom said " said the same thing when I served you two years ago. I'll just tape the papers to your intercom here and you come get them when you're ready!". Then we left. Lucky thing Mom keeps good notes.

Oh, and I sorta made a friend. He's a really HUGE German Shepherd and he lives on a ranch way back a dirt road. He and I visited through the car window while Mom and his mother talked over an electric fence. Mom ended up pushing the papers under the fence so she wouldn't get shocked, but the lady was really nice about being served.

Did I mention that I really LOVE my job??

Have a really good Sunday. We get to go out serving again, only this time back in the wine country hills.

Love, Mary-Margaret

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