Friday, November 10, 2006

My Favorite Thing in the Mooooorning

Even when it's a bit nippy outside, I have to say that there is NOTHING like sitting in front of a block wall with the sun shining down upon you. I just sit there, close my eyes, and feeeeeeeeeel the rays. MMMM-yeaaaah! Mom says my great Aunt Susie and my Aunt Rose used to do the exact same thing. Must be a girl-thing? Don't know, but it's one of those simple pleasures that leaves me smiling all day.

Have a good week end.




Chiyo said...

my favorite thing in the morning is to lie on my back and watch the sky light up while getting a tummy rub :)


Sarabi said...

You are SOOO right although I also love to feel the wind in my hair - or is it my fur? Know what I mean?
Mum has a great picture of me doing just that. Wish she knew how to send it to you.