Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking care of bills and Potty Party!

I have been exceptionally good. I know that because my mom TOLD me so. Not perfect, mind you. But GOOD! She and Sonia were all over me this afternoon. Well? I mean, what would YOU do? The pouch man came and Mom fished out what SHE thought were all of the envelopes. Except I know better. I always check INSIDE the pouch. A bit later, she looked under the desk and saw some of my shredding artwork. "Huh? Where'd that come from, Mary-Margaret?", she wants to know. It's Foothill's statement, she finds out, after piecing it back together. She looks at me. "So I'm supposed to call Rick and tell him 'the dog ate your statement'!", she asks? Hey...whatever works for you, go for it. Next time she'll do a better job of removing envelopes from the courier bag.

Then she tells Sonia she'll be back in a minute and grabs the restroom keys. I'm right there with her. She looks at me and says "I suppose you want to go, too?". Well, yeah! So she grabs a clean piddle pad and off we go. She barely gets the thing unfurled and spread on the bathroom floor when I squat. Aaaaaahhhhhh, I say. She says "More?", but I am too busy being proud of myself at the moment. I know I did a really good thing.

She folds up the used, damp piddle pad and stuffs it behind the step stool in the work room back in our office. We get about 3-4 piddles per pad (they're really absorbant) and why waste it? Anyway, she gets all busy so later I take care of things on my own. As she passes the work room just before we go home she looks in and starts to laugh. She calls Sonia over and they both pat me and tell me what a good girl I am. All I did was pull my piddle pad out from behind the stool without anybody's help, spread it on the floor in the work room, and "take care of business" on it. Carpet is absolutely dry.

Sheesh! Mom just doesn't give me the credit I deserve sometimes. OK...I admit I had it upside down so I made a puddle instead of it soaking in, but isn't it the thought that counts? Hmmmmmmmmm??? I hope they don't expect me to unfold all my own piddle pads from now on.

Maybe it's time for "pull ups" for me. Because (singing) "I'm a BIG girl now!".




Chiyo said...

that's really clever of you mary margaret!!! sometimes our moms are just too busy and we have to take care of ourselves (and sometimes them too!)


Hobbit and Boomer said...

Hi Mary-Margaret! I think you are so smart!! And good too! I don't have piddle pads, but I have newspaper which is ever so much fun to shred all over the floor. It's more fun to play with than it is to use. (grin) You're just way to good Mary-Margaret!! My mom asked me why I couldn't do that... sigh. Maybe you can help me sometime?

Love you!!
I'm real proud of you too!!
Hugz, slurps and snuggles!!