Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Fairy Princess

  Here's me all dressed up. I sure felt elegant. Really royal. But after an hour or so I stripped it all off and ran about in my birthday suit. Felt good, too.

But to humor my mom, I stayed everly so still in the car, inside the bank (I made a lot of new friends today) and for a while at work. Then, I put my feet down and said "enough". Still, I wanted you to see me in costume before I got all mussed.

Love, Mary-Margaret Posted by Picasa


Chiyo said...

that's a very pretty costume! did your mom make it herself? i especially like the hat with the trailing piece :) happy halloween!


Mary-Margaret said...

Mom got it from a pet place on the internet. She got a good deal on it, she says. OK, so I wore it for a bit. Now we're all happy. Oh yayyy!