Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My boring life!

Mom is complaining that I don't want to write all the much anymore. Well, let me tell you. Some days are just plain old boring. Let's see now. Yesterday I went out, sniffed around, decided no cats had come by and went back in.

Then we went to the bank and I said "hello" to everyone there. Oh...well, one thing I like to do when we get to a signal? I like to look at the people in the car next to me. Then I start saying "hello" over and over until they look at me. They always smile and wave at me. Yesterday, one of the ladies even pulled out her cell phone camera and took a picture of me. See, I don't bark or anything. But I start talking, like...."aroo...aroo...wurf?", which is like saying "Hello" and "Have a nice day!". That's fun to do.

Ok...so we get to work and I check out the planters. The gardeners took out one of my most favorite plants...like this big round thing with long skinny leaves and all the boy dogs would leave me messages on it. It's gone now, and there are tiny posies there instead. Oh big whoopeee. No boy dog worth his stuff would even bother with them.

Mom went to Miss Cathleen's place to get her nails done. This is like sooooo routine for me now. I check out all the rooms and closets and then I find a nice splotch of sunlight to nap in. When Miss Cathleen got out the lotion bottle I ran over to remind her that I get my paws and tummy done, too. She remembered, and picked me up and rubbed the nice smelling stuff in. Then I went back to my sunbath.

Hmmmm....oh yeah. Back at the office. I took all my toys out of my bed and distributed them neatly throughout the office? And.....oh, I used my piddle pad for serious business that sent Mom and Terry squeezing their noses shut. Took a bit to get that particular scent out of the office, too. Well, they could have taken me out and I got ignored, so what else was I supposed to do? Hmmmm?

That was it. Pretty much. See? BOOOOOR-EEEEENG!!!


Mary-Margaret O'Brien

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