Sunday, November 26, 2006

Whew...End of a long Week

I think we finally recovered from our turkey. Me and Mom went out working today. I even saw where Miss Lynne moved to. I could tell from the mailbox that said "Cool Dogs" on it. And I recognized her car. Mom said it wouldn't be polite to drop in but we did stop in her driveway to check our map book.

We got a lot done today. Mom visited lots of people and everybody was really nice, too. Probably all that Tryptophan from the turkey they ate.

Speaking of turkey, remember how I said Mom wasn't happy with hers? So get this! My mom goes to the butcher and says she wants another turkey. He gave her a funny look, probably because she already told him about the Thanksgiving one not turning out so well. She said, "Time to get back on that horse!".

I think I'm in for a lot of turkey, at least until she gets it just right. She threw out all of the old one and cooked another one tonight. It was better, but still not like she remembers. Something's missing, she says. So we have enough for a few days and then she'll probably get another one. I insisted on having chicken tonight. I told her I was really hungry and couldn't wait. Who knows what I'll get tomorrow?

I'll keep you posted.

Love, Mary-Margaret


Anonymous said...

Tell your mom to go to the vet's & buy a BIG hypodermic with a BIG needle, or, Walmart sells some real big ones. Then melt butter & add to it some liquid smoke/hickery, wostershire sauce, A1 sauce, etc. & inject the turkey with it & season however on the skin &/or in the hollow of it. If you start gobbling or crowing call me & I'll come down there & get you a small steak or a McDonalds !!But I think your mom will get you a McD's or something else to break up the bordom of a chicken or turkey. My gang says to send you love, hugs, licks & wags. Love ya, Aunt Shelly

Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Aunt Shelly: Can I PULEEZE come to YOUR house next year? And maybe, if she's good, bring my mom? Thank you for all your good advice. I hope you are feeling well these days, and all over your operation. Hugs and licks back to the Daniel Gang, 'specially Peanut.

Love, Mary-Margaret

Anonymous said...

Our doors are ALWAYS open to you & your mom. I still feel whipped & pooped. I guess the older you get & being sliced open from one end of you to the other end (for the 3rd time) is just a bit much. And it's so very cold up here staying in my PJ's with the wood burner going is just fine & comfy. You take care & tell your mom to take care too. Love & hugs to you both. Aunt Shelly & the gang