Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, Monday.....

Wow. Mom was in a cleaning frenzy this morning. Oh...I tell YOUUU, the glorious aroma of bird droppings wafted throughout the house as she cleaned the Bird Family's cage. I tried desperately to hop into the bag but no such luck. That woman has eyes in the back of her head. "You get outta there, Mary-Margaret!". Darn.

Then she does the sheets. That looks like fun, I think. So I hop onto the bed and play around for a bit. "You get offa there, Mary-Margaret!". Uh oh...she's not into playing, I guess. I hop off into the pile of sheets she has ready for the wash. Not quite the same as the really clean ones, but I take what I can get.

Fine, I said. I'll go in the back yard and catch some rays. Didn't get much color but when you're covered in hair that's to be expected. I sniffed around the slope for a bit and then came in and inspected the slider tracks. I think she needs to steam clean them again. But that's just MY opinion. Looked gunky to me.

I've been everly so good. I don't know what's gotten into me. Maybe it's because Christmas is only a month away. I know that Santa is making a list and checking it twice, whatever that means. Last year I got some cool stuff, so maybe this year if I follow the rules, I might get some more stuff again. I'm easy. Just a shirt, a squeaky, a ball and some rawhide chewies and I'm good to go.

Mom's cooking Thanksgiving, but it's kind of pot luck. Colleen's bringing the family traditional jello with cherries, pies, and Jason's world class mashed potatoes. Mom's doing the other stuff. Uncle Rudy's coming, and Cailin and Clancy, too. We should have a pretty good time.

Oh...!! (hee hee) I've been saying "hello" to strangers at stop lights on a regular basis. If they don't see me at first, I make a point of getting their attention and then talking to them until they smile and laugh. Well? That's my job...spreading a little happiness. So far, I'm pretty good at it. I really got to a tough guy Marine tonight. He tried really hard not to smile so I just kept up my routine until he burst out laughing. I'm batting a thousand to date. I mean, what's the point of living if you can't bring a little sunshine into someone's life, right?

Try it sometime. When you see someone just give them a really big grin and see what happens. If you ask me, too many folks just lower their eyes and ignore other folks. But that's kind of sad. Us pups have it all figured out. I mean, have you ever seen a pup that didn't want to go sniff another one? Same thing with smiles and people. Give it a shot and you'll be glad you did. Brightens up your whole day.

G'night and God bless...


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Anonymous said...

mary margaret...who is bringing th doggy treats on thanksgiving....that is really the most important...and i like to talk to other doggies when we are driving....or just watching people in the cars beside me..they usually smile at me...i mean really now...whats not to love