Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am sleeping

I couldn't keep up the facade any longer and I'm curled up on Mom's desk with a dish towel for a pillow. I'm not even snoring yet. That's how tired I am. The good stuff was we had to run a special down on Hwy 79, and Mom forgot to bring her lunch. So we went through In 'n Out. I always get my own burger, neat - no bun, no nothing. Yum.

I spent some time on the desk in the reception area. That was after I carried my paper plate from the burger patty into the outer office thinking that they might get the hint and offer me seconds. But I shredded it. Mom was pretty surprised, but Sonia said she figured I was having so much fun why ruin it. Besides, she'll clean it up.

Me and Mom left about 4:45 and raced home to watch Ugly Betty. Mom really likes that show. She says it's so well written with all kinds of intricate sub-plots. Even better than a soap opera. She also likes "The Bachelor". I can take it or leave it. Some handsome dude who claims blood connections back to Pope Something the Umpteenth is going to choose between two really pretty blond girls. We've decided that Jennifer is the best of the two. She just seems more real. I don't know if I trust someone whose business is "publicity". Seems to be too much focus on the "virgin until her wedding day" thing, too. Seems a ploy to me. Oh well, we get to watch cat fights next episode. Mom says don't get too excited. Not KITTY fights - CAT fights. Totally different. Oh joy!!

OK..that's it for now. Mom is determined to get a house in Pennsylvania. Which means I go too. I like it there. Lots of trees and squirrels. I wouldn't mind. So anyway, she's focusing on this one place at the moment. Selling "as is" so have to think about it a while.

There. That's what we've been up to. How about you? I want to hear from all of you. If there are typos, it's because Mom keeps dozing off in the middle of a sentence.


G'night everybody.

Love, MMOB

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Dachsies Rule said...


We understand the wish to move to the country. We go visit the family 40 acres and Mom wants to buy some adjoining property to make sure it also stays in the family. She and our aunt want to build a house and get away from the city life (Houston!).

Roxie, Sammy & Andy