Monday, November 13, 2006 #15 Simon and Hallie pointed out earlier, the 15th episode is now complete. This is TV especially made for us Yorkies. I get a kick out of it. Us Yorks have such a great sense of humor. Check it out at There are FIFTEEN episodes and I just LOVE every one of them. Mom holds me in her lap and we watch together. I tell YOUUUUU. Bert and Ernie have NOTHING on "the Brother" and "the Sister". They are TRUE TV STARS. Do you think maybe we could nominate them for an award? Wow...just think. Two yorkies on the red carpet with Joan Rivers. That would be too cool.



PS - Thanks, S&H. Mom signed us up for the emails, too. Next time we can call each other up and maybe even watch it together? Oh, that would be everly so much fun. MMOB

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