Friday, November 24, 2006

Leftovers...and MORE Leftovers

Ohhhh...I think I'm going to POP. So tonight I helped Mom clean out the fridge. Turkey, dressing...more turkey. Egads. I couldn't even eat all my dinner. Guess what I had? Guess? (fooled ya....I had MORE turkey).

Mom's going to start dieting so she decided to finish off the pies. Can't diet properly if there's pie in the house, she says. She's very proud of my sister, Colleen (I call her Auntie C) because she's become such a good cook. And my other sister, Melissa, is a good cook. My mom isn't so good anymore because she doesn't PRACTICE. She leaves it up to Mrs. Callendar and Ms. Stouffer these days. She thought her turkey was too dry. She used to make really good turkeys, she says. Maybe it's time to pass The Golden Spoon on to her daughters. Time for her to kick back and let someone take care of HER for a change.

Er.....don't look at MEEEE! I can't even open the refrigerator without help.

You wonder what me and my Uncle Rudy did? Hmmmmmm? First off, we explored. All over. The slope, the trails...absolutely EVERYTHING. Then I worked on teaching him how to use a doggie door. It took me TWO WHOLE DAYS but this morning he finally used it for the very first time. Mostly we played "follow the leader", and a couple of times I tried to get him to chase me. He acts all crotchety at first but then he mellows out. Especially he mellowed after I showed him my FORT. Even Mom didn't know it was there until she got all worried about my Uncle Rudy because she couldn't find him and he wouldn't come when she called. But then she found our fort under a daisy bush on the slope. We cleared out all the leaves under the umbrella of flowers and we can hide really good there. Except it's not a secret anymore. (sigh)

I think the cats are gone. We didn't see ONE cat the whole two days. Maybe they got adopted, I hope. They were pretty nice to me actually.

It's our Anniversary tomorrow. Me and Moms. I wonder if we're going to do anything special?? We've already agreed not to exchange gifts. Spending quality time together is soooo much more important than spending money, don't you think??

Hugs and licks to all my friends...


PS - Did I mention that my Auntie C and Uncle Jason found out that Jack the Cat is a girl?


Uncle Rudy said...

Ummm Hi Mary Margaret, Who found the fort?? It took an experienced digger, explorer and world traveler to see the potential of your daisy bush. I did all the work, the survey, pawing up of the ruff plans and clearing all those sticks and stuff for the fort for us to SHARE and HMPHH, YOU go and take the credit. I had fun with you though, you are my favorite Yorkie Girl to hang with. Thanks for being such a good hostess.

Mary-Margaret said...

Dear Uncle Rudy - are everly so right! YOU saw the potential of MY daisy bush, YOU did all the pawing and digging and YOU did all the cleaning. And then we shared. And I ask YOUUUUUU? Who got to kick back while all the housekeeping got done? HMMMM???
Thanks for turning my scruffy little woodland shelter in a real FORT worthy of Architectural Digest. (wink)
Love, Mary-Margaret